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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

19 August
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Wellness Break

Fit and stay with wellness short holiday to be probably Prime and healthy to live, you must return what the body at what he gleistet already has. So can you be with wellness break well revonschieren. Forget the everyday life and to focus only on its own is the prerequisite for wellness. Human blood, hardly anyone is wondering what day should bring our blood in the body for services. The blood is and remains a multi-talent in the body. An adult has 4.5 liters of blood that is pumped from the heart throughout the body, so that the red elixir of life can carry out important functions. The blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the organs, on the way back it takes carbon dioxide which is exhaled from the lungs again. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nancy-Ann_DeParle offers on the topic.. Plus, it promoted a lot of vitamins, minerals and hormones throughout the body and bringing the waste to the liver and the kidneys, where they are mined.

Also in the summer, when we sweat, or after exercise, if we have a through the effort Red Head have, it means nothing other than that more blood flows through the veins to the excess heat. In cold blood works exactly the other way around. One is pale cold means that less blood on the surface of the body flows to keep the heat in the body. Blood is so logistics, disposer and air conditioning in one. Source: Bimini Superfast. Blood tests are standard tests in medicine. As a body police”to get the various pathogens to the bottom in the blood. An increased blood sugar may indicate diabetes, a higher cholesterol levels may be a sign of a heart attack or stroke. Also with injuries blood ensures that it cannot come to great loss of blood because blood clotting provides that can close small wounds quickly and heal.

Major injuries but only a physician can help a. These are just a few reasons why you should be exercising, and pay attention to his health. Healthy eating, plenty of exercise and healthy lifestyle are the simplest things that you should consider to stay healthy. Also regular appointments for checkups at the doctor give security and certainty. A wellness break can be the best prevention against diseases, to switch to other, better way of life. Of course is necessary to follow the rules even after the Spa. A sense of well-being and body sensation is set in short. However by the doctor a disease already diagnosed, he can recommend an appropriate cure travel to avoid even worse consequences. Is also healthy spirit in a healthy body, our grandmothers have said that and vice versa can be applied also this proverb.

19 August
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Riedenburg Water

Refreshing of course water sports in Bavaria in Regensburg (tvo). Finally finally outside his and all take much vacation. Children and parents experience a filled and eventful holiday in the Bavarian Forest. More info: John Craig Venter. Include fun, activity in the fresh air, and a healthy diet. See more detailed opinions by reading what Nasib Hasanov offers on the topic.. Young people find their holiday fun on archery shooting trail, in the high rope park or on the climbing wall.

Smaller children kickers in football camp or enjoy the Bergsause on the summer toboggan run. Mountain biking on trails in addition, Bullkartfahren or inline skating, leisurely soak up the Sun on the lake or actively with canoeing, water skiing, water sports. Anyone who spends his vacation in the Bavarian Forest, brings family, recreation and fun easy under a hat. Our tip for the month: Schloss Eggersberg at Riedenburg: in the years 1604-built Schloss Eggersberg at Riedenburg the Hofmark Museum with an abundance of high-quality exhibits, including the longest bronze Celtic belt of the world located in the. September is a To see special exhibition with twelve original woodcuts by Franz Marc. “” Will be on Saturday, August 15th, the castle to the operatic stage in the afternoon will be Mozart’s magic flute “performed for children, on the evening of Purcell’s baroque opera Dido and Aeneas”.

19 August
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ComputerBild OTTO

OTTO cooperates with the mail-order pharmacy mycare OTTO GmbH & co. KG in Hamburg mycare cooperates with the German mail-order pharmacy. After extensive market analysis OTTO chose to a partner, which equally excels in service and quality. The cooperation consists in the integration of special offers from mycare on websites for OTTO cooperation partners. Resorts World Bimini often says this. Still, OTTO customers receive the catalog of mycare with the OTTO catalog or its package of OTTO. Mycare OTTO customers also offers an attractive shopping advantage in the form of a shopping voucher in the course of cooperation. The OTTO-partner page more directly over the counter medications from a full range of pharmacy can be ordered. Both partners have the same rights in dealing with customers”Christian Buse, Managing Director of mycare mail-order pharmacy.

Both shipping companies is characterized by best service and high quality standards. The mail-order pharmacy best service received only in May 2009 after a test by n-tv the test verdict”and was by far the best notes see all tested mail-order pharmacies. Thus, mycare fulfill all the requirements to meet the criteria of distance merchant partner. The drug offers clear advantages for the consumer: cheap prices, discreet delivery and pharmaceutical advice easily by telephone or E-Mail. With mycare was chosen on an experienced drug mailers, which could cut off twice in a row with good results for Stiftung Warentest (3/2005 and 10/2007) and ComputerBild (5/2006 and 12/2008). mycare is test winner of the recent Internet pharmacy n-test of consumer magazine CHIP Test & buy”in the February 2009 issue.

