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28 September
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Banking Association

In the last years of my profession as a paediatrician, I had changed substantially and attributed to personal problems (the unexpected death of my husband for a cerebral aneurysm, having lost my job in banking by restructuring established by Zanola (President of the Banking Association) that left in the street to four thousand employees in one fell swoop(, the having to deal with the single life, with my two teenage children, etc.) without thinking at any time owed to being ill. Is that in those moments nobody spoke of the syndrome of Burn out (the doctor blown) for the simple reason that was unknown. Thanks to a doctor in Barcelona which had the perception that something was happening with their colleagues and devoted himself to observe and understand what was happening, I couldn’t find me, because being removed the cause of my change. Since I started to practice my profession was delivered to my patients that my knowledge my heart, because I was sure that it was able to help the person in his illness, and During these past years I stopped doing so. He had always known hearing problems, child, mother, father and all the family component that come and talk to me. And always also had failed to find any word to comfort a fallen spirit.

But I lost that ability in the last stage. If I had known she was ill had sought help but as it believed that it was the result of things that I enuncie and logical loss of patience that can be taken with the passing of the years, did not. That way, my last occupational period I stopped attending my patients and their parents, in the needs that went beyond prescribing a medication or try to find a diagnosis. I could only see it almost a year after I retired when I started reading about the syndrome and I could auto diagnose me and understand my change.

15 September
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Healthy Nails

No one would deny this thought that women's hands and manicured nails in particular, a thing in appearance quite important and is without doubt one of the main reasons for the success of any woman, is what makes the image of any woman. Menyayamanikyur we change the image, beautiful hands and nails manicured – the success and popularity of the transition of the opposite sex and a source of envy for her sex. To keep up with fashion, many women today are beginning to go on courses manicure, because doing manicure at home is not always convenient, and with the best care of your hands is not the best, in terms of shape and attached to the nail of his color, not to mention when it comes to bridal manicure. Painting nails requires a specialist of beauty, because even after the course to do manicure nail painting itself is very zatrudnitelnoTak want to touch on nail care, manicure, if French, the care easier but if it's design work, including painting nails, again manicure should be done under a special arrangement with a specialist or a beauty salon. Otherwise, maintaining the style and form will simply not possible due to and an appropriate level raboty.Zatragivaya manicure can not touch on a pedicure, because the nails require care everywhere. Amazingly, if it is possible to do a pedicure at a beauty salon, but if this is not possible, it is better of course, an experienced professional pedicure at home, often it comes out much cheaper. Especially since not every woman feels comfortable making a pedicure in the salon, in this case, special master simply ideal

13 September
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Health Benefits Of Walking

Walking improve coordination, balance and save you reduce the load on the lower extremities. Compared with a cane and crutches, walkers provide the greatest stability and patients from a broader base of support and the support, improved longitudinal and lateral stability. Walkers are made of aluminum, overhead pens are made of rubber or plastic. Some models may walker shape and are very convenient for storage. Others – are the wheels that allow movement for patients who can not raise them. However, the walker with wheels reduce the resistance of patients and can lead to a fall, so they must be equipped with brakes.

All types of walkers are not safe when climbing and descending the stairs. In addition, they are cumbersome and inconvenient for use in a confined space, can get stuck in doorways. Neodhodimo remember that walkers are divided into children and adults. Therefore, when buying you need to know what walkers need you. If you use a walker should be aware that: for maximum stability walker must raise and then drop on all four legs, is necessary to maintain the correct posture and body position, not too close to the front of the bar, as this can reduce support and lead to a fall back. The company ‘Sims 2’: medical equipment in Moscow. Walkers (adults and children), canes, crutches.

05 September
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Solid Residues

These daily flows of people result in an esteem average production of infectantes residues equal to the 3,6 tons/month (3,600 kg) of potentially infectantes residues or 120 kg/dia. How much to the common residues in an equal average production esteem to the 12,60 tons/month (12,600 kg) of common residues or 420 kg/dia. How much to the chemical residues in an equal average production esteem to the 360 kg s or 12 /m kg/dia. How much to the perforate-cutting residues in an equal average production esteem to the 1.11 tons/month (1,440 kg/ms) or 48 kg/dia. Estimates these whose total of produced residues results in 18 tons/month (18,000 kg) or 600 kg/dia. These amounts represent the ratios of 20% for the potentially infectantes residues, of 70% for the common residues, 2% for the chemical residues and 8% for the perforate-cutting residues, that in a general way represent general parameters as studies of the Bio Magazine (2000), the composition of the Solid Residues of Health: infectado 30%; 25% reciclvel and common 35%. These 0 variable also depend on the transport of the hospital and the type of given service, if of basic attention that produce little residues potentially infectantes and much more common residues or services of average and high complexity that produce little potentially infectantes residues and more common residues in bigger amounts and of different ratios of the hospitals that whose purpose is ambulatorial. The generic reason (D/X) is the fraction between the common residues and the other types of residues, being the reason (D/A), the relation that sample that stops each one kg of infectante residue, has 3,5 kg of produced common residues; being the reason (D/B), the relation that sample that stops each one kg of chemical residue, has 35 kg of produced common residues and the reason (D/E) the relation that sample that stops each one kg of perforate-cutting residue, has 8,5 kg of produced common residues.