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21 November
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German Rehabilitation

From 1 January 2009 is DTA to the obligation for Rehab sports clubs offers are rehabilitation sports courses mostly by sports associations, who can settle this performance with the statutory health insurance. Recognized are currently following, adapted to the disability or chronic disease movement offers about gymnastics, athletics, swimming/water aerobics and movement games in group. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. oftentimes addresses this issue. Usually, the statutory health insurance companies reimburse 50 lessons within 18 months. After an accident, serious illness or disability existing participate in the rehabilitation funds (GKV, RV, GES. Accident insurance) at the cost of rehabilitative sport and function training. While the doctor issues a regulation on rehabilitation sports his patients, which submits this to his cost, so that eligibility can be checked. For the many clubs that offer rehabilitation sports, a drastic change in the settlement with the statutory health insurance arises as of January 2009, however: these can only electronically be done otherwise threatens an invoice reduction in the amount of 5% of the gross invoice amount. Whoever sent the paper receipts after January 1 at the cost, loses money.

The German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ), where clubs pay only 0.5% of the invoice total offers a solution to the simple electronic billing (DTA). Billing via the Internet easy and cheap settlement of rehabilitation sports services works in the German medical data center via the Internet just like online banking. Only a computer with Internet connection and free Microsoft Internet Explorer is required to use the service of the DMRZ. The purchase of a costly and difficult-to-use software is eliminated. \”The billing on the Internet is easy: you use under there find the billing platform the link free sign up now\” and get a password and a user name. All natural, completely safe and comfortable. During registration you give her Institution characteristics (IK) to and send the DMRZ to authenticate the copy of your identity card or valid driver’s license.

13 November
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All we have heard speak of the hemorroides, but you know that sn exactly? The hemorroides, The hemorroides more likely are caused by the diet and the effort in the toilet. In fact, these two factors are tie:the food little heals leads to the constipation, which takes to us to force in the toilet. It has been suggested western diet, that is rich in process and devoid foods of fiber, also contributes to the hemorroides. In fact, the hemorroides are rare in the developed countries less where the diet is rich in fiber. As the population of these countries changes their diet to include made foods more, it increases the incidence of the hemorroides.

The style of modern bath, unfortunately, foments the effort. Some people also read while she is seated in the toilet, adding an illegal pressure to the veins of the anus. Other factors that contribute to the hemorroides include the aging, the inheritance, episodes of diarrhoea, the use of laxatives. For women, the pregnancy usually is a factor in which the fetus exerts pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins. Luckyly, in the majority of the cases, the hemorroides can heal. This means that unless you do something to cause buds (that is to say, to continue recharging when defecating or to have constipation or diarrhoea) the majority of the hemorroides is solved without no intervention, simply with natural remedies. Nevertheless, the debilitated walls and the distension of the veins in the hemorroides will cause that it is prone a future buds.

13 November
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Turtles in Captivity

For keeping turtles in captivity, there are special rules. They developed a Doctor of Vasiliev. For land and freshwater turtles rules are different. Here are some tips for tortoises. Turtle terrarium is required in which included a swimming pool, heating, feeding and shelter. Bowl suitable aquarium with a volume of 100 liters per turtle length 12.7 inches. Without hesitation Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. explained all about the problem.

The aquarium should be 6.4 inches thick soil; best river gravel or a mixture of sifted earth with rounded pebbles. Swimming pool – boat, fotokyuveta – must hold a turtle whole, and be convenient for its self out after the 'bathing'. Heating – bulb (100 watts per stolitrovy pool) under the 'sun' should be 31-35 degrees in the opposite corner, 'the cold' – 24-26 degrees. Enough to heat the turtle 3:00 in the morning and the same evening. For 'house' will come down half a pot, cut lengthwise. The turtle should climb back entirely. Feeder should be kept clean and food fresh. Young bug needed 2-3 times a week, warm baths: bug placed in a tilted bowl with water (temperatures 29-32 degrees) so that to the back of the shell was completely immersed in water, but water does not touch your chin.

Leave for 1-6 hours. The main thing is that water does not cool down, otherwise the turtle sick. Adult turtles better every day, spray with warm water from the spray, but so that the soil remains dry. The turtle should be hungry, it will save her from the disease, and you from the hassle, so the adults are fed 2-3 times a week, and turtles up to a year – every day, but do not leave food in terrarium for longer than 2 hours.

06 November
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Saving Energy

A good management of light mediate the use of a curtain can report us great benefits in energy savings of our buildings, to allow regular profit and loss heat and light. The color, thickness, and the opening of the fabric of the curtains influence heat light absorption. This factor is decisive to stop prevent greater consumption of air conditioning and/or heating, i.e., to prevent an overly broad light difference between surfaces exposed and not exposed to direct solar radiation and therefore a possible reduction of lighting. When the light reaches a surface, a part of the crosses (transmission) existing materials (either a glass surface or a curtain), another part is reflected outwards (reflection) and the rest of light is absorbed in the tissue being radiated a posteriori in the form of heat (absorption). This intensity of light exerts a direct effect on the human being, its ability to vision, wellness, safety at work and the economy, creating glare in flat surfaces and screens, inadequate thermal effects and damage to materials and our own being. DecoML web.bandalux.

05 November
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In early 2004 I was in the House of a friend, in the Cerrado de Calderon (Malaga, Spain). How has it changed the Cerrado, Limonar! More than fifteen years ago it not walked quietly through the area. The buildings have sprouted everywhere and massification is felt. I was thinking about selling the House and go to a place, according to him, more relaxed. Somatic Experiencing does not necessarily agree. I had to submissively serve all your criticism of my way to go through life, professionally he understands: that if I have to sit head, that if, to ensure the economic future of my family, as if Utopia is for Tomas Moro, which let me blog and crap, etc. Thanks, friend, I know that you say it sincerely and in some issues until I can match it, but put me lunch because it smells of rechupete and entered my gastric juices boiling.

He invited me to a delicious meat of Iberian pork, grilled with an exquisite sauce whose recipe not I could find, although I know that you wearing something of pebrella, aromatic herb of the Alicante mountains. All washed down with a Muga rioja crianza. Details can be found by clicking Peter A. Levine PhD or emailing the administrator. Since a few years I try to shelter me in other wines that are not Rioja and when I noticed the bottle suspire. But after the first SIP, with a delicate harmony of fruit flavors, I encouraged me. The second tasting persisted in the tasty and the nuances of elegant shape, that towards climb iberico snack to the seventh heaven.The price I do not know where will walk (this man buys it by boxes at the winery), but don’t think that it’s excessive. Anyway, I would suggest this broth. Sat I wonder lunch, I do not know if by wine, the pleasant company or both things (and I forget the pork).