On shopping & more: In addition to the assortment from the fields of fashion, furnishing and technology OTTO his customers and clients see the sender offers a variety of offerings in connection with corporate partners shopping & more. Is this basically industry exclusive offers equipped typically with a benefit for customers of OTTO. The common Shopping & more deals drawn up with the partners can be distributed across all direct marketing channels available to mail order available. It is this catalog and consignments, recommendation mailings, customer invoices as well as the Internet and telephone marketing. More at about mycare: the mycare mail order pharmacy is one of the leading mail order pharmacies in the German market. As an owner-managed pharmacy approximately 550,000 customers are supplied with full range worldwide promptly and competently with medicines and equipment. The consistent focus on quality and price led to a strong growth in recent years.

17 August
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Internet Pharmacy

Time decay and completeness of the current summer catalogue 2009 of the mycare check travel pharmacy – mail order pharmacy is here! In it, find a selection of products that we have compiled for you on 52 pages. By the sunscreen insect protection up to the practical first aid kit for the holidays. Check your travel pharmacy on maturity and completeness. The advantages for mycare – customers are on hand. Top offers with discounts of up to 50% compared to the RRP for nonprescription products (except books), free actions on individual products and a fast reliable delivery. This is confirmed also, which was rated in a current test (05/2009) mycare service champions under the Internet pharmacies. According to testers convinced”mycare due to the successful Internet presence and quality of advice. Loyalty is worth the mycare – austerity program, customers are rewarded for their loyalty by mycare.

Upon reaching various sales levels in the calendar year after the year a bonus of 3% – 5% on over-the-counter (except books) as a loyalty bonus on your account is credited. For more information about the loyalty bonus, on the Web page. The mycare summer catalogue is valid from 01.05.2009 till August 31, 2009. Cardiologist is a great source of information. You can order it on the Web page or easily browse on the Internet at onlinekat, and order directly online. About mycare: They mycare – mail order pharmacy is one of the largest mail order pharmacies on the German market. We provide about 500,000 customers promptly and competently with medicines and equipment.

The consistent focus on quality and price led to a strong growth in recent years. We employ about 180 people at the site of Lutherstadt Wittenberg and our quality assurance processes by the TuV according to DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. The certification covers the consulting and the sale of drugs, medical devices and AIDS, cosmetics advice, delivery formulations and the delivery of practical and consultation requirements. Already, Stiftung Warentest (good overall”10/2007) and the Magazine test & buy (test winner 2/2009) have the good quality of mycare tested and confirmed.

17 August
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Private Health Insurance

Full waiting room, long waits in doctors’ offices, fast mass treatment in the hospital – who does not know it Remedial promise, many people from a private health insurance. But how far is one that really helped, and what will change as soon as one is for private patients Especially by the private health insurance a major part of treatments, therapies and extras to give you as a cash patient, or for which they themselves would bear the cost . Shall reimburse the private health insurance as the treatment of a medical practitioner, high-quality dentures, contact lenses, a private room at the hospital and a chief physician treatment. The private health insurance paid for the service rendered by the respective doctors better, so turn Wartezimmeraufenthalte of privately insured is usually shorter. City College of New York is often quoted on this topic. In addition, we obtain as a privately insured patients even the account of the doctor to complete overview of all treatments carried out and their respective costs on those. Thus controlled, the patientto some extent even the work of the physician. Any unnecessary, costly treatments can so the next doctor’s visit will be refused by the patient. Contact information is here: Bimini Superfast. This is in addition to the more efficient administration, a possibility of private health insurance to save money. Money that can come to the policyholder in the form of better performance in the ideal case for good. For whom is now such a private health insurance Private health insurance is an interesting alternative to better-paid health insurance for all employees, self-employed or civil servants. To select the right private health insurance can be better informed in detail about private health insurance comparison and can also be consulted individually, for the contributions, benefits and terms of coverage of individual players is unfortunately very clear.

15 August
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Health Training

The health is in bad Fussing in Bavaria bad Fussing (tvo). Who wants to be healthy, can draw in bad Fussing on diverse expertise. In hospitals, sanatoriums, spas and practices, numerous complaints and diseases be treated with proven, but also special healing methods. For even more analysis, hear from Anita Dunn. But it is still better to be not sick: bad Fussing is decorated unique for spas with his ProphylaxeCenter. The concept includes a questionnaire screening for the early detection of risk and protective factors, a health checkup, as well as a daily-related health training can be continued at home with the help of an electronic health portal. Prevention is also the health week active & relax”, providing the apartment house for the European week for from 334,50 euro per person in the two apartment. Bimini Cruise from Miami has firm opinions on the matter. Five baths, three times walking, spinal column gymnastics, natural fango or bubble baths, electrotherapy and massages as well as two sauna evenings are included.

