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03 October
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Veterinarian Online

The veterinarian online for cats recommends: it vaccinates to its animal When we decided to integrate an animal to our life, or a cat or a dog or any allowed mascot (we remember that there are species that cannot be had in captivity nor to be domesticated, to be prote’ge’es by law), we are abriendo the door sinfn of wonderful experiences that we will live by many years with our animalitos. But, simultaneously, also we acquired certain obligations that we will have to fulfill for being considered owners responsible. To love an animal is not only to caress it and to feed it. Also it is necessary to take care of its health, in the same way that we took care of the health of the members of the family. And the care of the health has in its preventive aspect a great importance at the time of assuring the best quality to us life of our animal. For this reason, any veterinarian for cats or dogs will recommend without doubting it to him, that he fulfills the calendar of vaccination for each species. Of this form we will avoid that the cat or the dog suffers terrible diseases that more likely could cause the death to him.

First vaccine for cats that we will have to consider is the antirabic one. The same is due to apply to the 6 months of life, and the second dose to the year of this first. Then, for a complete immunization, we will have to vaccinate once to our cat per year, of by life. The feline triple is another indispensable vaccine. It protects against panleucopenia, the rinotraqueitis and calicivirus, frightful virus respiratory. We will have to apply it to the 2 months of age, to the 3, soon to the 6 months and finally to the year of life. It requires annual reinforcements. Another fundamental vaccine is the one of the feline leukemia.

This infectious affection is one of the main causes of death between felines. For this reason, we will have to contemplate to also apply this immunization. He is always recommendable, mainly if we have gathered the kitten of the street, to realise the test of the disease. In case of being positive, it will be necessary to suspend to the vaccine and behavior immediately to the treatment, although the kitten does not present/display symptoms. Fought in time, this disease becomes chronicle, and with the suitable cares, it is possible to contribute a good one to them quality coexisting with the disease. Other important recommendations of the veterinarian online for cats talk about the necessity to worm to the animal every three months. The parasites are a serious problem of health of cats, not only because some species transmit the humans, but because they can affect the normal performance of the heart, stomach, intestine and lungs. Source: Note of Press sent by the cat in house.