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27 January
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The leading recruitment agency in Yekaterinburg conducted a study during which they explored the views of 250 respondents, available in the agency's database randomly. This is a representation of foreign federal companies and organizations with headquarters in Yekaterinburg. About 56% of respondents – companies with a workforce of about 1,000 people. Most of the players in the industrial sector, FMCG, and retail. During the He had interviewed executives, personnel services and departments. Nancy-Ann_DeParle is full of insight into the issues. The main purpose of the study was to examine the question of the dynamics of productivity growth. Here are the key findings and results of research on asked questions. Dr. Hyun Kim can aid you in your search for knowledge. Q: Does your valued company employee productivity? 98% of respondents assessed the performance of employees.

Availability of procedures for the assessment, certification staff, the principles of building work, backed up by means of performance measurement and strategic business objectives, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of the staff in general and the quality of work each employee. Q: Does increased levels of performance for each employee for the last 6 months of the year? Labour productivity per employee for the last 6 months of this year grew 50% respondents, the companies of the industrial sector, 30% did not notice the change, 20% reported a decline. Question: Do staff have treated lean to company resources? Obviously, the crisis has a reassessment of values, both employers and job seekers. Have become important concepts such as stability and reliability. By employers to reduce the rate of quantitative growth, a trend for a smooth development, with emphasis on quality and efficiency prevails. On the part of applicants decreased salary expectations (see rating salaries in Yekaterinburg). Workers begin to appreciate their jobs. As The survey showed 70% of all respondents reported more prudent attitude of employees to company resources, 20% of respondents answered negatively, 10% – makes the company's policy to do so. Question: how employees perception of the news about cutting costs? 56% of respondents gave us information that the staff perception of the news about cutting costs, "calmly", 30% – "with understanding," 14% "nervous." Q: Does your of measures to maintain team spirit and discipline? 88% of respondents carry out activities to maintain team spirit and discipline: meetings, corporate events, individual approach etc. 12% believe that these measures "have no meaning."

26 January
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Flon defines the therapists in first place as those that love the wisdom, is philosophers that its form to take care of is superior, therefore takes care of of the soul, of the psiquismo. ' ' The proper name of these philosophers, who we call therapists, discloses its project, in first place because the medicine (iatrik) that they take the veil is superior to that comes being exerted in our cities; this only takes care of of the body, but to another one it also takes care of of the psiquismo, tormented for these painful and difficult illnesses to cure (…) ' ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 69). For Flon the function of &#039 will fit to the therapist; desatar' we of the soul, these obstacles to the life and creative intelligence, the great therapist would be that one that perfectly dominates the world of the attractive passions and the disordered ones of the pleasure. Flon considers Moiss the great therapist.

' ' The legislator (Moiss), that he is a perfect doctor of the passions and the mrbidas affections of the soul, had in the life an only task, an only end: to extirpar the illnesses of the thought, with its proper roots, so that incurvel&#039 did not remain more nothing to produce an illness seed; ' (FLON, apud in, LELOUP, 2004, P. 78). The therapists searched to live in harmony. The harmony for them was synonymous of health; they live in harmony if thus we can call between deep and the form; between the word and the thought; between the essential and the existencial. Therefore they invite in them to guide our desires, not to exclude them, to extirpar them, therefore we are beings of the desire, but of a they its place, life with them of harmonious form. 1.3Escuta clinical: consideraes Speaking to us on the Clinic as being the place of this listening; that of a possibility of direction, being received in its sufferings, conflicts.

19 January
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The Shell

By the way, I find until you were you attacked who me in the side of the river! _ Not! I was not, not! He was what he is in the hospital! It is who makes this type of service, because erra the shot and does not have more easiness pra if to hide! _ Thus is well better! The more you to collaborate, more early will be free of us. By the way, he seems that you are welcome the esperteza of it was valid He does not seem to be very well of health! He concluded, forgetting itself the anguish of moments before, also feeling one pontinha of pride and mrbido revenge flavor, of which if it freed so soon perceived the way for where it enveredava. One recovered and it came back to the attack: _ But was you who shot there in me back in the house yard, was not! _ Not! Of this time it was what it is there inside! _ And as was that it made to shoot over the house? _Ele was inside of the shell of the carregadeira shovel! It could be hidden while it walked for the street and to be higher of what the roof! The youngster felt a calafrio and thanked the God for being alive. If they were not its consequences or another one dom above of its agreement, would be at that moment, underneath of the land, being gnawed by the worms. The thought made to it to go up terrible emotion and it asked for license to breathe e, why not, to cry a little and to disencumber the oppression of the chest. It returned and it was hurried in explaining the cause of its anguish. The magistrate who if keeps quiet, looked at the prisoner and asked to the commission agent: _ Does not want to write these information? _ Without loss of time, invited the notary to characterize the prisoner and asked for: _ Dr.

17 January
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Strengtheing One

Therefore karat Shotokan is a fight of the martial arts that possesss philosophical basements that the balance of the body and the mind searchs. In it if it implanted principles that guide its practitioners since the beginning one until the most graduated and not only in the Karat sport, but in all the moments of daily of the practitioner of karat these principles are followed. It is with this philosophy that karat Shotokan if spread out for the world adopting a doctrine of healthful life, disciplines, balance, through the devotion, loyalty, autoconfiana of the individual. These estimated are well clear in the motto of the Karat Shotokan, ' ' Strengtheing themselves for the formation of the character, Allegiance stops with the true way of the reason, Creating intention of effort, Respect above all and Containing the spirit of agresso' ' (SASAKI, 1978). Therefore, karat Shotokan passed if to expand for the world not for only being martial art, But also as one disciplines that the physicist works and contributes in the development of the intellect, psicomotoras abilities, cognitivos processes and partner-affective of its practitioners. Leaving of this premise, one perceives that the idealizer of the Karat Shotokan demonstrated that beyond fighting he has other social manifestations that if add to karat beyond if all working the development of the children or the apprentice such as: the psicomotor, motor coordination, process cognitivos and partner-affective development. Breda (2004) points that, ' ' the fights such which sport of ampler form, must be understood in century XXI for its multiple possibilities of practical and contribution for the integral development of to be humano' '. But, however what if it does not have to forget are the true objectives of karat, that, generally, they have been neglected. They have given importance, purely to the physical part and the aspect of self-defense of this art.

