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30 November
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Black Lagoon

Its Manoel is one rancoroso face, works in its sales with total disgust. It lives in the health-resort of the Tip of the Fruit the years, arrived there by mistake, it started its commerce in the empty region of that time. Therefore as much rancor. It saw the tourists to arrive, to go and they capsize, always waving to it with the hand, did not stop in its sales not being for obligation. Its Manoel does not go to the beach for irritation, the lagoon is not far from its store. Its occupation does not hinder it of a cooling diving. He is rancoroso of heart. Its establishment is in the adobe road in the way of the Black Lagoon, in the summer the red dust of the adobe of the track, does not stop of annoying.

That mount of car passing and the much dust raising, Manoel always with the broom to sweep, without never obtaining to finish with red dust. With this its anger alone increases, and about low the station it thinks: if to avenge, of who does not have of what to complain! The time passes and its anger alone increases, thinks, thinks and thinks, until one forms of if to avenge finds. It decides that at least of one tourist goes to avenge itself, in the autumn goes to mount a fatal trap, does not know what she is more already plans the end: to curse the place. Its life goes leading, without nobody to perceive, the plan goes studying, it decides to imprison somebody, and with its arrest, to move away all that take a walk that way. Macabra intention to propagate a curse. Devagar constructs the trap, type that one where if it imprisons passarinho in the pause of its flight, a person decides to imprison. Instead of placing it in a bird cage to sing, it decides to place it in a bird cage to scare.

29 November
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National Census

In the question of as they make to survive, almost 20% of them were living of almses and the aid of organizations of the civil society with approximately 80% of them exerting activities with remuneration. Interesting to observe that the research disclosed that the street inhabitants in general are healthful people. But one tero of the total of the interviewed ones informed to have health problems. How much to the discrimination the interviewed ones had said that frequently they are barred in places, as shopping and collective transport. In a total of 71 cities where the city was effected the national survey of They are Jose of the Campos/SP withheld the biggest number of street inhabitants (0.3%), after that the city of Curitiba with the index of 0,2% and Juiz De Fora – MG, occupying 3 position with 0,15% of inhabitants.

Important to mention that the percentages had been calculated on the basis of the total of inhabitants of each city. Another information inserting in the Tax context mentions the city to it of Rio De Janeiro that if compared with the amount of inhabitants possesss the biggest amount of street inhabitants, therefore identified a population of 4.585 a thousand inhabitants of street for a total of six million inhabitants. 1.2 The independent countings of the National Census the data of the MDS had not been including to the cities of Belo Horizonte, Recife. Porto Alegre and So Paulo these cities had been outside of the national survey, for already possessing proper surveys on the street demand. The Census of inhabitants of street carried through in the year of 2005 in Belo Horizonte – MG presented estimate of 916 individuals liveing in the streets with similar characteristics ace of other cities. However Meguerditchian to speech in its article on the increase of the time of these citizens in the streets of Belo Horizonte and other cities mentions that the time passes and they do not leave the streets, these citizens is aging without leaving the streets.

24 November
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Health And Travel

Do not take a lot of cash to keep the bulk of the checks or on the card. Provide a travel bag and lock it saves money. Eschew drug addicts and drugs. Finally, make sure that you have sufficient travel funds, and be thrifty, to a situation where you suddenly need to be a lot of money, do not get into a difficult situation. Health If you will have a maritime disease or the fear of flight, it can significantly hinder your journey. You may receive another problem – this 'jet lag', ie the body does not have time to adapt to the new time zone.

Appears fatigue, migraines, insomnia, reduced immunity, loss of appetite. If you are the person who can easily adapt to new conditions, follow a few rules: 1. Eschew alcohol, it will only increase fatigue and weaken the immune system. 2. To avoid dehydration, drink more water. This is especially necessary in aircraft at high altitude 3. Before the flight, do not forget to sleep and walk.

4. During the flight necessarily change position and move. 5. Correctly apply the changes in time zones, adjusting to them. For example, if you flew at night, go to bed and sleep for a couple of hours before morning, and then go to bed at the usual you hour, but the local time, and then the next day you will already be the norm. It is best to arrive in the afternoon or morning, as sunlight after a long flight will give a cheer. Transportation How to buy the cheapest? But usually the cheapest you can not rent or exchange, so if you suddenly delayed a transport, you will not have time for the next, and would have to spend much. The first thing to consider when and how long you taking tickets. A trip on the same route and at the same plane at different times of the year will be worth different amounts.

12 November
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This disease should attract the attention of the public, because new types of hepatitis E virus detected in Europe since 1997. Until recently it was thought that hepatitis E is spread only in the regions of tropical and subtropical climate. Nevertheless, for several years, occasional outbreaks of this disease are found in Britain, the Netherlands and several other European countries, as well as in the southern regions of Russia. In Europe, 6% of all patients with acute hepatitis infected with hepatitis E in France among all patients with acute hepatitis showed 13,7% of hbv carriers, Generalized information on the distribution of the virus in the territory of Ukraine unavailable. Incidence of hepatitis E is characterized by pronounced seasonality: it increases during the autumn rains. On how to transfer hepatitis E is similar to hepatitis A. It can be transmitted through infected water, food, and In addition – through the blood.

