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30 April
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Urban Centers

The man fixed itself in the great urban centers, habitacionais sets the COHAB _ financed by the BNH (National bank of Habitation) to show a false image of progress, with the increase of the population in urban areas, since ' ' metrpoles' ' they were symbol of progress and prosperity. At any moment one took in account the human side and the new individualities of this ' ' citizens urbanizados' ' , that they only served to alavancar the growth of the statisticians. The story the Muscles, dialogues with some other texts literary and popular music, as of the So Paulo group Premeditando the Breque So Paulo, So Paulo, in the stretch of the letter that says; ' ' In to the great to carry through me city. Liveing in a BNH. In the periphery the plant darkens dia.' ' We also make a parallel of the Danilo personage with the personage of music Construction of Chico Buarque of Holland: ' ' (…) its gotten dull cement eyes and tear. (…) ' ' Igncio de Loyola Brando, was one of the censured authors more and pursued for the military regimen, costuma to say that its workmanship is very dated and that if concentrates in the period that understands the end of the years of 1960 until the beginning of the years of 1980.Com its already said fantastic narrative Igncio it goes distilling inoculating its acid critical and metaphors, acquiring knowledge and amusing its reader with so magnificent workmanship.

CHAPTER 4 Consideraes Final: The subject which if relates to the story the Muscles of Igncio de Loyola Brando, is tied with a moment of the country that you go of 1964 up to 1985, hard, arbitrary and authoritarian period of our recent history. Throughout the story, the Danilo protagonist, that I eat we only said has its name disclosed in the last line of the text, stops an arduous fight against ' ' arames' ' that they grow inexplicably in its yard. It finishes giving itself for looser. The protagonist, in the truth represents the fight of that they had finished forcibly accepting, the life in the great urban centers. Ahead of this so common fact in the last few decades, in them he irreproachably comes to the mind some investigations: Until point the city offers to freedom and prosperity in fact? It will be that in it we are hindered of the option of choice of our destination? It offers as many things that, forcibly, the man has that to opt.

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