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29 July
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I want to, sometimes, to cheer up, but just courage – not an ounce. But there is a means of giving the skin a cool, and the body, so it needs courage. Many of them have one thing in common – menthol. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gina Ross. It is a substance extracted from peppermint mint, and gives cosmetics such an amazing feature – a cool gift. Getting on the skin, menthol irritates nerve endings, and we feel like it goes through to "chill." Often added to the menthol extracts aloe, lavender, cucumber, eucalyptus and almond oil.

In alliance with menthol, these substances are not only refreshing, but also moisturize the skin, leaving it softer, which makes it more long-term effect of freshness. Do not be afraid to "freeze" – menthol affects only on the surface of the skin, and it does not penetrate into the interior. Shower gel with menthol will be an excellent addition to a morning cup of coffee. Coffee awakens your mind, and menthol – the body. Cosmetics menthol can relieve headache pain and skin problems. By the same author: James S. Chanos. If you can not use gel, use a spray containing mint extract.

Not always possible to take a shower, for example, after training or work. And if you're pretty "Popoteli" – spray removes body heat and will give you strength and courage. The skin of your face, too, will be happy touch of cosmetics based on menthol. Thanks to her, you can reduce the inflammation of the skin, but also to reduce its fat content. And you get rid of the feeling of gravity felt by all people who have oily skin. Not accidentally, many tools are made for oily skin, that is, on the basis of menthol. Choose products that contain, at a time, and menthol and Eucalyptus: they lead to normal sebaceous glands, and absorb excess sebum and relieve irritation and inflammation. Often in the evening feet literally "burn" and wants to drop them into something icy. Dip them in mint tray. It removes fatigue and restore blood circulation in the legs, and in addition, perform deodorization. So the evening would not be spoiled by fatigue in the legs and will be a welcome continuation of the day. The main thing – do not to get involved. And if there are serious problems with the skin, you should consult with a specialist, because menthol, all the same – irritant and problem skin can be harmful. Freshness and vitality to you all day long!

24 July
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Manuel Pereda Barboza Flores

The spiritual pillars are based on the Mercy, the Christian Formation and action, which spin axis, the 13 ROLLS that are issued, with the participation of RP excited Mario Gonzales and persevering, patient and wise spiritual counsel Vincent RP Quinteros Diaz, during the three days the trainee has the mind on ROLLS summarize, interpret biblical passages, to prepare the bulletin board of each Decurio (groups of 10 persons), to pray, meditate, sing, so there is no time to think about the world and like all Church movement seeks to eventually contribute to the saving plan of God, changing the man, achieve a world where love reigns, peace, justice and inspired by Jesus as a model of the Man again. At dawn on the third day, my face was different. Finally would come to the street! I expect that news! and so many questions, however Jose Luis Vasquez Coronel Henostroza and Cercado (both teachers) changed my face, reported that the workshop would last four days.

They were so inflammatory and emotional their rolls that made me remember the years of Marxist Leninist, and was still fun seeing robust monitoring two retired police officers that were an auxiliary of the Retiro, which were Don Cesar Arce and Manuel Pereda Barboza Flores, and not survive another day, sure my face was inspired to tell us that 4Q days would last a lifetime and that from Monday the 4e days would live until the end of our lives, Hooray! Hugs, laughter and suitcases ready to leave the Church of The Quintanas, where the RP Quinteros officiated the closing Mass, where the trainees testified (as had been the speakers at the rolls), then came the flowers and carnations (it was already 10 pm that Sunday). Back to the Barrio, ask me and I wonder how worth it? Or lost time and do not know how many suns? I’m good at that. It is NOT easy to quit running after the wind. Miles D. White usually is spot on. NOT easy to go to be at least Sapiens. NOT easy to find an epitaph for our graves, but from what I believe is that I would not like to put on mine as Miguel Angel Cornejo said, “Here lies a guy who was born, lived, died and not known to exist Fuck” and here I am, trying to make the existential void of Man and the dichotomy of the world subscribed say after he died at age 50 and was buried 70 years and here I am trying to find answers, trying to find solutions, trying to Why fill empty? I do not know “Call it love if you can.” If your spirituality allows it, but sign up for the workshop 116 of Christianity. Back to the Barrio, ask me and I wonder how worth it? Or lost time and do not know how many suns? I’m good at that. It is not easy to run behind the wind, not easy to go back to being ‘at least sapiens.