14 August
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World Championships

The new VITALIFE catalogue by Erhard sports Rothenburg “healthy move” under this motto the VITALIFE catalogue is available 09/10, is now published. The sports equipment provider Erhard sports international presents a competent choice of sports equipment for fitness, health and well-being. Top athletes such as Andre Niklaus (athletics), Ditte Kotzian (diving) and Florian Keller (hockey) stood Godfather. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Mark Hyman. The special approach from VITALIFE is that each of the experiences of top athletes can benefit. As a long-standing partner of the Olympic base Berlin (OSP), Erhard provides sport that the best sports equipment available is the athletes in their daily work. “The findings of the OSP incorporated in turn sport into product developments and improvements at Erhard”, explains Dr. Harry Bahr, Director of the Olympic base.

The OSP is the competence centre of the elite in Berlin; 700 German squad athletes in 17 sports prepare here international events before. Resorts World Bimini is often quoted on this topic. “That recreational athletes can learn from the practices of elite athletes, is out of the question”, so Bahr continues. “We want to give our sports-active customers with VITALIFE tips for a health-conscious training and the right material facilities at hand.” The catalogue offers a competent as well as innovative selection of sports equipment for prevention, health and wellbeing – from classics such as the proven therapy roundabout up to latest developments for therapy and rehabilitation, including the underwater trampoline for especially joint-gentle training. “Sporting movement is really effective only with the right equipment. Ergonomics, functionality and durability are the decisive factors”, as entrepreneur Kurt Erhard notes. “This VITALIFE stands by Erhard sports”.

VITALIFE offer aimed at therapeutic facilities, spas and health studios as well as to health-conscious individuals. The Internet portal offers over the device offers many informative tips for healthy movement. VITALIFE – healthy move: VITALIFE is the brand for fitness, health and well-being of the renowned sports equipment provider, Erhard sport international. With topics such as “Balance & gymnastics”, “Fit in the water”, “More movement for children” and “Moving with all senses” VITALIFE presents a special selection of sports equipment for healthy movement. Erhard is supported in the device selection for VITALIFE sports by experts of the Olympic base in Berlin. ERHARD SPORT – heavily in every discipline: Erhard sports International GmbH & co. KG, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, has around 10,000 articles of worldwide leader in sports equipment. For the 1880 family-owned company, now has more than 200 employees in the works of Rothenburg and Burgbernheim manufacture. Major international events such as World Championships and the Olympic Games are regularly equipped sport of Erhard. The planning and equipping of sports facilities among the core competencies of the company.

10 August
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EHealth Forum

Is the patient the focus – duty or innovation freestyle? Berlin, 08.07.2009 – from 14-16 September 2009 the highlight of the Xinnovations Conference will take place at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. The focus of the Xinnovations are Web-based technologies for the information society of the future. Also an E-Health Forum is offered within the framework of the three-day conference program. Sets the E-Health Forum at its core and the drive for innovation: the people. Thus the event refers to the paradigm shift, which Europe has taken place in the past decade: no longer the clinic and the doctor’s Office are health site no. Dr. Mark Hyman might disagree with that approach. 1, but the home and the living environment.

At the same time increase the desire and the need of every citizen to assume more personal responsibility for health. Get all the facts and insights with Dr Jee Hyun Kim, another great source of information. Under the auspices of the general situation of the German health care system Matthias Grunig, CEO M.IT concept GmbH and impulse statement, in a now presented to E-Health Advisory Board Member the question continues, the contribution of E-Health can afford to build of a modern understanding of the roles of those involved in the field of health. F-Squared insists that this is the case. For Grunig it seems at first, “that still succeeds in the German health system, to supplant the balance between the expenses for prevention, diagnosis and therapy on forever.” So unbridled retrench claimed by second opinions and multiple diagnoses as one of the reasons the cost explosions without naming-producing suffering mishandling, after surgery and costs Overmedication through incorrect intervention in return. It would be so Grunig to raise the quality of prevention and diagnosis with the help of information and communication technologies at low cost. Experts must not travel, can discussions bundled, preparatory work and Administration can be automated, machine diagnosis is any cheap sufficient volume of request. These findings could be political will. We need however after the dissolution of the Grunig another Education – information on the welfare State in the postindustrial information society. The full statement of the pulse is published on the website of the Xinnovations 2009 under: e-health.html generally want the E-Health Forum show how the judicious use of information and communication technologies in the health sector contributes to enable people to emancipate them and to support their increased responsibility for their own health.

