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30 July
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Right Health Insurance

Who wants to build up an existence out of unemployment out, expects an increased quality of life of first and foremost. Gorlitz, October 13, 2011 (jk) and in addition to financial hedging quality of life also means the protection of own health, because that is usually the most valuable asset for beginners in the independence. Given the current negative headlines that currently make statutory health insurers with insolvency and unjustified additional contributions, the change in the private Krankenversicherung (PKV) is always desirable. But when such a change is possible, and for whom is it useful? Who is in the car? Who wants to switch to private health insurance, must be exempt from the statutory social insurance obligation. This applies to employees at a particular level of income; the most self-employed but are exempt from the legal obligation of insurance per se only independent teachers, educators, and caregivers are not exempt from insurable employees have. Also a contribution assessment ceiling does not exist for the self-employed normally.

When is a change in the car worth? A great advantage of private health insurance is that the contributions are calculated not according to income, but according to age and State of health of the insured person. Therefore this option especially for overall healthy and well deserving entrepreneurs is recommended to whose Gewinne multiply and that accordingly pay more and more money for the same insurance benefits because the statutory health insurance companies require 15.5 percent of the profit, no matter how much is this profit. Thus, you pay up to 728,43 euros as a self-employed person for example with a monthly gain in the amount of the contribution assessment ceiling 2011 (4.125,00 euro) a month in the statutory health insurance. This post consists of the contribution increase to 15.5% (645,18 euros per month) and the maximum possible additional contributions from 2% (83,25 Euro per month).

28 July
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Physical Education

Thus, the objective of this work was to verify the requirement of the certified doctor in the lessons of Pertaining to school Physical Education. What we can notice was that as much not the requirement of the certified doctor for the lessons of pertaining to school physical education as the concientizao of the importance of its application cannot cause a series of upheavals for the professor, for the school and for the proper parents and pupils more serious case something happens. Therefore a multicriteria evaluation on the quality of the information on the health of the pupils if makes necessary so that it can have a bigger trustworthiness in the pertaining to school institution and the work of the professor of pertaining to school physical education during its lessons. In any way, the questionnaires applied concerning the importance and of the application of the certified doctor for practical of activities physical during the lessons of physical education contribute for the agreement of the certified one as document that reflects the state of the patient, will be the case, cares that must be taken to eyes of the doctor. Being thus to prevent that carrying of especially cardiovascular patologias they are placed at risk during the physical activities, procedure must be applied that selects those that can initiate the program immediately, sending then excessively to the medical examination. The method/test also must be made with all the individuals children, adolescents and aged before of the physical evaluation or initiating a program of physical activities and the certified doctor it must be used and accepted as serious form, evident insurance and for release of the pupil practical of physical activity in all the scopes of the physical education also the pertaining to school. Word-key: Certified I medicate, Pertaining to school Physical Education and Illnesses.