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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

23 March
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First thing: is to calm down and not allow that it dominates the anxiety. (A valuable related resource: Jon Medved ). It is well known that many times couples who desperately want a pregnancy does not succeed, because the State of anxiety that the search causes them prevents pregnancy from appearing. Speaking candidly Jeff Feig told us the story. In addition, you must keep in mind that although much of the many couples who have no trouble conceiving achieved pregnancy within a period of 6 months, although others can reach to take a year, or some additional months. So if not for so long that you’re trying to still it is not time to think that I want to get pregnant and I can not. Just relax and keep trying. If already step a year in which looked a pregnancy and if pass of los35 years, it is a good idea to make an appointment with a doctor.

He asked a few studies both for you and for your man to rule out pathologies that may be causing infertility. Within these studies there is analysis of level of hormone in blood, ultrasound of ovaries, and a study of the quality of semen from your partner. What if is it that I have a problem? If I want to get pregnant and I can not? What options do I have? It is natural that you ask these questions, even though there may be no problem. In the case that you not get pregnant by natural means, you can resort to a clinic specializing in fertility, in which they will study what your situation in particular, and accordingly, will offer some sort of option to be able to get pregnant, as assisted insemination or fertilization in vitro. It must be considered that these techniques, although successful in many cases, are not 100% effective. So an option to be considered could also be adopting. If you want to get pregnant naturally fully within 60 days, no matter your age, please Click here.

04 March
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Louisiana Spell

Moreover, the witch, practicing the love omens, often like to be reinsured warnings like this: a single, suitable for all situations of love spells do not exist, a love spell gives no more than a probability, not one hundred percent guarantee of the desired result, operating for a certain time, with privorozhennym sure there must be a common link (Work, recreation, friends), etc. It turns out that a love a love spell is based only on pure chance? Many will argue with this statement, and will be right. In spite of everything, love magic can still affect an object at a distance. How and for what such laws of physics – are unlikely to know and even the witch. But if the personal things really possible to read information about their host, if the photograph you can heal from disease … If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jon Medved .

Why, then, deterioration, or a love spell and could not run away. Solid practical experience in such conspiracies are adherents of voodoo – formerly religion brought by slaves from West Africa, and after – the magic, received its present shape in terrirtorii Louisiana, USA. Love omens in voodoo magic, as well as healing spells are used more frequently than black magic with which the concept of 'voodoo' and associates for the most part of us. Of course, the impact on the person using it embodies doll hard as ever to interpret theoretically, but also to argue with the obvious facts proving the real power of magic, too easy. Although it must be borne in mind that we know mostly only on successful attempts to omens, and all the other cases remain forever unknown.

The main issue in this case – how done a love spell, and for what purpose. A simple physical attraction is unlikely sometime in the future be able to flow into real love. And hardly a man who has achieved the result from the use of ritual can be happy with that. Except that, if everything was done with the practical motives. After all, what matters most to loving person – a fortune's favorite, where and with whomever it was. And if only love love spell can make him stay close, whether to apply this ritual at all?

21 February
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Vegetarian Times

There are actually over 10,500 ingredients available for use in cosmetics and personal care products, and nearly 90% of them have not been evaluated by the FDA safety and other nongovernmental groups. Independent research has uncovered important data in the area of harmful and toxic ingredients, and some research goes back to Cold War when Russia was seeking a way to "subdue" America for an easy take (the substance to be used is fluoride). So what is a person to do? As the public is increasingly aware of the problem, thanks to news articles more and more (as the June 2005 issue of Vegetarian Times mention of MIT (in relation to nerve damage in laboratory tests) in some care products hair loss), few health-conscious companies will be well known in the near future. Contact information is here: OurCrowd. Some companies specialize in certain products within the majority of cosmetics and skin care, but only one has a wide range including skin care, cosmetics, dental, hair, home, pets, plants and nutritional supplements of all types: antioxidants, Noni, minerals, weight loss, muscle development, anti-aging, and more. Neways International manufactures a huge range of all without the use of ingredients harmful or toxic. It is the only company of its kind in the world. James S. Chanos : the source for more info. The mission is to produce safer, more effective consumer products in the world without the use of harmful or toxic ingredients, and demejorar health, wealth and happiness of people around the world.

