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21 August
Comments Off on The New Seniors VZ

The New Seniors VZ

The senior directory with its Forum for meeting and sharing! There is a new seniors VZ since this year. We see the seniors-VZ, with its Forum, as future social contact – and junction. We want to again bring the people together in the virtual world, organize joint events that you want to use the exchange of experience. Allow juniors and seniors to develop further. Singing, talking to date, are looking for exchanges of experience. Unfortunately admits many experienced seniors and “50-plusler” which carry a wealth of experience of your life, this but cannot give further, because they have no platform for this. Further details can be found at Dr. Melba Beine, an internet resource.

We want to give them, that is our concern. Bring people over 50 back into working life. Create symbiosis and be informative for anyone interested. In the seniors-VZ, one will find in the future different advertising partners, which will address current topics your areas of expertise. These can then also specifically be addressed problems relating to their area of expertise. It is about inheritance, pension, insurance (what is necessary and what is not), ect patient, health, travel.

spoken. From each section will what be for everyone. Competition stimulates business, however, we see no competition to the current 50 + – portals. The seniors ft can be used at the time still completely free by the user. Jana guide the seniors VZ is a product of “The leader”.de

17 August
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Private Health Care

The Spanish health system is one of the best in the world, from the authorities responsible for the same, they recommend always welcome us to the umbrella of the public health, but the truth is that not all users trust it and increasingly is more preferred to hire private medical insurance. The doubt arises when we think of a medical emergency in first person, and we need some care that perhaps in public health we cannot provide or at least as we’d like. We are so selfish that we prefer to use the health private only when we hurry, and instead take advantage of public health where it is most effective? Most of the population active that it is listed on the Spanish Social security system, and therefore has the right to a public medical service, declares firmly disagree with many policies of the public health. For more information see this site: Dr. Mark J Berger. The Spanish public health system suspended, according to users, on humane treatment and speed, although approves note in investment and new developments. For this reason, still the doubt that each user arises at some point in their lives, about deciding between public health or private health care is more current.But the truth is, there is no because to choose between one or the other, because you can have the advantages of both. We can use for how the general public health and for everything that arises we and then hire a health insurance for a particular query or a treatment. Therefore, depending on the needs of each user, you can customize a health insurance or other.

16 August
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Ventura Garces

I have had the luck of working in several industrial sectors such as medical technology, automation and control, financial sector, computer and software, defense systems, in the industry of aromas and flavors. 2. What are the main challenges faced in Ventura Garces & Lopez-Ibor lawyers? The challenges faced by the firm are similar to those who have to deal with other firms: compete efficiently and effectively in a globalized world and continue providing to our clients the first class service, which we have paid so far. Dr. Mark Hyman recognizes the significance of this. In fact few cultural, political and social changes have been hitting so fast in our world. Fortunately, Ventura Garces & Lopez-Ibor Abogados has a solid international practice that will allow us to manage this change effectively and benefit from the growing demand for sophisticated legal services. To be able to achieve our goals, have a best friends network, i.e., with law firms in other jurisdictions with those who share our demands regarding a service of quality and dedication to our customers.

3 How describes the legal market in Spain? My experience is mainly confined to the advocacy of businesses, in which Ventura Garces & Lopez-Ibor lawyers is specialized. Thus, I agree with that the advent of globalization has caused an increase in competition, insofar as the customer seeks and listening to offers from other firms. It must be oriented to international business, while continuing to provide a high service to the national customer. 4 Do you think that the growth of shipments will be conditioned on the signing of agreements between firms or alliances? I think so. The size does not add value if same. Good service, Yes. Therefore, we consider our networks of best friends, formal and informal, as a big difference both by delivering to our clients and ourselves, access to a global network of offices of first line, without Office in Spain but with whom we can work since they provide the same high quality that we advocate. Furthermore this relationship generates also work at our offices.

