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20 May
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The Size

Foods that contain trans fats, such as sandwiches, cakes and sweets, also increase cholesterol LDL. on the other hand, plants provide low levels of cholesterol and fiber-rich whole grains. Of course, how to Cook is also important. For example: 1 – Use dairy products low fat or fat free. And substitute yogurt for sour cream or mayonnaise on whole mayonnaise. 2 – Use olive oil or oil instead of butter Cannole.

And decreases the amount of oil used for frying. There is no need to drown what you kitchen. Limit foods fried in general. 3-If the recipe indicates skillet, be creative. Consider the possibility of grilling, baking, scalp, grilled or steamed. 4-Here I give some examples of foods that help to lower bad cholesterol (of course it’s important to see the size of the portions, since they want to maintain a healthy weight): bran oats and cereals with high content of fibrDe fish with fatty acids omega 3 (such as salmon, sardines and tuna) walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other fruits secosEl oil olivLos foods that contain sterols and stanols added (as the margarine, juice and yogurt) cheer up! Healthy food is easier than it seems. If you eat meat, choose poultry (without skin), fish or lean red meat (in moderation).

Finally, please note that, in addition to a healthy diet is also important to stay active to reduce their level of bad cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Peter A. Levine PhD pursues this goal as well. Of course, the only way to know your levels of cholesterol, HDL and LDL in the blood is a blood test in fasting ideal (after not eating for 8 hours.) If still do everything you need in terms of what you eat and your physical activity levels of must remain above the normal range, luckily we have medications that your doctor can prescribe. Become their regular check-ups. Remember that prevention is better than cure. The first symptom of high cholesterol may be a heart attack. This can be prevented. Visit us at: original author and source of the article.

12 May
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Creative Insight

In the journal Neuropsychologia (article called 'The origins of insight in resting-state brain activity') was published study. Scientists have tried to scientifically prove the existence of a fundamentally different structure of cerebral activity during active thinking and dormant in people with imaginative thinking, capable creative insights, and those who usually handles the problem through to its logical analysis. Subjects first indulged in nothing, and then guessed anagram. After that, they were divided into two groups – those who coped with the task mainly due to a sudden insight, and those who came to the decision by a systematic analysis. It turned out that the picture of brain activity these two groups had very serious differences, both during work and during leisure. The study showed that the predominant activity of the right hemisphere is kept by lovers of "inspiration" even in a period of rest.

That is, willingness to solve problems by creative, was not temporary, sudden splash .. Please visit cardiologist if you seek more information. 'The tendency to a particular method of solving the problem – with the help of creative or a methodical approach – there is not at the moment when a person already faced with the problem. The election of a particular strategy is determined by the previous state of human consciousness' – explains Kunayos. Do the owners of creative thinking word, image, smell, or something else running in the consciousness long associative chain, which eventually leads to an unexpected decision. In contrast, focusing on solving a specific problem, cut off all unnecessary logic and apply them to the already known strategy solving the problem. In general, this information is not anything particularly original.

Well, confirmed by scientific methods have long known facts. Creativity inherent in all people, but to varying degrees. Only you can look at them with On the other hand. More and more people are born with the hemispheres are equally active, the so-called ambidexterity. Here they learn how to switch from a logical creative thinking is vital, since uncontrolled this transition takes a lot of energy and effort. Looking for exercise equipment and techniques that allow arbitrarily switch to different kinds of thinking. Here and useful research, studying the condition of the brain and mind in the previous figurative or logical way of thinking. speech therapist Ludmila Yesipova specifically for Source:

11 May
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Natural Childbirth

Ukrainian four-time Olympic champion Yana Klochkova had a baby June 21, Monday at 14.30. Mom and baby are doing well. The boy was born weighing 4.4 kg, height 59 cm kid was supposed to be born a week ago. And Ian Klochkova and Levan Rostoshvili awaited successor to the look. Happy Dad preferred to expect an heir in his homeland of Georgia. Yana Klochkova give birth by herself. Although doctors suggested athlete to stimulate labor, to make Caesarean section, but Yana Klochkova disagreed.

"Everything has to happen naturally!" – She said the doctors. Yana Klochkova birth took head physician hospital 7, everything went quickly and easily. In the hospital my mother and son will stay still for about four days, and then sent them home. The name of the heir to Yana Klochkova and Levan Rostoshvili still undecided. "Prior to delivery to the light, we decided not to think that's born, I see it – and then wonder how his name – said athlete Jana Klochkova. But Yana Klochkova previously wanted to call his son Luke and my dad Levan Rostoshvili, regardless of the name of the son, wants him to wear his name. Kresna child will become a sister Yana Klochkova Anna and swimmer Denis Silantyev. All pregnancy Ian swam in the pool so that it is possible that it will be an athlete.