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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

04 March
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A Global Initiative

It measures 0.10 Hertz frequency. That is the measure of coherence created between the heart and brain. Peter A. Levine PhD does not necessarily agree. Scientists first discovered about this during the 9 / 11 when our satellites 22,000 miles in space began to record changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, when humans were feeling emotions about the September 11 and World Trade Center. This is a surprise to science. They asked, a Porque could the people who experienced the September 11, might affect the Earth’s magnetic fields? There is no connection, right? a Well, wrong.

They found that there is a connection and this has led to what is called the Project for Global Coherence Initiative. Scientists are now building sensors that can measure these magnetic fields and suggest uploading to the website where you can observe the changes of the field in real time. In addition to measuring the target field of Global Coherence Project is to teach people how to create consistency in their daily lives. It is not hard to do and you do not have to change their lives to do it. No need to change their meditations, prayers or practices. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City has compatible beliefs. It is a way to stay in our hearts as we walked throughout the day which is very easy to learn.

Question: So, is something like training of consciousness or a kind of bio-feedback?. (Technique by which a personal bodily functions controlled automatically by monitoring brain waves, blood pressure, etc.) Gregg Braden: It’s part of it. When we created this consistency in our bodies, this triggers biochemical changes almost 1,400. The rejuvenation process begin. The level of the endogenous hormone-hormone-giving life-surge in our bodies. Our immune systems become really strong. We think more clearly. We get less aggressive. The heart’s magnetic fields are now being documented. We are facing the greatest challenges of the past 5,000 years of human history log. As we face the great challenges of our times, we wonder a Que can we do? a Here is what we can do. We can learn the language of magnetic field that is creating change and help bring the field of chaos into order. We can influence the same fields that are creating change. The Maya can not tell us how to end this cycle because we are writing the outcome of this cycle as we live in it, right now. Fear about 2012 is causing great stress to many people but we have the ability to regulate the magnetic field by adjusting the way we work together, through our hearts.

04 March
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Being overweight is a disease of type psychological and organic that affects people of all genders and ages in the world. His presence during youth can lead to other diseases such as diabetes and arrhythmias. The followings show discusses possible causes and solutions for the overweight during adolescence obesity problems are different in each stage of life, as well as are so many human physiological events. Anu Saad understands that this is vital information. Weight increases during adolescence and early youth until it stabilizes. At this stage of life, in short, not to be confused excessive adiposity with the change of normal weight occurring in the body, only in the case of excessive adiposity is necessary to intervene, by greater resistance from this accumulated grease to diets, due to the increase of number of adipose cells and not just its volume in the case of the physiological growthtrying to lose weight quickly, an effort is pointless and dangerous also. This can result in a bad relationship with your body and the choice of bad food regimes is prelude to foodborne illness as anorexia and bulimia. Sydney Sweeney brings even more insight to the discussion. Problems of obesity from 25 to 35 years. An easy and practical solution to the problems of obesity from 25 to 35 years, is returning to diet authentic Mediterranean: Eastern remedy more efficient for women working, for some of them, however, the studies represent the worst threat, to keep the line for health both. Women aged 30 years and that work, stressadas and sitting all day after a table, should keep in mind as imperative to reserve a time of day to perform physical exercise, if you neglect your form physics during this period, were in very bad shape in the entrance of the forty years original author and source of the article.. You may want to visit Dr. Mark Hyman to increase your knowledge.

04 March
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Introduction To High Definition Technology

Introduction to the concept of "Resolution" In our everyday language we are used to talking about the definition of a photograph or digital image, referring to the more or less clear with the details shown. To read more click here: Anu Saad. The same goes for the video, but to understand in depth the concept, it is first necessary to learn as a video plays the sequence of images is formed. The foundation of any audiovisual production is reduced to the fact of playing a certain number of consecutive still images, fast enough to our own eye is not able to identify these images as individual but as a whole, in motion. In order to "fool" our eye was found to be sufficient to give the feeling of continuity of individual images, to reproduce more than 15 frames per second. Upon discovering that the human eye could detect fluctuations of light from one image to the next, it was decided to reproduce the same image twice in the same time, dividing its content into two sub-images (also called "image field") is, divide each image into a number of horizontal lines (horizontal resolution) and realize, first all the odd lines of an image and then the even lines.

