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29 May
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Genetic Engineering

Recently there have been more news about advances in genetic engineering. Recently in the press more often hears about the U.S. Democratic consultant does not necessarily agree. company Knome. She became known for soim Engineering Genetic Engineering. Knome – company in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), which works with leading geneticists and pharmacists from Harvard and MIT, to allow people to obtain and understand their genetic information.

They – the first company to offer full information about genomes and analysis of this information for individuals. Services to provide personal information of the genome are still in the infancy stage, but the first people in stories that will have their complete genome is already known. Knome company placed its services in the form of an auction on ebay with a starting price of $ 67 000. Knome was founded in late 2007 a professor of medical school at Harvard, George Church, in order to propose a set of genetic services to wealthy clients. The initial price was $ 350,000, but it has dropped substantially over the past year. Knome company signed a contract to provide its services c Beijing Institute of Gene Biology. Such services will change modern medicine.

Genetic engineering will provide a wide range of opportunities for mankind. Parents planning to have children, will be able to save him from hereditary diseases, choose a hair color or eye and even to Born to assign specific character traits. Thanks to the virus particles – carriers of genetic information, it will be possible not only to improve the genome of its progeny, but also his own. What will make a great treat number of diseases including padagru, Marfan syndrome, and many other diseases. Is possible to improve certain characteristics of the human body. If you look at the future, genetic engineering can be instrument of human evolution. But before this will solve a great number of ethical issues.

29 December
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Traditional Wound

The crushed powder and heated from the flowers plants, mixed with lard, put on a scarf and put on the wound. Observed good results. Chicory Common (Cichorium inthybus L.). Decoction of the roots of the plant is used for washing wounds. Burdock (Arctium lappa L.). Set regenerating effect when using this herb. Use it as a decoction, tincture, ointment, burdock oil. Chamomile drug (Matricaria chamomilla).

Justified by its wide use in the treatment of wounds. Content in it is determined chamazulene ability of the plant to the local analgesic effect, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial and promotes regeneration of action. Fresh, filtered, the hood, it is recommended applied topically for washing wounds. Waybread (Plantago major L.). Clinical observations established a positive result in the treatment of wounds. Apply fresh paste of the leaves of both species of plantain for applying to the wound.

Violet tricolor (pansies) (Viola tricolor L.). Juice of fresh plant successfully used to treat wounds, putting it directly on the wound or as a compress. Comfrey (chemist) (Symphytum officinale L.). It is proved that when applying it to injury occurs stimulation of cell growth and tissue repair. Locally applied broth – for compresses, and washes in the form of slurry. Also used and the powder of the roots of Comfrey and Horsetail powder (equal parts) to assign the wounds. Kazanlak Rose. Ready ointment "Rosalyn", packaged in tubes, used for applying to the wound. In addition to an antiseptic ointment acts vosstanavlivayusche result. Koggigriya sumac (Cotinns coggygria Scop). Strained decoction of the leaves has a good effect when applied to compress, wash in the form of slurry in the treatment of wounds. Len. Popular plant, shown to heal wounds. Of boiled linseed gruel prepared. In France, the wound is treated with linseed butter – washed the wound several fold during the day. Walnut. Useful plant to treat wounds. 5 g of mashed nut leaves, pour a glass of boiled water. The resulting hot infusion, taken orally for dessert spoon 3 times a day; topically applied to compress. There comes a healing effect. Active factor juglone has a bactericidal action. Mother and stepmother. Applied in the form of a slurry of fresh leaves or chopped raw, mixing it with milk. Oak. Recognized by anti-inflammatory herb is also recommended for treatment of wounds, is widely used as a means of promoting healing of wounds. Strawberry timber. Thanks to the rich content of This plant tannins and flavonoids, it is shown and is widely used to treat wounds. Locally applied broth. Treat wounds and cooled with compresses of strained hot infusion, marked therapeutic advances in the treatment of bleeding or weeping wounds. Field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis L.). The effect of wound healing occurs in the local application of infusion of the flowers and branches of plants. The infusion is prepared as follows: 2 parts of flowers or branches pour 4 parts of alcohol (Vodka) and infused for 2 weeks. Filtered and diluted with a tablespoon of infusion half glass of boiled water. Apply compresses and washing wounds.. – Traditional medicine is the lkarsk Roslyn Prirodn bologchno aktivn rechovini

19 November
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Emotions And Health

Emotions pervade our lives, make it vivid colors and perform many functions. So a sense of joy shows a state of harmony, according to what is happening to our desires or expectations. Experiencing the joy we experience increased energy, enthusiasm and the surrounding perceive more optimistic. The feeling of fear can paralyze, to enter into a state of apathy, or vice versa, indicating the danger, give adrenaline, to cope with danger and if necessary, to get away from the pursuer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nancy-Ann_DeParle by clicking through. Emotion – this signals from our body, which is very useful to learn to understand and use for the benefit of themselves. Perhaps someone argue that it means for the benefit of themselves? After all the emotions – it is our individuality, and I live, therefore I am – and react is part of me.

