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30 December
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The Psychologist

The psychologist does not make declarations public that are false, deceptive, that they are lent to evil, or fraudulent, the professional of the mental health, presents/displays like qualifications or credentials of their psychological work, the ranks that it has received from an educative or credited institution, do not yield the name or the company/signature to that lacks title to exert psychology and does not conceal deceptive activities, recognizes that their problems and conflicts can interfere with their effectiveness. Therefore, one abstains to carry out an activity when it knows or it had to know that their personal problems damage the other people who are related to him. Quality of the valuation and/or psychological evaluation psychologist identifies situations in which certain techniques of valuation or norms are not applicable or require of adjustments for their administration or interpretation, due to different factors as I generate, age, race, et cetera. He does not promote nor he reduces the use of techniques of psychological valuation on the part of nonqualified people, that is to say that has not received formal formation, education and supervision to carry out these activities, he either does not base his decisions of valuation or intervention, or its recommendations, in data, norms or obsolete results of psychological tests for present intentions. Communication of the results the psychologist makes sure that an explanation of the results is provided using an understandable language for the evaluated person or other people authorized legally to act in favor of the evaluated person. Idependientemente of which the qualifications and interpretation realise the psychologist, an external assistant, pro average automatic or other services, the psychologist takes reasonable measures to assure that the appropriate explanations occur to the results. The psychologist appropriately documents to his professional work and scientific later benefit of services on the part of he himself or other professionals, to assure the responsibility, and to fulfill other requirements of institutions or of the law, of no way he invents data neither falsifies the results of his publications, if he discovers significant errors in his published data, takes the measures necessary to correct them in a correction, retraction, erratum, or other appropriate mass media.

27 December
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As a science, astronomy is based primarily on observations. Unlike physicists, astronomers are unable to make experiments. Virtually all information about celestial bodies brings us to the electromagnetic radiation. Only in the last forty years separate worlds began to study directly: to probe the atmosphere of planets, to study the lunar and Martian soil. The scale of the observable universe is huge and the usual unit of distance – meters and kilometers – are of little use. Instead, they introduced others. Astronomical unit is used in the study of the solar system. Is the size of Earth's orbital semi-major axis: 1 as well.

e. = 149 million kilometers. Larger units length – a light-year and parsec, as well as their derivatives (kiloparsecs, Mpc) – Need to stellar astronomy and cosmology. Light year – distance traveled by light in vacuum during one Earth year. It is about 9,5 1015 m. Parsec is historically linked with the measurement of distances to stars by their parallax and is 1 pc = 3.263 light years = 206 265 as well.

e. = 3,086 1016 m. Astronomy is closely related to other sciences, primarily physics and mathematics, whose methods are widely apply it. But astronomy is an indispensable testing ground, which tested many of the physical theory. Space – the only place where the substance exists at temperatures of hundreds of millions of degrees and almost at absolute zero, the vacuum in vacuum and in neutron stars. In recent years, the achievement of astronomy began to be used in geology and biology, geography and history. It is no longer necessary to determine the course of the ship by the stars predict flooding of the Nile, or take the time to hourglass: to replace astronomy here come the technical means. But astronomy and space travel is still indispensable in communication systems and television and in the observations of the Earth from space. Astronomy studies the fundamental laws of nature and evolution of our world. Therefore, it is especially great philosophical significance. In fact, it defines the outlook of people.

13 December
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Kyng Nurses

The accomplishment of this work has relevance in such a way for the academic formation how much for the nurses who act in Units of Intensive Therapy, therefore subsidizes the academics when in field of I serve as apprentice, how much to the assistance to be offered to the patients interned in a UTI, and front will provide to the professionals a moment of reflection how much to the adopted measures to the patient. Materiais and present MtodosNo study it was used descriptive qualitative methodology, therefore it had as objective to identify the perception of the nurses of Units of Therapy Intensive neonatal how much in such a way adult of three hospitals of the city of Golden MS, in relation to the seriously ill patient, thus for if to deal with an 0 variable as perception, this methodology is the one that better if applies for the analysis of the data (LEFVRE, LEFVRE, 2005). Qualitative research is that one that does not use statistical resources as base of the analysis process, is an used boarding when if it searchs to display the complexity of definitive problem, it does not involve the experimental manipulation of 0 variable and studies, looks for to take in consideration all the components of a situation in its interactions and you influence you lend, in a proper vision of the phenomena (SAINTS, 2007, P. 26). The research was carried through with nurses who act in the UTIs of the Hospital Evanglico Dr. and Mrs.

Goldsby Kyng, Hospital of the Life and Hospital of the Woman, numbers totalizing it of seven nurses. Of these three acted at the moment in neonatal UTI, and four in adult UTI. The professionals with superior age had been enclosed the 25 years and inferior 45anos that presented time of the superior to one year and excluded work presented time of inferior work to one year.

