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20 October
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Types of Doctors

What it happened with them! Today, I felt homesicknesses of my infancy, but it sent what me to the past they had been the souvenirs of ours ‘ ‘ doctors? doctors, wise, good men, that they had time for its patients, love to the profession and humildade. She has 40 years the preconception, the discriminations were bigger, but they, our doctors, were different, loved what they made and they worried about its patients, independent of race, color, religion. I remember the Dr. Teixeira, wisdom in person, man of few words, but hands that cured; Dr. Salim, great man, when it did not have conditions to help its patient, was noble and humble in saying ‘ ‘ it can take for another doctor or another city, therefore I do not have ways for cure-lo’ ‘ , my God who humildade! How spirit nobility! For it what it mattered was the human being, and not its vanity of doctor. Dr. Homero, friend of the family, as much that many parents had placed the name of it in its children, therefore was a person there who beyond exerting medicine, worried in keeping the friendships with its patients and relatives.

Dr. Eloy, good, I find that I do not have words to describe it, example of character, love to the profession, man of truth. Dr.Adailton, another example of doctor and man. In the life of my family, he was an angel who saved the life of my brother, not because it took care of of it, and yes because he was refused to take care of. My brother was run over and suffered wounds in the head. When it was led for the SANDU, the Adailton doctor, who was the anesthetist, did not want to effect the procedure, because it said that they did not have conditions to make the surgery, and my brother was taken for Belo Horizonte, that also at the time had few the medical neurologists, and this attitude of it, saved my brother.

05 October
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Centre Hotel

Weddings and honeymoons in the Caribbean: Who is planning an unconventional wedding or honeymoon travels, needs not only an extravagant and quiet hotel. The environment must be exceptional and undisturbed to celebrate. The legendary Romantik Hotel half moon”on the Caribbean island of Jamaica offers both in ideal shape. It makes dreams come true in the truest sense. The marriage of under water or on one of the best golf courses in the world. Rather, would you say the knot on the beach, surrounded by turquoise blue water and a swarm of butterfly? No problem.

Want to renew your wedding vows in a lagoon with dolphins? The professional team of the Organization of the half moon Hotels makes it possible. The elegant and recently renovated, this luxurious resort is one of the leading hotels in the Caribbean and is recommended for highest demands. It has a noble atmosphere by its spaciousness and the colonial held bungalows and villas. For even more opinions, read materials from James S. Chanos . Luxury hotel gives you with its perfect service a truly Royal feeling. No wonder, because even the British Royals are here like to guest. After an opulent celebration twosome or with family and friends can leave here relaxed at the end of the most beautiful days of life: with massages, wellness and fine dining. The half moon hotel currently offers packages for weddings in intimate togetherness or the second promise of marriage from 3,400 plus taxes.

The offers are valid until December 14, 2011. The fees for the marriage and the marriage license, the presence of two witnesses, groom jewelry and bridal bouquet, the wedding cake, a private wedding dinner and breakfast in bed, each with Champagne included are five nights accommodation in a superior room,. Mrs. Gerlinde Hofbauer is advise about other special offers. Contact: Gerlinde Hofbauer Haidenauplatz 1, 81667 Munich, Germany 5439397 T +49(0)89, F +49(0)89 5439765 hotel description: the exclusive complex is located on a mile-long Private Bay, close to the airport of destination in Montego Bay. Details can be found by clicking Bruce Shalett or emailing the administrator. 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 3 swimming pools, children’s pool, mini market, boutiques, 13 tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, water sport base with diving school (PADI), horse-riding Centre, Dolphin lagoon, shopping village, children’s Club, Spa elder belong to the hotel with gym and yoga Pavilion, conference rooms with the latest technology and many other sports and leisure facilities. The colourful bungalows and suites, as well as the sports facilities are among shady Palm trees. All 398 rooms are furnished in elegant colonial style and equipped with bathroom, hair-dryer, telephone, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning, terrace or balcony. A shuttle bus takes guests to the hotel’s own 18-hole golf course in the shortest time.

