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22 February
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Here Guillermo

And some power lines, capital: and who knows your past and never / never be the same. This is the recovery of the past and knowledge, which leads out to the identity of the adult male. Identity turns and always supported these poems in the everyday elements of life: insects, praying, picture book. With the words you can capture the memory, but sometimes may be insufficient … And I've learned / just a bunch of words / tightening the vastness of memory. The smell of coffee, floral dress, light are words that are intended to describe the nuances of the past. And we find some lines that define the identity, are verses so important to me that give explanation for the very life of the poet: perhaps I have no another destination / out my surroundings, / to call a name to each thing / that has been or is still, all that / who lives in need of words. Here Guillermo defines its identity as a man and a poet.

A little further down, there are some lines that contain the title of the book: Flemish Opera, with bright and dark sounds: with light and shadow living in the poems, death and life, past and future, memory. It is the work of the poet to give a word to what ever / begged to have a voice. It is the word, language, what makes us conscious of our own human life, the word mark the place and identity in the absence of logos we are only with vertigo or fear.

01 February
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Spin Computer

Health can not buy, and save it, as you know, our own peril. One of the factors affecting the formation of posture in children is wrong landing during training sessions. But many problems in adulthood from childhood … even in school Education now difficult to imagine without a computer. If the execution of the lessons a child spends two hours a day, you notice how much time he spends, such as playing computer games.

Games can serve as a rest and simultaneously be developmental, but it’s important not to forget the correct position the body, either during work or school or during holidays. A few simple tips on how to properly sit at the computer: – Sit up straight – Spin hold exactly, the body, expand strictly to the monitor (you can not sit half-turned) – Feet do not cross your, put both feet firmly on the floor or footboard – Loins slightly arched, resting on the chair – Relax your shoulders, arms relaxed place on the table (or on the keyboard and mouse), relax your fingers – shoulder line should be located directly above the line of the hips – Forearms can be put on the soft armrests at a height such that the wrist located slightly lower than the elbows – hands I shall always be support. – Hands straighten more than half (the angle at the elbow should be above 90 degrees) – The elbows are bent and are about 3 cm from the body – put the keyboard below elbow (if possible) or at their level – keep your head straight, at will – with a slight slope forward – the distance from the monitor to eye must be at least 50cm If you observe these, in fact, simple rules for 3 months then later produced a healthy habit to sit at the table. By the way, remember that the best example for your child – it’s you. Themselves as a sitting at which table, for what? On the board you see computer tables from the catalog online shop furniture But the atmosphere in the room creates not only the furniture! Even the existing familiar furniture you can add new colors to the new school year! Self-adhesive pictures from our collection will create a special mood in the room the student. “We have nothing like it, and well attended” – would say someone from skeptical parents. But is not it great that now their children, we can create more appropriate conditions for work and leisure – a fantastic world in your child’s room! And if you go outside the room and walk around the school where the student spends much of the day? We will not add anything, just give photos of “before” and “after.