However, if hepatitis A is mainly sick children, the hepatitis E more often infected men aged 30-40 years. But the special danger that the virus poses to pregnant women. According to the who mortality Hepatitis E among pregnant women ranges from 15 to 25 percent. It is interesting to note that the virus-like pathogen of human hepatitis E, is identified also in some animals: pigs, rats and chickens. In addition, genetic of hepatitis E virus detected in humans and pigs is identical. However, evidence that would allow to make decisions about transmission of hepatitis E from animal to man, has not been found. Currently, developed a vaccine against this dangerous disease.

08 November
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Health And Food

Emtais circumstances (…), those that they desire to keep the health in excellent will estadoutilizaro optimum food of that they will be able dispor’ ‘. (Lessa Scheffel1989: 376). Being thus, the adventistas of the Landmark are not felt in the obligation deexclurem the meat of its> daily cardpio; one sends regards, however, the use dofrango and of the fish, more tolerated in relation to the meat ' ' vermelha' '. He is nouso of the meat of pig and in the ingestion of the bovine meat with blood that if concentraa bigger concern of its leaders, being this practical fortementedesaconselhada 10. Sara 11 gave an interesting deposition to this respect, that in part here is transcribed: ' ' The healthful feeding is very important in the life dosadventistas. It is not doctrine not, is advice.

I taste to read the advice dairm White 12, but do not read very on feeding. I do not read because I voume to feel in the obligation of being vegetarian. Vegetarianodentro of the church is very difficult to have one. The meat is very gostosa. As this is not basic paraminha salvation and I already deprive myself of as many things of the world, I eat carne' '. Samuel 13 says that all the soimportantes orientaes of the Church, but it continues eating chicken, fish and takes any type derefrigerante, also cocaine-glue and drinks wine of time in when. Account tambmque the duck in tucupi 14 can be fact, substituting the duck for the chicken.

Otacac 15 can be ingested since that the adventista part to remove will ocamaro. Manioba 16, a plate very appreciated by the paraenses, completamente excluded of the table of the adventistas for taking great amount decarne of pig and still not counting on a prescription that substitutes the ingredientesinterditos. However, the pig meat is substituted by others (porcarne even though vegetal) to become ' ' feijoada adventista' '.

08 November
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Hair Care With Folk Remedies

hair. Lush manicured hair decorated with no less than any of the most fashionable and expensive clothes. What is left to those whose hair is lost natural shine and silky? Treat them. On the hair reflects your overall health and even mood. They fade and become lifeless. In recent years, the disease of hair is much younger. The reasons for this are many: family history, postpartum hormonal changes, emotional upsets, as well as a number of common diseases. You yourself can determine whether your hair is healthy. Make it easy and in no case should not throw hair treatment. Hair are dry, oily or normal.

Knowing the types of your hair, keep in mind that the physiological change of hair occurs throughout the year, as the day they should drop about forty. If your scalp clean and hair supple, lush, shiny, then you can simply adhere to the general hygiene rules. Wash your hair should be no more than once a week, rinsing them after washing tincture and decoction of medicinal herbs. Should use soap and water with low content of alkali or shampoos. Dry hair is not under a hair dryer and air, combing their plastic (not metal!) comb while they are still slightly moist. Do not leave overnight hair curlers. Fatty volosyEsli you have oily hair do not think that the only salvation – frequent washing. Children should wash their hair or boric-thymol soap, not hot, and warm water, 2-3 times a week to rub into the scalp sour milk or yogurt before washing. Good action is also rubbing the following medications:. “BIOL”, “Bio-2,” Karmazin “,” Peruvian water. ” VolosySuhie dry hair is best to wash the egg yolk, which can add 2-3 drops of shampoo. You can rub into the scalp warm oil, and moisturizers, for example, “Poprin. After greasing should be for 1-2 hours to cover his head with a scarf polyethylene.

01 November
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Infant Health

For this reason, one becomes basic the information and preparation of the infants of whom it will be to happen to them. Of the five to the seven years, the same authors say that they are visible to the afflictions on the death, the sumio or the fear of if losing forever, they select the direction for its destination, of the familiar ones and of other interns. Of the seven to the nine years, the child if worries if she goes or not to lose its place in the infirmary, will be itself invalid forever, if she goes to be moved away from house, the school, the friends, in end, takes advantage the fear of being abandoned. Of the nine to the twelve years, the child demonstrates proper affliction on the pertaining to school questions, of the intellectual, social scope and physical, that is, on the consequences of the assiduity to the institution and the repercussions she does not stop with the colleagues. E, as last phase, of the eleven to the thirteen years, the authors mention that the manifest infant fidgets on the corporal functions, on the organic products, on the exhibition before the hospital team and to the other patients, as well as of the probable demoralization of the friends. Visa this, other decurrent traumas of the hospitalization of a child also can happen. According to Machado and Martins (the 2003), when the child is hospitalized, majority of the times has that to support many limitations in its activities in consequence of its disease and the physical space, being this generally limited. For the same authors, it has two situations that they contribute for the increase of the physical and psychic suffering of the child in this condition: Some children go to the hospital for ambulatoriais consultations and routine examinations, without no symptom or signal of perceivable illness to the mother or the family, I medicate and it prescribes the internment.