23 July
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This Version

The girl looks no different from their peers: a quiet, obedient child, blond pigtails, blue eyes. But when she blinked them, at the request of the researcher looked at his hand, he felt pretty sensitive “prick.” “Most likely, the thought at the time psychotherapist Vicki (namely the so-called girl), Yu Pak – Vick gives a strong telepathic signal, which inspires the man that he was hot. This Version indirectly confirms the story of her mother, Helen : “Vick later began to speak, three years old. True, in a family like that and no words to understand: she wants to drink – look, people have already – that carries water. Now, at the heart of the evil eye – Telepathy? But then where are your eyes? The hypothesis of the Middle Ages in the xv century, two monks – Inquisitor H. Sprenger and G. Institoris wrote his famous book “Hammer of Witches”, which became fatal to many innocent people. But despite the its obscurantism, this treatise contains many subtle observations.

For example, this concerning the evil eye. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. “It may happen that a man or woman, with a glance at the body (human), it makes some changes with the evil eye, imagination or sense of passion The power of imagination is easily reflected in the eyes because of their sensitivity and proximity to the center of the imagination of the senses. If the eyes are wrecking property, you may happen that they attach to the ambient air quality bad. By air, they reach the eye (of a person who looks), and reach them through its internal organs.

21 July
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Stock Burnout Syndrome

An affected party writes about his experiences books4ever tells that the Burnout book “Burnout syndrome – crisis or opportunity?” by Sascha Nicolas DEngel is now finally available. The book can be ordered in bookstores or directly from Dr. Hyun Kim often says this. The author writes itself: the Burnout Syndrome, also burn out syndrome is always more frequently diagnosed and described a strong exhaustion. This can not only professional nature, but also a family. The symptoms are varied, which is why the Burnout Syndrome often late is diagnosed. The disease can show himself, of all kinds in constant frustration and depression but also in physical dimensions, for example, in the form of head pain or dysfunction. Most importantly, permanent stress or even bullying at work are a cause of the disease.

Such mental stress cause often deep fear of failure or feelings of guilt. My book would like to offer, if you suffer from burnout syndrome, help you. Since I even of the Burnout Syndrome affected, I can give you in my book Describe help and different therapy approaches from his own experience. But, first and foremost, it is my goal to awaken understanding for the fatigue syndrome. The chapter to preventing and treating a real Burnout represent syndrome help. I’m trying to convey how the real crisis can be turned into a new opportunity. As long-term stakeholders, I want my experiences with the Burnout wouldn’t deprive syndrome you and report my deal with it with all openness.

We researched on the topic of burnout syndrome to get different results. Not only in the appearance, but also in the theories of the origin of the fatigue syndrome you can meet a wide variety of responses. Also, it should be noted that it recognized the generally valid and helping Burnout Syndrome therapy gives. As you still burnout syndrome can free themselves from the jellyfish, I’m trying to portray in my book. No single valid advice on dealing with the Burnout to include my book also syndrome, but rather a source of information and a collection of ideas for those who are looking for information about the Burnout Syndrome.

21 July
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Benefit of Plants

Seramis products produced in Germany for 20 years and is sold in many countries around the world. This complex is for the care of indoor plants can transplant them at any time of year, watered three times less likely to choose any capacity and combination of plants. Seramis is not only the usual houseplants in pots, but for such capricious and whimsical, like cacti, orchids and bonsai. Seramis system includes chips, humidity indicators and fertilizer. Seramis-granules. Granulate is baked in a special way the clay, to create the optimal water-air balance in plant roots. Small, porous particles of light as a sponge absorbs water, save it and give the plant as needed.

Pores have different sizes, which provides an excellent opportunity for the development of roots. Granular provides a favorable water-air mode for the roots of plants that respectively, contributes to their healthy development. Unlike hydroponics it is not necessary to wash the roots of plants can be with the land. Another important property of granular: it retains its structure and not compacted. Seramis – food. For a balanced diet Seramis offers two different types of fertilizers that provide plants with all necessary materials.