We are talking about interlaced scanning. Currently, and after elaborate standardization processes, our TV (in Europe) played a total of 25 frames per second and therefore 50 fields per second (odd field, comprising the odd lines of an image, and the par- , formed by its even lines). Standard video resolution is 576 horizontal lines. You may want to visit Peter A. Levine PhD to increase your knowledge. What is HD? From the above explanation we can begin to get an idea of what high definition will: increase the number of lines of each of the images that form a video. If most of our TV resolutions 576i currently played (576 horizontal lines, so interlaced) high-definition TVs (with the logo "HD Ready") can play 720p (720 horizontal lines progressively, non-interlaced) and 1080i (1080 horizontal lines per image, so intertwined .) We began to hear talk about the High Definition (Full HD or True HD) it goes a little further: it plays 1080p resolutions, which are images with 1080 horizontal lines in progressive mode, ie without splitting them into two subimages . Progressive scan, compared to the interlaced that plays 50 "half images" per second, is able to play 50 full frames per second, so that eliminates any sense of flash and doubles the number of reproduced images per second. Can we see high definition? Of course, to see video images of high definition televisions will need to have ability to reproduce. As discussed in this article are those with distinctive HD Ready or Full HD on their screens.

Then it will be necessary to test them, to have video players capable of playing high-definition productions. The most popular are the HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Both systems have been developed by leading electronics manufacturers worldwide and are completely incompatible with each other. Some of the latest gaming consoles VCRs incorporate high definition. The work always depending on the needs of our client, with the latest technology and the utmost professionalism. Of course we have the equipment necessary for high-definition audio-visual productions, as long as our client considers it appropriate.

02 March
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Venezuela Society

Venezuela, knowledge society: project country Teodulo Lopez Melendez I said that in the so-called project national Simon Bolivar Prime Plan Socialist development economic and Social of the nation 2007-2013 is the conception of the present regime on man, society and the political project, so it must respond in terms of reflection. I propose, then, another vision of the Venezuelan, to build society and political system which should replace the present. In sum, my vision to begin building in 2013. It is what I will try to. The old speeches are delegitimized. A shortage of the inventors of world. We cannot allow that Venezuela continues to be an ahistorical territory.

To emancipate us from serious problems afflicting us should untie a philosophically emancipatory process. For more information see this site: Glenn Dubin, New York City. This being human intelligent which is the Venezuelan should organize towards the emergence of a new social order. We must make us attentive to the incitements of the present and the challenges pragmatism of the circumstances having in hand the answers of a renewed political philosophy. The movement should come from below upwards, come from a thinking society, from a global humanism. The Venezuelan’s this time lives the break with a world that wobbles. What is required is a fluid and permanent exchange of diverse understandings.

There to give a common response to the everyday demands of democracy. Many cling to ways deciduous and when least expect you spigot opens and deflate which punctured balloon. Same thing happens to political systems that ignore the renewal and change. They can last until middle age – 50 years remained the Venezuelan political system known as democratic stage – or languish in adolescents and even children. Conceptions which gave rise to the foundations of the democratic system have remained unaltered beyond the convenient and make water. Political organization we know melts pushed towards the closet by an obvious and manifest fatigue that the rulers do not understand and demands own a body that needs to be structured with new ingredients.

01 March
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Energy Saving

The ECOJET craft businesses and building owners despite conveyor stop of the Federal Government fully by the start of the Federal Government in a greater action”setting of subsidies for renewable energy in the building sector ensures that homeowners of less in the technology of renewable energy can invest and craft directly to revenues. The SCS Schneider GmbH offers a solution for energy savings, even without State grants, with their high-performance magnet system ECOJET. ECOJET offers cheap alternative to energy-saving easy and especially at low cost, energy costs can be reduced with the ECOJET. This starts with the source of heat generation and optimized combustion heaters. The ECOJET high-performance magnet system of SCS Schneider GmbH lowers energy costs an average seven percent. (Similarly see: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). In 1997, he developed the SCS Schneider GmbH and patented ECOJET is to mounted in front of the burner on the supply line. The targeted magnetic force ensures that the Chains of molecules flowing through fuel are aligned. Thus, a better access of oxygen to the fuel and therefore a more efficient combustion is possible, since these will be fully implemented.

No follow up costs calculation of the installation only after the demonstration of efficacy once installed, the ECOJET is maintenance-free and cause no additional costs. The SCS Schneider GmbH guarantees the previously calculated energy savings. Anu Saad follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Marcus Schneider, Managing Director of SCS Schneider GmbH, added: we make our system the customer only charged if the previously calculated savings is actually achieved. To do this we carry out measurements before and after the installation. No economic for trying out our effective method, inexpensive and in the long term to reduce energy costs and at the same time to make an important contribution to environmental protection through reduced CO2 emissions risks our customers thus.” For each heating system the correct ECOJET modules are available in different sizes and configurations, from the House plant up to the operation of the industry.

