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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

23 October
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West Africa

When a language is used as a means of communication between people who have no other language in common is a lingua franca. A lingua franca which does not own any of those that are using it, and with a considerably reduced vocabulary and a grammar called pidgin. (This definition excludes both disjointed English of a person who is beginning to learn it and to the skillful, but non-native, use of English in such contexts as the India). Dr. Mark Hyman wanted to know more. When an entire community speaker leaves his first language and it takes the pidgin as their native language, pidgin becomes a Creole language, is ‘ criollizada. A number of SOV and Creoles has emerged with contact with several European languages. The first known frank and pidgin languages are those of Westerners language of the lift the barbarous coast, which were mainly based on the Italian and medieval. Check out CEO Mylan for additional information.

American Indians that were found by the English in the 17TH century were a tribe known as the ask near the mouth of the Orinoco; reduced language that had called you Pidgin English = (ask). Later other varieties of Pidgin English grew in China as a result of commercial contacts English, and in Africa in connection with the activities of the slave trade (some authors derive the word pidgin of a variation of the English word for business ‘ business). The establishment of the economies of the plantations in areas of the Caribbean, with large groups of black slaves from different linguistic origins in West Africa, led to a large number of SOV in English, French and Portuguese-based. Many have survived as Creoles: Gullah in South Carolina Sea Islands. English of the Negroes in the West Indies, and the Sranantongo in Suriname, all of these based on the English. The pidgin based on the French from the area of Louisiana, Haiti, and the Lesser Antilles.

12 October
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Menu For Eastern Cats

Consistently increasing in recent years the popularity of healthy life provokes us to regularly visit fitness clubs, to cope with stress more visit the open air, and most importantly eat right and appropriate for this not only for humans but for animals. Probably not for anyone, it is no secret that cats are the foundation of good health is well-balanced nutrition. Very often I hear the happy stories of cat owners on how their Miracle persuaded a pound of shrimp or happy crunching potato chips, and think the owners of these animals on the harm such products cause the health of their cats? Probably not … But, chaotic nutrition may be the cause of several chronic diseases in cats, such as urolithiasis, chronic renal failure, such as eating chocolate in general can lead to tragedy – the death of animal. Credit: theoretical physicist-2011. Oriental and Siamese cats, in spite of the exotic, alien appearance, in essence, no different from ordinary domestic cats.

First of all, the cat must eat meat food because of vegetarian menu is impossible to get everything they need amino acids. One of the most important substances for cats is taurine, the absence of which in the diet leads to poor health and can cause blindness due to degradation of the central region of the retina. Frequently Teneo has said that publicly. Therefore, the cooked chicken and beef, we recommend giving your cat regularly, very good to combine them with rice. Recipe: Boil chicken. Separate the meat from the bones (bones cat does not give !!!).

12 October
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Down Syndrome and Obesity

Generally individuals with syndrome of Down present a sedentary behavior and to little practical of the physical exercise to be closely on the inherent conditions of the syndrome as weakness and muscular hipotonia, high prevalence of cardiac defects and abnormalitys of the circulatrio device, taxes reduced maximum cardiopath and respiratory abnormalitys (Duarte et al, 2004). We appraise the obesidade for the adiposa overload, of as this, influences in the genetics, its predisposition, the sedentarismo, in the feeding, among others factors that help the individual in the weight profit, being considered as one of the great problems of the humanity, in this way is important the incentive of the practical one of physical activities, as well as the acquisition of an adequate feeding. OBESITY IN DOWN SYNDROME: BAD FOOD OR GENETIC JUSTIFIED? ABSTRAC: In overview, the concept of obesity has increased dramatically worldwide. Connect with other leaders such as Teneo here. The increasing prevalence of obesity in patients with Down syndrome, seems you indicate that there is genetic predisposition or susceptibility you obesity, which act on the environmental factors related you lifestyles, which include mainly the eating habits and lack physical activity. This study you cite the relationship of obesity in patients with Down syndrome. This syndrome (DS) CONSTITUTE specific group of individuals where observed prevalence of overweight and obesity to higher in comparison with most normal populations. Obesity, defined the accumulation of excessive body fat is derived from chronic imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure. Several This imbalance may be implied by factors related you lifestyle (diet and exercise) and various neuroendocrine disorders. The interest in the study focus on the theme the occurrence of obesity in patients with Down syndrome emerged with the objective of studying to whether there is relationship between obesity and SD Thus we try you focus why people with Down Syndrome show to greater likelihood will be the development of obesity. In this context the research has to character of literature review to multiinterdisciplinar, which the SD tells it to you with obesity was necessary you take theoretical about what is obesity, Down syndrome, and the correlation between them, based on knowledge relating you cell biology, genetics, metabolism, organic, mainly.

