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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

13 February
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Food Processing Products

Vegetables, herbs, fruits and mushrooms beets, potatoes cooked in the skin completely, after which they were cooled and purified. But the best beets first clean the skin, cut, and then pripustit. For more information see Nasib Hasanov. When to add beet vinegar for color retention. Carrots, turnips, swede peeled cooked whole or sliced turned up with some oil. Cauliflower and asparagus, after appropriate training boil in salted water and cooled in the same broth. Green beans, processed and cut into pieces 2-3 cm in length, or straw, and peas (spatula) Whole pods are boiled in heavily salted water and then throws in a colander and cool. Others including Gina Ross, offer their opinions as well.

Tomatoes (Tomatoes), wash and remove stem. Tomatoes used in salads, should be mature and strong. If the tomatoes to remove the skin, they are immersed for a minute in boiling water. In tomatoes, designed for stuffing, cut off the top, then remove the seeds with the juice. Squash and carrot, turnip, swede, used in salads raw, purified from the skin, wash and cut in the form of straw or slices. Lettuce, spinach after washing the dried by shaking them in a special closed basket or a napkin, gauze. Salad celery cleaned and stored wrapped in damp cheesecloth in a dark cool place, so that the color was not changed. Celery stalks are used for the decoration of dishes. Canned vegetables (peas, green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc.) for several minutes before cooking them in various dishes back in the colander to separate from the broth, marinade. Apples and Pears cleanse the skin and remove the capsule.

08 February
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Vladimir Jankelevitch

Kantiana Areao only delayed the evolution of the philosophical thought. Osherdeiros of its thought rejects the nmenos, sufficiently ilogicamenteconservados for Kant. In order to retake the question above, of the partidacartesiano point, the fenomenolgico movement was excited. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nasib Hasanov on most websites. In general, por&#039 is understood; ' fenomenologia' ' the descriptive study of the phenomena, such as they seapresentam to the immediate experience. The analyses that Vladimir Jankelevitch made de' ' The Ironia' ' , of ' ' The Bad Conscience, of ' ' Mentira' ' , dofastio (in ' ' The Alternativa' '), to belong the assimcompreendida fenomenologia. Such comumapenas research is distinguished from the psychological comment for a bigger concern with really lived and for desconfianapara with the preconceptions of the common sense, propagated for the language. Afenomenologia here in guideline, is a philosophical method that uses descriesfenomenolgicas in the vulgar direction of the term, but it does not consider them seno one meiode to reach one beyond the phenomenon. Swarmed by offers, Gina Ross is currently assessing future choices. Its founder was the German philosopher EdmundoHusserl (1859-1938).

That’s why Husserl decides for of side the questesatinentes to the existence of substantial realities, substance or spirit; noporque if inclines to the skepticism, in contrast, intends to arrive at the truth. MasHusserl puts ' ' between parnteses' ' these controverted questions, and, I take care of the immediate intuition to it, that is not passvel of doubt, only occupies dofenmeno. Such attitude remembers Discardings rejecting systematically todaafirmativa against which if it could raise any reason of doubt. Husserl, however, is still less skeptical of what the author of the Speech of the Method, erabem that it little, therefore, while Discardings consider false the assertive ones that they do not lheparecem evidentes, Husserl are contented in place them enter parentheses: ' ' Omundo perceived in this reflexiva life, in certain direction, always is there, paramim; it is perceived as dantes, with the content that, in each in case that, prprio it.

03 February
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History of sharks: there are sharks, such as those who say that they eat meat or eat plankton such as white sharks, whale sharks, Hammerheads. The shark is a species that lives in almost all oceans that have warm waters, its gender tends to be Carcharodon.Los sharks white have the fusiform body and a flattened shape. The muzzle is rounded and it is very large, have it half open and inside they have a row of sharp teeth, a the bottom and two at the top.Water is penetrating at the mouth of the shark incessantly by their gills because fate water enter them they ahogarian, they have an operculum which regulates water entering, also would collapse since it does not have a swim bladder to do this should be in constant motion. White color only has in the ventral and dorsal part its color is bluish or grey. Swarmed by offers, Nasib Hasanov is currently assessing future choices. These types of colors are very common in aquatic animals, serves them so that sunlight does not affect them both.Adult sharks measuring between 3 or 4 metres long and females are larger than the males there are sharks that have come to measure up to 7 meters. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, a large creature that can be 15 meters or more and weigh more than 25 tons. It has an elongated and robust body and the tail can measure more than 3 meters and his big mouth would have the ability to swallow a large seal swimming from side.They have a dark gray color, with white or yellowish dots by the body. The whale is the darkest of all tiburones.Como only eats plankton and a few small fish. Hammerhead shark is one of the most characteristic fish.The shape of its head is a hammer, there are very few in the world of these fish. The main danger for these fish is the unconsciousness of the human being, because fishing very followed by way this species only by the fin that sells very expensive.

