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19 November
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Ageing Beauty

Like women to be beautiful and radiant in every moment of the day and the year, but when you get older, our skin already does not remain the same as before, and loses elasticity, deeper wrinkles appearing first lines of expression, and more later. For this reason appeared techniques such as collagen which is one of the proteins of the dermis that keeps the union of subcutaneous tissues and whose endings holds the skin, giving it firmness and smoothness; or hyaluronic acid that is present in our joints, cartilage and skin, but over the years makes this is diminishing more and more, for what the injections with this acid produced being removed Perioral wrinkles (around the mouth) and fill the nasogenian grooves. Both techniques require that the substance is injected into the skin. For the less risky or more fearful to injections, there are various antia-arrugas facial creams. One of the most recent and innovative creams, is the new Anew Clinical derma-full X 3 Avon.Este facial filler presents the same quality of grade injectable hyaluronic acid used by professionals for anti-aging treatments. To continue reading it enters definitive depilation method StarLight. More beauty tips, click here. Original author and source of the article

19 November
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Veterinary Clinic

This will be necessary to show this quiet when it comes to keep their coat in good condition, give you medicine, treating him at the Veterinary Clinic, clean ears, teeth, cut your fingernails. If you are calm and confident it will be much easier than if it is aggressive and defiant. Now, if a puppy we are challenged, must educate him correctly, firmly but without do you harm. If you do any mischief at home, he breaks something, growls or bites us strong, we must catch him and taking it by the skin of the neck, lift the dog and look you angry in the face, giving him a little touch on one side of the snout. It should also be sufficient if it diverts the look after our anger and not tries to maintain eye contact.

A dog, whether it’s a challenge between humans or pets, enough to know who’s boss, not fighting and hurting yourself interested, he should not get to this point. If they accept that US sent, they will be quiet and obedient, if on the contrary the herd leaders feel, they will be aggressive and authoritarian. If we have managed to show our moral authority within the hierarchy to the dog when it was a puppy, we can then make use of it for the rest of our coexistence without the need for physical punishment. Hitting a dog is harmful and it will only that you be wary and fearful, it won’t be docile but that will be little balanced. The ideal is to be with the dog many hours when it is puppy and that a person is showing small orders in constant training, but if the family is large, everyone must participate. Children should play with the dogs, can make games of persecution, use toys for dogs, wear clothes around the House, there are many fun games, but children sometimes abuse the trust and patience of the animal and can make it flat, the dog Growl and try to rid of heavy children although calmer dogs rarely respond, until a dog can bite, we must educate children so that they know that dogs feel like us and that their patience has limits. He is very noticeable when a dog is adult, if he presents behaviour problems, which probably have been initiated since he was a puppy, not only by traumatic experiences. Find other pets and dog training articles on our website.

19 November
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Healthy Children

Child acts like a sponge sucks completely inward all around, and the name exactly, because of which there is a process, it is desirable to come to a the cause of much serious, try to help their kids find a worthy and interesting future, is not applicable kid dad and mom when podrostet immediately to thank. A great influence for baby bears his surname, father's name they may be rearranged and positive, bad properties from his father and father's name is necessary that matched with the names of native kid in pronunciation. The kids always love to anoint oskarbitelnye nicknames to each other, happens often given the name of the parents to help them around the cause of this, and do not have to anoint a name that fail to unnecessary cherevatym consequences, and all the kids will call an innocent baby, so it can be named important psychological imbalance kid, now you do not aspire to so that cute kid he was unjustly languished. Also do not allow because, for a smart child is just harmless muck, just for the kid is incredibly high, over time people change our children will not that way, with respect to the equal age we live, it all must strive at all times to know. First confronted with the question: what about the right to name the child? People have come up with astrology, and immediately began to consider possible methods show effects of personal names by the action of a child, soon they joined numerous other lovers of the majority of the unknown science, but everything edinoznachno professors have confirmed that the name has a great impact on the character and health of the child.

