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13 November
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All we have heard speak of the hemorroides, but you know that sn exactly? The hemorroides, The hemorroides more likely are caused by the diet and the effort in the toilet. In fact, these two factors are tie:the food little heals leads to the constipation, which takes to us to force in the toilet. It has been suggested western diet, that is rich in process and devoid foods of fiber, also contributes to the hemorroides. In fact, the hemorroides are rare in the developed countries less where the diet is rich in fiber. As the population of these countries changes their diet to include made foods more, it increases the incidence of the hemorroides.

The style of modern bath, unfortunately, foments the effort. Some people also read while she is seated in the toilet, adding an illegal pressure to the veins of the anus. Other factors that contribute to the hemorroides include the aging, the inheritance, episodes of diarrhoea, the use of laxatives. For women, the pregnancy usually is a factor in which the fetus exerts pressure on the hemorrhoidal veins. Luckyly, in the majority of the cases, the hemorroides can heal. This means that unless you do something to cause buds (that is to say, to continue recharging when defecating or to have constipation or diarrhoea) the majority of the hemorroides is solved without no intervention, simply with natural remedies. Nevertheless, the debilitated walls and the distension of the veins in the hemorroides will cause that it is prone a future buds.

06 November
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Saving Energy

A good management of light mediate the use of a curtain can report us great benefits in energy savings of our buildings, to allow regular profit and loss heat and light. The color, thickness, and the opening of the fabric of the curtains influence heat light absorption. This factor is decisive to stop prevent greater consumption of air conditioning and/or heating, i.e., to prevent an overly broad light difference between surfaces exposed and not exposed to direct solar radiation and therefore a possible reduction of lighting. When the light reaches a surface, a part of the crosses (transmission) existing materials (either a glass surface or a curtain), another part is reflected outwards (reflection) and the rest of light is absorbed in the tissue being radiated a posteriori in the form of heat (absorption). This intensity of light exerts a direct effect on the human being, its ability to vision, wellness, safety at work and the economy, creating glare in flat surfaces and screens, inadequate thermal effects and damage to materials and our own being. DecoML web.bandalux.