13 December
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Doctor of Philosophy and Science

MORAL OF THE GREATNESS when I was 15 years now I have 24, my spirit inquired many things, including which were just and which unjust, if perhaps it was better to receive an injustice or committed. and many other things in the same genre. when we left school, I was talking with my classmates. which somehow I still perceived as a stranger, perchance they were right. as the philosopher who started in the areas I thought was discarded and his famous speech of the method. why life analyzed second by second, even seemed a being detached from reality.

suddenly during this dialogue, I began to say that man's mission was to help his fellow man as far as possible. IVAM road up a kind of inclined enough to consume the energy of a man who was climbing on a bicycle. a man after a few seconds pass by our side in a wheelchair, one of my fellow gay and mocking, said, poor wretch, and arms will not hold up, then I understood the first message of life. leave them aside and told them and the reach, I went to where the man and politely told him "I can help you sir? what I replied good girl, when you take the wheelchair and started to push up to a flat, understood that one should not expect anything good deeds. astonished my colleagues accompanied me all the way, then one of them, that is, the mocking, he said, and that he won something. or just went to spend energy. I look and I said, I do not win anything.

the reward felt by the minute, every time you see pushing this wheel cilla. ie the satisfaction of helping a man who makes more than us. the same action brings the reward, no later. I look and I said: if you say so. obviously, many criticize this letter saying that I envanesco and seeking glory, I want to spend as if socrates or some wise man. I tell them that I have not done anything that any man can not do. if to speak of a wise and rational, would speak of Christ. but not religiously, and if, as would speak of a true brother. whether they can commencement of the action or criticism to this letter. JOSEORLANDOMELONARANJO DOCTOR IN PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE.

12 December
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Methodology And Dreams

Probably for many of you watched the movie "The Secret". On that mystery that was kept for centuries and has now become accessible to everyone. Knowing this secret, it is easy to understand why certain things happen in our lives. We are the law of attraction We draw them yourself! We draw good and opposing good event. And this is true, although the adoption of this comes at once. We attract sometimes unconsciously.

Just come to our mind a bad idea, and even a picture, and we do not chase, and thinks: this could happen! And it happens! We do not follow a word – nobody can teach it! Therefore, often the subject of our conversations are: debt and debt (the horror of receiving a receipt for utility payments, for example), crises and disasters (in the U.S. crisis, which will soon come to us need money to urgently withdraw from bank accounts and do something, and then disappear), fear (on the plane to fly scared, they often fall) . You talked about these topics and others like them? Yes, even children have swore: "Well, you're with me, and stupid"! These are a few options, and a lot of them! That's how and attracts trouble, debt, bankruptcy, stupid kids I have a few months ago, met several times with one woman in each of our meeting, expressed concern for her son, who abused alcohol: "Save the need! After all, the guy will die! "And he died from cirrhosis liver or other disease – it just died a couple of months.

03 December
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The Power Is Within You From

Recently I returned to find a book by Louise Hay "The power is within you" the truth is that it is a highly recommended book, especially as you're going through bad times in your life. In the book there tells us about her life and the fact manage to change habits, beliefs, ways of talking and thinking changed her life completely. If a child abused by parents, which even abused, has managed to be a great communicator, helping thousands of people with his teachings, even beating breast cancer and today is one of the best known writers self-help there, so that his experience shows many things. I read his book years ago and I was excited but sometimes the circumstances and our own habits lead us to remain anchored in the way we've always been, without realizing that it is not correct because we are not happy in our day by day and by the situations we live. Louise Hay and many others talk about something very important, to love one same. This does not mean take a day afford to buy clothes or eat a cake, it means accepting you for what you are, valuing yourself for everything you do and feel good about yourself. This is often more difficult, often because we are already programmed from infancy through the company, which is not valued in many cases children, with their little problems in front of the main concerns of adults. Not recognized for their worth and we do not realize that everything they do watching and learning through our actions, and what they see and experience and accept the imprint and shape their beliefs: The discussions between parents, job stress, divorce, cries, worries, fears, also laughs, happiness, care, sweet words, love, affection, all this will create their own image and then grow.

Is usually quite hard to believe in yourself if no one has taught you to do so. Sometimes people closest intimate with, you realize that life for most people there are problems within the family, an abusive parent, lack of affection and respect, parents with emotional problems, etc. there are few cases where you have your child has been wonderful. So I guess it's normal that when these children become parents do not know how to teach more than what they had, following the same patterns. But there are people who for some reason decides to cut these patterns, then find books like The Power is within you, and you realize that you can deprogram, you can delete the beliefs of their children and leave them behind, you can become someone else you can even get to feel better, be accepted, and if you love each other and want the same then there is evidence that others want to know, but the work falls first to achieve this goal, self-love. Would not it be nice to start to break these chains? Think! Get this goal, and begin to change your life today. Esther Vega