Yes the above, we strongly different even wear common names, but there are many specific points particularly active on the effect on the child, but that's very important so that all of the above is the only act in a certain happiness in people, this is especially for a wonderful future. We describe everything points particularly affects Child: year of birth, his second name or birthday, the date when he was born, middle name, his birth month, is assigned to imechko, but try to mark the need, although it is very difficult to make a mistake that that's because the name. In the beginning we zhivemdlya his happiness, and then the sake of their girls and boys, over time, even for loved great-grandchildren, the answer is easy to understand, we live only for the sake of increasing his kind and let us accomplish our future is exciting extend a helping hand to families for boys and girls from the first breath and then with a particularly deep parameter vyiskivaniem own names. We hope that our little article: How to call a long-awaited child, as a mom and dad will accomplish It's a great solution.

19 November
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Training Weights

In the gym, as in other public places, has its own rules of conduct. Because the gym is a place where the work with his own body, there is always the risk of inadvertently injured. So here the special attention to the rules of safety when dealing with exercise equipment and weights. Before you start training, the athlete must make sure that the trainers and the presence of someone at the gym in case you need first aid. When working with weights, always use only serviceable equipment and ammunition.

If your side no one is in any case, do not work with large weights. Even if you confident in their abilities. If you have the micro and health problems train in sparing mode. It is possible, for example, when preparing for a very important competition, but always in consultation with his personal physician and coach. In other cases, you better not give up exercise before a full recovery. Bodybuilder, confident in its security, is not distracted from the exercises and higher quality concentrates on the muscles. and This approach gives a more productive results.

Here are a few simple safety rules that will prevent unwanted injury. Always do a warm-up before training. This is not a waste of time. Well warm up muscles less prone to injury. Perform the basic exercises needed to warm-up approach with small weights. This should be at least 15 reps exercises. Add burdening should gradually. At the same time should follow closely the work of muscles and in the event of pain or discomfort should stop the exercise. Pay close attention to your breathing during exercise. Proper breathing is very important aspect of bodybuilding. Try to exhale during the main phase of the exercise and inhale when returning to the starting position. Proper breathing helps to correct the work of the brain and reduces the risk of an increase in blood pressure. Do not be lazy once again check the serviceability of the simulator. Watch carefully so that during exercise with you is not sports equipment scattered about that can be tripped over. To avoid spine injury, use an athletic zone, when there is stress on your lower back. Compliance with these simple rules will help to enjoy the training process faster and achieve success in bodybuilding.

18 November
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The Problem

When we ask ourselves: who am I?.We should not accept any answer because all of them are false, they come the words, memory, knowledge, conditioning, society, yesterday, books, Scriptures, they come from others and what another says has absolutely no value. If we continue asking ourselves ever more deeply, a time in which we will obtain no response came. When not get no response and only an empty, questions will seem us absurd, we realize that questions and answers come from memory, thinking is that asks and answers. At the moment we do not get no answer is when we are approaching the answer, because the mind has become quiet, there is only attention, observation. In the space between two thoughts is where is the answer to who am I?.That thought is appeared to whom? The mind is like a screen, like a mirror that reflects images, symbols, thoughts, desires, fears, feelings, etc. And the problem is that we identify with those flashes that come and go aimlessly and in most occasions without sense.

Today believe in one thing and in another tomorrow, now want one thing and then another, today we like this and tomorrow things. The instability around us everywhere, that we are today nothing resembles what we were yesterday psychologically speaking – who today believe in nothing resembles what we thought yesterday. And that instability is not produced by anything external to us, we are unstable because the mind itself is unstable. If we are attentive to the movement of thinking can see that appeared to us to ourselves, there is no difference between the thinker and the thought, between that thought and thought. Which produces happiness, suffering, depressions, desires, fears etc. The experiencer and who wants to repeat those experiences or not is the same, the experimenter is experienced, the observer noted, the thinker thinking. Therefore the answer to the question of who that thought it did you? It is to me.

