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10 May
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Social Progress

The expansion of the economy of the knowledge costuma to be valued as great social progress in the transistion of the economy of the muscle to the economy of the intellect, a qualitative jump of simius nudus to simius informaticus. (GUBERN, 1991, p.56). With the new informatizadas technologies, the work acquires a new conformation: the changes can be mentioned that are produced on the professional job, qualifications, the working relations, the conditions and the environment of work. Moreover, they had formed a set of new occupations, as for example: electronic analysts of systems, programmers, engineers and etc. Among others factors, the new technologies of the education and the information, make possible the sped up development of the knowledge in the society. HOW WE CAN DEVELOP ACTIVITIES THAT DESPERTEM THE PLEASURE TO LEARN OF THE PUPILS? Well, the professor will be able to use computer, to present of form pretty and livened up a mount of contents that the pupils have to know. If the conception of learning will be conteudista and based in the memorization, the computer will take care of very well.

Programs of presentation of slides as the Power Point, can transform the computer into a pretty picture that is not more than black chalk nor, but that it goes to function in classroom in the same way that so known blackboards, that serve of support it professor to present knowing all. On the other hand, many professors who do not have computers and projectors and that they count on the black picture to give its lessons, can with this resource, to make of its lessons a moment of interaction between pupils and professors, being created a situation of collective construction of knowing. That is, the professor also needs to be innovative, because he does not advance a professor to have all the technological resources in its hands as, computers, projectors and to use archaic methodologies of education.