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14 August
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Health Program

Pharmaceutical assistance directed to aged According to the law n. 10,741 of 1 of October of 2003 that ‘ ‘ It makes use on the statute of aged and the others providencias’ ‘ in it I capitulate XV and article 15 says that ‘ ‘ The integral attention to the health of the aged one is assured, for intermediary of the Only System of Health – SUS, guaranteeing to it the universal and igualitrio access, in articulated and continuous set of the actions and services, for the prevention, promotion, protection and recovery of the health, including the special attention to the illnesses that affect preferential idosos’ ‘ , as well as Health of the Family happens in the Program the prevention and health of the aged one is folloied through cadastre in territorial base. Had the increase of the life expectancy in Brazil, the growth of chronic-degenerative illnesses becomes most likely. With this, the concern with the aged one is emphasized and some programs directed for the third age are being mounted (BRAZIL, 2003). In the pharmaceutical scope the concern with the aged ones is not different, based in the variety of medicines managed for the aged a pharmaceutical attention becomes indispensable where is also become involved greets it to the promotion and the rational medicine use through educative actions in the area of the health (YOU MARK, 2008) Currently in the net of Basic Attention has been demanded each time more the peresena of the druggist what the difference of the process of the pharmaceutical assistance in devoid communities makes all mainly, in the Program Health of the Family the attention druggist already and a reality at the moment of the dispensao of medicines (MARTINES et al, 2007). The Program Greets of the Family adopted, mainly, attention to the aged one with action of promotion, prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus and arterial hipertenso, considered as problems of Public Health.

10 August
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Avenit AG Brings Augmented Reality To Office Space

The avenit AG from Offenburg successfully implemented augmented reality in a microsite of the Office seating furniture designer Klober GmbH in Offenburg, Germany, July 12, 2011. With the currently successful launch of a product site to the Office Chair family “Mera” opens up the avenit AG for its customers Klober GmbH new marketing potential. It makes use of the eBusiness solution providers of a highly innovative approach based on augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to the computer-based extension of the perception of reality. The team led by the Chief Executive Officer Christian Seifert aimed as possible effectively to stage the client’s product. This includes the very interactively designed microsite a variety of functions, the the interested party the family “Mera” present in all its facets. With the augmented reality application developed specifically by avenit AG “Beam my Klober” it is possible a Chair of the family three dimensions in his own room the visitor to the site to position. The application shows the Office of the user via the webcam.

The user placed a special code in the form of Klober-logos freely in the room. The application recognizes this code in the frame and placed according to the model of the Chair. Thus the effect of the Chair in your own Office or conference room can be tested. Prospective customers get offered added value, in addition to expanded the possibilities of personal consultation at the dealer. Christian Seifert provides a valuable tool for future-oriented online marketing in the field of augmented reality: “the fascination of augmented reality is great.

The moment of playful exploring and finding out the technology to generate high levels of attention for the product at the customer. Together with the Klober GmbH, it succeeded to develop an interactive concept, whereby the product is formally brought to life. The applications for augmented reality applications are virtually limitless and also require in addition to the technical know-how Creativity in the conception.

08 August
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Muscle Work

But not only the musculatura underneath escpulas but also the musculatura between escpulas are worked elevating its tension quickly. Once the yield and the endurance of these muscles raise, a bad position in stress situations can be remedied. At the same time a fortification of important muscles in the zone is reached vertebral of the neck, which must be arranged approximately to compensate by means of tension the weight of the head of about 6 kg. Several exercises with the Flexi-Bar also fortify the sleeve rotator of the shoulder. The external rotators of the shoulder do not work or they work very little with other training aircraft, which entails that it is favored plus the inner rotation of the shoulder that can as well produce a bad corporal position. Another important aspect for a good corporal position is an abdominal musculatura hard.

