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02 October
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EPS Definition

Health is one of the things most important in people’s lives, because thanks to this it is possible to perform in life all those activities that are part of the daily live and which allow to have a full life in which to enjoy all the activities that fill people’s lives, therefore to maintain a good health that will allow that the living conditions are in optimal conditionsmost suitable is it resorting to entities that provide health services and give fitted to maintain an adequate level of health preventing or treating different diseases and addressing cases of accidents, which are presented both in the life of the people, thus the EPS are one of the major livelihoods that have available to societies to have a good health, that fit to a proper development of life. As the EPS can be understood plays a role of vital importance within society, so it is worth highlighting your quality making the definition of EPS and everything what this means and the scope that has. The definition of EPS refers to entities providers of health, which can be both companies and institutions of private nature or publishes, which provide complete protection in health, by allowing your users access to different means of care, through appointments medical preventive, treatments and therapies, from which dictate recipes medical and drugs, will also provide emergency catering, dental appointments, and many other means of provision of health services, so there are many ways to provide services that derive from the definition of EPS.

Because of the conditions that will fit within the definition of EPS, can say that the EPS can count on certain occasions with own infrastructure and in many other cases belong to third parties, besides the EPS can count on a single seat, but within the definition of EPS it is also possible that the entity is distributed in a large network with a headquarters and various points of attention points strategic of a city or a territory, allowing greater coverage for the provision of health services and better conditions for different users. In the definition of the EPS, it is worth noting that these are monitored or subject to controls, so that they comply with certain conditions of quality, so this feature of surveillance on the EPS are the superintendencies responsible for health, which are a manifestation of the Government way. Among the main advantages that can be placed in the definition of EPS, stand out: users of the EPS, has at its disposal a great alternative for services and plans for health care, which also must be of the most high quality and competence, which favors striving to improve every day in the provision of services in the definition of EPS. The definition of EPS, follows the idea of education plans in health, looking for before all the prevention of diseases with medical appointments, vaccination campaigns, avoiding potential complications and progress of the diseases. Greater coverage, such as care of pre-existing diseases, mental health, dental care in nutrition and dietetics, wide attention in cases of pregnancy and breast-feeding, among many other presaciones in health media.