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29 September
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Mind Machines

The world’s first brain wave radio’s broadcast on the online platform can log users and interested parties alike in a stream, and there choose what mental state they want to – do like when a commercially available “mind machine”. In the available audio streams namely day and night special ambient music is played, which was specially created to influence the brain waves of a listener. Following streams run already: that helps achieve the “privileged” alpha state promoting megabrain stream of Alpha stream cognitive abilities of dream stream kidnapped into the creative world brings battered down contemporaries subconscious the friend stream back to trot the wellness stream source relaxation of body and mind of Zen-stream the highly effective Zen meditation is simulated the listeners must do everything, to put on headphones and sit back. The result is already a few minutes listening to the inevitable change of the mental State of the listener or the hearer. The bandwidth of the existing mental training sessions ranging from improving the concentration on improving the creativity to reach deep relaxation and inner peace.

In total there are 38 different sessions, which give rise to different mental results. More information is housed here: OurCrowd. The psycho-acoustic effects triggered by the NeuroStreams sessions are little known, but explored for decades in American and European universities, as well as in the form of CDs as long been commercially distributed. As mental training method, Brainwave training is applied always again especially with top providers. As the motivation for this new project, the founder of, Tim Daugs specifies: “I still do not believe, how little people know how easy and quickly and above all how convincing they can improve their mental condition with brain wave training.” According to the founder, this platform just for people with poor concentration, could Sleep disorders or problems with stress and overstrain the an or other surprising solution ready. The aim of the project is to bring as many people with “brainwave training” in contact, and all users who deal so to make balanced contemporaries. Currently, there is a free 7-day trial to the Neurostreams which automatically ends, as well as access to the brain waves radio can secure a paid full access, where prospective buyers for a particular period. On the platform, also downloads offered by selected sessions. A free video course that introduces fun and simple way the topic “brain waves training”, is already in preparation.

26 September
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Cures In Poland With Spas

Spas are the most important deals in spa treatment in Poland, of which guests. Water can be great. People are largely made of water and as soon as the content in the body is too low, disease threatens. It is only understandable that the water and its healing power is used for millennia for the health. Water is used for treatments in Poland in many ways. The drinking cure is just one of the many possibilities.

The activities around the spas include the Exchange and also the part baths. Only individual parts of the body are bathed in the part baths. The Spa enjoys lying up to the chest in the water full baths in a spa treatment. Spas can affect all water temperatures. So there are hot, warm and cold treatments. According to the temperature, the duration of the bath is. A cold bath takes just a few minutes, just as a hot bath.

Warm baths, level or just below body temperature can take up to 30 minutes. Spas can soothe but also invigorating have a very helpful and during the treatment in Poland, the applications are a major focus of treatment after Pastor Kneipp. Arm casts are applications where one begins on the right side. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Geneticist. Starting point is the small finger. From there, the water beam is guided up the arm before it goes on the left arm. Even the posture is important. The patient stands and lets hang out down the arm to be treated while the therapist leads the water hose. It’s up on the outside and down on the inside. After treatment, the water is wiped only and not dried out. It is important that the patient then dresses, even if is still wet on the poor. Arm casts, used during the treatments, are invigorating. You can help when patients suffer heavily from heat. This may be the outside temperature and also hot flashes during menopause. Kneipp treatments can include even today the treading water. Slow walking through calf-deep, cold water is very healthy. So also help the fonts on the calves to treat for example varicose veins. The vessels pull together through the cold water. Treading water can also cause a great relief during the hot season. It is also great to combine with the offer of various health spas. Who suffers from cold feet, has also helped with this form of health spas. For this reason, more than just a variation around the water is offered within the framework of the treatments in Poland. The foot of change of is carried out alternately. The feet will be alternating cold and hot, about calf-deep water. After the last cold bath feet only on the toes are dried. Then the spa to get dressed immediately warm. The feet remain still cool, so the bath can be repeated, this time the treatment ends with the heated water. During the treatments, the temperature can be during the first treatment between cold and warm close to each other.

14 September
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11 September
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Deggendorf Niederbayern

Mews in Eichberg close to Deggendorf Niederbayern animals that were rescued by animal rights activists from hopeless living conditions or before death, spend since 2006 in Eichberg near Deggendorf a quiet retirement. Each of the horses and mules, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens or other residents of the Bavarian branch of gut Aiderbichl Salzburg has a very special life and history of suffering can learn visitors on a guided tour. The main building and a dozen rescued horses form the core of the material. Hippopotamus is the home of the cow”the newly built Mews, for her life like swim goes by Gemeindestier Jackie and his beloved Amelie Gallowaystier seriously, its Conny and many others. Meanwhile, over 200 animals live at gut Aiderbichl in Bavaria.

A special feature is the 2008 furnished and connected the good cat Villa and a large aviary for pigeons. In the House, visitors will be hosted and can see Aiderbichler animal films. Information:. Our tip for the month: Small but powerful,. Sulphur and moor: bad mushroom trail in the largest thermal spa region of Germany, the Bavarian Golf and Spa country, stands at the same time the smallest resort of the country. The sulphur springs bath mushroom trail was founded already in 1283, over 700 years ago. Today, a traditional four-court star with in-house source of sulfur, ancient bog meadows and a lavish SPA/Wellness – therapy area awaits guests.

06 September
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Small Bathrooms, Keys To Optimize Space Decoration

If you lack space, then change your bathtub to a shower. Also, separate glass areas or opt for tailored solutions to help capitalize every inch. Syndicate for natural light and enhance clarity Getting an open space, which circulate with little light barrier is a goal to achieve in the bathrooms too small. You can release the visual barriers using fixed panels of glass and no profiles to delineate the shower, in addition to a parallel distribution of the elements of the bathroom. In order to create a relaxed and welcoming, bet on coatings also colored tile to complement it with wood counter-tops flown, eg oak, and a few benches under the form of dramatically enhances. Profitable every meter with furniture can be projected as bathrooms for the use of two people at once, raising a low wall to give privacy to the toilet and hide the shower with a glass wall etched. The dramatically enhances can be designed with two symmetrical bodies lightened visually with the center open.

To enhance the feeling of light and space is well coated with tile walls and put a large mirror. Dispense counter to give visual range can raise the bathroom with the minimum, the essential use light colors to give the feeling of lightness and spaciousness. Choose a basin whose sides are flown counter-top, put a mirror up to the roof space visually multiply and design as a base unit, possibly painted white to lighten and without handles. In this case, the toilet in a separate area isolated and suspended with a concealed cistern. Replace the bathtub for a shower work One thing to take into account the small bathrooms is the space occupied by the bathtub, in these cases it is advisable to dispense with it and replace it with a large shower of work. To separate from the rest, you can build a low wall at half height, ceramic coated as walls and the floor with a glass panel above.

Bathrooms with low light A bright space looks larger also. It is therefore vital to select materials and bright colors used to separate glass panels. Order furniture that can hold When it comes to bathrooms for shared use, is needed to save space. It is best to choose as dramatically enhances furniture are complete: with glass in a side cabinet, chest of drawers in the center, open shelves under each sink and drawers across the bottom. You can even have a basket for dirty clothes behind a door swing. In the small bathrooms can be optimized taking into account some key ideas: use elements either suspended or furniture health, lighten the space with light-colored coatings and projecting more light with mirrors and glass panels.