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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

07 July
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For meat we know that your things are inherited and this genetic result. But if the soul is divine because it inherited imperfection? He shall be guilty but who receives an inheritance that make it free to choose whether to accept the inheritance? Since the error is not that he was not, nor was there, and came to be. Haley Barbour understands that this is vital information. XVII Verso can not be Absurd! And yet it is, and has been, and here I'm sorry, carved at the bottom of my being, as if no God, Lucifer, concur bold with God blowing into us and we were Lampo blue vital battlefield after the two. Is Lucifer a God? O Lucifer is a name to see it as something? Or if there is a God of good and evil? Or the evil is not a God? O God participates in two scents and loved and hated one another? Or it is the only perfect God and hence away from evil? O God created human beings to understand themselves and to understand what he thinks of himself? O God prefers to think through the minds of men and lead them to right? Who created Lucifer? Because it was bad after it created? Force or power that invaded his heart if the light does not share anything with darkness? We are the actors between two powers that be from all eternity? XXV subsequent verses like "who made you God? Why, say how, where and when it came to corresponderte sided privilege so you? Why can not I play my power that power? Oh to be what you are not the world which is, or crush with my feet so sad swarm of beings.

07 July
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Sleight Of Hand – And No Transactions !

Russian doctors had developed an innovative method for manually removing imperfections in shape. Now the procedure will be slimming harmless and painless due to the natural character. Haley Barbour has much experience in this field. If until now women risking their health and wanting to remove excess fat, were of debilitating diet and went under the surgeon's knife, now the procedure for weight loss becomes easy and safe. Russian doctors has developed a fundamentally new method for correction – manual lipokorrektsiyu. Roughly speaking, this method is a special massage technique, which is in the fatty tissues positively flowing inflammatory process. The revolutionary method is that it is extremely useful for the organism. Its principle is based on the excitation has already begun and once stagnant inflammatory reactions.

In other words, Hand lipokorrektsiya – is to help the body to destroy excess toxins, toxins and unwanted tissue. Of course, dropping the extra material, the body mobilizes and begins to yourself to fight cellulite and other unnatural for a healthy body phenomena. The method is applicable to any problem areas of the body. No small aesthetic effect of the procedure. While operating in liposuction due to uneven fat removal impossible to avoid the formation of skin roughness, hand lipokorrektsiya tightens the muscles and eliminates any humps and hollows.

Due to deep lifting effect the result of manual lipokorrektsii, ie perfect shape and smooth skin, lasts for an impressively long time. So, for a few weeks, you can not only lose a few pounds, but is completely clean cloth body from harmful substances. Whereas before weight loss adversely affect the well-being and health, but now thanks to technology Zhdanov, it is mainly a health nature. Of course, this approach deserves great respect and direct interest in the Russian health care system. Source

23 June
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Maintain Diet

Many of us we want to know how as to burn fat quickly and to stay in permanent form. The problem that all we faced is by where beginning. With all the loss of weight and programs of exercise available at present it is difficult to find one that is adapted for us. We need to contract a plan of healthful diet along with a routine of exercises that works. With the purpose of to have the opportunity to be successful we must combine the exercise, along with a plan of healthful diet. It for a moment thinks about this a diet plan and the exercise reduces to the calories and burning fire the fat, it is not thus? Normally, when initiating any new plan of diet and program of exercise our objective is to lose weight of permanent way. But after all our efforts, we are compensated? with a program that is not working. The industry of the diet has been put at the disposal of many diets.

One in particular is the low carbohydrate diet. What is exactly a low carbohydrate diet? Briefly it is a diet program that is low in carbohydrates. When in this program the amount of carbohydrates in its body is reduced, but once completed, it can be difficult to maintain the loss of weight and to find the weight of return. We do not want that this happens! My friend, the answer is to complement your program of diet with a routine of exercises that works. You do not need a routine debilitating session of exercises, only one that maintains your body in form and to maintain those kilos outside nonwished. It is a good idea to make exercise in the same time that beams diet for one better opportunity of success. Permanently to change your nutritional habits to improve your program of loss of weight.