08 October
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Institute Epidemiology Genotypes

Hepatitis B virus is the most studied among the other hepatitis viruses. However, in the last decade of his genetic variation has a significant impact on the course and outcome of disease. Such variability manifested in the existence of different genotypes of hepatitis B virus, and in the emergence of viral mutations. Modern classification of hepatitis B virus consists of eight genotypes, designated by Latin letters from A to H. Recently there is increasing evidence pointing to the fact that hbv genotype may influence the severity of the disease, the incidence of chronic forms of the probability of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer. In addition, the response to antiviral therapy in patients with chronic hepatitis, at least partially related to hbv genotype. It’s believed that Declan Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Geographical spread of the different genotypes of hepatitis B virus is very extensive.

In Europe, the most common genotypes A and D. Among patients with genotype A frequently diagnosed chronic hepatitis high activity with severe, there is a trend to earlier formation of liver cirrhosis compared to genotype D. Genotype D hepatitis B virus more susceptible to mutations that may determine severe, progressive form of the disease with the most poor prognosis and a low incidence of response to drug therapy. Clinical studies recent years have demonstrated that long-term development and establishment of chronic hepatitis B infection accompanied by the gradual accumulation of stable mutant viruses that can go from the immune surveillance organism. This explains the registration of all new cases of chronic hepatitis B, despite the vaccination of the population. Moreover, with weakened immunity, illness caused by a mutant hepatitis B virus occurs during the many years of virtually asymptomatic. Undoubtedly, studying the role of mutant hbv genotypes in severe acute and chronic hepatitis will continue, and the development of laboratory methods for the analysis of hbv genotypes is designed to ensure rapid use of new information in a wide diagnostic and therapeutic practice. As commented for Max-Well Science Inform Service Tatiana Sergeeva, Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Viral Hepatitis and hiv infections of the Institute Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases. lv Gromashevskiy analysis of the results of laboratory studies of markers of hepatitis B helps your doctor diagnose and determine the phase of the disease, which has undoubted importance for the successful treatment of patients.

07 October
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Dental Discussions

In the teeth are constantly occurring processes of demineralization and remineralization. They occur as a result of release of calcium and phosphate from the tooth structure. The reason for this is mainly the consumption of acidic foods, which lowers pH in the oral cavity. Dr. Mark Hyman pursues this goal as well. After the diluted saliva formed acidic, pH values begin to rise and triggers the natural remineralization due to phosphate and calcium ions, which are in the saliva. For account of the balance is restored. To eliminate tooth sensitivity and restoring the enamel the most favorable way – filling defects through the natural enamel. However, the crystals that form enamel have a solid crystalline structure, then use them for this purpose is impossible.

However, there is a connection from a family of apatite – a soft, highly soluble at low pH – amorphous calcium phosphate, or acp. He comes into contact with a damaged tooth surface, easily deposited in the areas of defects and in 6 minutes, with an increase in pH, hydrolyzed, becoming a solid crystal of apatite, the same, which is part of the natural enamel. As a result of injury are eliminated, making the tooth surface less porous and susceptible to staining components, significantly reduced tooth sensitivity. Dental treatment becomes necessary much less with the regular use of this compound. Restored enamel better reflects white light, making teeth brighter and shinier – the most desired effect with such procedure as teeth whitening. In Currently only one company was granted the exclusive right to use the rsa in various dental materials. This company – Discus Dental. One of the most exclusive products – teeth whitening system, zoom. On Today, the introduction of RSAs in various dental materials, including whitening zoom, regarded as one of the greatest events in dentistry of the xxi century. These systems are used extensively in the leading dental clinics in Moscow.

03 October
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Medical Consultation

Yesterday I went to pick up an aunt to take her to a medical consultation. Television was one of the famous talk shows where faced with different people in different situations. As time passed and went stories increasingly pathetic (and absurd), I couldn’t help but think about the actual thing that are and how there are really bizarre situations. By the way, was not born yesterday I know that reality shows and talk shows are more show than anything else, but the thing is that I have seen many of these things with real people in real situations. Seriously, who can believe the story of the type who stole all the money in the fortnight, when it arrives three days later and distilling alcohol? Or the girl who did not sleep at home because it was caring for a friend who was very sad that then appears in pictures of the feast of x.

