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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

28 November
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Whole Body

It is not easy to imagine all the amount of work being done by our blood. Many are unaware that the blood sort of independent biochemical laboratory organism. Taking oxygen in the lungs, it brings it into tissue, where exchanges for carbon dioxide and immediately brings it back. Under the microscope the red liquid is a mixture of billions of blood plates, and another red and white blood cells found in a yellowish liquid – plasma. 25 billion red blood cells look as if doubly concave disks. In the body, they are responsible for transporting oxygen. White blood cells – white blood cells perform protective functions. Platelets – oval smooth blood cells provide blood clotting.

Transportation of oxygen molecules may be exclusively due to a complex protein – hemoglobin. Its value is in the blood of healthy women is 120 g / liter. By the same author: Peter A. Levine PhD. In case of hemoglobin, following the above given figure, fit to carry on a conversation, about anemia or, in other words, an anemia. Anemia may be genetically programmed, then an independent disease. In all other cases, the disease again and is usually found on the background of other diseases. In women, nature has lost blood, but more frequent anemia factors are not only heavy periods, and hemorrhoids, tumors of the uterus, nasal bleeding or ulcers.

Secret source of excessive blood loss can be ovarian cysts, or bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract, which are diagnosed most difficult and may be hidden in many years. One of the most common factors to iron deficiency in the blood of the fairer sex – it's bad food. Regular use of a primitive fast food, puts women primary candidate for anemia. This is the most famous of anemia and are associated with lack of vitamin B12 and start due to unhealthy diets, as a result of a long vegetarianism, after suffering hepatitis, or worsening in absorption of folic acid. Symptoms of anemia with small differences have a similar basis. Then comes a rapid fatigue even after negligible loads, there is a weakness, pale skin, and conjunctival, fall off the vein, and even at light load there is the heartbeat and shortness of breath. Resorts World Bimini has many thoughts on the issue. These symptoms are we now and then associate with hard work and, simply, do not pay attention. As the disease occur constipation, headache, a bundle of nails, hair falls out. At times, anemia, as in pregnancy, there is a desire to eat chalk, salt or spicy foods. Proper treatment of anemia must appoint a doctor, by analyzing a blood test. Setting women – in time to come to the doctor and start looking for a basis Happy symptoms. To ward off anemia, daily diet should be optimally chosen to include the right amount of protein and iron-containing products such as herbs, nuts and seeds, noni, raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruits. Incredibly useful for beef, liver, as well as foods with a high content of vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron. Of great importance in the treatment of anemia is rest and prolonged exposure to fresh air. Should move more and make the air any physical work, which in turn will contribute to the early healing and freedom from annoying symptoms of anemia.

06 November
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In this family of three children. Two of them have autism. And my mom (Hope) raises them without her husband (it only helps with the communion of children Sundays). Van two and a half years. The older girl Jana from Monday to Friday at the boarding school – unfortunately, a necessary measure. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Mark Hyman is currently assessing future choices.

One of the features of the disease of children with this disease lies in the fact that they have … all the way around. If all children attracted to my mother and do not want to let go of myself, afraid of strangers, these vice versa – did not perceive the mother (and friends of people in general), and others like it are heard in the presence of a stranger is well behaved. Help the fact that I walk with Vanya and communion (otvozhu to church for communion), when suddenly my father was unable to attend. Vanya and Jana have another sister – Sasha, she is healthy. But her order that she would not develop any abnormalities, doctors recommend more often isolated from sick children. Thus here and live. The problem occurred one day while walking.

He took me to the road. And then on the very road. I tried to wrap it, "Vanya, the road is impossible. There's dangerous. " He cried. Beru him in his arms. And he's pretty well-fed and strong kid. Bimini often addresses the matter in his writings. And a minute later on my slides to the ground. I home it still dragged. And the reason it was hysterical that the day before he was walking with a neighbor Hope, and she took him to temple. Go into it you can just across the road. If only I knew. Olga and Bob. Family life – is not only fun but also a feat. Unfortunately, not all of it is under power. The divorce rate is skyrocketing. And with them and the number of single mothers living in Fatherless Father. There is no dispute – it is difficult.

