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27 January
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Chronic Diseases

Reasons for development hypovitaminosis B1 are associated with a monotonous diet, excess carbohydrates in the diet, the presence of chronic disease (enteritis, enterocolitis). Vitamin B1 is contained in cereals and legumes, bread and bakery products, cereals (buckwheat, oats), liver, organ meats, brewer's yeast, potatoes, cauliflower, etc. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), takes an active part in the protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism, regulates the exchange of amino acids (AA) improves color vision, the functional state of cardiovascular system, central nervous system and digestive system. It stimulates the blood, is involved in regulation of liver function, skin, mucous membranes. Is a coenzyme of many respiratory enzymes that promote the growth and reproduction. Hypo-and avitaminosis B2 clinically characterized by disorders of the central nervous system (somnolence, peripheral polyneuritis), skin and mucous membranes (seborrheic dermatitis, dryness, and cyanosis lips, scars on them, glossitis), inflammation of the eyeball, photophobia, reduced visual acuity. The main causes of hypovitaminosis B2 is a significant reduction in consumption of milk and milk products chronic gastrointestinal diseases, medications, antagonists, riboflavin, etc. A significant amount of vitamin B2 is found in milk and dairy products, liver, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, buckwheat and oat cereals, bread, beer yeast.

Vitamin PP (niacin) plays an important role in metabolic processes (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, cholesterol), accelerates the oxidation-reduction reactions, is included in several coenzymes affects the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. It is vital for the synthesis of sex hormones. The main representatives of this group include nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. With a lack of food vitamin E developed pellagra, which is characterized by general weakness, apathy, insomnia, dizziness, bowel function, skin lesions (dermatitis of the face and exposed parts of the body), decreased memory, dementia, delirium, dyspepsia, psychosis, etc. Factors for hypovitaminosis PP are monotonous food (especially corn), long-term therapy sulfanilamidnymi drugs, estrogen, chronic gastrointestinal diseases (enteritis, colitis), which violate the absorption of vitamin E, and chronic alcoholism.

26 January
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Smokey Eyes

The makeup gives great prominence to the eyes this season. The eyes are smoked or smoked trend and have been on the runways and in fashion editorials. While smoky eyes are very bright, it is difficult to get that kind of makeup if you follow the steps to share with you. Instruments is important to prepare before starting the makeover, need makeup brushes, eye shadow, kohl pencil or eyeliner. Ultra Wellness Center has much to offer in this field. First thing we do is to hydrate the skin with a cream. Apply a little even on the eyelids and then use loose powder, eye only need a small amount. With this trick we will make eye shadows remain in place throughout the day and not move to areas of fat.

1. We outline the inside of the eyes with black pencil and lash line. Now smudge with your finger or a swab of the ears. 2. Review with the applicator of shadows the lash line with a little black shadow with a movement from inside to outside of the eye. Do not put too much quantity, will achieve better results with a light application. 3.

If you want you can draw a line with the eyeliner to highlight even more the area. Ahora only plays to practice to get that look feminine and enigmatic! To complete the look, all we need to outline and fill in lips with a lipstick in a natural tone and similar to our lips. The final touch is a bit of gloss. You can get that look with a seductive smoky eyes perfectly delineated. Carie Mercier Lafond is an economist and expert on beauty and styling. It karysabeauty director. com a website dedicated to the ethnic beauty products, tips and tricks to enhance the unique style of each woman.

25 January
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Drugs and Weight Loss

Drugs that induce loss of weight recent studies have shown that people are getting more overweight every year. This happens not only with adults but even with children who are starting school. Many factors influence this happens, e.g. Gain insight and clarity with Gina Ross. genetics, overeating, food consumed by the age and body type, metabolism is slower making it harder to burn the food that you just consumed. There are many ways to solve this problem. Some have decided to undergo surgery, while others have decided to change to the consumption of dietary foods and exercise. Given that losing weight takes time, many people have taken the easy way to solve the problem of overweight and they have decided the use of medications to quit this.