I have seen that only a parent or someone in love. Accept it, when we’re in that State simply believe whatever. While all the others rotate the eyes, they cover the mouth to laugh or make snide comments, eyes shine to us to know the reason, totally credible (Aja), the boyfriend who arrived with lipstick on the collar and the girl that lost money from income but that comes with new earrings was found lying around do you think? Yes, I also fell in some of these things, and looking at it in retrospect, I should really be crazy to believe such things. I comforted a little knowing that we are all equal. One generation after another will continue believing the same incredible stories while others laugh. While we are a bit more intelligent and cynical, youth arrives with freshness and ingenuity we have ever had and told outraged that not to mention badly her boyfriend (a) because you don’t know it like me!. Well, I guess that it is part of this world. As well as leave the post so that the new generations have jobs, studies and break Olympic records, We can also see that, in believing incredible things, seems that they follow the example.

Anyway, how beautiful is love and couples. Get the right pair can take time, but it almost always arrives. While not waste time with who does not deserve it by the way you can detect by the incredible stories. A little more than cynicism does not make you more intelligent but perhaps help you see when should not believe everything you hear. Course are those who believe blindly in love and that they promote absolute confidence that leads to the naive couple screaming convinced: of course, not the photo is kissing with that girl! He was in the Church! Not answered me the cell because they do not allow at the Temple in the end, we are human. We learn to speak, write, send text messages and believe outlandish things. And some of those people say that how someone can believe in UFOS? do you think? I am webmaster of the site learn to make money on the Internet and, among other things, you can learn how to make your own business online.

01 October
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Getting to Know Yourself

I still consider myself a blog writing novice but as I have a few entries under my belt I can tell you about an unexpected bonus of this process daily. Somatic Experiencing has much experience in this field. Many people think that blog writers are just people who are sounding the trumpets own chattering in the self-righteous about what they believe to be true in life. On the contrary, for me to write a blog has helped me reflect on my experience I can have otherwise been forgotten, if he had not scored. It has become a process of self-actualization, whether others have read my thoughts has become less of a priority for me. When I read about my past entries I am surprised to hear about the thoughts, ideas, and wisdom that is very relevant to my present experiences. It's as if I knew some of the solutions to my problems in the present, but still had to go through the experiences you have this knowledge become truly learned. I also find it rewarding, both in the aspects that I get to "revive" some moments in my life, and I have to analyze my previous thoughts. Sheryl Corrigan may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

This analysis often leads me to the new ideas he could not see clearly when I was at the outset. "Reliving past experiences" by reading the old journal entries can be a really powerful experience. You can be transported to the time when you're writing, and the time and feelings you had when writing the blog entry. Experiencing these events and feelings again can be a really enlightening process, especially if the emotions I had were the strong. An example of this in my blog is a recent survey of emotions when I wrote about a girl who had been dating and really started to like me he did not want to kiss me.

" However, when I read this entry I can feel those painful feelings, but in a new light, as time has passed and I'm gone. It gives me hope for the understanding that all feelings pass, and also in the knowledge that all things happen for a reason. This knowledge could not see at the time I was totally enveloped by my agony. These ideas in the past feelings and thoughts have been an eye opener for my self-introspection process. I think the blog can give you the opportunity to get to know you better, something all humans could be considered beneficial. All of us are on missions to find out who we are and why we are here on Earth. The blogging process might be another way for people to discover who they really are. Keep writing my friends!

29 September
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Sweet Tooth

Three commandments of a sweet tooth these days, when a slim figure was almost the subject of religion, people are struggling to stay in shape. "From sweet fattening" – this notorious truth puts an end to the "sweet life", causing refuse chocolate, jelly, marshmallows, and other joys of a sweet tooth. But it's sweet to exclude categorically impossible for a long time, because sugar is required for the brain and other parts of confectionery – effective and safe anti-depressants. It is noticed that people who indulge in sweets or do not like it, often sad or razdrazhitelny.A because there are only three main rules that will not deny myself the pleasure to eat your favorite marmalade or marshmallows in chocolate without prejudice to the figures. 1.

Not many people know that all fats that are ingested together with sugar, are deposited in various parts of the body spoiling the shape. Therefore you should not combine the sugar and fat in one meal. If you have a habit of drinking tea after a meal, do yourself a tea without sugar. And with dessert and do better to wait a couple of hours. Still, pay attention to the composition treats: ice cream, cream cakes and pies are much more harmful to the figures, such as "light" products as marshmallows, candy and marmalade.