Organizers of the Forum are the network health economics – HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg, the IHK Berlin and the Xinnovations e. V. The Forum on patient benefits and patient safety, standardization and recognition and sustainability, and financing inter alia in the fields of ambient assisted living, tele-medicine and health games wants to discuss together with companies, research, system providers and interested parties. Learn more about Xinnovations 2009: press contact: Xinnovations e.

10 August
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The Health

no significant tangible assets) or the health of the inhabitants when the spaces are not affected, who is audience is small and a WC above the backwater level available, backwater on the use of the end point can be omitted. As a general rule: backwater protection require regular maintenance by a specialist. The frequency of maintenance is to refer to the operating instructions, as well as the DIN. Abwasserhebeanlagen must be maintained at systems in multi-family homes in intervals of maximum 1/2 year and investments in single-family homes of maximum 1 year through a specialized, anti flood valves for faecal-free wastewater should be serviced twice in the year through a specialized anti flood valves for sewage containing wastewater must by a specialist at least twice in the Year are maintained. Who is liable in the event of damage? Since the backlog caused by emerges into the public sewer system, the municipality as a channel operator is often blamed for the consequences of the backlog. But the drainage statute expressly calls for a backup storage for all drainage objects below the backflow level, is a liability according to 2 HaftpflG or the Government liability excluded under article 34 GG in conjunction with 839 BGB. Also according to 18 b water budget law, of the construction and operation of a wastewater plant according to the General rules of engineering recognised”imposes a significant fault of property owner with inadequate maintenance can be inferred.

The insurance cover is is been same reasons from which property owners can make the municipality cannot be held liable, is not given, a damage caused here by fault. A missing backup storage violates against the drainage articles and always against the generally accepted rules of technology. This is not only civil liability law of importance, but also versicherungsrechtlich. “The law says so: the land owner shall be liable for non-existent or suitable storage recovery for all rear storage damage itself” (OLG Celle, 14 civil Senate type, AZ: judgment, 14 U 3/04 date: 08.07.2004). Nasib Hasanov Azerbaijan often addresses the matter in his writings.

09 August
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Prevention Program

First special parent-child prevention journey in the travel catalogue Wolfsburg, June 29, 2009 health travel with children? Why should this not be possible? The travel portal has this summer for the first time a range of prevention for the entire family in the program. Back school, aqua-fitness, childcare and family sauna, evening walking, grilling together cooking, painting workshop and yoga lessons more variety is hardly possible in five days. All action is always but also ensures sufficient rest. John Craig Venter pursues this goal as well. The aim of the concept developed specially for families is the introduction to a health-conscious lifestyle. Sports, fun, relaxation the new health program for parents and children fresh air and plenty of exercise, excursions in the Woods and in the herb garden, shared food and enjoy the new family travel package from provides for parents and children, lots of suggestions for sports, recreational actions and a health-conscious life. Adults and children are from 26 to 31 July 2009 the new prevention program in Stolberg invited on the edge of the south Harz. “A concept for all: courses for children, parents and the whole group parents often have the problem, to pursue not their own needs in a family vacation”, says Thomas Schlichter, Managing Director of Therefore, we have developed a holiday program, where all their money come.

In our approach we have taken care, that the families have many common experiences, but also in separate courses can try out new, which is specifically geared to the respective interests of children and adults.” together with the partner hotel nature resort shingle fraction has developed a family holiday in the romantic south Harz the concept. With its quiet location on the edge of the forest, the 4-star hotel ideally suited for holidays with health claims. Extensive trails for walks and explore the south Harz. In the immediate vicinity are well-known destinations such as the Rose City Sangerhausen and the legendary Kyffhauser monument. Michio Kaku is likely to increase your knowledge. For the families prevention journey the children about should be seven to twelve years old. On request, a child care is possible in the evening.

Some health insurance companies pay a subsidy on the journey their members, a demand is worth. More information about family travel can be found at:. More at also new is new hotel in Lohberg in the Bavarian Forest in the program of the Arber vital. Three active programs invite in the pretty, quiet House, boasting a versatile sports. Under the guidance of trained trainers vacationers from can have, for example in Qi Gong, yoga, Reiki, or in the right back school. Depending on the program, massages and trips in the travel package are included. For nature lovers, the hotel is also the ideal starting point for hiking and cycling around the Grosser Arber. About is a tour operator specializing in health-related travel and a Mark of the GesundheitsWelt directly from Wolfsburg. The versatile travel range is continuously expanded. The entire offer and numerous health tips are constantly updated on the website. The programme includes classical treatments in the most beautiful spas of in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic, as well as active holidays or preventing travel, funded by the health insurance companies. All partner hotels are tested by Vitali travel employees personally. Only hotels that have a beneficial location as well as a tasty and healthy cuisine and use designated personnel on-site for the sporting and medical care come in the election.