Mainly the abdominal muscles oblique interiors favor a flat abdomen, which produces a positive effect on the position of the hip. Elevation of the metabolism Not only during the training with the Flexi-Bar we burned calories, if not that we elevated our basal metabolism, that is to say of 2 to 3 times per week, upwards. To put it another way this means, that also we burned more calories being in rest. Long term this is the unique sensible possibility to reduce the corporal fat. How this elevation is explained of basal metabolism? This training increases and the cellular structure ample, also well-known like mitocondrias, which is responsible for the metabolism. They are possible to be compared mitocondrias with furnaces. If we have more amount and if they are greater, the metabolism can work enough more express better and.

07 August
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Independent Presbitrio

It was not a calculated separation, moved for reasons defined, articulated clearly. We saw that at the final moments, when decisions would have to be taken on solid bases, for clear certainties, the reasons had been overcast for the passion around an only point of the Platform: the Masonry. July APPEARS a NEW CHURCH PRESBITERIANA the group defeated in the Snodo left for return eleven the night that one 31de, in direction the First Church, then in Street 24 of May, it was the church of Eduardo Carlos Pear tree. They had been congregated in way the conjuncts, cnticos and brief speeches there. In the following, first day of August, the opponents had congregated themselves of new in the first Church with the end of if organizing. With sadness, but with courage, therefore that they had left the seio of the Church ' ' without bornal and without bordo' ' , as Rev said. Eduardo Carlos Pear tree, in some place, had consisted in Presbitrio, the Independent Presbitrio, being acclaimed as moderator the Rev. Caetano Walnut Jnior and serving as temporary secretary the Rev.

Vicente Themudo Lessa. Through proposal, the new religious organization was given to it the name of Independent, composed Presbiteriana Church of all the churches that had adhered to the movement and if to place under ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the new Presbitrio. After the organization, the new Church traced its plans of work and started to execute them without any interference or foreign contribution, using Brazilian resources exclusively, through its fidiciary offices. Five months after the separation, in the second meeting of the Independent Presbitrio in January of 1904, in Campinas the reports presented the number of 2500 members. thus, appeared Independent the Presbiteriana Church of Brazil, in 31 of July, completes 107 years. FINAL CONSIDERAES the Presbiterianismo have its roots in a reformador movement of century XVI, mainly extracting of the Calvinismo its doctrinal system and its ecclesiastical organization.

01 August
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If the person himself can not articulate who exactly he wants to see in my apartment, you will need to address counselor, and even if you will, a psychologist. Leading questions to find out the truth is not so difficult. Given the size of the apartment – discuss animal what size it is able to accommodate themselves without prejudice to living in it. It is possible that a serious approach to this issue will significantly change the approach to the selection of species of the animal. Thus, with the Caucasian Shepherd you smoothly go to a more appropriate form, for example, budgerigar, guinea pig or even a "decorative" hamster. And that – too good option, with it you can even walk! 🙂 It is also color the animal. Remember the debate about blonde and brunette.

They arose not from scratch. Each of us has an unconscious but quite a clear preference of color. " And they apply not only to individuals but also in animals. So, find out what breed of animal, which you have to buy. If within the breed there are deviations in color, find the desired option, and, of course, try to get his name. Caring for animals should also be considered by you in the mandatory order.

Almost certainly, along with the animals themselves, you have to give the future owner and the means to care for pet. After the kitten or puppy will not wait until you buy him an individual tray for toilet filled with sand or specific granules. He is able to spoil the floor at the same moment, as soon as it is brought to a new location. Therefore, to avoid trouble of this kind, take care care products. Medical aspect – is also important. If you suddenly find out that a future owner, or those who live with him in one room, there is an allergy to fur of cats, dogs or birds' feathers have to abandon your idea. However, in this case, you can stay on the armor on, say, a turtle, suitable species of reptiles, if that option will suit again, all those who live under the same roof with someone you're going to bestow. No less important, for Why should an animal. The purpose of his purchase may be loneliness of the owner, or his ambition, or lack of understanding within the family. First, of course, is the most powerful argument. Everything else – clearly indicates that the animal present should not be. Take the choice of a "living gift" with special attention: after all, you give the life of this creature!