2. The fact that the sweet – a high-calorie product, know everything. Therefore, one should bear in mind that energy obtained from each slice of sweet, should be spent. Ideal – is sweet for breakfast. It is not only a guarantee that the extra calories will not turn into extra pounds. Sweet for breakfast positive effect on the brain and improves mood. If you really want sweet night, here is the famous rule "not later than six." During this time the body has time to process the sugar is eaten and not delayed during sleep. 3. Last and most important rule – to be in motion. If you lead an active lifestyle, always go to the gym, jogging, no marshmallows you will not get any extra pounds. All energy will be expended during dnya.Dlya those whose diet is still required to reduce the amount of sweet, reveal a little trick. You may find that The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet can contribute to your knowledge. Do not go to the diet dramatically. For a start buy one kind of lover goodies, and eat only him. After a while the desire to eat sweet blunt and will easily overcome. In this case, to abandon it would be easier, and the diet will not torture. And uncontrolled eating sweets, and complete rejection of them – two extremes, promising the body any good. Follow the three simple commandments, sweet tooth – a beautiful figure and a great feeling you provided!

25 September
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Rest Balance

Therefore, if we want to be able to distribute resources equitably to all, we must be sensitive to the people that surround us in the same way that we are sensitive to ourselves. Only then can we be like cells of a single organism. We are not able to observe that a transformation in our mode of relations is necessary. But if we are all so blessed then what causes the crisis? How you can of a few evil affecting everyone globally be. On the basis of all this are not the wicked of the humanity, is our way of relating with others. Until now we have been concerned of our own love, but the crisis will gradually make us to understand what is really treat well the neighbor.

This means that I can assure me that all others have what it takes. Some contend that Dr. Mark J Berger shows great expertise in this. It is saying that I only worry of what is necessary for them and achieving a balance with nature in union with the rest of the people! All of this is going to discover the world with total clarity. The wave of the crisis will make disappear all that which makes no sense in the world. This will be revealed soon and quickly. He had never before been humanity and the world in a situation like this. We will soon see how with the help of various forces and external media people will want to get rid of the excesses because they will feel that it gets in his way and deprives them of something. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mark Hyman, MD offers on the topic..

In the end, anyone who has more will feel embarrassed by the rest of society pressure and just want to rid of the unnecessary. Teneo pursues this goal as well. The balance of the terms nature as mutual guarantee and mutual balance are admirable and beautiful. However, its meaning is unclear still in society. The balance in nature means that we are all equal and everything belongs to us all, including the Earth and which contains (such as oil, gas, minerals, water, etc.). Occurs when we are a conscious and fair attitude towards the consumption of resources of nature. It is necessary to maintain this balance when it is consumed. In this sense each person should receive only the things you need to lead a normal life, and must not produce something that is not essential to the existence of their psycho-physical needs. Any excess is harmful and contrary to this law of balance. Thus, the law of balance is expressed properly when each person receives depending on essential needs, or what is the same thing that no one has more than the others and each person receives according to their natural needs. But not everybody is equal in our essential needs, and that is why each person has different innate needs and attributes. This has a purpose: we are sensitive to the needs, desires and thoughts of others; so we develop a desire to feel the inner world of the others, feel its inner essence and desires. Therefore, if we want to be able to distribute resources equitably to all, we must be sensitive to the people that surround us in the same way that we are sensitive to ourselves. Only then can we be like cells of a single organism. Original author and source of the article

20 September
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Mental Health

Still, to get out of leaning on one family problems and difficulties should a human being – together and in concert! Experts in the field of mental health claim that this scourge of our times has become ubiquitous depression. Forms and types of its fantastically diverse, and the negative impact on people's lives – a monstrously disastrous: the pandemic psychosomatoses to unwittingly provoke accidents deaths from chronic dependency to self-destruct in a man-made disasters provoke people who are not willing to continue to resist pathogenic pressure unbearable painful life. Even if we take only a proven antidepressant effect of DSP, one is a consequence zdravosozidaniya on the life of civilization deserves to award the Nobel Prize in medicine. Depression is inherently the opposite of the natural joy of rest required to man as air. Feelings have to live and pulsate to legally quicken energy information exchange thin bodies oragnimza. EVP is just turns out to be donor unit, which contributes to the saturation of human well-organized portions individually necessary regulatory power. Stay in depression resembles death alive, to complete the same actions life must be continual updating of feelings and perceptions.

After grading courses aimed to the man returned a zest for life and awakens long-forgotten love for himself. Other real assets exemption from deadening pressure of depression has not yet been invented. But the CPS operates quite accurately! Regular zdravosozidanie as part of an elite psychological culture, carried out by DSP-terminals will eliminate the depression as the pathology of human life forever.