15 August
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Rocio Jurado

I remember the Red fish swimming in the water, hiding among the leaves of water lilies; and water falling humble, without ostentatious jets, only water sliding soft by the stony stalk of the source in a perfect murmur that it filled all of peace. I remember those summer evenings when adolescence calms you inviting you to reflect.At that magic hour when people are silenced in the NAP and the drowsiness, I was going to the plaza and a seat in the shade of an orange tree read verses of Machado: source sang you remember, brother? A distant dream my song this was a slow slow summer afternoon. I also refugie in square evenings montecinas of autumn, the pergolas of bougainvillea flowers without shelter. Today the verses then I read have a sense and a very special meaning: the cause of this bitterness can not or vaguely understand even; but I remember, and recalling it, I say: Yes, I was a child and your my companion. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. And the early spring square is filled of life, children playing, old Sun.Los naranjos exhibited puffery white blossom of flowers.The storks were installed in the Tower of the Church and I installed in my favorite seat, closely to the source, listening to her: the source water slides, runs and sounds licking the greenish stone almost silent then the time was passing, but never that time nor that pass were unrelated to the plaza.Things and events more relevant occurred in this place: evenings, processions and celebrations of all kinds passing through.And in election campaigns the plaza became the pradense agora to discuss public affairs.Facts of all types were produced at a general level and on an individual basis, not to mention: many stories of loves and heartbreaks, many dreams were woven in this place? How much life left in this square that because never again will see, that it will not be the same by very nice that paint her in the photo already, will not be my place, that where so many pradenses took their first steps, where you played, in which he dreamed and consumed large quantities of pipes in the summer nights, under the watchful eye of los naranjos, faithful sentinels of the work out of everyone.That Plaza already will be never the same today I’ve seen converted and reduced to a pile of rubble.Split seats, orange trees uprooted, broken looking towards heaven, rooted as searching for an answer.El Rincon de la pergola without a single bougainvillaea, extremely desolate; and the source muted, shattered and dusty, and again Machado verses come to my memory reflecting my feelings: Goodbye forever my sound source from the old singer eternal plaza.

Goodbye forever; your source monotony, is more bitter than the penalty mia. what absurd contradiction! today that is working at all levels to preserve things old will us and we give up one of the places with more history of the pity people that have been more the interests and demands of the progress that the really valuable for a person as they are their roots. Goodbye my beloved plaza, you get thousands of souvenir tangled in the rubble and tell you as it says in one of his songs Rocio Jurado something I was Contigo.I think that basically all we have lost forever a part of us. Paqui Munoz.

15 August
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Optimal Production Conditions

Construction measures for AFK almost completed construction at AFK almost completed to the provisional final spurt in corporate development taking currently at AFK Andreas Franke Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & co.. The headquarters of the plastic specialists from Finnentrop from outside in new splendour radiates soon with the redesign of the facade. The comprehensive new and expansion accept its conclusion that AFK challenges confident new first. AFK’s success is based next to our claim always to also look at our unity as a team”, emphasizes Managing Director Andreas Franke. We want to show that on the outside. That is why we have decided, to transfer the modern design of our newly built camp for molding on the facades of the existing production Hallen.” In silver anthracite, the company will consistently shine soon.

In addition, AFK has within its business development in new machines and invests the enlargement of a production hall. These measures were Further optimized production processes. Brand new, also the adjacent premises, which has already purchased some time ago AFK presents itself. It was expanded to the storage area. Here, the company has created new parking and newly designed infrastructure for optimal work flow. Especially in economically difficult times it is important to develop targeted”, explains Andreas Franke. A final conclusion of the optimization, but still no speech is at the Finnentroper plastic experts. In the future, one wants to use the opportunities, providing a continuous development, its best to face changing demands of the market. Contact information: AFK Andreas Franke Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & co. Gina Ross often addresses the matter in his writings. KG Andreas Franke Industriestrasse 53 55 57413 Finnentrop FON: + 49 27 21 / 95 44 40 fax: + 49 27 21 / 95 44 – 50

