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11 April
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Health Management Companies

Using a specifically established health management companies can get the health of their employees our company is getting older, according to the statistics, therefore the workforce of the companies in the medium are also older. The company must face this challenge. Challenges include life, asking us and serve the further development. On 1 January 2012 started gradually with the extension of the working time. New retirees of born in 1962 and younger their full pension will receive only after reaching age 67.. With this gradually extended working time to pension insurance contribution rates should be kept stable. This approach to get the consequences of demographic change in the grip, is problematic.

Already in 2010 only 49.1% of the workforce could imagine, to perform its work until the age of 65. In the age group 20 29 it can imagine even less than 40% of the workforce. These are the findings of a study of the initiative health and Work (iga), which is composed of the BKK Bundesverband, the AOK Bundesverband, the Association of compensation funds E.v. and the German statutory accident insurance. Within this representative survey interviewed in Germany by telephone about 2,000 workers. More respondents in the iga said.Report21, that the physical health and mental fitness is a prerequisite for a time until retirement age.

Here is a great opportunity for the employer. Using a specifically established health management, companies can receive the health of their employees. The wishes of the employees in the offers should be included, as this significantly increases the motivation. Scientific studies have shown that the interventions are most successful if implemented in a holistic and sustainable system in the company. Still should be put together a package, which measures for health promotion include on the one hand and on the other hand measures aimed at improving the work organization. Individual programs to increase physical activity proven to cause a reduction of diseases of the musculo-skeletal disorders. In addition to the sporting activity still theoretical knowledge, is conveyed to the workers show up the highest effects (cf. Christensen et al. 2011, Goetzel RZ and Ozminkowski RJ, 2008) from various American meta-analysis suggests that in addition to an improvement in health also employee morale and productivity be increased (see 2009, national business group see Conn on health, 2005). To sum up, it can be said that both employers and employees benefit from individually deployed health management. About Dr. Ralf Lindschulten: He prepared since 2005 sportsmen and sportswomen to big events before. And as occupational health promoters offered a programme tailored individually to your needs you and your employees. So you and your employees cope with the stress and strains of everyday working life better.

10 April
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Past few days listening to some surveys, managed to bring some confusion to my natural limitations. In this, is read numbers something eye-catching. It was said that in 2008 the former Nestor Kirchner had a positive image of 51 per cent, while – also – former President Raul Alfonsin – recently – deceased followed him with 18%. And behind them, others, such as Duhalde and Menem. This survey returns to perform in January 2009 and paradoxically repeated numbers in 2008, where people expressed that better governance was Nestor Kirchner and Dr. Alfonsin is – again – in second place. A few days after the death of the Dr.

Raul Alfonsin – made that shocked the country – polls are again made, always with the same purpose: that of governance since the advent of democracy was the best. And here the results take a twist or not. This time the numbers are reversed, emerge from the data that better governance was the Dr. Alfonsin with more than 51% and relegated is the second former Nestor Kirchner with 17% of image positive. The rest remains the same. Few things knowing much, I was surprised to see such a radical change – forgive the expression – in polls numbers.

That thing happens we Argentines who face painful facts like the death of someone – us compassionate and we turn benevolent to the deceased? That so strong is the passion to reason that should prevail in these cases? Can it grow as citizens taking into account these parameters? Or we will continue expressing in this way, leaving aside the critical capacity to take charge of what happens to us as a society? I have many more questions, but few answers. I’m just convinced that this is not the way. A country is built with active, thinking citizens and clear concepts. Passions are filled with original author and source of the article.

08 April
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Ads on the Internet are one of the most dedicated electronic media to give to communicate or to advertise, different goods and services. These, are regarded as a very safe, but more importantly, propaganda model which has the merits be accessible and cheap. One of the main particularities of Internet ads is that they combine different components, including illustrations, terms, links, colors, etc. are distinguished. Most of the ads over the Internet have in common that they contain text, a title, a slogan or in other cases an idea of sale, e-mail address of the company that is advertising, links, striking images, description of product or service database listing and links. On the other hand, within the main advantages that can be found in the ads on the Internet are: that they save time, are low cost, you can get to a number of consumers, in other words have greater Auditorium, the risks are low in comparison with different types of advertising, requiring low investment, favor the launch of more and new goods or services, and finally, facilitate interaction between client-company. Finally, it is stated that in later almost all trade is carried out by electronic spaces, so that the establishments must be prepared to position itself in this medium, being Internet ads a very efficient way to achieve this.