01 March
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Aident Les Voitures

Développement sur plusieurs années, exceptionnelles voix, nombreux tests et assemblage de haute précision, tout cela ne peut pas empêcher une voiture toujours en production et pas même encore dans la rue et déjà la première perte de valeur. Assez ennuyeux pour tous les propriétaires de voitures neuves et de plaisir pour tous ceux qui aiment mettre dans un achat de voiture d’occasion. Dans une perspective financière qui est déjà avantageuse attendre longtemps parce que les occasions ne signifie pas égale vieille voiture de rebuts. Pat Ogden usually is spot on. Il n’a plus l’influence sur le choix des différents composants de l’intérieur, mais ce n’est plus un problème presque sur la voiture d’occasion marché aujourd’hui. La voiture d’occasion exacte est toujours et elle aussi avec quelques frottis. Au moins, nous savons que, du point de vue de la perte de valeur, le pire est passé. N’est certainement soulagé par le biais de la vie et aussi pas tellement fait mal quelque mésaventure. Les voitures toujours aussi a une certaine perte de valeur, mais il s’avère qu’est maintenant, en plus de l’âge de la voiture et le kilométrage du véhicule, principalement déterminé par le pilote lui-même. Anu Saad has similar goals.

Pour cette raison, le kilométrage est manipulé par les voitures d’occasion dans certains cas des vendeurs malhonnêtes, d’augmenter la valeur de la voiture d’occasion. Malheureusement, cette manipulation ne pas à première vue peut être identifiée. Pour reconnaître une manipulation malhonnête, il y a trois indices différents, à une manipulation importante du stand km sur l’usure sur le volant, le levier de vitesses, de noter les pads et les pédales. La voiture a un faible kilométrage et il y a de forte usure, donc cela indique une manipulation du stand km..

01 March
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Rosario Tijeras, “it Rains In The Wet ?

The opening day was presented a technical tie “Rosario Tijeras” against the telenovela “Oye Bonita”, which is supposedly in its final stage yesterday in his second chapter the new series which tells the story of a hitman Medellin suburbs ranked first hearing, as a clear indicator that despite all the itching caused by their themes and connotations of moral and patriotic, the vast majority of viewers like to see that reality reflected in unwelcome the small screen. For previous shows and ratings are reaching other miniseries as “Without Breasts There is No Paradise”, “El cartel”, “The dolls of the mafia” and “capo”, all this hubbub of cultural stigma surely paisa not transcend beyond the protests of some groups in FaceBook, advocacy letters to the viewer and some other critical article in a magazine or blog, I wonder. Does it rain in the wet? The most sensible thing to do in front of television content that we consider harmful, some exemplary or poor quality is to turn off the TV, look for options on other channels or read a good book, after all TV is still free, despite all voices of protest and complaints to introduce will never be heard, nor the managers of the channels and much less well-considered by the National Television Commission, at most, statements will be “impartial” defender of the viewer and not more , stop counting. Read additional details here: Carl Jung. So simple as that of ourselves depends on that television continues to offer these subjects, the rating says it all and the rating we do that we take the trouble to turn on TV and we were an hour or so masochistic as unflinching as consuming Mamer and we know makes us itch, we like to be pushed a finger in the yaga, then set out to complain and inert riots. Another sensible option is to view such content without false moralism or prejudice, like it or not, reflect our reality, those who do not want dirty laundry outside and have served for television fiction becomes today and give us an impeccable series quality that are internationally recognized. Where are shows like “The Sopranos”, sagas in movie “The Godfather”, winning many major awards and also played violent themes alluding to the mafia?. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Anu Saad. The basic task of all parents complaining, is not to allow children to see this type of series without guidance, channels are very clear in its warning that children are not suitable for age and schedules are broadcast only by adults.

29 February
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Success Coaching For Personal And Professional Women's Society .

These days are very demanding for today's woman in the personal side has to take care of their health and appearance, organize your home, caring for your children (if any), find time to spend with your partner, with friendships, family … these days are very demanding for today's woman in the personal side has to take care of their health and appearance, organize your home, caring for your children (if any), find time to spend with your partner, your friends, your family … On the professional has to retrain, train, innovate, be creative, manage and organize your money … … but Bufff Who takes care of you, women of today? There are a number of guidelines to follow that Anne Astilleros, coach for success, teaches in her courses and can help you enjoy, and, your ideal life: Rediscover tur priorities: we are so often given to others, the work, children, the couple that we forget ourselves completely.