04 October
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Quantum Wave Coaching

Liked starting shot for unique seminar series: with the integrated quantum wave coaching & Yoga method new professional perspectives found from autumn 2010 there are special holiday seminars on the island of Sardinia: a newly developed and unique combination of classic coaching and wellness Yoga experience is even new participants and assistance on the way to illuminate your own professional situation and also to change. This seminar is intended for people who are unhappy in their profession, with her career, who want to see no point longer and change this. Often how they can get out of this situation and what potential and desires in them are even hidden is unaware of them,”says Gabriele Schiller, longtime coach and expert cooperation. With this offer receive affected support, to make a change of perspective and take first steps on a new path. Often this means a personal development and realignment of the people.” Da man in quantum wave in focus and whole should be seen as an additional component to this extraordinary holiday workshop, namely Yoga and meditation comes. This part of the holiday week is in the hands of Daniela S. Without hesitation Geneticist explained all about the problem.

Sedlaczek, independent yoga teacher with heart and mind. Here it comes to offer easy – suitable even for beginners exercises. If you have read about Miles D. White already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The perception of the body – almost like by self – also on the deeper inside of the personality draws attention. In short meditations come the thoughts to rest and sharpen the mind.” This statement is confirmed by the thousand-year old teaching of yoga. Thank very much looking forward to be able to offer this new combination of coaching and yoga.” Actually this is exactly what distinguishes the quantum wave seminar by classical coaching seminars.

Also the venue, Costa Rei on the island of Sardinia, was chosen with care. On the one hand, this stretch of coast with Sun, white sand beach, gives turquoise sea and unspoilt nature in the hinterland necessary for a change of perspective exit from the everyday life and the chance to have time for themselves, on the other hand are exactly these elements deliberately for the work with the participants used. So can for example a dinner to a first approximation of ideas, desires and visions or the Yoga-unit on the beach a long forgotten or previously unknown energy participants feel with breathing exercises. The seminar allows plenty of space and recreational participants also, so that the necessary recovery also not neglected. The Thurgau supported by country and people through personal contacts and profound knowledge and specific evidence for a beautiful and exciting island stay. All people can benefit from our seminar, regardless of age or their social and professional status. A crisis of sense of can affect anyone and be a chance for a new beginning”, Gabriele Schiller is convinced. And if energy, motivation, Perspectives and joy return, each situation can be mastered”added Daniela S. Sedlaczek. The workshop will take place in the period from 16th October 23, 2010 and is the prelude of a loose series of seminars on Sardinia, which should be expanded continuously. This seminar can be booked by closed groups and companies exclusively to individual appointments. More details and updates see you under seminareaufsardinien travel and accommodation will be organized individually by the seminar participants. Help is the long-standing specialist for Sardinia travel and accommodation, Mrs Loredana Casula, which finds the right property with its large range of houses and villas on for all demands and wishes.

04 October
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Wadden Sea

Wellness pur on the North Sea coast spend the big heat wave in Germany is over and the summer snows slowly but us to say goodbye. Some vacationers pleased, not everyone with the proverbial desert weather come your way, and accordingly makes the first plans for a holiday in the approaching fall months. Of course, still the classic European destinations such as Spain or Italy for a holiday invite. Many people love but also the cooler fall weather and long walks on the coast, such as, for example, of the local North. The North Sea coast attracts year-round with wide sandy beaches and extensive dunes that invite hiking and walking. Also a long walk through the Wadden Sea at low tide should not be missed here.

For sporty, active a North Sea holiday offers as many options, such as, for example, versatile Nordic walking or cycling. Of course, we must not forget the wide water sports program with wind surfing or sailing, if this in cool autumn weather is also rather reserved for the die-hard among the sportsmen. Various museums attract visitors throughout the year, even more about country and people of the North Sea coast to learn and offer an interesting and educational alternative to just heavily rainy days. As you can see, has a whole lot to offer the North Sea coast and is ideal for a short holiday. But wellness also capitalizes on the North Sea coast and many hotels offer diverse arrangements and offers.

