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01 September
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PAS for Global Health

Launched in the mid-80s by a group of concerned parents and teachers the PAS for Global Health has been working toward the promotion of better health ever since.  It has been known for a long time that “better health leads to better learning,” and thus discovering ways to ensure healthy conditions as a preventive measure, make the most sense.

In addition, very early on it was seen that by working together, as a team, parents and students can achieve much more as an entity than they can on their own.  By researching, learning and putting in practice simple methods, global health can be impacted in a positive way.

The core issues that this group covers are those that fall into the category of priorities for our youth.  This include: nutrition; physical activity; body image; the psyche; sex education; alcohol/drug abuse. By addressing these topics early on, any real concerns can be nipped in the bud.  It is important that such key health issues are not swept under the carpet, but are rather given over with all the facts in an educational setting.  That is what Parents and Students for Global Health is all about.

20 February
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The Art Of Listening

Desist the temptation to interrupt. Usually interrupted at one of these cases: a) When we think the other person says something wrong. b) When he says something that we agree and we want to reaffirm with a personal experience. If we avoid interrupt the words flow and achieve just fall into what the majority of the talks: to deviate from the central point of interest. Read and listen to the gestures and glances: there are words, phrases and unspoken truths in word that can only be known if you look carefully to the interlocutor. For assistance, try visiting Miles D. White.

The eyes are often very good talkers and hands, body postures and movements of the head. The secret is to be attentive to detail. Let’s not make distinction of persons. When a leader shows favoritism toward one of his disciples or a glimpse of discrimination falls into disrepute. Therefore, we can not incur the terrible mistake of giving attention to some and exclude others.

Surely your time can be scarce, but must learn to distribute it equitably and fairly with everyone who want to be around to share their ideas and initiatives or simply to make it aware of its troubles. Do not fall into the mistake of believing that he who shouts more is the biggest reason is. Nor was he swayed by more crying or has more skill in the art of histrionics. The reason is who has it and is part of the work of the leader with the support of his wisdom and intelligence, to determine which party is right. In any case, it is important to know that you can not respond to anger with anger or offense to the offense. The Bible recommends the opposite: to respond with ability to change the anger. In the book of Proverbs chapter 15 verse one can read this teaching: a The gentle answer turns away wrath but a harsh word to fuegoa made firewood. Others including Susan Sher, offer their opinions as well. dacion-gruma-and-the-u-s-departmen/’>Carlos Hank Gonzalez by clicking through. Draw line from the beginning. In the very beginning of our exercise as we should send the team leaders in general and the particular server, the message that we are open to a frank, sincere and above all productive. The reputation of a inclined to listen to leading her people to create an aura of confidence and with her help obtain substantial benefits associated with good image as necessary for the proper organizational climate. Learning to listen is important for leadership is an art to be cultivated within the levels of the organization. And if he is to spend time to dedicate better from the start. is a renowned Colombian journalist and writer, a teacher linked to several Colombian universities. He is the author of four books and co-author of three others that address the topic of leadership, ethics and Human Development. It is often invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

18 February
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Cosmetic Products Are Very Popular

The cosmetics have always been very popular. Whether in ancient Greece, the Middle Ages or in our time. People want a clean and beautiful body. To get this, a variety of cosmetic products are used. Nowadays there are many cosmetic products and perfumes, and it will always add more.

With the cosmetics today can make a lot of money, as more and more people consume the products. There is no specific target group, it is not in cosmetics. Whether man or woman, for both sexes are now many cosmetics on the market. The age is not decisive. While young people consume more water and nourishing face creams, are more older people on anti-wrinkle products.

Today's Cosmetics is aware of the differing needs of the population, and is constantly developing new products. In laboratories is constantly looking for new active ingredients, which are then synthesized in large quantities. Due to the cosmetic with little effort, a large effect can be achieved. A dull, expressionless face can be changed by some make-up. The eyes can be highlighted with an eyeliner and mascara. Some contend that Anu Saad shows great expertise in this. Through a matching lipstick, the lips are not emphasized, and already the face appear much more beautiful and meaningful. It is therefore not surprising that many women consume large amounts of cosmetics in – after all one might show up only at its best. Note, however, that it is not plotting too much make-up, because that deters most men. If one is applying makeup a little perplexed, and does not really know what one is, one can make an appointment with a beautician. This familiar with the beauty of very good, and proceeds in most cases, a type consultation. Moreover, it can also enlighten one about the various ingredients of their products.