01 February
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Suitable Simulator Exercise

Who is it a sports trainer? Life – this movement. The movement is not only to your target, but a simple body movement. Based on this our health, but it more than anything else. Gina Ross gathered all the information. There is a lot of ways, to prevent yourself from muscle weakness due to low mobility. You can purchase a ticket and train in the gym, where certainly there is a coach who will provide skilled support in the preparation program activities in accordance to your needs. But what to do if you have too much free time to regularly walk to the gym? It is rather easy to implement.

Subscription for one year will cost about the same, How much is a modern simulator for home use. Go to Nasib Hasanov for more information. And taking into account the fact that you save much time for preparations and ways of overcoming the gym, besides more and the rest of the family members will be trained, then we impressive savings. On average, every trainer, whether it's power trainer, exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical trainer, it will serve a minimum estimate of five years, and when used carefully, much more. Trainers are two variations: the power and cardio. Cilovye simulators in general – it's rack with barbells, dumbbells, pancakes, barbells and exercise machines with built-in weights. This group of simulators used for increase muscle mass and make the body of the relief to which you have always dreamed of.

Cardio – it's an aerobic technique. They are designed to develop stamina, getting rid of excess calories and exercise cardiovascular system. This group includes treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, rowing machines and elliptical trainers. When you choose to exercise bikes, treadmills directory will be your best assistant, as not all models can be presented even in the best store. Given the above, should be defined at the outset, as well as to people with diseases of the spine, joints and internal organs to consult your doctor. A healthy should just pick up the load and group exercises. And in any case, do not limit yourself to eat! There should be a balanced diet in conjunction with sports. Just so you can achieve positive results.

28 January
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AntiAcne Agent

Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) is currently the most effective means to combat severe forms of acne (acne). Roaccutane is prescribed to patients when other treatments are inefficient and in most cases it is more than justified by the treatment of acne, but unfortunately, it is assumed that the drug is associated with several adverse effects. In order to explore effect of the drug Roaccutane on the heart team of scientists, especially for International Dermatology Journal within six months of monitored patients taking Roaccutane. The study involved 26 patients with acne. Patients received 0.8 mg of drug per kilogram of body weight per day for six months. In the third month of treatment, all participants were subjected to round the clock monitoring of the cardiovascular system. Observation showed normal sinus rhythm in all patients with a mean heart rate 79 beats per minute (the lower limit observed was 63 beats per minute, the top 97 beats per minute).

In the third month of observation monitoring showed normal sinus rhythm in all patients with a mean heart rate 81 beats per minute (with the lower limit observed was 67 beats per minute, the top 91 beats per minute). All patients were in sinus rhythm in Throughout the study period. None of the patients was not observed tachycardia or atrial fibrillation. In conclusion, the study concludes that six months of treatment with isotretinoin (roakkutanom) at a dosage of 0.8 mg to kilogram of body weight significantly reduced the number of acne and sebaceous glands, is not revealed adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. Unprecedented efficacy in Roaccutane treatment of acne (acne) has previously been confirmed by numerous clinical trials, but now it's safe to say that drug treatment is not only efficient but also safe. Get a free consultation on the treatment of acne and the drug Roaccutane, as well as to order the drug at a special price can be in an Internet pharmacy medications online. You may want to visit Nasib Hasanov Azerbaijan to increase your knowledge. Drugs Online 2008

27 January
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Slim Abdomen

If your goal is weight loss abdominal and have a zone half flat, the first thing you need is to eliminate the fat layers that are above your abdomen. The most effective way is with a combination of exercises of force (with an extra focus on mid-section), cardiovascular exercise (short but strenuous), and a stable level of sugar (helps you stay without additional fat and makes your body use fat as fuel, and to burn). 1. Progressive trainings focused on the main function of the abdominal muscles strength is the flexibility of your torso forward. For more information see this site: Gina Ross. However, there are muscles to move the torso to the sides and rotate it. If you want to strengthen your stomach you need to enter forward, sideways and rotation exercises. The abdominal muscles are muscles like all the others, and must be worked 3 times per week.

