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22 March
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The Tag In Aikido

One of the aspects more difficult to understand for a beginner in Aikido is the label in the dojo, cons her classmates with your instructor. A person entering class for the first time does not clearly understand why you have to kneel before an image, why each starts a technique must do came to his companions. This short article aims to give an explanation to the label in Aikido. First, it is necessary to mention that Aikido is a Japanese martial art and as such brings many customs of this country. There I have the reason for all the demands of label when practiced Aikido. 1.

The permission: ask your classmates came doesn’t mean anything different to shake hands in the Western tradition. It is the way in which the japoneces greet. Have they seen the start of a football game? (soccer): all players shake hands. In Aikido is equal. 2 Respect and reverence to the instructor (Sensei): well, the Japanese culture has a special respect for elders, when you are always in a meeting first speaks to the person who is greater, attention is always given, never is in disagreement with him, when the permission is always done is more pronounced towards one older person. Guess what is the literal translation of Sensei?: birth before, those who are older. Very well, there is the explanation of the respect that should be the instructor.

3 Salute to the photo of O sensei (Kamiza): well, this is really more difficult mainly explained by the solemnity with which the old do it. Really looks like a religious ritual, but it is not. It is simply a sign of respect for a tradition, to a cultural expression, which we voluntarily decided to join: the Japanese martial arts. Well, I hope that this short article will serve them so that when they enter the dojo new people do not feel so out of place. JULIAN GOMEZ. Original author and source of the article.

11 March
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It would seem, laundry – a fairly simple process and does not need to be a rocket scientist to deal with it. But at the same time to achieve the result – namely, to get clean underwear, you should consider some nuances. Firstly, should know that the clothes get dirty, not only in its use. If it is just a long time, before he was to put into action, you must first wash. Any clothes need to wash produce. Check his pockets, buttoned zippers, buttons, hooks and buttons, on the contrary, to undo. At shirts should not be wrinkled cuffs. To preserve the color of pants or skirts, it is better to turn inside out, and do, and with knitwear and terry cloth.

If the clothing is spots, they should be treated prior to washing in advance by special means. You can use other methods if the hand was not stain remover. For example, chocolate silk and wool can be removed with ammonia, dissolved in warm water, it is removed and fresh stains from sweat. Stains from grass to help wash away the solution of the alcohol, ammonia and warm water in a ratio of 2:1:3, respectively. Secondly, it should be sorted by type of tissue, degree of Pollution and color.

It saves washing time and, naturally, save things from spoiling. Unstable colored things erased separately and at a low temperature without the use of alkaline agents. How resistant coating for things can be defined by deleting it in soapy water. Heavily soiled items separately from other wash in hot water. White or light things, too, can be washed at high temperature. All other things need to be washed in warm water. By the way, manufacturers usually attach themselves to things labels, specifying the rules for a particular type of washing clothes. Another important point – the choice of detergent. Detergent should be selected according to the type and kind tissue. Can not do in any case, it's mix different powders "to enhance the effect." The result can be counterproductive. There is a universal powder, suitable for any material that is bio-additives. Powders with bio-additives well delete different "difficult" spots, but worth to remember that when they are used the temperature should not exceed sixty degrees. Powders with bio-additives can not be used for things made of silk and wool. Can get clean clothes and no achievements "bath-laundry" of progress, the old-fashioned. For example, when washing colored things in the final rinse add 3-5 tablespoons of vinegar. This will revitalize the color of the product. White woolen things our mother and grandmother was bleached with a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide (1930 peroxide to 6-8 liters. water).

10 March
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Complexities of Life

People say "life is a complicated thing? I do not understand them, how life can be complicated? Nothing is easier does not happen! How I came to this, they ask me? It was hard, I answer, because life is complicated stuff. Thus here, a simple and logical at first look around the world is full of paradoxes. We are often confused in the intricacies of reality, sometimes ignoring the obvious things. Although we often notice that something we do not have enough in this life. We do not have enough money, time, and some things. Get it all, we realize that we still something lacking. In the pursuit of success and status, we forgot about the most important, his inner peace and health. That depends on our personal freedom and success.

Real success it does not achieve a single goal, and the collection of vital victories, support for which is an internal svoboda.Chasto we are looking for a successful or famous people to emulate it. But we do not understand why we fail to be the same, because we like and even feels the same way. We are confident that no nothing worse than Luda on tv and film heroes. We may even be better! Then why do we have nothing happen? What prevents us to go forward? Thoughts and beliefs are not real power, but only a veil and tinsel, which distracts us from this inner strength and svobody.Put for freedom is not easy, but this is the paradox of life, as a free man living is easy. The apparent huge speed of modern life does not stop us at least a couple of minutes and understand the processes occurring inside a person, are much more correct and faster. Health, clear mind, freedom from prejudice and negative beliefs, is the key to inner strength. Your freedom has always been and will only be in your hands, you just open it in yourself.

08 March
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Brain Maize

With the displayed one, cavalete appeared the idea of one that it did not allow to the contact of the born bees rescm with the oil burnt by means of a bar of protection and consequently would be a trap for the pedradores, therefore the same comes appearing positive effect. 3.1.3.Fornecimento of Proteinic and energy Feeding: If it has complete nectar lack of raised attraction for the bees, them will appeal to the inferior nectar plants, premidas that they are for the hunger. This explains the importance of nectarferas or polinferas plants that, of meaning little commercial at time of abundance, is changedded into valuable aid to minorar the hunger of the bees at time of accented scarcity (mainly in the winter, having to supply artificial feeding and to reduce the alvado one for reason of the cold). It is the case in our region of it bakes fish, malice, etc. In the food scarcity has as alternative the proteinic feeding that supplied when the swarms meet weak, being one of the alternatives to provide one better position of the queen. Some prescriptions of proteinic feeding exist, between them are necessary for the shape of food two have broken of bran maize, three part soy bran and six part of sugar, adding vanilla drops, making a homogenia mixture supplies 2 times per 200g/colmia week using the covering feeder. One of more usual energy foods is the boiled must, having as ingredients 40%gua and to 60%acar, which after warm and cooled is supplies the beehives (they 2vezes/sem). To prevent that if it ruins the feeding it must be consumed in the same day in was prepared. 3.1.4.Reviso of the Beehives the community green Field bes situated has 30 km of the city of sensible Itaituba-Par to the city of Rurpolis, where biweekly the visits in the apirios of the involved families in the project happened, in order to apply adequate techniques of handling and to excite resulted positive in the production.

04 March
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Complexion: Your New Best Friend ?

Have you ever known a sun worshiper, one of those people who never quite manages to get a dark tan? They are always looking for that new product that will break their newest tanning plateau and deepen their color even more. Some of them are the lucky few who's skin tans easily. Rarely burn, and after a few hours in the sun, there will be the appearance of most of us after a Caribbean vacation long. The rest of us, however, is left to envy these lucky few, as we know damn few hours in the sun are caused by at least a week of peeling, dry havoc, red skin, not to mention the multitude of fine lines and wrinkles that will surely follow. That is, until recent years have seen the latest generation and greater self-tan products.

You do not have to suffer the natural orange color, the intense odor, or the disappearance of the ugly old self tanners. Self tanning today, at least the quality are formulated to give every user an even, natural tan that lasts longer, has a dark brown instead of orange or red, and fades like a real tan. There are even spray good "several" Self Tanning services offered by many tanning salons for those who do not feel comfortable with the application of oneself. I've only personally tried the Mystic Tan salon service, and that looks pretty good for about two days, but fades in what looks like spots or freckles (not very attractive I can assure you).