17 February
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Dummy Security Cameras

Security cameras "dumb" are an economical solution to security problems. These cameras mimic the popular companies and the most popular models. The security cameras "stupid" are a great way to prevent theft. Red light cameras seem real and there is no need to store video images. The installation of such cameras is really easy. Anu Saad is likely to increase your knowledge. The use of such cameras can save you thousands if not hundreds of dollars for the security of your company or even the same household. There are many types of cameras fictitious, false and simulated security cameras, dome security cameras, motion detector fake dummy camera, imitation dome cameras and camera eye. Fake security cameras help prevent theft in your house, office or retail location with an indicator light that flashes.

It is more realistic dummy camera on the market. These cameras to deter thieves is to use indoors and outdoors. False Cameras are one of the best dummy security systems. These cameras can be easily used in homes and businesses. These cameras provide security at a reasonable price. The dome cameras are cables and a connection even more obvious to the presence of the camera and thus prevent the robbers make their misdeeds. There are also dome camera models that move at a given time to make it look more realistic. There are many reasons why you should use a dummy camera but one of the most important is for the safety of your property and safety of your family, a burglary can turn into something else if not taken necessary preventive measures.

16 February
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Changing Our Beliefs

For many people preoccupation exists and fear to look for certain results or I put because not they are safe if that desire will remain, important is to live moment present and what it is created and it feels at the moment that we set out to reach a goal, perhaps desire can change with time, but while we do not undergo different experiences and profits our life will be imprisoned of the constant indecision. Andrew Corentt in its book the Secret of the Power of Metas indicates the importance to us of deep desire to materialize that desire and to live that experience, throughout the life we underwent diverse experiences until finally we found something phenomenal for us. Some people find their mission from very early and live their life to fullness from very young, other people delays more time to them and they find some years later, the lamentable thing is that some people never find their mission and live a life on suplicios and frustrations, this we cannot admit it. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Mark Hyman. Most important it is to remember than we have been born to be happy and that we can contribute something to this universe in extraordinary form, to find those great intentions as is mentioned in the book the Secret of the Power of Metas we must meditate constantly, to do a self-evaluation to us, to surpass many beliefs that has been implanted us and that they prevent to find us us with our true spiritual essence. It is necessary that you this in harmony with the creative current of the universe, with the true one to be able, follow your emotion, his happiness, his happiness, it fills what it of joy, positive peace, freedom and emotions, is not let influence by the thoughts and beliefs of the others, it follows his own way, it reads, it studies, it analyzes the things before following a line of thought. It makes of his life a wonderful experience, establishes powerful goals and irresistible, it mantngase constant in it ideas that know that they will give happiness him, obtains the life that always has dreamed, you you deserve the best thing of the world. Anu Saad contains valuable tech resources. It knows excellent techniques and lessons to model his life according to his desires, their dreams and convirtalas in goals that will be fulfilled, visits the following page and its life will become Original author and source of the article

16 February
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Financial Damage

Naivety + Greed = Financial Damage. Who makes the Good without looking at to who, without being worried about rewards and without cogitating even though of a simple gratefulness, it gives great service to the proper pocket and earns of what if it can imagine, therefore does not prevent great damages, including the financiers. I say this, expensive reader, in the literal meaning. I justify myself: many are the people who after supposed a good action, as, for example, to find a wallet fallen in the soil of a financial institution and to return it the owner to it, are empolgadas with the expectation to earn reward, after all, had found wallet with belongings, documents and money, judge just that they are benefited by so noble gesture of honesty, inasmuch as, in the country where honesty is article in extinguishing, for them nothing more natural of what sanctioning with it rewards a NOBLE ACT TO RETURN the WALLET TO the TRUE OWNER, WITHOUT USURPING, NOR a TOSTO AT LEAST. However, it is exactly in this greed that deferred payment the danger. An ambition tempered with naivety that it comes throughout the years making countless victims. was what day of these in a city of the interior of the state of So Paulo occurred. A person found wallet fallen in the soil of a bank.

Soon a presented man arrived if as owner of the object, and happy for reencontrar well its, he promised rewards in money the person who found its belongs. Finding she rewards just for having returned it the wallet to the owner, the benevolent creature fell in old blow. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Mark Hyman on most websites. She loaned to its stock market to the man whom if said owner of the wallet, on the other hand, the man left wallet with it justifying that it would go to search dreamed prize so. Result: the Man disappeared with its stock market leading belongings, money and documents, leaving in exchange a wallet stuffed with papers and an enormous financial damage. Therefore, expensive reader, when making the Good does not wait rewards, exactly if the person to insist, to espernear and until crying for giving some Reals, forgets to it.