Neways has helped hundreds of thousands of independent distributors in over 23 countries to achieve financial independence, greater freedom, and improved health. Even if you decide to simply be a single consumer, safer alternatives available are with Neways International. For more information see this site: Jeff Feig. is an executive level with the Neways Distributor. She has had a lifelong interest in health and nutrition, and currently seeks to educate the public about the dangers of harmful ingredients and toxins in common everyday personal care products and cosmetics.

11 December
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We are not talking about hallucinations, in reality what appears in consciousness is not new. Will be things he saw, lived, tastes and feelings he experienced and which contain a opotuno message for the moment, always offer a guide, a wise counsel. The individual feels penchant for tranquility. By the same author: Bruce Shalett. Want of a pleasant way, the individual sees himself paving the way for the revelation that will come sooner or later. Contact information is here: Bruce Shalett. Most of the time this revelation appears in a manner so clear and natural that it used to subtract the importance.

This process is expected that a key element of consciousness that the subject surfacing or resume an activity that used to practice, that it was pleasant but stopped for some reason. The picture of the situation quickly becomes clear and the change is imminent but we repeat, it is important to make way for this information, do not stop or distort the meaning of this process. It is important to work with these energies to find what you're doing and to intelligently apply the intellectual resources to support this process with conviction. These states are called "wonder", the flashes of consciousness that are often experienced while awake or in dreams developers, are evidence that an energetic phenomenon has been put in place, forcing the learning of one of his personal history of their abilities. In these states, and above one's will become clear to the mind so many attitudes and behaviors in people's environment. With a thorough job is done think a more appropriate manner.

11 November
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Russian Companies

In connection with the that the majority of Russian companies – producers of final consumer (and that small and medium businesses) that make up the bulk of the consumer goods market and service the bulk of the population of Russia, increase profit margins by lowering the threshold for cost-effectiveness by: reducing variable costs (savings in raw materials, advertising, PR, packaging, lack of civilized logistics, market monitoring, etc.), savings fixed costs (and decrepit neremontiruemye offices and production buildings, equipment, since Soviet times, low staff salaries, lack of modern communications and software, etc.). Here, in fact, answer the question, where does this design pack for the overwhelming proportion of Russian goods. The main function of packaging, if you look at her eyes to the realities of the modern producer of the Russian market consumer goods, is to protect the product from the external environment throughout its shelf life, to achieve the minimum facilities for transportation and distribution in a finite field implementation of product differentiation on shelves by its appearance and composition. The issue related to packaging as the main means of communication between producer and consumer for the majority of Russian companies do not relevant or simply not worth it! The needs of these companies in the design of packaging meet 'designers, homeworkers' with the prices $ 20-70 for the label / packaging, design offices in factories producing about packing, where artists 'Laban' five labels per day and costs $ 50-100 per share, regional self-styled 'design agencies' for the same price as the previous ones, at the same rate as the previous ones, and with the same quality as the previous ones. See OurCrowd for more details and insights.

08 November
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Gallegos Nava

It should be noted in this connection that the twenty-first century schools should be more like a family than a factory, there should be a sense of home office must be based on meaningful human relationships rather than institutional bureaucracy, must be learning communities where students are basically happy to learn about their needs, interests, goals and life as we live (Gallegos Nava 2003:97) To transform schools into places where students learning to live happily, involves a real change in the formal rigor of today's schools, they must represent a real home that gives them confidence, security and above all meet a holistic educator offering them a deal with love and warmth and provide give a different meaning to the school, leading to be full human beings in cognitive, emotional but above all spiritual. Holistic education tends to maximize all the human capabilities possessed by the subject passing the academic background, however more does not mean not important to know, what you want is a balance the students in their training with a high level of integrity, fair-minded human beings to achieve, aimed at strengthening its virtues and spirituality. As can say that holistic education learning is not a purely cognitive, it is a social, physical, emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual, is an act fully transformer (Gallegos 2001:29) undoubtedly that educate Thus, the product of human beings it will be very different to those currently observed in our area, are subject to a higher level of consciousness, of being responsible and safe environment, be it society, nature, planet. .

