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22 February
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Here Guillermo

And some power lines, capital: and who knows your past and never / never be the same. This is the recovery of the past and knowledge, which leads out to the identity of the adult male. Identity turns and always supported these poems in the everyday elements of life: insects, praying, picture book. With the words you can capture the memory, but sometimes may be insufficient … And I've learned / just a bunch of words / tightening the vastness of memory. The smell of coffee, floral dress, light are words that are intended to describe the nuances of the past. And we find some lines that define the identity, are verses so important to me that give explanation for the very life of the poet: perhaps I have no another destination / out my surroundings, / to call a name to each thing / that has been or is still, all that / who lives in need of words. Here Guillermo defines its identity as a man and a poet.

A little further down, there are some lines that contain the title of the book: Flemish Opera, with bright and dark sounds: with light and shadow living in the poems, death and life, past and future, memory. It is the work of the poet to give a word to what ever / begged to have a voice. It is the word, language, what makes us conscious of our own human life, the word mark the place and identity in the absence of logos we are only with vertigo or fear.