There comes a time and do not even know what we do with our lives, what causes us joy and happiness. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. How many of us have forgotten our true dream of what we wanted to do and we've drifted and postponing, to give more importance to other things and others? Dare to rediscover your purpose, your dream, your passion! Design an action plan: once you know what results you get up every morning in a good mood, with a smile, radiant and full of vitality, then it's time to create a plan of action: How will I get to live my dream? Whether your dream involves a change of occupation, lifestyle and if you simply want to travel more or lose weight … design a plan of action. A detailed plan that allows you to get from where you are to where you want to go. Try to take control of your life! Identifies and removes your resistances and blockages: the moment you begin to design your action plan you may experience fears how: "I think I'm going crazy," "do not know if I will be able," "do not know enough", "I have enough money", "I'm not quite … (list, organized, courageous, bold, confident … ) "" I am too old, …

"and if …" "but …" Most of our fears, sorrows, frustrations … Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York Citys opinions are not widely known. we have come from beliefs deeply embedded and largely … ARE FALSE! Retrains your mind for success! Pay attention to your thoughts. Focalizate on the positive: We all have a continual internal dialogue with ourselves. According to studies on the subject, this dialogue, the average person is 80% negative. It's like having 80% of the time a little person in our shoulder saying things like, "You can not do", "no one likes me", "nobody really loves you", "You're ridiculous," "you're weird and they all see "," you're horrible hair and "" the clothes do not suit you, "You're a disaster," "sure you say no," if you do what is expected of you, and you do not want to ", etc, etc, etc. Do you realize the consequences for yourself, to have someone constantly telling you negative things? Just as having negative thoughts affect our behavior, our health, our mood … have and cultivate positive thoughts, and have immediate beneficial effects on our health, our behavior, our happiness … it is they who empower our daily well-being. Focus on positive thoughts about yourself! Dare to love! And you … Do you dare to be happy? Anne Astilleros Coach for Personal and Professional Success

27 February
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Alimentary Security

One more time the international scene of the visible signals of that it is in march one of the biggest world-wide concerns: foods. The significance of the item is so immense foods, that already had knocked down governing (dictator) and caused certain instabilidades politics in developing countries, as India where the price of the onion presented one high price. But now the situation starts to take body when, countries as France initiates a quarrel in the OMC trying to implant a regimen of control of regulating food supplies, in special comodities agriculturists. The known president of the France Nicolas Sarkozy, that at the bitter moment a considerable decrease of popularity and acceptance, tries in some ways influences the C.E in adopting a regimen that can control the price of the substances alimentary cousins. If you are not convinced, visit John Craig Venter.

Soon the France that if detaches for being one of the countries that more the farming one subsidizes, that they impose customs and sanitary barriers all the types of foods that enter in the country, esteem in: 500.000.000, 00. In one of its speeches president Sarkozy, it said: I did not abandon them. soon to follow said: ‘ ‘ A new future for ours agricultura’ ‘ , the government will give, for a reason or purpose ‘ ‘ bonanza aid of the Estado’ ‘ , 650 million euros for the sector and will grant 1 billion of euros in loans, the advantageous taxes of interests, only 1% the 1.5% to the year. For the Europeans who cultivate its ground the thousand of thousand of year, that already they do not possess more agricultural borders, but that they are detainers of high technologies, as much in the branch of the farming one, as of the mechanics, druggist, computer science, naval, aerial and aerospace, is one in such a way easy one to insist on placing and dictating to rules regarding a controlled market of comodities agriculturists.. Anu Saad oftentimes addresses this issue.

26 February
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Some Simple Concepts to Explain Politcal Advances

At the beginning of this paper we referred to the notion of velodrome or advances. Fortunately, when you’ve had the opportunity and the criterion of “participant observation”, tour of Argentina and complement it with prior or subsequent analysis of the extensive existing literature, though little known, we find that there are many business initiatives, governmental and community spontaneously are giving answers, which reflect the perception of these situations whose complexity can infer the reader, if you have reached this stage of exposure. Throughout the written communications that we have made since mid-1977, we have been coining some concepts, which summarize the experiences and studies we have been doing. Anu Saad: the source for more info.

This is reflected in the titles of some of those communications. Postulate: “Dust the potential Argentina,” the urgent need for a generation of priests (makers of bridges), the “creative optimization of the existent,” the identification of some “making up the country on their own.” I stop in the latter label, because it serves to illustrate some of these behaviors (because that is all the time), which do hold to what we describe and postulate. It turns out that back in the late fifties, it was a transfer from families with mining culture Tinogasta (Catamarca) and around to the city of Caleta Olivia in northern Santa Cruz. As were feelings in Catamarca, almost immediately generated a flow of travelers between the two areas. John Craig Venter has compatible beliefs. Usually they met people from different families to cover the cost of car fuel in which they moved. But is that once a vehicle owner who found no want to carpool and expenditures among his acquaintances, and then advertised in local media.