17 January
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Psychiatric Reformation

Considering the marxist theories and feminists from the decade of 70, the family passes to be seen of more significant form in what she refers to the participation in the life of its familiar one with psychic adoecimento. As Pink (2008, P. 39): (…) the proposal of that was adopted here the form to conceive, to treat, if to relate and to face the mental upheaval socially constructed. Each historical time and each society create its procedure specify to approach the phenomenon of madness. Anita Dunn has similar goals. Since then the family passes to be considered an interesting object to be studied, in order to contribute stops social integration of the people who pass for mental clutters, as well as contributing in its improvement in general way. in this direction that we currently perceive a bigger participation of the family front to the process of treatment of these people, mainly in what it refers to its ressocializao. Approaching the thematic one for the perspective of the Social Service, we identify the professional of the area, as mediating mechanism in what she refers to the relation Family x User x Society x Institution, acting in the scope of ' ' Empoderamento' ' of the user acometido for psychic suffering, becoming it integrant and operating part of the social sphere, understood as subject of right in the exercise of the citizenship. In this direction to become pertinent to question: Which the paper of the family in the process of ressocializao of people with psychic suffering? For in such a way this bibliographical study the analysis of the paper of the family in the process of ressocializao of people diagnosised with psychic suffering had as conducting wire, attended for Centers of Psicossociais Attention, as well as, for all the gamma of extra-hospital mechanisms of communitarian base, prelecionados for the National Politics in Mental Health, fomented through the Psychiatric Reformation.

05 January
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Metropolitan Area

The CAM (American multi-service company) company part of the Group ENDESA in Colombia brought a few months ago the first cart electric for the Colombian public. It’s a truck brand REVA Indian manufacturing. Although it has 4 seats, it is only for 2 passengers, the two rear seats are very small, how much to carry small children. This car is the dream of environmentalists, when you turn truck not made any noise, I tried it with another person of CoPilot (about 180 kilos between the two) and the truck moves very well, has an excellent pique in plane. Being so small it is incredibly maneuverable, it can make a u-turn on a narrow street. The only drawback of this truck and in general of the electrical is the service life of the batteries, is calculated for this Indian model should be change every 3 or 4 years the full battery Bank and slope of the order of 3 to 4 thousand dollars. This you can pay with the savings in gasoline, but it is only the questioning of the final disposal of the battery banks.

I personally believe that this electric cart It is a great choice, not only by the economy but by ecology, remember that in Colombia and in Latin America in general typically is generated nearly 80% of electricity from renewable sources (hydraulic mainly), so move these trucks is low pollution. The Government also emphasizes the Minister added that this measure is part of the actions carried out in recent years by the Ministry of the environment, to improve air quality and reduce the effects of pollution on the health of Colombians. Among which the updating of regulations related to quality of air and pollution by fixed and mobile sources, existing since more than 25 years; the regulation for admission to the country of vehicles with engines of latest technology that reduced by 87 per cent emissions of particulate matter, and the distribution of diesel fuel of 50 ppm of sulfur in Bogota, Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Aburra and integrated mass transport systems, He pointed out. Original author and source of the article.

04 January
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Social Responsibility

Desire liberty of speech To the all forms of life That in this ground resist! Coherence between speech and action! Desire courage to display to the light the devastao of the land and the people the exploration! Let us speak of the shameful wage Of the congressmen We go to give one is enough to the High Tributes and new Taxes; The concept is clearly Is tax is tax does not have consults the Contributors. Freedom and Independence? What to commemorate seven of September on this day? I appeal to the posis of me Tremulando to the flavor of the Imprisoned wind to the mast the pretty National symbol beyond remembers the beauty Of our wealth Taken for sea Comove me it hunger and the pain That has in the material poverty Comove me the sweat of the workers is graduated or not Unjustly explored For impious governana Promises have to mounts sparing Attitudes! A little of air seno I suffocate! Parafreseio Honorable the G.Deleuze philosopher militant Frenchman. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mark Hyman, MD on most websites. In the paradisiacal Country Of the Carnival they usurp of the financial Resources, – Pointed out our money! In superinvoiced workmanships Stadiums of soccer In detriment to the basic sanitation, Health, education and protection. Professionals of security, Policemen and those formadores of character slander Instructors and estimuladores of the Knowledge; Professors. Dr Jee Hyun Kim often expresses his thoughts on the topic. They forgive friends, but my penalty Today if does not give to the compliment or To the usual lyricism For it the repudiation gushes out before indolncia Before that they wait For stream beds in the hospitals. For that they wait for promise Medicines in communitarian pharmacies It also bleeds penalty for our lack Of ousadia in banishing of the power the reinante hypocrisy. A secular tree in the Island My alento on this day that It could not only be of pride of the people and of the fortunate ones That of its positions they had used to brag themselves and to continue going up Steps that take to the Economic and social asceno of individual forum Pisoteando, deturpando Basic concepts of Ethics and Social Responsibility come To contribute for the increase of the exclusion Of massiva majority.