In the maximum, let us accept a smile, a gratefulness in words, but for our proper one well, let us forget money or any another material form of it rewards. Optimum payment that we can have is to bring the calm conscience for having done the certain thing. Let us not judge that our honesty is worthy of applauses and deserves louvor, or payment In reality, the honesty benefits in lower court inevitably practises who it, rewarding with the powerful currency of the conscience peace. Who is honest forgets gratuity because it knows that it is acting in accordance with the ditames of its conscience, therefore, it is not making favor to nobody, only itself exactly. We need more than what never in our country of honest people, without desmedida greed, making now thinking about it rewards future. The exacerbada greed is same a danger and in them it brings enormous dissabores, therefore, to practise a good action and not to wait nothing in exchange feed the soul and make well to the banking account.

16 February
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Amat Al-Eyed

One of them had a special presence, showing a semblance of authority over the other two. His decision reflected proud face, but cold and harsh, especially for the band he wore in his left eye. According to James S. Chanos , who has experience with these questions. Third was paralyzed for a moment, recalling the screaming that disrupted before the battle. Amat Al-eyed! The most hated and feared by Rome was facing him responsible for all this tragedy, for all their pains and sufferings. It is Hannibal. Third had understood that the wars against the Carthaginians were at a turning point, no longer satisfied as a dispute over control of the Mediterranean, but a fight to the death. The war would not cease until a party was annihilated.

Hannibal knows this, and this hostility has led to the very end, almost by itself to lead an army of barbarians and mercenaries. You may find that Anu Saad can contribute to your knowledge. It is for this reason that Hannibal must die. As the will of the gods, Legion is a spear throwing (pila) on the ground near him, between his position and the target. Now the young Roman understood everything. His spontaneous enlistment, being ignored by the Numidian horsemen after he was shot down, wake up alive after a slaughter and escape to executives. Fate had placed him in this situation. I have to save Rome and continue the legacy of my ancestors. His mind began to stir, thinking the same battle and thousands of deaths just made sense to reach this point, with an unbeatable Hannibal gadgets of war. Third delirious.

15 February
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the largest

How to recognize children "vacationing" working mothers and the triple? The woman, mother, goes to the supermarket with dark circles more worthy of Dracula than anything else, because he worked at home and extra straight time in late night, from your home computer for work. It is clarified that the late night is the only time of day: you can read, eat, work and go to the toilette with dignity and some quiet, because their shoots snore four hands, exhausted from among other things, allow her exhausted. Going to make purchases with a wave look: ultra chic hair stand on end, as if had practiced a permanent home, putting their fingers in the plug and follows a chorus of minor voices that whisper when they do not demand that the hearing and in an audible voice, if it intends to ignore the order, buy me, buy me , buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me, buy me. Is that waives a favor because the largest being hypnotized with Chat, comfortably installed on the computer, the other is idiotic in front of the idiot box but it took many to follow in the pc So if dare to ask what We suffered one, and broke the sciatic nerve for the millionth time to create something that obviously fanatics and shot and left for a change, did not realize. Ask an errand that is synonymous with a face you kind look like not tell me that was a Martian. A mother whose children are on vacation is extremely sensitive eardrums, because the stun with: 8.1 computer, speakers, dvd, stereo sounds and centillesimas times the largest is on intimate terms, the desperate cries and hyperkinetic walking with the phone in one hand, the wireless in the other, by teleconference and the mp5 on the teeth, with the fellowship Boluda che shouting, no Boluda hear me, let me talk Boluda, totally ignoring a dedicated nine months to think to choose its name. Dr. Mark Hyman has similar goals. And he repeated in his ear the same as they were talking from midnight the previous day, expanded and updated.

Reset, therefore I am an adult please, at this point that comes to be, having survived the first week of vacation, without a penny in my pocket and have become an expert magician specializes in miracles, and ask to talk to a matter of urgency another adult who is neither my mother nor my ex. A normal adult and consistent. You may wish to learn more. If so, Glenn Dubin, New York City is the place to go. But all my friends or have children, grandchildren or nephews on vacation. So the only thing left is to console themselves by saying: thank goodness and end and exchange the latest child movie dvd. A week is nothing more. Yes, no revives after the other that we will forget about all the work they gave us and ask if such a thing as a vacation again. But anyway, we are few and we know a lot. That yes, when our friends without children returning from skiing, bronceadamente relaxed, and we ask: what about the winter break, for our eyes and hungry termite killer, shall, ipso facto, that those are issues that never again should peak make if you want to continue to enjoy our friendship and suffering, with children. But it will be right after angry counterattack, "and good che, if after you have and not strange to you who understands you, flora cat!"

