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21 August
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The New Seniors VZ

The senior directory with its Forum for meeting and sharing! There is a new seniors VZ since this year. We see the seniors-VZ, with its Forum, as future social contact – and junction. We want to again bring the people together in the virtual world, organize joint events that you want to use the exchange of experience. Allow juniors and seniors to develop further. Singing, talking to date, are looking for exchanges of experience. Unfortunately admits many experienced seniors and “50-plusler” which carry a wealth of experience of your life, this but cannot give further, because they have no platform for this. Further details can be found at Dr. Melba Beine, an internet resource.

We want to give them, that is our concern. Bring people over 50 back into working life. Create symbiosis and be informative for anyone interested. In the seniors-VZ, one will find in the future different advertising partners, which will address current topics your areas of expertise. These can then also specifically be addressed problems relating to their area of expertise. It is about inheritance, pension, insurance (what is necessary and what is not), ect patient, health, travel.

spoken. From each section will what be for everyone. Competition stimulates business, however, we see no competition to the current 50 + – portals. The seniors ft can be used at the time still completely free by the user. Jana guide the seniors VZ is a product of “The leader”.de

10 August
Comments Off on Avenit AG Brings Augmented Reality To Office Space

Avenit AG Brings Augmented Reality To Office Space

The avenit AG from Offenburg successfully implemented augmented reality in a microsite of the Office seating furniture designer Klober GmbH in Offenburg, Germany, July 12, 2011. With the currently successful launch of a product site to the Office Chair family “Mera” opens up the avenit AG for its customers Klober GmbH new marketing potential. It makes use of the eBusiness solution providers of a highly innovative approach based on augmented reality. Augmented reality refers to the computer-based extension of the perception of reality. The team led by the Chief Executive Officer Christian Seifert aimed as possible effectively to stage the client’s product. This includes the very interactively designed microsite a variety of functions, the the interested party the family “Mera” present in all its facets. With the augmented reality application developed specifically by avenit AG “Beam my Klober” it is possible a Chair of the family three dimensions in his own room the visitor to the site to position. The application shows the Office of the user via the webcam.

The user placed a special code in the form of Klober-logos freely in the room. The application recognizes this code in the frame and placed according to the model of the Chair. Thus the effect of the Chair in your own Office or conference room can be tested. Prospective customers get offered added value, in addition to expanded the possibilities of personal consultation at the dealer. Christian Seifert provides a valuable tool for future-oriented online marketing in the field of augmented reality: “the fascination of augmented reality is great.

The moment of playful exploring and finding out the technology to generate high levels of attention for the product at the customer. Together with the Klober GmbH, it succeeded to develop an interactive concept, whereby the product is formally brought to life. The applications for augmented reality applications are virtually limitless and also require in addition to the technical know-how Creativity in the conception.