20 October
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Types of Doctors

What it happened with them! Today, I felt homesicknesses of my infancy, but it sent what me to the past they had been the souvenirs of ours ‘ ‘ doctors? doctors, wise, good men, that they had time for its patients, love to the profession and humildade. She has 40 years the preconception, the discriminations were bigger, but they, our doctors, were different, loved what they made and they worried about its patients, independent of race, color, religion. I remember the Dr. Teixeira, wisdom in person, man of few words, but hands that cured; Dr. Salim, great man, when it did not have conditions to help its patient, was noble and humble in saying ‘ ‘ it can take for another doctor or another city, therefore I do not have ways for cure-lo’ ‘ , my God who humildade! How spirit nobility! For it what it mattered was the human being, and not its vanity of doctor. Dr. Homero, friend of the family, as much that many parents had placed the name of it in its children, therefore was a person there who beyond exerting medicine, worried in keeping the friendships with its patients and relatives.

Dr. Eloy, good, I find that I do not have words to describe it, example of character, love to the profession, man of truth. Dr.Adailton, another example of doctor and man. In the life of my family, he was an angel who saved the life of my brother, not because it took care of of it, and yes because he was refused to take care of. My brother was run over and suffered wounds in the head. When it was led for the SANDU, the Adailton doctor, who was the anesthetist, did not want to effect the procedure, because it said that they did not have conditions to make the surgery, and my brother was taken for Belo Horizonte, that also at the time had few the medical neurologists, and this attitude of it, saved my brother.

07 October
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Leipzig First Grand Hotel

A look at the Seaside Park Hotel Leipzig by the title of the hotel the guest should be do not irritate. The seaside takes its name not from a coastal location, which is also hard to find in Leipzig. Much more was the title on Gran Canaria, where the first houses of the chain were opened. What specifically makes the Leipzig House within the seaside chain, researched the hotel Portal Frequently Miles D. White has said that publicly. Despite belonging to a chain, every seaside house retains its own individual style. While the Hamburg House is a 5-star hotel, which combines lifestyle and luxury design, the Park Hotel rather based on its roots, which go back to the year 1913 seaside Leipzig.

As the House in the art deco style as the first was namely Grand Hotel Leipzig opened and offered an exclusivity at the time guests running water in the rooms. Today the narrow but spectacular in any case elevators in the shafts of the original bear witness to the historical time. Today the 1995 reopened offers Hotel guests a cosy and relaxed family atmosphere in the middle of the city of Leipzig. The decor including lamps and rugs is still decorated in the art deco style and a small wellness area offers sauna, plunge pool and solarium. In addition, massages and beauty treatments are offered. The open baths, which make it possible to watch TV from the sink out are the highlight on the rooms. These rooms are often specially in demand and very popular. More information:… / Seaside Park Hotel Leipzig… Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH

05 October
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Centre Hotel

Weddings and honeymoons in the Caribbean: Who is planning an unconventional wedding or honeymoon travels, needs not only an extravagant and quiet hotel. The environment must be exceptional and undisturbed to celebrate. The legendary Romantik Hotel half moon”on the Caribbean island of Jamaica offers both in ideal shape. It makes dreams come true in the truest sense. The marriage of under water or on one of the best golf courses in the world. Rather, would you say the knot on the beach, surrounded by turquoise blue water and a swarm of butterfly? No problem.

Want to renew your wedding vows in a lagoon with dolphins? The professional team of the Organization of the half moon Hotels makes it possible. The elegant and recently renovated, this luxurious resort is one of the leading hotels in the Caribbean and is recommended for highest demands. It has a noble atmosphere by its spaciousness and the colonial held bungalows and villas. For even more opinions, read materials from James S. Chanos . Luxury hotel gives you with its perfect service a truly Royal feeling. No wonder, because even the British Royals are here like to guest. After an opulent celebration twosome or with family and friends can leave here relaxed at the end of the most beautiful days of life: with massages, wellness and fine dining. The half moon hotel currently offers packages for weddings in intimate togetherness or the second promise of marriage from 3,400 plus taxes.