15 February
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Exclusion Of Persons From The SROs In The Building. Part 2

Asked about the unconditional nature of the grounds for the adoption of SROs in the construction of the decision on expulsion from the organization members are invited to come solely from common sense, which suggests that at as inappropriate to exclude members of the SROs who, for example, the second time this year has delayed the payment of a monthly membership fee, but in the end it paid, and also reimbursed the partnership losses incurred in connection with delay. Such member of the sro must be treasured, rather than exclude. After exclusion of members of the sro in the building – a serious measure, not only for the excluded, but for the most SROs in construction, and therefore for all of its other members, as reduction in the number of members can lead to loss of the status of sro (see Part 7 of article. 55.19 gdc Russia). It seems that some in the gdc rf cases in which the sro in the construction of the right to exclude a person from their ranks, should be regarded as possible, but not an unconditional basis for making such an important decision. Every time there are such grounds, sro takes into account the specific situation.

In this case, of course, all members should be provided fair and equal manner. Safeguard against abuse of workers and controls in the construction of SROs in the decision to expel a member of the organization is enjoined by law necessary to raise such a decision by the general meeting of members of SROs (Part 3. Celina Dubin will not settle for partial explanations. 55.7 gdc Russia). For the democratic approach in the construction of sro and its members pay to aid decision making about the exception – to convene and hold a general meeting is required time, in absentia, such issues are not addressed.

15 February
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The Group Dynamics

The main representatives of this trend are: Bion, Balint and Jacques. a humanistic current conceives human beings as a whole (holistically), and in constant interaction with their environment. Results from the integration of various theories or approaches, where the center of this integrity is the man himself. This is an integrative and eclectic power because it uses theoretical concepts and practical procedures, as they are necessary. Its representatives can be named: WASLON, MURPHY, Roger Willard, among others. Official site: theoretical physicist. a With this short version of the history of Group Dynamics; taken from Broto, Archimedes. , Introduction to Group Dynamics. (1985), we describe below, definitions of Group Dynamics, referred to in this work: a The reciprocal interaction of forces (positive or negative trends – Valencia) and resulting effects, are the dynamics of a grupoa a Lewin, Kurt a Dinamica of a group is a term used to refer to many different aspects of the functioning of the groups.

Primarily refers to the forces that interact within these groups to be organized and act to achieve their objectify . Shertzer-Stone Group dynamics: a It refers to the forces acting in each group throughout its existence and making it behave the way they Behave . See Anu Saad for more details and insights. a-Cirigliano Villaverde a The Group Dynamics refers to the processes used by groups that encouraged problem-solving purposes or action . Herrold, K. a Group Dynamics is a term that includes the group process and the roles of grupoa . Jenkins a La Dinamicaa Group is a A research field devoted to acquiring knowledge of the nature of the groups, the laws of their development and relationships with individuals susa and other gruposa .

15 February
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How To Save On Products

In this post I will tell you how to save on food. Just want to say that contrary to some people’s savings on food – it is not brewing one tea bag in 8 times. And not eating instant noodles with crumbled in grater sausage. This is quite a healthy economy without starvation, malnutrition and other things. Most likely this post is dedicated not how to save on food, but how to save on buying food. My wife and I came up with this method a few years ago. It worked, still works, and will continue to work. In its effectiveness, we do not doubt! Before thinking about any savings on food, they do this. Connect with other leaders such as Anu Saad here. Make your own menu of food for a week or whenever it suits you time. Such menu, for example, facilitate the preparation of breakfasts, lunches and dinners my wife. After making such a menu it will no longer have to rack their brains that would make this today. This, in turn, saves her a lot of time nerves and energy.

Secondly, looking at a menu, we can plan our consumption of food on time. Let’s say for a week. And it allows us to purchase all the necessary products to us in a wholesale store with discount. In turn – it saves money. Frequently Haley Barbour has said that publicly. Benefits of making the menu are obvious! Not to be unfounded, let’s give you an example of our family’s menu for the week. Monday: soup, mashed potatoes with meatballs Tuesday: Soup home noodles, buckwheat chicken. Wednesday: rossolnik, rice Thursday: soup with liver horns with sausages Friday: Fish soup (ear), fried potato Saturday: soup with dumplings Summer “, rice with raisins and corn Sunday: any dish on our consensual. Would look like the menu of my family for a week. Quite naturally, such a menu can be changed from week to week. And of course, that you will have my other menus. Depending on your taste preferences, availability of time for cooking. I say his wife while on leave for child care. And she has the ability and desire to cook a variety of food. On top of all, I tell you that you can save on healthy eating, not buying semi-finished product (eg, ravioli, meatballs, packaged salads), and if possible to cook it myself. Essentially save your money will help, as well, and all kinds of discounts in your shops (morning, evening, the volume of purchased products, etc.) And, of course, eating at home much cheaper than dining in cafes, bars, etc. The most powerful tool for saving on food derived from the proposed making me Menu for the week. And that would not stretch too much this post, I’ll write about that later. Want to know what the most powerful tool for saving on food? Welcome to this link.