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11 December
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We are not talking about hallucinations, in reality what appears in consciousness is not new. Will be things he saw, lived, tastes and feelings he experienced and which contain a opotuno message for the moment, always offer a guide, a wise counsel. The individual feels penchant for tranquility. Want of a pleasant way, the individual sees himself paving the way for the revelation that will come sooner or later. Most of the time this revelation appears in a manner so clear and natural that it used to subtract the importance.

This process is expected that a key element of consciousness that the subject surfacing or resume an activity that used to practice, that it was pleasant but stopped for some reason. The picture of the situation quickly becomes clear and the change is imminent but we repeat, it is important to make way for this information, do not stop or distort the meaning of this process. It is important to work with these energies to find what you're doing and to intelligently apply the intellectual resources to support this process with conviction. These states are called "wonder", the flashes of consciousness that are often experienced while awake or in dreams developers, are evidence that an energetic phenomenon has been put in place, forcing the learning of one of his personal history of their abilities. In these states, and above one's will become clear to the mind so many attitudes and behaviors in people's environment. With a thorough job is done think a more appropriate manner.