14 August
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Health Program

Pharmaceutical assistance directed to aged According to the law n. 10,741 of 1 of October of 2003 that ‘ ‘ It makes use on the statute of aged and the others providencias’ ‘ in it I capitulate XV and article 15 says that ‘ ‘ The integral attention to the health of the aged one is assured, for intermediary of the Only System of Health – SUS, guaranteeing to it the universal and igualitrio access, in articulated and continuous set of the actions and services, for the prevention, promotion, protection and recovery of the health, including the special attention to the illnesses that affect preferential idosos’ ‘ , as well as Health of the Family happens in the Program the prevention and health of the aged one is folloied through cadastre in territorial base. Had the increase of the life expectancy in Brazil, the growth of chronic-degenerative illnesses becomes most likely. With this, the concern with the aged one is emphasized and some programs directed for the third age are being mounted (BRAZIL, 2003). In the pharmaceutical scope the concern with the aged ones is not different, based in the variety of medicines managed for the aged a pharmaceutical attention becomes indispensable where is also become involved greets it to the promotion and the rational medicine use through educative actions in the area of the health (YOU MARK, 2008) Currently in the net of Basic Attention has been demanded each time more the peresena of the druggist what the difference of the process of the pharmaceutical assistance in devoid communities makes all mainly, in the Program Health of the Family the attention druggist already and a reality at the moment of the dispensao of medicines (MARTINES et al, 2007). The Program Greets of the Family adopted, mainly, attention to the aged one with action of promotion, prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus and arterial hipertenso, considered as problems of Public Health.

10 August
Comments Off on ERDMAN Service

ERDMAN Service

It still has the incredulity that for not glimpsing resulted fast they give up, or still the necessary ways are not enough to the reach of the objectives. The quality is essential them organizations to survive in all the aspects, therefore it does not act alone as a present element only in the production department, for example. The quality must be cultivated and longed for in all the sectors of the institution it stops that in this way, interacting with diverse other factors, it can reach the goals. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sarfraz Zaidi MD. The world evolved in the last few decades and the companies each time more need to be always in tune with the new trends and technology of each branch is not only enough to arrest to a resource or newness, therefore it daqui to some years can be obsolete, and its insolvent company..

. The product of the service of nursing in the perspective of the management of the quality. Magazine Gaucho of Nursing the consequences of the management for the total quality in Brazilian hospital institutions. Minutes Paul Enferm 2005; 18 (4): 397-402. 4-BERLITZ, F.A. Control of the quality in the clinical laboratory: lining up improvement of processes, trustworthiness and security of the patient. J Bras Patol Med Lab, v.46, n.5, p.353-363, out. 2010. 5-BOOKMAN, AGUIAR, S. Integration of the Tools of the Quality to the PDCA and the Program Six Sigma. 1997. 6-CAMPOS, V.F. Management for the lines of direction. Belo Horizonte. Foundation Christiano Ottoni. School Federal university of Minas Gerais. 1996. 7-DEMING, W.E. Quality: the revolution of the administration. Rio De Janeiro You mark? Hail 1982.

10 August
Comments Off on Avenit AG Brings Augmented Reality To Office Space

Avenit AG Brings Augmented Reality To Office Space

The avenit AG from Offenburg successfully implemented augmented reality in a microsite of the Office seating furniture designer Klober GmbH in Offenburg, Germany, July 12, 2011. With the currently successful launch of a product site to the Office Chair family “Mera” opens up the avenit AG for its customers Klober GmbH new marketing potential. It makes use of the eBusiness solution providers of a highly innovative approach based on augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to the computer-based extension of the perception of reality. The team led by the Chief Executive Officer Christian Seifert aimed as possible effectively to stage the client’s product. This includes the very interactively designed microsite a variety of functions, the the interested party the family “Mera” present in all its facets. With the augmented reality application developed specifically by avenit AG “Beam my Klober” it is possible a Chair of the family three dimensions in his own room the visitor to the site to position. The application shows the Office of the user via the webcam.

