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29 July
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MSN Holistic

Holistic education is something that is done at different levels of depth and different dimensions, it is very important to be clear differences in what we are doing, since education is not related only to educate children and young people but also educator's own consciousness, therefore, to study holistic education is, above all, to study ourselves so deep, discover our true spiritual nature, to establish internal order, genuine awakening to inner spirituality. Holistic education is education for transcendence, their goal is the evolution of human consciousness from one stage to one of rational self-centered transpersonal intelligence. Holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love, is a call to live according to our true spiritual nature, the curriculum is life in all its manifestations, extends beyond the classroom, draws the best of human beings to be a creative, responsible and compassionate. That our students need an education that not only helps them to have more information but to enable them to solve everyday problems of life, this leads us to think that in the twenty-first century is clear that we need a new education, an education according to new needs and dilemmas of the emerging cultures. CONCLUSIONS In the beautiful works of Dr. Ramon Gallegos allowed me to envision a future security arrived, harmony and peace, for humanity, in each of these 12 books displayed an immense range of learning but mostly a lot of wisdom (like gold) they were opening new horizons in my mind, at times very clearly but in others a bit of confusion, but with the participation in the MSN, and the sessions we've had have been dispelled.