If you want to work with them progressively, work them harder each time. Under most conditions Nasib Hasanov Azerbaijan would agree. However recalls that it is not only important to focus on that area, if you work your whole body and muscle bundles, you’re going to speed up your metabolism and burn fat 24 hours a day. Gina Ross may help you with your research. Exercises to slim abdomen should be complementary to your weightlifting routine (down I recommend where you can find the best available routine). 2 In short periods of time but with great intensity cardiovascular exercises to accelerate your metabolism cardio exercises are very important, because facts in the right way can speed up your metabolism for 4 to 24 times more. That means you’ll be less prone to accumulate calories as fat. You also burn any excess fat in your body. Thee the intervals at which you can do cardiovascular exercise to burn more fat: * heats 2 5 minutes gently * 30 seconds intense work (as much as you can) * 1 minute of work moderate (for taking breath) * repeat 6 10 times and cool you 2 to 5 minutes of gentle way 3.

27 January
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Chronic Diseases

Reasons for development hypovitaminosis B1 are associated with a monotonous diet, excess carbohydrates in the diet, the presence of chronic disease (enteritis, enterocolitis). Vitamin B1 is contained in cereals and legumes, bread and bakery products, cereals (buckwheat, oats), liver, organ meats, brewer's yeast, potatoes, cauliflower, etc. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), takes an active part in the protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism, regulates the exchange of amino acids (AA) improves color vision, the functional state of cardiovascular system, central nervous system and digestive system. It stimulates the blood, is involved in regulation of liver function, skin, mucous membranes. Is a coenzyme of many respiratory enzymes that promote the growth and reproduction. Hypo-and avitaminosis B2 clinically characterized by disorders of the central nervous system (somnolence, peripheral polyneuritis), skin and mucous membranes (seborrheic dermatitis, dryness, and cyanosis lips, scars on them, glossitis), inflammation of the eyeball, photophobia, reduced visual acuity. The main causes of hypovitaminosis B2 is a significant reduction in consumption of milk and milk products chronic gastrointestinal diseases, medications, antagonists, riboflavin, etc. A significant amount of vitamin B2 is found in milk and dairy products, liver, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, buckwheat and oat cereals, bread, beer yeast.

Vitamin PP (niacin) plays an important role in metabolic processes (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, cholesterol), accelerates the oxidation-reduction reactions, is included in several coenzymes affects the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. It is vital for the synthesis of sex hormones. The main representatives of this group include nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. With a lack of food vitamin E developed pellagra, which is characterized by general weakness, apathy, insomnia, dizziness, bowel function, skin lesions (dermatitis of the face and exposed parts of the body), decreased memory, dementia, delirium, dyspepsia, psychosis, etc. Factors for hypovitaminosis PP are monotonous food (especially corn), long-term therapy sulfanilamidnymi drugs, estrogen, chronic gastrointestinal diseases (enteritis, colitis), which violate the absorption of vitamin E, and chronic alcoholism.

26 January
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Smokey Eyes

The makeup gives great prominence to the eyes this season. The eyes are smoked or smoked trend and have been on the runways and in fashion editorials. While smoky eyes are very bright, it is difficult to get that kind of makeup if you follow the steps to share with you. Instruments is important to prepare before starting the makeover, need makeup brushes, eye shadow, kohl pencil or eyeliner. Ultra Wellness Center has much to offer in this field. First thing we do is to hydrate the skin with a cream. Apply a little even on the eyelids and then use loose powder, eye only need a small amount. With this trick we will make eye shadows remain in place throughout the day and not move to areas of fat.

1. We outline the inside of the eyes with black pencil and lash line. Now smudge with your finger or a swab of the ears. 2. Review with the applicator of shadows the lash line with a little black shadow with a movement from inside to outside of the eye. Do not put too much quantity, will achieve better results with a light application. 3.