In the 1950s and until the end of the 1990s, doctors prescribed medications for weight loss. The drug worked to increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain which makes the brain believe that the stomach is full and Thus, increases the metabolic rate in the person. But it was only after scientists discovered that these drugs had side effects and they were related to cause diseases of the heart valves and for this reason they were removed from the shelves. Later, new drugs were developed and prescribed by doctors and many others are still waiting for the approval of the competent authorities. Most people know at least a friend or a family member who has tried to use pills to lose weight and they have seen some improvement. The idea that a simple drug can change everything without changing your diet or sacrificing anything is very tempting. This has made consumers to pay millions of dollars each year and has given pharmaceutical companies lots of money to make and sell the pills.

Pills to lose weight can be purchased on the market or prescribed by a physician. Even with the advances in medical technology, these drugs can still cause many problems related to health that may be unpleasant for example diarrhea and vomiting, damage for example problems in the chest and urinary tract and mortals such as a stroke or heart attack. For more information about losing weight naturally, visit their website for more articles about losing weight in Spanish visit. An overdose of diet pills can cause tremors, confusion, hallucinations, shallow breathing, kidney failure, heart attack and convulsions. Side effects vary depending on the way of life and the health of the person and can be reduced to a minimum while you consult your doctor first before buying them. If you decide to stop the use of the pills, studies have shown that there are also side effects. These include changes in mood, hyperactivity, and pain in stomach, insomnia and nightmares, severe irritability, extreme fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting and tremor. Many clinical trials show that drugs taken for weight loss really work. But this can work only if it is made with a low calorie diet and exercise plan. A person can run every morning or enroll and train in a gym. But like any medication, first consult with your doctor before experiencing any form of exercise. The best exercise plan must have cardio and weight exercises. This helps to burn calories and increases the proportion of muscle tissue by increasing the metabolism and weight loss.

20 January
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Spiritual Abilities

With the philosophical basis of these principles, we can see that spiritual intelligence is a reality his ministration, and being out of the material is transferred to transcend ego, attachment, and is universal, any human being can find his peace inside and beyond himself, but it is essential to enable the spirituality that can only be captured with the eye of contemplation. Something I can not stop play in this test are the 10 principles of spiritual intelligence, they tell us much that we must practice to get to another level of consciousness, and are, love is better than the hatred, the truth is better than a lie, is better good than evil, knowledge is better than ignorance, it is better to give than to receive, peace is better than violence, attention is better than the neglect, happiness is better that suffering, we are spiritual beings, of, some of which were already part of my life but I think I will in the full development of them .. One more point I should not be left out in this work are the characteristics of spiritual intelligence that says Dr. Gallegos in his work, and are as follows, the ability to be happy despite the circumstances, the C apacity of inner peace and equanimity, the ability of universal love, the ability to live to serve, the ability to confront and overcome suffering, the ability to be independent and autonomous, the ability to solve problems of meaning and values, the capacity of ethical conduct, The Ability to focus on the "why" of things, the capacity of discernment, the ability to live in a larger context of meaning, the ability to learn to be the holistic integration capacity of the whole.

12 January
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The Vessels

Most water loss (on average it is about nine grams) leads to thickening of the blood, and this facilitates the transition of fluid from the tissues into the blood vessels and resorption of different hardening. For assistance, try visiting cardiologist. Bath procedure normalizes the metabolism, promotes the elimination of rheumatic diseases joints, acute and chronic sciatica, various cold-related diseases, including respiratory diseases. Studies have shown, for example, when a flu epidemic break out, the incidence of amateur bathe 4 times lower than among those who do not attend a bath. The scientists found that under the bath more quickly restored the power of tired muscles, which for some time, even above the original level. Resilience and endurance of muscles. The impact of a bathhouse on the cardiovascular system is manifested primarily in expansion and increase in the number of functional capillaries. This leads to increased blood supply to those areas of the body, the vessels which were at rest in a compressed condition, suffering from the initial stage of hypertension, blood pressure decreases after visiting a steam room.