But the wind is also a natural phenomenon of nature, which with the help of windmills and other structures man has learned to use their own benefit. And the wind ceased to be the wind, and nature has no claim. Topic of emotion psychology and physiology is dedicated set of fundamental papers and books. Emotions and features manifestations occupy the focus of attention in many systems of psychotherapy. And I would like to share some observations. This will help to understand what is happening to people who do not have psychological education, but also seeking to harmonize their lives. Thus, the emotion – it is a reaction to what is happening in our psyche.

28 November
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Whole Body

It is not easy to imagine all the amount of work being done by our blood. Many are unaware that the blood sort of independent biochemical laboratory organism. Taking oxygen in the lungs, it brings it into tissue, where exchanges for carbon dioxide and immediately brings it back. Under the microscope the red liquid is a mixture of billions of blood plates, and another red and white blood cells found in a yellowish liquid – plasma. 25 billion red blood cells look as if doubly concave disks. In the body, they are responsible for transporting oxygen. White blood cells – white blood cells perform protective functions. Platelets – oval smooth blood cells provide blood clotting.

Transportation of oxygen molecules may be exclusively due to a complex protein – hemoglobin. Its value is in the blood of healthy women is 120 g / liter. By the same author: Peter A. Levine PhD. In case of hemoglobin, following the above given figure, fit to carry on a conversation, about anemia or, in other words, an anemia. Anemia may be genetically programmed, then an independent disease. In all other cases, the disease again and is usually found on the background of other diseases. In women, nature has lost blood, but more frequent anemia factors are not only heavy periods, and hemorrhoids, tumors of the uterus, nasal bleeding or ulcers.

Secret source of excessive blood loss can be ovarian cysts, or bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract, which are diagnosed most difficult and may be hidden in many years. One of the most common factors to iron deficiency in the blood of the fairer sex – it's bad food. Regular use of a primitive fast food, puts women primary candidate for anemia. This is the most famous of anemia and are associated with lack of vitamin B12 and start due to unhealthy diets, as a result of a long vegetarianism, after suffering hepatitis, or worsening in absorption of folic acid. Symptoms of anemia with small differences have a similar basis. Then comes a rapid fatigue even after negligible loads, there is a weakness, pale skin, and conjunctival, fall off the vein, and even at light load there is the heartbeat and shortness of breath. These symptoms are we now and then associate with hard work and, simply, do not pay attention. As the disease occur constipation, headache, a bundle of nails, hair falls out. At times, anemia, as in pregnancy, there is a desire to eat chalk, salt or spicy foods. Proper treatment of anemia must appoint a doctor, by analyzing a blood test. Setting women – in time to come to the doctor and start looking for a basis Happy symptoms. To ward off anemia, daily diet should be optimally chosen to include the right amount of protein and iron-containing products such as herbs, nuts and seeds, noni, raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruits. Incredibly useful for beef, liver, as well as foods with a high content of vitamin C, which improves the absorption of iron. Of great importance in the treatment of anemia is rest and prolonged exposure to fresh air. Should move more and make the air any physical work, which in turn will contribute to the early healing and freedom from annoying symptoms of anemia.

13 October
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International Institute

Nesvyazannyeendoprotezy – hinged not joined into one, move, and move on relation to each other. In the manufacture of prostheses and implants used, usually titanium ceramic coated. Cardiologist is a great source of information. The most frequently used in prosthetic knee replacement: bikondilyarnye implants with / without the replacement of the patellar prosthesis with movable or fixed connection unikondilyarnyeprotezy prosthesis with dorsal stabilization and related Alternative methods of operations: arthroscopic surgery with different methods of abrasive interspinous speyserovhirurgicheskoe removal nadkolennikaizolirovannoe prosthesis nadkolennikaoperatsii on Retinakulum and transparent procedures for the treatment of defects in the knee hryaschaartrodez most common models unikondilyarnymi prosthetic knee joints are: 1. MillerGalante Oxford 2. Genesis 3. ZUK 4. Preservation 5. PFC 6.

Duracon 7. Allegretto 8. EIUS 9. Marmor 10.Brigham 11.St.Georg most common models bikondilyarnymi prosthetic knee joints are: 1. PFC Sigma2.