23 June
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Spiritual Origin

This way, it is eliminated what you do not like of same you, to create new beliefs, habits and behaviors. When elevating and extending his it brings back to consciousness, will realize of which here all we are united in the planet. While this becomes more evident, a deep knowledge of the environment forms. In order to elevate his it brings back to consciousness are means to extend a series of things while it increases the depth of the understanding that it has on whom and what you are. It is the first passage towards the illumination, that begins with the experience than many they talk about to his Spiritual Origin. It imagines that its new reality awoke with as much detail and but that it is possible. To imagine beautiful places in its mind, to where it has the freedom to learn and to discover on any aspect of the life or the Universe. The imagination is a powerful part to expand it brings back to consciousness.

The capacity to create images is knowledge that you can. It is the root of all our inspiration, as well as they appear the new ideas. Howard Present has much experience in this field. When comparing to a muscle, the imagination fortifies when it is exerted and it stretches. The more you allow yourself to use its capacity to project images, its capacity becomes the more strong and the more productive. Altogether, the images that you have created and the feelings of gratitude form a powerful field of attraction and it begins to create these experiences with the knowledge that will be abrir and arrived at transforms its mind and heart. The secret is in practicing to as often feel and to express gratitude as it is possible and to acquire the custom to refuse to leave disagreeable circumstances them they exist in his way. When creating visions and gratitude, always concentrate in the state that wishes to reach.

12 June
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Mental Health

The symbolic conscience evolves of the percipient field and starts to also act in relation to objects, times and thought spaces, want remembered or imagined. However, the construction of relative the mental images to the lived context space-weather depends exactly on the previous, practical and corporal action of the baby on this half. It is the action of the body that makes possible the internalization of the images of objects, the people and the places, catching its forms, colors and movements (OLIVEIRA, 1998). Still according to author, during all the cycle of the life, the body comes to be to the base of formation of the mental images, that continue if to process of form associated with the emotions and related feelings and to the history of life of the person. In critical situations of the vital cycle as times of great changes and transformations personal, educational, familiar or professional, as in infancy or the oldness, the mental system runs the risk of if closing to the way, in a defense movement, that it can be disclosed by means of an anxiety and/or depression picture. Playing, by its characteristics of descontrao and pleasure, can be considered as an excellent instrument of reequilbrio to be used in the day the day, or same in evaluation situations or intervention. Playing offers an immense gamma of possibilities that combine the most varied forms of corporal tricks, symbolic or of rules.

Continuing the author, through the games and tricks, if they create conditions favorable to the envolvement in group, social, more motivated. The body acquires more life, more health, the movements more coordination and precision, the breath and the anxiety tend if to normalize. The cognitivos processes if fortify. Visit Howard Present for more clarity on the issue. The memory if exercises and individual attention if it extends, the people if communicate of dynamic and motivated form. According to Macedo (2003; 1994) the difference between playing and playing, is that playing it is the act to play with the ideas, the situations, with emotions, with feelings, with people, objects etc., and that the objectives and the regulation, are not predetermined necessarily and playing are to play with predefined objective rules and.

07 June
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Natural Remedies

It considers remedies natural that a combination of grass known contains by its capacity to support the treatment of the skin. * The linseed oil and its derivatives are rich sources of acid essential alpha-linolenic of the fatty acid, that is a biological precursor to fatty acids Omega-3. The linseed oil derived from the seeds of the plant of the linen has been used like topic in the skin and ointment during many years. * The comfrey has been cultivated from approximately 400 A.C. This grass has investigated itself by its tranquilizing characteristics as cream with regard to the topical use. * Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is cultivated anywhere in the world and the fragant oils of their flowers are used in merchandise, candles, cosmetics, jellies, oils of massage, dusts, champ, soaps, and aromaterapeutico tea. Lavender includes on 100 components, including the camphor, the tannins, the triterpenos, and the flavonoides. One has studied by his capacity to promote and to animate the cure of malaises of smaller importance.