Flowering plants need more phosphorus and deciduous to high content of nitrogen for enhanced growth of green weight. Specifically for green plants in addition to liquid fertilizers offered more granular, which, after making one provides them with all the nutrients substances within three months. After this period should be to fertilize again. Bottles of fertilizer have a simple dispenser – an easy push on the walls, and the dispenser is filled with fertilizer, which is diluted in one liter water. Fertilizer, entering the system, simple to use, do not contain harmful elements, which have accumulated in the green mass of plants, so they, together with the granulate can be used for germinating seeds and seedlings. Seramis – moisture indicator. Wetness indicator indicates when to irrigate and fertilize the plant, as with every watering the plant receives the necessary growth and development elements. Red indicator shows that it's time to irrigate. Blue color means that the granulate contains still enough moisture. Humidity indicator should be in the dirt clod of the plant. The lower part of the indicator is in contact with the granulate and roots, saturated with moisture, and then the top part is painted blue, hence, the substrate does not require irrigation. If the dry ground components, the top field indicator progressively redder. Transplanting plants. Capacity in which planted in a plant with Seramisom should not have drainage holes, plant can be transplanted throughout the year. Humidity indicator is only information about the time of watering the plants, you can use it in the ground. Pick up the pot more solid than the previous one, with no drain hole. 1. Fill it with granulate for 1 / 3. Plant together with an earthy clod transplant into a new tank, then pour chips, its top layer must be at least 1-2 see 2.Indikator moisture put into the center of earth coma until the lower boundary of the color field, then to determine the time of watering. 3.Poleyte plant. Amount of water should be about a quarter of the pot. The next watering and fertilizing produce the indicator humidity.

18 July
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Kokov Doctors

After a half- ultrasound, when finally it was over, we left the hospital, sat in the car, my dog lay down on my knees and looked very sadly at me and also with our eyes open no longer breathe. I ran back to the clinic, he tried to cause breathing, but everything is useless, our pet is gone. Gina Ross is likely to agree. A lot of pain and helplessness forced to warn pet owners, be careful and attentive attitude to all procedures that take place in this clinic. The dog did not come back, and doctors just shrugged his shoulders. Where is the line to the motto – "CURE FOR HUMAN, if the doctors did not notice how bad the dog and that she is on the verge of death. Very painful to remember it all. For my Family is a big blow, considering that we never treated in any hospital and it would be better than ever, we were not there. Protect yourself and your animals! Our favorite will always remain in our hearts, and his death shall abide by conscience of those thanks to whom he was gone.

Protect yourself and your animals! "I deliberately did not remove the name of the clinic, maybe someone will save it from disaster. If you are not convinced, visit Health Care Reform. In general, veterinarians – it is like a lottery, luck – bad luck. One time everything will be fine, other times the incorrect diagnosis. Bring your own example. We are with her dog in childhood were observed in only one clinic, a private (thank goodness it was only twice), and then how to attack it directly, then glands become clogged, then byaka jumped on the skin.

Glands cleaned, byaka remained. The doctor told us it was just inflammation from clogging the glands. Well, we naturally believe, as I still got used to trust doctors. Anointed with ointment reduces inflammation of the skin. But they still prosherstili Internet in search of an answer. And found the same answer to your question – our condition is called demodicosis. In order not to engage in self, we again turned to the clinic asked to take a scraping. When they came to testing, we were told that the dog coca shorter infection persisted and the doctor did not recognize the diagnosis ourselves. Discharged another ointment, which, as it turned out, in no case could not be smeared with demodicosis as mites drives deeper into the skin, so even the blockade staged by Kokov. And then I finally decided to go to the municipal hospital in our area. And guess what, the doctor in three accounts has determined that this demodicosis. Took the scraping and immediately looked under the microscope, but still gave me the look like there floundering mite, waving his llamas and sends a big hello to my dog. I express my great gratitude to this doctor, for the attention of care. Unfortunately I do not remember her name. And now the price issue. Minimum reception munitsipalke worth 105 rubles, in private – 800. If we had earlier appealed to the municipality, it would have saved about 3000 rubley.No it's not the money but is lost time and health of dogs. Hence the conclusion is not always the district hospital is worse than the private, often the opposite. A better access to two independent doctors, then the diagnosis may be more plausible. Health to you and your pet with respect, Zoo-p