17 November
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The Mind

And the problem is that we identify with those flashes that come and go aimlessly and in most occasions without sense. Today believe in one thing and in another tomorrow, now want one thing and then another, today we like this and tomorrow things. The instability around us everywhere, that we are today nothing resembles what we were yesterday psychologically speaking – who today believe in nothing resembles what we thought yesterday. And that instability is not produced by anything external to us, we are unstable because the mind itself is unstable. If we are attentive to the movement of thinking can see that appeared to us to ourselves, there is no difference between the thinker and the thought, between that thought and thought. Which produces happiness, suffering, depressions, desires, fears etc. The experiencer and who wants to repeat those experiences or not is the same, the experimenter is experienced, the observer noted, the thinker thinking.

Therefore the answer to the question of who that thought it did you? It is to me. And if we ask immediately. Quien soy yo? The movement of thinking stops, mind I know introvierte to realizing that she herself is that question and which gives the answer, so it produces a transmutation and thought ceases. To silence the deceptive mind of desires, fears, addictions etc. One to be given realizes that it is the mind that produces them and experiencing them, and to realize this know to ask each time it appears a thought who that thinking appeared to him? The answer will be that to me, then we ask ourselves who am I? That thought is appeared to whom? To me Quien soy yo? We should not accept any answer that can get us to the question of who am I? Because the answers come from the mind of knowledge and knowledge is memory and memory is of yesterday.

15 November
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The Pleasant

When we are afraid we don’t account ourselves are the ones who create the feeling of fear, that we experience it and then want to not repeat. The same happens with the pleasant experiences, ourselves the very few times do and when we look at we do it in a way critical, look to people locking us in his personality, his appearance his way of dressing, but we never look at ourselves. If observasemos ourselves we would see our mind always this chatter with itself, in a coming and constant thoughts. This chatter is incessant and unnecessary, since thinking should use it only when needed, the same as the legs or hands, when one is sitting does not need legs to move, but mind you already are standing, sitting, lying, awake or sleeping, he is tirelessly working. The problem is that we are not owners of ourselves because we identify ourselves with thoughts, allowing that it dominates our lives to such an extent that we cannot be ourselves for one single moment. Being oneself is to live without thoughts, be like a child without prejudices, without condemning, without accepting, or rejecting anything, free of any conditioning either this social, cultural, political, religious etc.

Thinking is memory and memory is of the past, this is the reason why we always go ahead or we are left behind, we are always thinking in what we did or what we do, we never live the present active, the here and now. Live the here and now, be aware, the awakening of the consciousness, be attentive, the tao, the way, is all the same, different words to define one thing, that is meditation. Be attentive is to be observant, watchful, witness of everything what is happening both internally as externally. To listen there must be an interest and a silent observation, one can not be attentive if you’re constantly prattling with himself.

07 November
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Steve Alpizar

The conscious mind is governed by the senses, while the subconscious mind works on the basis of a schedule and does not distinguish what is good or bad for us from a conscious point of view, is for that reason that our biggest challenge in this life is to dominate our mind, this is not a simple task, demands much discipline and above all knowing how our mind works. The connection between conscious and subconscious is permanent, what today we sow is what you reap tomorrow, so it is necessary to be very careful with every action, Word, observation, etc.

Emotions play an important role in the mental programming, each time we express something our mind turns to his file of images associated with that phrase, for example if we express the temperature was that day to 42 degrees Celsius, immediately our internal search memories where we have experienced the same situation or a similar one, then always we rely on what is known. We must be very careful about the negative experiences because everytime we mention situations such as: there is no money, here everything is corruption, cannot, etc. Then our mind recreates images where that statement becomes true, how dangerous this situation is that our subconscious the message we send is that we want to experience those same situations, now understand because the negativism always leads to the same results, turning in circles and create suffering. Then what is the key for success? The key is to change negative associations and rehearse only positive memories, you must also skip dialogues that remember you painful situations, in the book by modifying our belief system to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar will find great techniques to change its own internal perception of reality, you will learn the ways of associating ideas of success in your subconscious mind and thus will manage to overcome the limiting beliefs that are affecting your life to negative situations.

