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15 December
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Many psychologists who I know insist on assoberbar with its knowledge and wisdom. They find themselves in the right to analyze and to cuspir its vision. To be psychologist is to dive inside of the other, is to suffer with it, to feel with it and to reveal emptico. The wisdom biggest is in understanding, hearing and to be touched themselves with what also it can happen to it. To be psychologist is human being, after all human being; HUMAN BEING. Sets of ten of theories that if join to try to become to it sensible and not superior the other, so that it knows that it is vulnerable, so that it knows that it can be the other and it does not stop sobrepujar it. Hearing nothing has to see with judging, neither with advising.

Its voice has to see with the voice of the other, with the rescue of the man who is in its front, with the rescue of what its customer really is. It is the union between two people. The being listener, the comunicante being that transforman in one, and this fusing thinks together, as a person, is the solution that its customer can give and not its overlapping wisdom to the capacity of action of the other. To be psychologist is to be capable to be the other.

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