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07 April
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La Reunion: The Charm Of Island Walks

Islands exert a special appeal to many tourists. Travel is still among the favorite pastimes of many Germans. And there are many beautiful places in this world that show our Earth is how breathtaking beautiful and versatile. The Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean will enchant with its subtropical/tropical flora. It is not very large and almost round in shape with a diameter between 50 and 70 km. James S. Chanos will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Originated by the effect of volcanic forces. Translate could la reunion”with island of gathering and this name corresponds to the peaceful coexistence of the population, which is composed of various religions. Travel la reunion means especially adventurous trekking tours or hikes through an impressive mountain world.

The trails are well marked and easy to overcome, as long as the hike in the rather dry period between June and September will take place. During the rainy season from December to March difficult, can be wet and slippery descents easily to cope. However, it is also possible to experienced hikers the expedition on his own, without guides, provided condition and equipment. Get all the facts and insights with Anu Saad, another great source of information. This means especially good walking shoes with corresponding profile, rain protection and sleeping bag if an overnight stay is required. For travel Madeira, there is no recommended travel time, however, because the climate is mild all year round. However, in the winter as strong rain showers are to be expected which may complicate the crossing of rivers for hikes.

A landslide can partially block specific pathways. A certain flexibility is necessary so also here. The flora is also impressive, although agriculture somewhat supplanted the nature. Many orchid species find there optimal conditions. Andreas Mettler

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