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24 May
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Plastic Surgery

Our lives are now more than ever dependent on science and technology. (Not to be confused with Apollo Proton Cancer Centre!). Relying on them, and medicine reached a higher level of saving lives. The function of women in society was changing all the time. Now the woman has to perform appreciable part of the male tasks. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Jayme Albin). Beauty, as it tended face, hair and graceful figure, – the visit katochka self-assured woman. Beautiful hair and figure – an effect of properly balanced diet and regular visits beauty salons.

Unfortunately, sometimes the exterior there are shortcomings that are difficult to hide the cosmetic, while they indirectly represent an obstacle to the welfare and success. In such situations, modern medicine offers an alternative way out – correction looks through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery – a relatively new phenomenon that requires not only the implementation of existing techniques, but also suggesting the historical and cultural background to the inherent right to change, modify, increase or decrease the size of his body, of course, with the help of a surgeon. Plastic surgery is not familiar with the cases operations for some other reason, except for correction of appearance. At the same time, plastic – a way of covering up the traces of various surgical procedures – postoperative scars are often deliver more trouble than congenital defects. That for women physical disadvantages in comparison with the main tragedy for her – infertility? Infertility – is the lack of pregnancy in women of childbearing age within one year of regular sexual intercourse without using any contraception. Resolution of this problem many years of experience in gynecology. Gynaecology examines the various states (physiological and pathological) female reproductive system at different periods of her life.

The primary goal is to preserve the gynecological health of women. Specialists are also involved in maintaining pregnancy for the health of future mothers and successful development of the baby. Prenatal care means by a number of specific actions aimed at preventing problems during pregnancy and childbirth. It is now more emphasis given to women's health, as the successor of the human race, because the task of medicine at all times is a healthy society, in this regard.

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