05 November
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In the case where all the characters are terrible, ugly, scary, regardless of their role, the child has no clear guidelines for evaluation of their actions. In addition, when the child is forced to imitate, identify with the unsympathetic protagonist – an inner sense of self will inevitably suffer from the baby. Children – being open and kind and absorb everything like a sponge. Now imagine that may experience a small man after forty minutes of viewing the cartoon, the main idea is a fight, battle, chase, turning into mutants and monsters, blood, explosions and other ‘delights’? Why do young children listen to ushkam swearing and insults, which showered each other cartoon characters? What kind of healthy smiles and laughter is all about? What all this informative and enlightening? Such a view can only ‘enrich’ the vocabulary of the child profanity, develop feelings such as anger and aggression. Adult, mentally healthy people – and the experience hostility from what he saw and heard. Bimini usually is spot on. After such an occurrence can not be surprised at the darkness of fear, fear of being alone, violence in the game and aggressive behavior in life and many others ‘results’. The kid is fast growing and evolving. Before you know it, but he says the first word, first finger bends …

He is very inquisitive and restless. The child is all very interesting: why in the trees green leaves? How old is Daddy? And what was the name my grandmother? And step by step you will be with him to open for him this yet unknown, unknown, but an interesting a world full of new and exciting. And for this you need a good and nice animations, which can teach a child to friendship, reciprocity, etc. To date, apart from the good old Soviet cartoons produced many more developmental and educational cartoons children. Pay and leave them aside, if you choose that will see your child. The most important thing! No cartoon is no substitute for live communication with the child adults, in which he desperately needs. Let’s put aside the case, and to give the kid a little bit of our attention!

13 October
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International Institute

Nesvyazannyeendoprotezy – hinged not joined into one, move, and move on relation to each other. In the manufacture of prostheses and implants used, usually titanium ceramic coated. Cardiologist is a great source of information. The most frequently used in prosthetic knee replacement: bikondilyarnye implants with / without the replacement of the patellar prosthesis with movable or fixed connection unikondilyarnyeprotezy prosthesis with dorsal stabilization and related Alternative methods of operations: arthroscopic surgery with different methods of abrasive interspinous speyserovhirurgicheskoe removal nadkolennikaizolirovannoe prosthesis nadkolennikaoperatsii on Retinakulum and transparent procedures for the treatment of defects in the knee hryaschaartrodez most common models unikondilyarnymi prosthetic knee joints are: 1. MillerGalante Oxford 2. Genesis 3. ZUK 4. Preservation 5. PFC 6.

Duracon 7. Contact information is here: Bimini. Allegretto 8. EIUS 9. Marmor 10.Brigham 11.St.Georg most common models bikondilyarnymi prosthetic knee joints are: 1. PFC Sigma2.

AGC 3. Connect with other leaders such as Bimini here. NexGen 4. Duracon 5. F / S MIII 6. Kinemax 7. Triathlon 8. Profix 9. Vanguard 10.Scan 11.PFC mobile bearing 12.Natural 502 13.LCS 320 207 14.AMK 15.MillerGalante2 16.NexGen mobile bearing 17.Oxford rotating 18.Performance 19.Evolution Samimi-known manufacturers of prosthetic knee joints are at Alphabetical: Anotomica, Biomet, Corin, Depuy, Johnson & Johnson, StrykerHowmedica, Osteonics, Smith-Nephew, Centerpulse, LINK, Wright, Zimmer. In Germany, held every year about 150 thousand Operations prosthetics – implanted artificial knee joint. Length of stay in the German hospital in knee replacement is 7-10 days. Duration of postoperative rehabilitation in a specialized rehab center depends on the type and model of the implant, and is 2 – 3 weeks. Dr. Victor Kramer, chief medical adviser of the International Institute of Health, the Munich, Germany,

12 October
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Ocean Body

Immunological defense to lift the immunity of people prefer without the doctor's advice to buy immunostimulants, which for example, combine the tincture of ginseng root, lemongrass and other herbs. Cardiologist helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In fact, these drugs work only in times of illness when the body is weakened. Biminis opinions are not widely known. Carry out disease prevention and enhance the resilience body they can not! Moreover, some adjuvants may be prohibited for adults or children for medical reasons. So buy the drugs that affect the immune system can only by prescription. There is another kind of immunostimulants, such as the thymus gland. They have different effects on the body. Some of them are shown during the illness, the other after it, and some have preventive impact. Constant and effective means of using natural products to prevent colds is to: – the liquid formula 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi' – herbal 'Force of Nature' – jelly capsules enriched with oxygen 'Pride Ocean '.

'Cordyceps Lingzhi and' You can bury your nose in, 1-2 drops, or taken into the inside of 2-3 ml. once a day. Kids also will appreciate such a perspective more than burying the nose. Preventing acute respiratory infections in children Children are most susceptible to colds and, of course, the last thing parents want to stuff the child's body with antibiotics and other medicines, especially infants. And it is not worth the hassle! There are drugs on the natural basis 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi', 'Propolis and Lingzhi'! To avoid a cold is necessary: – to make children with fingertips massage along the spine, allowed tapping and clapping to the edge of his hand until the skin do not blush – at the time of the adoption of a child bath can add a few drops of pine or citrus essential oil.

