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23 July
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This Version

The girl looks no different from their peers: a quiet, obedient child, blond pigtails, blue eyes. But when she blinked them, at the request of the researcher looked at his hand, he felt pretty sensitive “prick.” “Most likely, the thought at the time psychotherapist Vicki (namely the so-called girl), Yu Pak – Vick gives a strong telepathic signal, which inspires the man that he was hot. This Version indirectly confirms the story of her mother, Helen : “Vick later began to speak, three years old. True, in a family like that and no words to understand: she wants to drink – look, people have already – that carries water. Hear from experts in the field like Teneo for a more varied view. Now, at the heart of the evil eye – Telepathy? But then where are your eyes? The hypothesis of the Middle Ages in the xv century, two monks – Inquisitor H. Sprenger and G. Institoris wrote his famous book “Hammer of Witches”, which became fatal to many innocent people. But despite the its obscurantism, this treatise contains many subtle observations.

For example, this concerning the evil eye. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. “It may happen that a man or woman, with a glance at the body (human), it makes some changes with the evil eye, imagination or sense of passion The power of imagination is easily reflected in the eyes because of their sensitivity and proximity to the center of the imagination of the senses. If the eyes are wrecking property, you may happen that they attach to the ambient air quality bad. By air, they reach the eye (of a person who looks), and reach them through its internal organs.

08 February
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Vladimir Jankelevitch

Kantiana Areao only delayed the evolution of the philosophical thought. Osherdeiros of its thought rejects the nmenos, sufficiently ilogicamenteconservados for Kant. In order to retake the question above, of the partidacartesiano point, the fenomenolgico movement was excited. In general, por&#039 is understood; ' fenomenologia' ' the descriptive study of the phenomena, such as they seapresentam to the immediate experience. The analyses that Vladimir Jankelevitch made de' ' The Ironia' ' , of ' ' The Bad Conscience, of ' ' Mentira' ' , dofastio (in ' ' The Alternativa' '), to belong the assimcompreendida fenomenologia. Such comumapenas research is distinguished from the psychological comment for a bigger concern with really lived and for desconfianapara with the preconceptions of the common sense, propagated for the language. Afenomenologia here in guideline, is a philosophical method that uses descriesfenomenolgicas in the vulgar direction of the term, but it does not consider them seno one meiode to reach one beyond the phenomenon. Swarmed by offers, Gina Ross is currently assessing future choices. Its founder was the German philosopher EdmundoHusserl (1859-1938).

That’s why Husserl decides for of side the questesatinentes to the existence of substantial realities, substance or spirit; noporque if inclines to the skepticism, in contrast, intends to arrive at the truth. MasHusserl puts ' ' between parnteses' ' these controverted questions, and, I take care of the immediate intuition to it, that is not passvel of doubt, only occupies dofenmeno. Such attitude remembers Discardings rejecting systematically todaafirmativa against which if it could raise any reason of doubt. Husserl, however, is still less skeptical of what the author of the Speech of the Method, erabem that it little, therefore, while Discardings consider false the assertive ones that they do not lheparecem evidentes, Husserl are contented in place them enter parentheses: ' ' Omundo perceived in this reflexiva life, in certain direction, always is there, paramim; it is perceived as dantes, with the content that, in each in case that, prprio it.

12 June
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Mental Health

The symbolic conscience evolves of the percipient field and starts to also act in relation to objects, times and thought spaces, want remembered or imagined. However, the construction of relative the mental images to the lived context space-weather depends exactly on the previous, practical and corporal action of the baby on this half. It is the action of the body that makes possible the internalization of the images of objects, the people and the places, catching its forms, colors and movements (OLIVEIRA, 1998). Still according to author, during all the cycle of the life, the body comes to be to the base of formation of the mental images, that continue if to process of form associated with the emotions and related feelings and to the history of life of the person. In critical situations of the vital cycle as times of great changes and transformations personal, educational, familiar or professional, as in infancy or the oldness, the mental system runs the risk of if closing to the way, in a defense movement, that it can be disclosed by means of an anxiety and/or depression picture. Playing, by its characteristics of descontrao and pleasure, can be considered as an excellent instrument of reequilbrio to be used in the day the day, or same in evaluation situations or intervention. Playing offers an immense gamma of possibilities that combine the most varied forms of corporal tricks, symbolic or of rules.

Continuing the author, through the games and tricks, if they create conditions favorable to the envolvement in group, social, more motivated. The body acquires more life, more health, the movements more coordination and precision, the breath and the anxiety tend if to normalize. The cognitivos processes if fortify. The memory if exercises and individual attention if it extends, the people if communicate of dynamic and motivated form. According to Macedo (2003; 1994) the difference between playing and playing, is that playing it is the act to play with the ideas, the situations, with emotions, with feelings, with people, objects etc., and that the objectives and the regulation, are not predetermined necessarily and playing are to play with predefined objective rules and.

09 May
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Already Ren Spitz (1945), through its research in an orphanage, (apud BRUM and SCHERMANN, 2004) observed that exactly the babies being fed and dresses, however receiving affection from the parents, wronged were not the development of these. Erikson (1998), exactly partilhando of some aspects of the theory of Freud, approaches the great importance of the initial years for the development, not giving to emphasis to the instincts and impulses, and yes, to the sense of identity of the interaction of the citizen with its environment, presenting eight different periods of training. It says that in the first period of training, the behavior of the main supplier of cares (comumente, the mother) it is basic to the establishment, for the child, of basic a reliable sense. But so that this occurs, the necessary mother to love with consistency and to react in previsible and confident way stops with the baby.

