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10 August
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Bisphenol Baby

Gets a child into this world. Everything is little to pamper to the newborn. But now, from this early age is possible to care for him in a special way, taking care of it and the environment also. After all, what better gift than a cleaner world, where the Earth’s natural resources are respected? So, consider the ecology when we plan to buy a gift for a baby, is a double gift. And, for this reason, it is now possible to find a complete catalogue of products designed for your baby, that respect the natural environment in the market.

To find accessories baby, organic food products, cleaning products for MOM and baby, toys and even furniture, there are establishments that offer everything you need to raise your baby or child in a natural and organic way. Did you know that some plastics, including those normally used in the manufacture of accessories for babies like teats or feeding bottles, contain BPA? What is BPA, and why you should worry about? The Bisphenol is a resin epoxy, a type of plastic that, when heated, for example, releases particles that can cause serious illness to your baby. For example, are there any studies documenting that BPA can cause liver damage, disorders in cells? pancreas, abnormal release of estrogen, thyroid hormone and problems to obesity, among other serious health disorders. Bisphenol, according to some research, is present in the blood of 90 percent of the American people. And not only absorbed through the plastic containers, many products contain this resin epoxy, as, for example, dental sealants. There are large amount of BPA-free products to choose and protect children from unwanted exposure to this pathogen.

There are also ecological, pure aluminum bottles, made in one piece without welds or joints. These bottles are ideal to carry juices or any other liquid, because aluminum is a material extremely noble, resistant to the food acids, and that it does not retain odors or residual flavors. These bottles come in various colors and with cheerful illustrations, so that they could quickly become your baby favorite container. Because accessories for babies can also be fun and healthy.