If you want you can draw a line with the eyeliner to highlight even more the area. Ahora only plays to practice to get that look feminine and enigmatic! To complete the look, all we need to outline and fill in lips with a lipstick in a natural tone and similar to our lips. The final touch is a bit of gloss. You can get that look with a seductive smoky eyes perfectly delineated. Carie Mercier Lafond is an economist and expert on beauty and styling. It karysabeauty director. com a website dedicated to the ethnic beauty products, tips and tricks to enhance the unique style of each woman.

25 January
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Drugs and Weight Loss

Drugs that induce loss of weight recent studies have shown that people are getting more overweight every year. This happens not only with adults but even with children who are starting school. Many factors influence this happens, e.g. Gain insight and clarity with Gina Ross. genetics, overeating, food consumed by the age and body type, metabolism is slower making it harder to burn the food that you just consumed. There are many ways to solve this problem. Some have decided to undergo surgery, while others have decided to change to the consumption of dietary foods and exercise. Given that losing weight takes time, many people have taken the easy way to solve the problem of overweight and they have decided the use of medications to quit this.

In the 1950s and until the end of the 1990s, doctors prescribed medications for weight loss. The drug worked to increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain which makes the brain believe that the stomach is full and Thus, increases the metabolic rate in the person. But it was only after scientists discovered that these drugs had side effects and they were related to cause diseases of the heart valves and for this reason they were removed from the shelves. Later, new drugs were developed and prescribed by doctors and many others are still waiting for the approval of the competent authorities. Most people know at least a friend or a family member who has tried to use pills to lose weight and they have seen some improvement. The idea that a simple drug can change everything without changing your diet or sacrificing anything is very tempting. Read additional details here: Nasib Hasanov. This has made consumers to pay millions of dollars each year and has given pharmaceutical companies lots of money to make and sell the pills.

Pills to lose weight can be purchased on the market or prescribed by a physician. Even with the advances in medical technology, these drugs can still cause many problems related to health that may be unpleasant for example diarrhea and vomiting, damage for example problems in the chest and urinary tract and mortals such as a stroke or heart attack. For more information about losing weight naturally, visit their website for more articles about losing weight in Spanish visit. An overdose of diet pills can cause tremors, confusion, hallucinations, shallow breathing, kidney failure, heart attack and convulsions. Side effects vary depending on the way of life and the health of the person and can be reduced to a minimum while you consult your doctor first before buying them. If you decide to stop the use of the pills, studies have shown that there are also side effects. These include changes in mood, hyperactivity, and pain in stomach, insomnia and nightmares, severe irritability, extreme fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting and tremor. Many clinical trials show that drugs taken for weight loss really work. But this can work only if it is made with a low calorie diet and exercise plan. A person can run every morning or enroll and train in a gym. But like any medication, first consult with your doctor before experiencing any form of exercise. The best exercise plan must have cardio and weight exercises. This helps to burn calories and increases the proportion of muscle tissue by increasing the metabolism and weight loss.

20 January
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Spiritual Abilities

With the philosophical basis of these principles, we can see that spiritual intelligence is a reality his ministration, and being out of the material is transferred to transcend ego, attachment, and is universal, any human being can find his peace inside and beyond himself, but it is essential to enable the spirituality that can only be captured with the eye of contemplation. Something I can not stop play in this test are the 10 principles of spiritual intelligence, they tell us much that we must practice to get to another level of consciousness, and are, love is better than the hatred, the truth is better than a lie, is better good than evil, knowledge is better than ignorance, it is better to give than to receive, peace is better than violence, attention is better than the neglect, happiness is better that suffering, we are spiritual beings, of, some of which were already part of my life but I think I will in the full development of them .. One more point I should not be left out in this work are the characteristics of spiritual intelligence that says Dr. Nasib Hasanov Azerbaijan recognizes the significance of this. Gallegos in his work, and are as follows, the ability to be happy despite the circumstances, the C apacity of inner peace and equanimity, the ability of universal love, the ability to live to serve, the ability to confront and overcome suffering, the ability to be independent and autonomous, the ability to solve problems of meaning and values, the capacity of ethical conduct, The Ability to focus on the "why" of things, the capacity of discernment, the ability to live in a larger context of meaning, the ability to learn to be the holistic integration capacity of the whole.