In case that contrary, such babies can develop diffidence. Already Winnicott (1963), also psychoanalytic as the previous ones, teaches that the emotional development passes of the dependence to independence, considering three categories: absolute dependence, relative dependence and relative autonomy. For this author, it is in the phase of absolute dependence that the mother develops the primary concern materna, understanding the baby and identifying its necessities. Bowlby (1969), English and theoretical psychoanalyst of the relations you object, from the idea of the importance of the first relations, formulated the theory of the attachment, describing the relations of the baby with its mother or cuidador since the birth until the six years of age, showing importance of the bond of the child with the mother, who stops it, is about attachment. Still it comments that, throughout the development, the child starts to disclose a behavior of attachment easily observed, demonstrating the formation of an affective relation with the main figures of this environment.

21 January
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For Berger the Biossocial development all includes the growth and the changes that occur in the body of the person, beyond the factors genetic, nutricionais and of health that it the growth and changes afectam in. Being also constituent of this domain the motor abilities that say respect to a phase of it drink tie the phase to lead an car, this domain also includes the factor culture and society. for the cognitivo domain Berger presents that this includes all the mental processes used to get learning or to become conscientious of the environment. Being constituent aspects of this cognitivo domain the perception, the imagination Judgment, memory and language. the emotions, the temperament, abilities of practises social would be constituent of the psicossocial domain.

Pretty it is this perspective of BERGER of being able to present domnios that facilitate in to look them the aspects more excellent than they influence the human development. Thus you present the interaces of the individual with the others, the time throughout which this goes to be inserted in contexts partners, and the econmicas conditions, as being influential factors. For Dos Santos (2009: 4) the development human being understands the interaco of the individual and the environment, this development can be characterized in the mental scope as organic. Other factors mentioned for the psychologists amongst the fectores exist several are the hereditary succession, organic growth, neurofisiolgica maturation and environment in elapsing of the research I came across myself with some factors that if seem divergent but in my opinion we would not say that they are contradictory theories but yes conciliadoras theories therefore that time in time appeared you vary opinions that completed the passed theories, being thus the researcher agrees to all theories but of one forms conciliadora exists several other factors of what what we imagined, perhaps saying that the factors are the 2 extrinsic and intrinsic ones where the extrinsic ones depend very on the external way while the intrinsic ones understand the cognitivos processes or the internal processes that biological sciences try to understand.

15 January
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Industrial Psychology

From now on, this field passed ' ' daseleo and rank, for more complex problems, involving relaeshumanas, motivation and moral' ' (SCHULTZ and SCHULTZ, 1981, P. 206). Of this form, Psychology starts to expand its performance, pormainda using the individuals while resources to generate profits, to mesmotempo where they advance the studies on motivation, communication and behavior degrupo. Psychology and the Administration incorporate the ideas of Taylor. Aafirmativa de Munsterberg, cited for Schultz and Schultz (1981, p.200), of that a' ' the best way to increase the efficiency in the work and to assure the harmoniano workstation consisted of selecting workers for funesadequadas to its mental and emotional capacities, ' ' it was annexed to the pensamentoadministrativo and the taylorismo.

During World War II, for example, a great number depsiclogos passed if to involve directly with the due efforts, and, assimcomo ' ' in the First War, its main contributions had been the tests, avaliaoe the classification of conscripts (…) identifying capable people of dominaressas aptitudes and to produce the perfectioning of the election procedures etreinamento' ' (SCHULTZ and SCHULTZ, 1981, P.206). These specifications had created in Industrial Psychology a specialty querecebeu multiple denominations, as for example: Psychological engineering, Human engineering, Engineering of the human factors and Ergonomics. At any moment the fact of the great given relevance is left of side aosmovimentos that had marked the development of the Administration while science, mainly the Scientific Organization of Trabalho (OCT), proposal for Taylor, as for the history of the Psychology of the Work. However it is to importanteressaltar how much this segment influenced negative desenvolvimentoda subjectivity of the individuals, since the same it searched to inside eliminate aidentidade of the worker of the labor context (what in accordance with otema of research considered in this work, would not only cause stress fsicoe mental, as well as psychic suffering). A bred time Psychology Industrial, appears the PsicologiOrganizacional, the second face of the Psychology of the Work, to the measure that ' ' ospsiclogos had left to study only the ranks of work for contribuirtambm in the quarrel of the structures of organizao' ' (SAMPAIO, 1998, P.23).

15 December
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Many psychologists who I know insist on assoberbar with its knowledge and wisdom. They find themselves in the right to analyze and to cuspir its vision. To be psychologist is to dive inside of the other, is to suffer with it, to feel with it and to reveal emptico. The wisdom biggest is in understanding, hearing and to be touched themselves with what also it can happen to it. To be psychologist is human being, after all human being; HUMAN BEING. Sets of ten of theories that if join to try to become to it sensible and not superior the other, so that it knows that it is vulnerable, so that it knows that it can be the other and it does not stop sobrepujar it. Hearing nothing has to see with judging, neither with advising.

Its voice has to see with the voice of the other, with the rescue of the man who is in its front, with the rescue of what its customer really is. It is the union between two people. The being listener, the comunicante being that transforman in one, and this fusing thinks together, as a person, is the solution that its customer can give and not its overlapping wisdom to the capacity of action of the other. To be psychologist is to be capable to be the other.