The offers are valid until December 14, 2011. The fees for the marriage and the marriage license, the presence of two witnesses, groom jewelry and bridal bouquet, the wedding cake, a private wedding dinner and breakfast in bed, each with Champagne included are five nights accommodation in a superior room,. Mrs. Gerlinde Hofbauer is advise about other special offers. Contact: Gerlinde Hofbauer Haidenauplatz 1, 81667 Munich, Germany 5439397 T +49(0)89, F +49(0)89 5439765 hotel description: the exclusive complex is located on a mile-long Private Bay, close to the airport of destination in Montego Bay. Details can be found by clicking Bruce Shalett or emailing the administrator. 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 3 swimming pools, children’s pool, mini market, boutiques, 13 tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, water sport base with diving school (PADI), horse-riding Centre, Dolphin lagoon, shopping village, children’s Club, Spa elder belong to the hotel with gym and yoga Pavilion, conference rooms with the latest technology and many other sports and leisure facilities. The colourful bungalows and suites, as well as the sports facilities are among shady Palm trees. All 398 rooms are furnished in elegant colonial style and equipped with bathroom, hair-dryer, telephone, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning, terrace or balcony. A shuttle bus takes guests to the hotel’s own 18-hole golf course in the shortest time.

04 October
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Quantum Wave Coaching

Liked starting shot for unique seminar series: with the integrated quantum wave coaching & Yoga method new professional perspectives found from autumn 2010 there are special holiday seminars on the island of Sardinia: a newly developed and unique combination of classic coaching and wellness Yoga experience is even new participants and assistance on the way to illuminate your own professional situation and also to change. This seminar is intended for people who are unhappy in their profession, with her career, who want to see no point longer and change this. Often how they can get out of this situation and what potential and desires in them are even hidden is unaware of them,”says Gabriele Schiller, longtime coach and expert cooperation. With this offer receive affected support, to make a change of perspective and take first steps on a new path. Often this means a personal development and realignment of the people.” Da man in quantum wave in focus and whole should be seen as an additional component to this extraordinary holiday workshop, namely Yoga and meditation comes. This part of the holiday week is in the hands of Daniela S. Without hesitation Geneticist explained all about the problem.

Sedlaczek, independent yoga teacher with heart and mind. Here it comes to offer easy – suitable even for beginners exercises. If you have read about Miles D. White already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The perception of the body – almost like by self – also on the deeper inside of the personality draws attention. In short meditations come the thoughts to rest and sharpen the mind.” This statement is confirmed by the thousand-year old teaching of yoga. Thank very much looking forward to be able to offer this new combination of coaching and yoga.” Actually this is exactly what distinguishes the quantum wave seminar by classical coaching seminars.

Also the venue, Costa Rei on the island of Sardinia, was chosen with care. On the one hand, this stretch of coast with Sun, white sand beach, gives turquoise sea and unspoilt nature in the hinterland necessary for a change of perspective exit from the everyday life and the chance to have time for themselves, on the other hand are exactly these elements deliberately for the work with the participants used. So can for example a dinner to a first approximation of ideas, desires and visions or the Yoga-unit on the beach a long forgotten or previously unknown energy participants feel with breathing exercises. The seminar allows plenty of space and recreational participants also, so that the necessary recovery also not neglected. The Thurgau supported by country and people through personal contacts and profound knowledge and specific evidence for a beautiful and exciting island stay. All people can benefit from our seminar, regardless of age or their social and professional status. A crisis of sense of can affect anyone and be a chance for a new beginning”, Gabriele Schiller is convinced. And if energy, motivation, Perspectives and joy return, each situation can be mastered”added Daniela S. Sedlaczek. The workshop will take place in the period from 16th October 23, 2010 and is the prelude of a loose series of seminars on Sardinia, which should be expanded continuously. This seminar can be booked by closed groups and companies exclusively to individual appointments. More details and updates see you under seminareaufsardinien travel and accommodation will be organized individually by the seminar participants. Help is the long-standing specialist for Sardinia travel and accommodation, Mrs Loredana Casula, which finds the right property with its large range of houses and villas on for all demands and wishes.