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28 November
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Whole Body

It is not easy to imagine all the amount of work being done by our blood. Many are unaware that the blood sort of independent biochemical laboratory organism. Taking oxygen in the lungs, it brings it into tissue, where exchanges for carbon dioxide and immediately brings it back. Under the microscope the red liquid is a mixture of billions of blood plates, and another red and white blood cells found in a yellowish liquid – plasma. 25 billion red blood cells look as if doubly concave disks. In the body, they are responsible for transporting oxygen. White blood cells – white blood cells perform protective functions. Platelets – oval smooth blood cells provide blood clotting.

Transportation of oxygen molecules may be exclusively due to a complex protein – hemoglobin. Its value is in the blood of healthy women is 120 g / liter. By the same author: Peter A. Levine PhD. In case of hemoglobin, following the above given figure, fit to carry on a conversation, about anemia or, in other words, an anemia. Anemia may be genetically programmed, then an independent disease. In all other cases, the disease again and is usually found on the background of other diseases. In women, nature has lost blood, but more frequent anemia factors are not only heavy periods, and hemorrhoids, tumors of the uterus, nasal bleeding or ulcers.

Secret source of excessive blood loss can be ovarian cysts, or bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract, which are diagnosed most difficult and may be hidden in many years. One of the most common factors to iron deficiency in the blood of the fairer sex – it's bad food. Regular use of a primitive fast food, puts women primary candidate for anemia. This is the most famous of anemia and are associated with lack of vitamin B12 and start due to unhealthy diets, as a result of a long vegetarianism, after suffering hepatitis, or worsening in absorption of folic acid. Symptoms of anemia with small differences have a similar basis. Then comes a rapid fatigue even after negligible loads, there is a weakness, pale skin, and conjunctival, fall off the vein, and even at light load there is the heartbeat and shortness of breath. These symptoms are we now and then associate with hard work and, simply, do not pay attention. As the disease occur constipation, headache, a bundle of nails, hair falls out. At times, anemia, as in pregnancy, there is a desire to eat chalk, salt or spicy foods. Proper treatment of anemia must appoint a doctor, by analyzing a blood test. Setting women – in time to come to the doctor and start looking for a basis Happy symptoms. To ward off anemia, daily diet should be optimally chosen to include the right amount of protein and iron-containing products such as herbs, nuts and seeds, noni, raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruits. Incredibly useful for beef, liver, as well as foods with a high content of vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron. Of great importance in the treatment of anemia is rest and prolonged exposure to fresh air. Should move more and make the air any physical work, which in turn will contribute to the early healing and freedom from annoying symptoms of anemia.

05 November
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In the case where all the characters are terrible, ugly, scary, regardless of their role, the child has no clear guidelines for evaluation of their actions. In addition, when the child is forced to imitate, identify with the unsympathetic protagonist – an inner sense of self will inevitably suffer from the baby. Children – being open and kind and absorb everything like a sponge. Now imagine that may experience a small man after forty minutes of viewing the cartoon, the main idea is a fight, battle, chase, turning into mutants and monsters, blood, explosions and other ‘delights’? Why do young children listen to ushkam swearing and insults, which showered each other cartoon characters? What kind of healthy smiles and laughter is all about? What all this informative and enlightening? Such a view can only ‘enrich’ the vocabulary of the child profanity, develop feelings such as anger and aggression. Adult, mentally healthy people – and the experience hostility from what he saw and heard. After such an occurrence can not be surprised at the darkness of fear, fear of being alone, violence in the game and aggressive behavior in life and many others ‘results’. The kid is fast growing and evolving. Before you know it, but he says the first word, first finger bends …

He is very inquisitive and restless. The child is all very interesting: why in the trees green leaves? How old is Daddy? And what was the name my grandmother? And step by step you will be with him to open for him this yet unknown, unknown, but an interesting a world full of new and exciting. And for this you need a good and nice animations, which can teach a child to friendship, reciprocity, etc. To date, apart from the good old Soviet cartoons produced many more developmental and educational cartoons children. Pay and leave them aside, if you choose that will see your child. The most important thing! No cartoon is no substitute for live communication with the child adults, in which he desperately needs. Let’s put aside the case, and to give the kid a little bit of our attention!