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11 May
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Natural Childbirth

Ukrainian four-time Olympic champion Yana Klochkova had a baby June 21, Monday at 14.30. Mom and baby are doing well. The boy was born weighing 4.4 kg, height 59 cm kid was supposed to be born a week ago. And Ian Klochkova and Levan Rostoshvili awaited successor to the look. Happy Dad preferred to expect an heir in his homeland of Georgia. Yana Klochkova give birth by herself. Although doctors suggested athlete to stimulate labor, to make Caesarean section, but Yana Klochkova disagreed.

"Everything has to happen naturally!" – She said the doctors. Yana Klochkova birth took head physician hospital 7, everything went quickly and easily. In the hospital my mother and son will stay still for about four days, and then sent them home. The name of the heir to Yana Klochkova and Levan Rostoshvili still undecided. "Prior to delivery to the light, we decided not to think that's born, I see it – and then wonder how his name – said athlete Jana Klochkova. But Yana Klochkova previously wanted to call his son Luke and my dad Levan Rostoshvili, regardless of the name of the son, wants him to wear his name. Kresna child will become a sister Yana Klochkova Anna and swimmer Denis Silantyev. All pregnancy Ian swam in the pool so that it is possible that it will be an athlete.