The user placed a special code in the form of Klober-logos freely in the room. The application recognizes this code in the frame and placed according to the model of the Chair. Thus the effect of the Chair in your own Office or conference room can be tested. Prospective customers get offered added value, in addition to expanded the possibilities of personal consultation at the dealer. Christian Seifert provides a valuable tool for future-oriented online marketing in the field of augmented reality: “the fascination of augmented reality is great.

The moment of playful exploring and finding out the technology to generate high levels of attention for the product at the customer. Together with the Klober GmbH, it succeeded to develop an interactive concept, whereby the product is formally brought to life. The applications for augmented reality applications are virtually limitless and also require in addition to the technical know-how Creativity in the conception.

08 August
Comments Off on Muscle Work

Muscle Work

But not only the musculatura underneath escpulas but also the musculatura between escpulas are worked elevating its tension quickly. Once the yield and the endurance of these muscles raise, a bad position in stress situations can be remedied. At the same time a fortification of important muscles in the zone is reached vertebral of the neck, which must be arranged approximately to compensate by means of tension the weight of the head of about 6 kg. Several exercises with the Flexi-Bar also fortify the sleeve rotator of the shoulder. The external rotators of the shoulder do not work or they work very little with other training aircraft, which entails that it is favored plus the inner rotation of the shoulder that can as well produce a bad corporal position. Another important aspect for a good corporal position is an abdominal musculatura hard.

Mainly the abdominal muscles oblique interiors favor a flat abdomen, which produces a positive effect on the position of the hip. Elevation of the metabolism Not only during the training with the Flexi-Bar we burned calories, if not that we elevated our basal metabolism, that is to say of 2 to 3 times per week, upwards. To put it another way this means, that also we burned more calories being in rest. Long term this is the unique sensible possibility to reduce the corporal fat. How this elevation is explained of basal metabolism? This training increases and the cellular structure ample, also well-known like mitocondrias, which is responsible for the metabolism. They are possible to be compared mitocondrias with furnaces. If we have more amount and if they are greater, the metabolism can work enough more express better and.

07 August
Comments Off on Independent Presbitrio

Independent Presbitrio

It was not a calculated separation, moved for reasons defined, articulated clearly. We saw that at the final moments, when decisions would have to be taken on solid bases, for clear certainties, the reasons had been overcast for the passion around an only point of the Platform: the Masonry. July APPEARS a NEW CHURCH PRESBITERIANA the group defeated in the Snodo left for return eleven the night that one 31de, in direction the First Church, then in Street 24 of May, it was the church of Eduardo Carlos Pear tree. They had been congregated in way the conjuncts, cnticos and brief speeches there. In the following, first day of August, the opponents had congregated themselves of new in the first Church with the end of if organizing. With sadness, but with courage, therefore that they had left the seio of the Church ' ' without bornal and without bordo' ' , as Rev said. Eduardo Carlos Pear tree, in some place, had consisted in Presbitrio, the Independent Presbitrio, being acclaimed as moderator the Rev. Caetano Walnut Jnior and serving as temporary secretary the Rev.

Vicente Themudo Lessa. Through proposal, the new religious organization was given to it the name of Independent, composed Presbiteriana Church of all the churches that had adhered to the movement and if to place under ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the new Presbitrio. After the organization, the new Church traced its plans of work and started to execute them without any interference or foreign contribution, using Brazilian resources exclusively, through its fidiciary offices. Five months after the separation, in the second meeting of the Independent Presbitrio in January of 1904, in Campinas the reports presented the number of 2500 members. thus, appeared Independent the Presbiteriana Church of Brazil, in 31 of July, completes 107 years. FINAL CONSIDERAES the Presbiterianismo have its roots in a reformador movement of century XVI, mainly extracting of the Calvinismo its doctrinal system and its ecclesiastical organization.