AGC 3. NexGen 4. Duracon 5. F / S MIII 6. Kinemax 7. Triathlon 8. Profix 9. Vanguard 10.Scan 11.PFC mobile bearing 12.Natural 502 13.LCS 320 207 14.AMK 15.MillerGalante2 16.NexGen mobile bearing 17.Oxford rotating 18.Performance 19.Evolution Samimi-known manufacturers of prosthetic knee joints are at Alphabetical: Anotomica, Biomet, Corin, Depuy, Johnson & Johnson, StrykerHowmedica, Osteonics, Smith-Nephew, Centerpulse, LINK, Wright, Zimmer. In Germany, held every year about 150 thousand Operations prosthetics – implanted artificial knee joint. Length of stay in the German hospital in knee replacement is 7-10 days. Duration of postoperative rehabilitation in a specialized rehab center depends on the type and model of the implant, and is 2 – 3 weeks. Dr. Victor Kramer, chief medical adviser of the International Institute of Health, the Munich, Germany,

12 October
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Ocean Body

Immunological defense to lift the immunity of people prefer without the doctor's advice to buy immunostimulants, which for example, combine the tincture of ginseng root, lemongrass and other herbs. Cardiologist helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In fact, these drugs work only in times of illness when the body is weakened. Carry out disease prevention and enhance the resilience body they can not! Moreover, some adjuvants may be prohibited for adults or children for medical reasons. So buy the drugs that affect the immune system can only by prescription. There is another kind of immunostimulants, such as the thymus gland. They have different effects on the body. Some of them are shown during the illness, the other after it, and some have preventive impact. Constant and effective means of using natural products to prevent colds is to: – the liquid formula 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi' – herbal 'Force of Nature' – jelly capsules enriched with oxygen 'Pride Ocean '.

'Cordyceps Lingzhi and' You can bury your nose in, 1-2 drops, or taken into the inside of 2-3 ml. once a day. Kids also will appreciate such a perspective more than burying the nose. Preventing acute respiratory infections in children Children are most susceptible to colds and, of course, the last thing parents want to stuff the child's body with antibiotics and other medicines, especially infants. And it is not worth the hassle! There are drugs on the natural basis 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi', 'Propolis and Lingzhi'! To avoid a cold is necessary: – to make children with fingertips massage along the spine, allowed tapping and clapping to the edge of his hand until the skin do not blush – at the time of the adoption of a child bath can add a few drops of pine or citrus essential oil.

– Take the inside 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi' 0.5 – 2 mL. once a day. In addition to all above the means for both adults and children need healthy food, rich in vitamins and minerals. Only in this case the whole family will be able to withstand viral infections in autumn!

12 May
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Creative Insight

In the journal Neuropsychologia (article called 'The origins of insight in resting-state brain activity') was published study. Scientists have tried to scientifically prove the existence of a fundamentally different structure of cerebral activity during active thinking and dormant in people with imaginative thinking, capable creative insights, and those who usually handles the problem through to its logical analysis. Subjects first indulged in nothing, and then guessed anagram. After that, they were divided into two groups – those who coped with the task mainly due to a sudden insight, and those who came to the decision by a systematic analysis. It turned out that the picture of brain activity these two groups had very serious differences, both during work and during leisure. The study showed that the predominant activity of the right hemisphere is kept by lovers of "inspiration" even in a period of rest.

That is, willingness to solve problems by creative, was not temporary, sudden splash .. Please visit cardiologist if you seek more information. 'The tendency to a particular method of solving the problem – with the help of creative or a methodical approach – there is not at the moment when a person already faced with the problem. The election of a particular strategy is determined by the previous state of human consciousness' – explains Kunayos. Do the owners of creative thinking word, image, smell, or something else running in the consciousness long associative chain, which eventually leads to an unexpected decision. In contrast, focusing on solving a specific problem, cut off all unnecessary logic and apply them to the already known strategy solving the problem. In general, this information is not anything particularly original.

Well, confirmed by scientific methods have long known facts. Creativity inherent in all people, but to varying degrees. Only you can look at them with On the other hand. More and more people are born with the hemispheres are equally active, the so-called ambidexterity. Here they learn how to switch from a logical creative thinking is vital, since uncontrolled this transition takes a lot of energy and effort. Looking for exercise equipment and techniques that allow arbitrarily switch to different kinds of thinking. Here and useful research, studying the condition of the brain and mind in the previous figurative or logical way of thinking. speech therapist Ludmila Yesipova specifically for Source:

27 January
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Chronic Diseases

Reasons for development hypovitaminosis B1 are associated with a monotonous diet, excess carbohydrates in the diet, the presence of chronic disease (enteritis, enterocolitis). Vitamin B1 is contained in cereals and legumes, bread and bakery products, cereals (buckwheat, oats), liver, organ meats, brewer's yeast, potatoes, cauliflower, etc. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), takes an active part in the protein, carbohydrate, fat metabolism, regulates the exchange of amino acids (AA) improves color vision, the functional state of cardiovascular system, central nervous system and digestive system. It stimulates the blood, is involved in regulation of liver function, skin, mucous membranes. Is a coenzyme of many respiratory enzymes that promote the growth and reproduction. Hypo-and avitaminosis B2 clinically characterized by disorders of the central nervous system (somnolence, peripheral polyneuritis), skin and mucous membranes (seborrheic dermatitis, dryness, and cyanosis lips, scars on them, glossitis), inflammation of the eyeball, photophobia, reduced visual acuity. The main causes of hypovitaminosis B2 is a significant reduction in consumption of milk and milk products chronic gastrointestinal diseases, medications, antagonists, riboflavin, etc. A significant amount of vitamin B2 is found in milk and dairy products, liver, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, buckwheat and oat cereals, bread, beer yeast.

Vitamin PP (niacin) plays an important role in metabolic processes (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, cholesterol), accelerates the oxidation-reduction reactions, is included in several coenzymes affects the cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems. It is vital for the synthesis of sex hormones. The main representatives of this group include nicotinic acid and nicotinamide. With a lack of food vitamin E developed pellagra, which is characterized by general weakness, apathy, insomnia, dizziness, bowel function, skin lesions (dermatitis of the face and exposed parts of the body), decreased memory, dementia, delirium, dyspepsia, psychosis, etc. Factors for hypovitaminosis PP are monotonous food (especially corn), long-term therapy sulfanilamidnymi drugs, estrogen, chronic gastrointestinal diseases (enteritis, colitis), which violate the absorption of vitamin E, and chronic alcoholism.

12 January
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The Vessels

Most water loss (on average it is about nine grams) leads to thickening of the blood, and this facilitates the transition of fluid from the tissues into the blood vessels and resorption of different hardening. For assistance, try visiting cardiologist. Bath procedure normalizes the metabolism, promotes the elimination of rheumatic diseases joints, acute and chronic sciatica, various cold-related diseases, including respiratory diseases. Studies have shown, for example, when a flu epidemic break out, the incidence of amateur bathe 4 times lower than among those who do not attend a bath. The scientists found that under the bath more quickly restored the power of tired muscles, which for some time, even above the original level. Resilience and endurance of muscles. The impact of a bathhouse on the cardiovascular system is manifested primarily in expansion and increase in the number of functional capillaries. This leads to increased blood supply to those areas of the body, the vessels which were at rest in a compressed condition, suffering from the initial stage of hypertension, blood pressure decreases after visiting a steam room.

Thus, the bath especially useful for people suffering from edema, leading a sedentary lifestyle, those who engaged in strenuous physical and mental work. Bath and helpful to other people, after it felt more energy, improves well-being, increases efficiency, normal son, appetite. Tastes differ: I was once asked: Which room is best? I thought I could not answer, it seemed – a simple question. In actual fact, I thought: what a bath is better? AND immediately asked myself: What is meant by the word better? I think you need to know for what purpose are you going to the bath, some are going to wash, others, such as after physical work is going to relieve fatigue or mental stress.

09 January
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The Activity

Scientific studies have shown that blueberries accelerates the repair of nerve cells. In these black berries with a glaucous bloom contains vitamins B, PP and C, pectin and tannins, carotene, sugars, organic acids, anthocyanins, minerals, essential oil. Read additional details here: Dr. Mark Hyman. According to researchers, blueberries – the absolute leader on the content of manganese, among other wild berries. Anthocyanins, which are rich in fruits blueberries, thanks to the unique ability to inhibit the activity of free radicals, slow the aging process, rejuvenate the skin. Perhaps, today, everybody knows that blueberries are very useful to view: it is based on developing a range of drugs. Scientists have proved not only beneficial effect on visual acuity berries (especially at night), but also in circulation in the retina.

Because of the ability to reduce eyestrain, just need to blueberries, whose work is associated with increased strain on the eyes. These berries is removed from the body of salt that is recommended for kidney stones, rheumatism and gout. It is useful to have blueberries with anemia, diseases of the stomach and liver. But its regular use reduces the risk of cancer. More recently, blueberries have found a substance similar in composition to the fibrate – drugs that reduce "bad cholesterol" levels and raising the level of "good". Frequent consumption of blueberries (any kind) prevents the formation of blood clots.

It is especially necessary for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. If you regularly eat blueberries this will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Berries also inhibit the deposition of fat in the abdomen.