* Extracts of the must of San Juan (Hypericum perforatum) have been used traditionally by centuries. One has studied by his capacity to support the health of the skin. * The components of the oil of the tree of the tea (Melaleuca alternifolia) include cineole 1. 8, terpinen-4-ol, alfaterpineol, and gamma-terpinen. It has been investigated by his capacity to support the animal cure.

Whereas the conventional medicine often works treating only the symptoms, the natural medicine strives in creating the holistic balance in the body to support the systemic health, to alleviate ailments, and to help to prevent the future disease. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in the natural remedies support the health and the total operation (instead of to suppress the symptoms). The animal respond to the natural medicine in different ways, some with immediate results, whereas others obtain the optimal advantages within 3-6 weeks. In order to make sure that its horse receives optimal results, it is important to take natural remedies according to the directed thing and to continue being constant. With a great interest in subjects of health and alternative medicine. I believe that the natural remedies and the alternative therapies have their place in the modern medicine. I am certainly an informed person is potentially a happy and healthful person but.

01 June
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Health Training

Pharmacy from Stuttgart informs the Mohren fitness is not just for athletes or body-conscious people interesting, but an essential component of our health. A targeted and comprehensive training, whose fundamental aspects of Pharmacy informed the Stuttgarter Mohren, can help to avoid the development of different diseases. Health training is more than strength or endurance training. Here it comes, to avoid unilateral loads and to train all motor movement requirements of the human body to the same extent. This helps the heart and cardiovascular system, the central nervous system and the entire muscle and skeletal apparatus and can prevent has been proven that various degenerative diseases. A healthy exercise program claims following motor aspects: endurance agility coordination force speed to these five core factors of physical fitness to cover necessary permanent training efforts that are ideally spread over 2-3 training sessions per week. In addition, it is the To observe load capacity of your own body.

Health training is not meant to impress an audience with amazing strength and endurance records, but to promote their own health. Accordingly, the observance of limitations for a real training success is crucial. The motivation for a permanent training is also easier to maintain itself, if a stress free, fun promotional training methodology is chosen, which is not compatible with an exaggerated use of training from the outset. As gentle sports should be operated before damage due to accidents, disease or sports injuries. Swimming is well suited for this, because the buoyancy of water relieves the entire body without interfering with a training effect. As long as the basic requirements of a full body loads are observed, it is irrelevant, as the exercise is designed. However, the integration into training groups increases the social character of health training and is therefore also the most willing to training, like the workout in the great outdoors. Ultimately decide but also individual preferences and possibilities. For further information on health-promoting measures of training pharmacy available the Stuttgart Moor at any time.

25 May
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BETA Training Academy

Recognition of health insurance offers several training for relaxation and Pilates the SAFS & BETA Training Academy, which are recognised by many statutory health insurance in the context of article 20 SGB. Statutory health insurance health courses in the fields of action can support movement, nutrition, relaxation and addiction (smoking cessation), certain criteria must be met. A trainer or provider of the course must have a basic qualification in the context of article 20 SBG, such as a certified sports and gymnastics teacher /-in, diploma instructor /-in, or physical therapist /-in, on the other hand, he needed a recognised additional qualification from a recognised Training Institute. The SAFS & BETA is recognized as additional qualification relaxation coach by many statutory health insurance. “” Training to relaxation coach consists of the 3-day Base module fundamentals of relaxation “and the 2-day advanced module relaxation coach”.

“” In addition to the definitions of the terms stress “and relaxation” and especially the technique of progressive muscle relaxation is the learning of various relaxation methods according to Jakobson (PMR progressive muscle relaxation). The conclusion of the SAFS & BETA Pilates matwork A license in combination with a basic qualification meets the requirements to prevention classes in the context of article 20 SGB V paragraph 1 offered. Many statutory health insurance companies recognize the Pilates matwork A license as an additional qualification.