Thus, the bath especially useful for people suffering from edema, leading a sedentary lifestyle, those who engaged in strenuous physical and mental work. Bath and helpful to other people, after it felt more energy, improves well-being, increases efficiency, normal son, appetite. Tastes differ: I was once asked: Which room is best? I thought I could not answer, it seemed – a simple question. In actual fact, I thought: what a bath is better? AND immediately asked myself: What is meant by the word better? I think you need to know for what purpose are you going to the bath, some are going to wash, others, such as after physical work is going to relieve fatigue or mental stress.

12 January
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Let Exercising The Mind

Recent studies say that reading does increase intelligence and make matters worse, prevent mental decline in old age. Also if you want to prevent Alzheimer’s you must exercise your mind.It is scientifically proven that simple arithmetic and reading aloud, mitigate and slow the symptoms of dementia or progressive deterioration of functions cognitivas.El Japanese researcher Ryuta Kawashima, Tohoku University, made them reading and writing exercises loud and simple simple mathematical calculation of Alzheimer patients with good results. “He found that these exercises stimulate the prefrontal cortex and cognitive areas, because those who did not participate in the experiment suffered a more rapid decline in six months.


09 January
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The Activity

Scientific studies have shown that blueberries accelerates the repair of nerve cells. In these black berries with a glaucous bloom contains vitamins B, PP and C, pectin and tannins, carotene, sugars, organic acids, anthocyanins, minerals, essential oil. Read additional details here: Dr. Mark Hyman. According to researchers, blueberries – the absolute leader on the content of manganese, among other wild berries. Anthocyanins, which are rich in fruits blueberries, thanks to the unique ability to inhibit the activity of free radicals, slow the aging process, rejuvenate the skin. Perhaps, today, everybody knows that blueberries are very useful to view: it is based on developing a range of drugs. Scientists have proved not only beneficial effect on visual acuity berries (especially at night), but also in circulation in the retina.

Because of the ability to reduce eyestrain, just need to blueberries, whose work is associated with increased strain on the eyes. These berries is removed from the body of salt that is recommended for kidney stones, rheumatism and gout. It is useful to have blueberries with anemia, diseases of the stomach and liver. But its regular use reduces the risk of cancer. More recently, blueberries have found a substance similar in composition to the fibrate – drugs that reduce "bad cholesterol" levels and raising the level of "good". Frequent consumption of blueberries (any kind) prevents the formation of blood clots.

It is especially necessary for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. If you regularly eat blueberries this will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Berries also inhibit the deposition of fat in the abdomen.

04 January
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The Cell

While the concentration of toxins does not exceed a certain threshold, then everything is fine. But what happens when the amount of toxins increase? Back to our pipeline. Check out Dr. Mark Hyman for additional information. Toxic substances can be represented as a crazy killer roaming the factory. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. He periodically the shooting, killing workers and supervisors. Until a madman killed "the workers and supervisors' time to replace, but when the killer becomes more it all becomes a big problem. That is, violated both the process of production cells, and control at all stages of production.

Despite the best efforts of the body to prevent disorder in this mechanism, excessive the amount of toxins anyway, sooner or later leads to the fact that through the process skips genetically modified cells. One cell, even if it were radioactive, can not represent a danger for the organism, because eventually it will die, and bring the body, even if the harm neighboring thousands of cells. On the background of millions of cells created by another, it will not be noticeable. But if the cell is turned off apoptosis (programmed death after a certain time, like normal cells), it will generate millions more of the same immortal clones. Hence we get the tumor, which has an advantage over other parts of the body, in that its cells can grow exponentially, as they do not die. But the danger is not in increasing the size and the fact that the body perceives this as their tumor tissue, meticulous delivering her food. Amazing that our bodies has large reserves of strength, and can not tolerate this situation for years and even decades, even under the string is loaded with toxic substances.