Access to the power key is starting to send positive messages to our subconscious mind, as if a container that is with dirty water, if you enter water constantly, necessarily reach a point in which the content will only be clean water, the secret is to enter positive information, many people do not understand because they return again and again to the same situations, the problem is that they continue entering negative informationso it is impossible to obtain different results. In the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will make your change process sustained, most importantly take solid steps on what you want to and this is a task that corresponds to the conscious mind, here you will learn the importance in the use of the senses with respect to what you want toYou can reach your goals in powerful form if it is able to integrate all aspects of your life in an efficient manner. The programming of our subconscious mind is very subtle, so that the majority we adopt negative beliefs sometime in our life without it even we percibieramos it, however the most important thing is that today we decide to do, remember that our future life will be the consequence of activities that are now developing.

06 November
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Estudiado Life

The amount of information that can be retained imports in these devices. But in our brain more than that what matters is how relevant is the information that you can remember. Your memory is wonderful because it has been efficiently used his ability. It has been able to select the most significant memories of that time. And the details, those irrelevant things, were deleted. So that you understand the superiority of your memory in relation to the digital camera, think. Do you’d be able to keep with your Chamber continuing 50 years of your life? I don’t think so. But perfectly you can do with your memory because it is very efficient.

She only take care of the most relevant facts to cover that period so great. But the video camera can do that. Even so your memory will be forced to delete most of your life. And you probably don’t want that to happen. Another problem is that the fidelity of such information cannot be guaranteed. The majority of it will be disfigured.

You can never remember the facts exactly as they occurred. It will come someday in your life in which you will spend all in hindsight. And perhaps time hurts you have forgotten almost everything. And even knows someone contradicts your memories and you can not defend yourself because no canned an objective record of your life. After all, it will only be your memory and she is not nor much less infallible. And this is my advice: carries a journal where notes the things of the day not you’d never forget. When the years pass you won’t have nothing to fear. There will be no reason to get sad. Everything important will have it registered and can evoke. That is a way to save your life. You’ll see what shocking will be for you to travel to the past thanks to your journal. You’ll find amazing your life things because you can cover in details full years of your existence. Almost nobody has that opportunity. Te percataras details in which you never centraste attention. Try it and you’ll see, it will be amazing.

05 November
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Modern life is necessarily subject to change. Many of these processes, involuntary ourselves, may rejoice with more or less success, hence we endeavor firmly into consciousness cause changes in our environment that have no other objective that make us masters of space and the context in which we live. One of these most common actions occur in our homes. A human being transforms, oddly for pleasure, your everyday habitat. In fact this action is part of the ancestral domain man and woman engaged in their domains. Throughout history there are many examples that demonstrate this exercise of power. The first and most remarkable transformation that has news is the cave painting, is undeniable caves – once understood the metamorphosis suffered by housing spaces filled up your walls with these symbols, if because to the naked eye are not rather than that, but if we stop and delve only a few centimetres more, we realize that primitive man stopped being more wild when I fill your eyes from images and he began to believe in the beauty of the forms.

The first and most important function of art, in any of its manifestations, is to entertain, this is a truth as big as a temple. Thousands of thousands of years ago the first drawing in the wall of a cave, already outside by a man or a woman primitive (I tend more for this last and other articles will explain my theory), we became a mutant beings, constant beauty, unhappy explorers with statism and tedium, i.e., allowed us to us today turned, with more luck and awareness than others, renovators of the soul. Thank you old men and women. Ricardo Santiago Sanchez.