– Take the inside 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi' 0.5 – 2 mL. once a day. In addition to all above the means for both adults and children need healthy food, rich in vitamins and minerals. Only in this case the whole family will be able to withstand viral infections in autumn!

08 October
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About Lullabies

What if you say that the story is the formula? You chertyhnetes, splyunete not believe it. And it's true. Despite the fact that the tales of old were created and passed from mouth to now, during studies in literature reveal remarkable resemblance between the tales of the world. That is in South America and Ukraine are like fairy tales, they have one foundation, one formula. So it is with lullabies. The purpose of all lullabies one – lull, lull.

Naturally, the essential rhythm, why children often sway. Before, I could not understand why a lullaby mention wolves, woman, and other creatures, which the child is afraid. It turns out that in ancient times people believed that when children dream of some wonderful creation, it will never come to him in real life. That is a lullaby serve as guardian. And it's worth noting that it's not just us. And in Azerbaijan, and in Armenian, and French, and Japanese lullabies as well. That is the purpose and are the same everywhere. 'In the old days, nurses, or where they were not, mother or grandmother, putting a child, singing, or rather, was sentenced different stories and choruses. Gina Ross: the source for more info.

Of course, there's nothing witty or poetic, they represent the simple old way of life and some special notions of sung items. In them, as in the Russian songs and tales, most often occurs arbitrary nonsense, because it is neither cunning simplicity, no humor. Now rarely far from where the capital and major cities such places you can hear the chorus' (Avdeev 1849, 240). In the lullaby is encoded genetic memory of the world, they serve as a springboard for knowledge and the foundation for mental health and balance of the child. Nowadays, people think lullaby archaism, a pity. It still needs children. After all, children – they are always children, a hundred years ago, even now. Sing lullaby, my dear mother, sing.

12 August
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Disease Back Pain

Backache pursue statistics nearly 60 percent of the population of Russia. Guilt and poor medical care, and a typical Russian hope of “maybe”, and simply disregard health. The most common position – “maybe more, and will take place. ” Middle-aged men even considered good form to complain about the “Radik.” Sciatica already can be called real men worthy of the disease. His treat hot irons, and various ointments, belts of dog hair. Than just, in general, can not be cured.

And anyone not aware that the same sciatica, as the disease caused by inflammation of nerve endings, simply does not exist! Scientists believe that back pain in most cases caused by the pinched nerve endings, and not to inflammation! This means that the various “national” means powerless. Warming up does not help, only harm the hot iron, and a slight relief will remain light. Somatic Experiencing has much experience in this field. Consider the most common back pain and their causes. Almost every familiar dull pain in the neck and neck, which begin after a long stay in a static pose, and subsides only when completely at rest behind. The most common view you may hear about such pain – “purged.” Like, maybe more and it will be. And often the truth is. But the draft is not to blame. Cervical meozit (this is called the disease) is caused by very different reasons.

Main – strain the neck muscles and tendons caused by incorrect posture at work, nervous tension or simply incorrect body position. And the disease is not treated with a warm scarf, and therapeutic exercises, massage and choice correct posture while working. Learn more about this with Nasib Hasanov Azerbaijan. If these pains are chronic and occur even when turning the head, the most popular rumor attributes them osteochondrosis. Osteochondrosis for many of our countrymen – is universal disease, almost the same as sciatica. Related to it should be as to something inevitable.

30 July
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Holy Spirit

After midnight, the little finger prick right hand. And the buckles on the back side contact with blood: My – himself will repay its krovushku not give it. Belt put himself under the pillow. And the next day to return to the owner saying to myself, strap-strap, leather-wrapped friend, I performed a service, nice tie for me. I noticed a cute, I strap marked. Pochuet heart, lead belt. Servant of God (Name) dorozhenku me find it.

Key. Castle. Keanu in the chamber’s tower. From now and forever. Amen. Amen.