18 May
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Research Department

Inclusive health! Not only stress and the hectic pace of our time affect our well-being, but also many pollutants in the ambient air, and new environmental hazards of our technological world. In particular electromagnetic radiation, caused by more than 15,000 mobile radio transmitters in the Switzerland or also voltage is increasing constantly. Please visit Nancy-Ann_DeParle if you seek more information. The Research Department of Baufritz AG from Amsoldingen/Thun dealt intensively in years of research with this problem. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Mark Hyman. The result: A consultings with a special cover for the effective protection of Elektrosmogstrahlen. This achieves an extra layer of protection from natural gypsum board with a special carbon pollination, the so-called XundE level. Up to 99 percent of acting without ElectroSmog is held by the special walls in every Baufritz home.

In particular measurements independent environmental and radiation protection experts confirm the health-protective effect. In addition, the pollutant tested health houses by Baufritz are natureplus with the organic seal”as well as with the Allergy-free seal ALLoKH”awarded by the German Institute for environment and health. At the Thun timber specialist health protection starts already at plot analysis. The plot is tested in water veins, Earth radiation and EMF. These results take into account the individual building and housing planning. So stress-free, healthy sleep and living rooms are created.

The company provides its customers with a measurement of air pollutants before moving into the new home the proof of the health quality of the houses. The construction-Fritz GmbH & co. KG combines decades of experience in the wood building and traditional values with the latest technical know-how and extensive research. The Allgau company is considered a pioneer for ecological and sustainable building and used only natural, strictly tested for harmful substances and materials. Over 40 tonnes of CO2 are stored in each Baufritz wood House. This value corresponds to the average CO2 emissions of a middle-class vehicle in 20 Years at 10,000 km annual output. Baufritz belongs to the most modern and most research houses companies in Europe. This is confirmed by numerous patents, including worldwide, and regular awards.

15 May
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Health Records

Digital companion, Assistant and patient records Hamburg are indispensable, 28.12.2011 (by Peter Klischewsky). Telematics device considering for dealing with patients for some time also in hospitals increasingly into focus. So-called digital health records allow doctors and nursing staff to display the most up-to-date information about the State of. This happens, for example, through smartphones or Tablet PCs and sometimes immediate entries in the file, for example, about the patient’s condition, diagnoses or instructions for the treatment. The flow of information is extremely accelerated in this way and optimizes the work of specialists due to the time savings and quick access greatly, which can save lives in hospitals. Man collects no more firewood and berries, but information also in the private sphere telematics systems are more and more followers. The development is clear in the direction of mobile systems.

Information of any kind to be available anytime, anywhere. This computer-based extension of the perception of reality, often only about superimposed additional information, called augmented reality”. To this are possible ultimately to be so connected that one any information of can get on the road and control. That is, for example, displayed on the window on the train, in the taxi, possible on your Smartphone and on your glasses or while you still with a friend via video phone, which makes vacations in Australia and a steak great reported. Great idea! You can send to the recipe, send the ingredient list to the supermarket in your area, directly Mobile pay the purchase, pass on the way home quickly at the supermarket and have made directly for the dinner. Sounds good? Everything is just a matter of time and the racing as you know.

“Digital companion” safety on good and bad days coming, make digital companion off HUMAN telematics “already valuable help in the Health care. For other opinions and approaches, find out what City College of New York has to say. In more and more private homes or care and nursing facilities it chooses therefore deliberately use of such digital companion”. Goal is reliable and round to ensure round-the-clock protection of help needy people. This technology is capable of, with high sensitivity and yet this affordable to live with long-lasting as long as possible, everyone. Telematics vendors who showed the best results in the area of HUMAN telematics technology, support and service: Clinic-telematics: Clinicall Vertriebs GmbH Xonion GmbH HMM Diagnostics GmbH digital Companion: German senior GmbH LOSTnFOUND EMO telematics GmbH WEPRO GmbH M2M Germany GmbH