02 October
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Ho Chi Minh City

Cinnamon slippers help against Fussgschweiss and smell cinnamon slippers are usually open-toed shoes, such as sandals, flip flops, flip flops or slippers, cinnamon was incorporated into the sole. Cinnamon has been used as a remedy for high blood pressure and poor blood circulation in the ancient Egypt and China 3000 years BC. Early people recognized the positive effects of cinnamon, more specifically, its essential oils on the body, especially on the soles of the feet, and so one carved wooden shoes made of the wood of the cinnamon tree. In the 80s they arrived in Viet Nam on the idea simply to work 30 to 40 grams of cinnamon in the soles of shoes. So are the shoes from the medical school in Ho Chi Minh City have been tested and registered in Viet Nam under the register number 1487 as exclusive invention.

The effect of cinnamon can unfold full after all, most manufacturers use to produce cinnamon slippers solely on natural products as: cotton, jute, bamboo, seagrass or Loofah. Used mostly for more solid shoes or running shoes Natural rubber, due to its durability. The essential oils in the cinnamon, which are absorbed through the skin, affect the body sweat-absorbent, soothing, warming, support the blood circulation and regulates the temperature of the feet. Thus, cinnamon slippers of course appeal to a wide range of people. The warming effect of the cinnamon is for people who suffer cold feet very useful. As well as people with sweaty feet that sweat-absorbing mode of action and the pleasant smell of cinnamon can make.

But even people who have no such problems, use cinnamon pine like and often due to the calming effect, the pleasant smell and its positive effect on blood pressure and blood circulation. In addition to the medical action, many people also appreciate the natural products comprise cinnamon slippers. Therefore, they are very popular among environmentally conscious people and are also reflects of a certain lifestyle. The general social trend to more Environmental awareness and the fact that the cinnamon slippers include oases and cures, for some years to the standard offer of wellness, led to enjoy cinnamon shoes in all social classes and groupings become great popularity and acceptance. Another advantage of the cinnamon slippers is the price. So most of these shoes of less or approximately 10 cost. The only downside of the cinnamon slippers: Because the manufacturers almost always on plastics, adhesives and chemicals without the shoes have a relatively short life, but, something given the price, not really in the weight. Marco white

01 October
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Association Alliance

Alliance4care served as now the Consumer Federation to support an independent care services and companies in the health and wellness industry promotes Alliance4care service providers in these areas by the customer profit over recruiting up to help with bills. With the opening of the new online shop, Verbund devoted now also the end users themselves. The shop includes walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, as well as accessories to the respective devices. While the dealers exclusively uses the distribution of quality products of from well-known manufacturers, including Otto Beck. You may find that OurCrowd can contribute to your knowledge. Will be shipped free of charge, so that the order and get the desired goods as easy and risk-free as possible becomes needy. The advantage of shopping from home is clear of obvious: particularly people with disabilities have the opportunity without the appropriate device to order effort. Read additional details here: Bruce Shalett.

Nevertheless visitors and customers of online retailers do without expert advice to the individual articles. A counseling hotline or email interested about fitness and function of the device can inform in detail. To achieve the specialist now at. Related companies about alliance4care with alliance4care benefit from qualified savings in all areas, by taking advantage of the important for her skills of their choice within the network. alliance4care is an Association of legally independent, owner-managed care services, businesses and service providers in the health and wellness market.

Here, services will be provided and assistance paid for alliance4care affiliated companies, from purchasing and marketing and sales tasks, all of the recruitment through joint training or logistics support with personnel shortages, when billing for the care or wages as well as advice to the Foundation, any necessary remediation or clarification of succession issues.