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06 March
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Happy Change

Each of us has something at the moment in my life. Luggage. Knowledge, experience and wealth. All of this – an integral part of our. And the fact that each of us has – and has long been known to be determined. For everyone.

And if suddenly you do not have that Why do you want people to treat if you do not like you want it, if the benefits do not swim in your hands, if the role of wife and mother for you – a burden that you carry some of the latest effort, but more often – out of despair If you not experiencing positive emotions, if you are afraid of decisions and responsibility – it all depends on one figure. From the man who once took a decision that you do not need to be successful, healthy, wealthy, you do not need to be a happy woman and mother, happy wife that you’re not that beautiful body – do not deserve that admiring glances – it’s not for you. Who is this villain? Who dared to so dispose of your life ?…. Let change his mind and do it all the way you want it! But the little child that once all this is decided for you, it is very difficult to change it. Nearly impossible. Then and now – this child had not been able to analyze what going on around him, what a party it was.