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25 September
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The Body

The infected person is capable of during the twenty four hours separate from your body by up to one billion fecal Giardia, which under certain environmental conditions can cause the infection to others for several months. In favorable conditions, giardia create around themselves a protective shell, which when released into the gastrointestinal tract of man is dissolved, and Giardia continue to exist. Giardiasis usually affects people with disabilities the immune system. By the treatment of giardiasis in adults, however, as children, need to be addressed comprehensively. Before treatment is of great importance qualified advice of the doctor-gastroenterologist.

Many people infected with Giardia, are trying to self-medicate, using the use of antioxidants, antibiotics, etc., while making a huge mistake, because improperly chosen way to get rid of this disease is not only fail to cure, but rather will further exacerbate the disease. Although it is worth noting that many folk remedies and diet in diseases of the really good against Giardia, but to resort to them it's worth only after consultation with a professional doctor. In addition, it is important to know that the complexity of giardiasis can be dysbiosis. However, there are also some food at dysbacteriosis, which is prescribed by the physician. The most effective to start intensive treatment during his illness exacerbation.

One of the most important issues in the treatment of giardiasis in adults and children is the issue of the correct choice of food the patient. For example, for treatment of giardiasis in children is quite suitable diet for giardiasis, based on the consumption of food, the basis which would include rice, apples, carrots, blueberries. Very effectively 'blind probing', promoting improve bile processes in the body. The beneficial effects of providing different kinds of reception and yogurt cheese, which, incidentally, includes a diet with giardiasis.

12 September
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The Way

2. The second deadly weapon in body fat – a special exercise. Fat, so to speak, love peace, peace and stagnation in the swamp. Such a situation is formed in the body in an inactive lifestyle, and there tsoni feel like 'a fish in water' growing and in breadth and in depth. But if you run into a stagnant lake flow brook, all around quickly transformed. The vegetation along the banks of change, a good fish rescue zavedetsya.Takim stream in our body is krov.Aktivnoe circulation – that's the main goal when dealing with this problemoy.Krov activates metabolism in problem areas, bringing nutrients along the way picking up waste and toxins.

3. But of course, if the problem of excess weight and body fat you already have, some physical exercise proper diet the problem is not solved. Here we need more drastic measures, such as drug terapiya.No problem with most drugs for weight loss and fat burning creams is that most of the vital substances, which are the ingredients can not penetrate the water film that surrounds our cells, because they are potentially soluble. Approximately 70% of the people is of water. Our cells are also surrounded by a water film, which prevents the penetration of the cell-soluble active substances. This means that the vital elements do not penetrate the cell and do not have proper effekta.Posredstvom complicated process the body converts fat soluble substance and therefore makes them water-soluble – for the cell. Or as they say, bioavailable. However, with age, this process gradually transform limited and the active substance in most cases allocated unprocessed, and therefore the conversion process becomes ineffective. Revolutionary method of solubilization, which is based on the production of drugs Solyuksell makes it possible to transform fat-soluble substances into water-soluble. As a result of solubilization of vital substances can be continuously and stably converted into water-soluble form.

01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.