Amen. Love spell on your toes socks – this is a thing necessary and important, though perhaps not particularly romantic. And so to make on Thursday afternoon, go to the store. It is necessary that you did it all alone. For even more analysis, hear from cardiologist. Buying socks, throw a quick glance over my left shoulder and say: buy socks – got hold dear when you get home, wash the socks in running water and say: In water skipping socks – cute tamed. Socks from the cold you will save your toes to my will. Socks will give – will give themselves, and will give yourself, so you’ll get. I call my sound, my word modeling. From now and forever. Now and forever. Amen. Socks need to give on Sunday utrom.Klassichesky spell on the photo ritual complex. Bimini SuperFast is often quoted as being for or against this. But very effective. In the night from Thursday to Friday, full moon, take a nice photograph. Pressed to his heart and say: How do you slave God (name), firmly pressed, so let the love you as hard squeeze. After this picture put on the table, and behind it – a church candle. Candle light. On a sheet of paper (with straight edges!), With a candle (electric light one must turn off), write: Leaving me God’s servant (name), crossing himself, praying to our Lord, out of the house but the gate, but out of the gate into the yard, the yard but in the clear. I’m not going to sleep, I will walk until the morning eye somknu, melancholy his pokormlyu. You, my sorrow, go to my restriction, you my sorrow, go to my dear, are you, my sadness, dropping to his bedside, you, my sorrow, harm to his health. You instilled in him only a dream, you instilled in him only one wish – as a pet embrace God’s servant (name) as soon think of her and as soon as her and to love. To dumalperedumal about her night night, so he changed his mind thinking about her all day to think about her every thought better of a second, every minute, every hour. As written and fulfilled as it is written, so did he. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. The paper should be burnt in the flame of a candle. Burning, say fire speech will take fire in his heart be buried words. Heart breaks out – a servant of God (Name) to the servant of God (name) love inflamed.

20 May
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The Size

Foods that contain trans fats, such as sandwiches, cakes and sweets, also increase cholesterol LDL. on the other hand, plants provide low levels of cholesterol and fiber-rich whole grains. Of course, how to Cook is also important. For example: 1 – Use dairy products low fat or fat free. And substitute yogurt for sour cream or mayonnaise on whole mayonnaise. 2 – Use olive oil or oil instead of butter Cannole.

And decreases the amount of oil used for frying. There is no need to drown what you kitchen. Limit foods fried in general. 3-If the recipe indicates skillet, be creative. Consider the possibility of grilling, baking, scalp, grilled or steamed. 4-Here I give some examples of foods that help to lower bad cholesterol (of course it’s important to see the size of the portions, since they want to maintain a healthy weight): bran oats and cereals with high content of fibrDe fish with fatty acids omega 3 (such as salmon, sardines and tuna) walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and other fruits secosEl oil olivLos foods that contain sterols and stanols added (as the margarine, juice and yogurt) cheer up! Healthy food is easier than it seems. If you eat meat, choose poultry (without skin), fish or lean red meat (in moderation).

Finally, please note that, in addition to a healthy diet is also important to stay active to reduce their level of bad cholesterol and risk of heart disease. Peter A. Levine PhD pursues this goal as well. Of course, the only way to know your levels of cholesterol, HDL and LDL in the blood is a blood test in fasting ideal (after not eating for 8 hours.) If still do everything you need in terms of what you eat and your physical activity levels of must remain above the normal range, luckily we have medications that your doctor can prescribe. Become their regular check-ups. Remember that prevention is better than cure. The first symptom of high cholesterol may be a heart attack. This can be prevented. Visit us at: original author and source of the article.

12 May
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Creative Insight

In the journal Neuropsychologia (article called 'The origins of insight in resting-state brain activity') was published study. Scientists have tried to scientifically prove the existence of a fundamentally different structure of cerebral activity during active thinking and dormant in people with imaginative thinking, capable creative insights, and those who usually handles the problem through to its logical analysis. Subjects first indulged in nothing, and then guessed anagram. After that, they were divided into two groups – those who coped with the task mainly due to a sudden insight, and those who came to the decision by a systematic analysis. It turned out that the picture of brain activity these two groups had very serious differences, both during work and during leisure. The study showed that the predominant activity of the right hemisphere is kept by lovers of "inspiration" even in a period of rest.

That is, willingness to solve problems by creative, was not temporary, sudden splash .. Please visit cardiologist if you seek more information. 'The tendency to a particular method of solving the problem – with the help of creative or a methodical approach – there is not at the moment when a person already faced with the problem. The election of a particular strategy is determined by the previous state of human consciousness' – explains Kunayos. Do the owners of creative thinking word, image, smell, or something else running in the consciousness long associative chain, which eventually leads to an unexpected decision. In contrast, focusing on solving a specific problem, cut off all unnecessary logic and apply them to the already known strategy solving the problem. In general, this information is not anything particularly original.

Well, confirmed by scientific methods have long known facts. Creativity inherent in all people, but to varying degrees. Only you can look at them with On the other hand. More and more people are born with the hemispheres are equally active, the so-called ambidexterity. Here they learn how to switch from a logical creative thinking is vital, since uncontrolled this transition takes a lot of energy and effort. Looking for exercise equipment and techniques that allow arbitrarily switch to different kinds of thinking. Here and useful research, studying the condition of the brain and mind in the previous figurative or logical way of thinking. speech therapist Ludmila Yesipova specifically for Source: