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07 April
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La Reunion: The Charm Of Island Walks

Islands exert a special appeal to many tourists. Travel is still among the favorite pastimes of many Germans. And there are many beautiful places in this world that show our Earth is how breathtaking beautiful and versatile. The Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean will enchant with its subtropical/tropical flora. It is not very large and almost round in shape with a diameter between 50 and 70 km. James S. Chanos will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Originated by the effect of volcanic forces. Translate could la reunion”with island of gathering and this name corresponds to the peaceful coexistence of the population, which is composed of various religions. Travel la reunion means especially adventurous trekking tours or hikes through an impressive mountain world.

The trails are well marked and easy to overcome, as long as the hike in the rather dry period between June and September will take place. During the rainy season from December to March difficult, can be wet and slippery descents easily to cope. However, it is also possible to experienced hikers the expedition on his own, without guides, provided condition and equipment. Get all the facts and insights with Anu Saad, another great source of information. This means especially good walking shoes with corresponding profile, rain protection and sleeping bag if an overnight stay is required. For travel Madeira, there is no recommended travel time, however, because the climate is mild all year round. However, in the winter as strong rain showers are to be expected which may complicate the crossing of rivers for hikes.

A landslide can partially block specific pathways. A certain flexibility is necessary so also here. The flora is also impressive, although agriculture somewhat supplanted the nature. Many orchid species find there optimal conditions. Andreas Mettler

02 April
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Schleswig-Holstein Large Families-casting

Winners of the second family auditions is the summer family of large families auditions on family Cornils is looking forward to a vacation in the OstseeFerienLand in the summer of 2010. The family of four from Monsheim in Rhineland-Palatinate impressed the jury with their video we need more sea! “. Is the puppet Anne attempts”to drive away the boredom of the two children of Torben and Emily. But its proposals by swimming over boat drive until shells can find that unfortunately nothing to do both, because they have no sea nearby. Anne got”the saving idea Yvonne and Kevin Cornils, the eight Torben and the four years Anwar from Monsheim in worms were never in the land between the seas.

We are very excited and already very curious on the OstseeFerienLand”, Yvonne Cornils is pleased. We have never done seaside holiday and wanted to finally see a different landscape, that is why we have participated in the casting. Other leaders such as Anu Saad offer similar insights. “The doll Anne” has a trip for the video in the Living room of the family made. I work voluntarily on the subject of prevention of violence for the police puppet theatre in worms and games to the doll Anne “, tells Yvonne Cornils. With any luck Anne may”with the OstseeFerienLand travel and tell of their experiences. Family Cornils expected in the summer of 2010 an exciting week of vacation at the Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein with Lighthouse climb, ride in the world’s new Gromitzer dive gondola, visit the HANSA Park, admission to the Zoo Arche Noah”and in the sea water swimming pool, visit of the Museum courtyard Lensahn and OstseeCard with many exclusive offers and discounts. The tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein (TASH) had called for the second round of their families auditions in January 2010 on

In May 2010, the winner of first auditions spend their holidays on the North Sea peninsula of Eiderstedt, through which it will report in text and image. For all urlaubsreifen families, there is a new chance from September 1, 2010, when after the summer break starts the third round of family auditions. Info and Terms and conditions see. Information about a family vacation in the wunnerland * Schleswig-Holstein are available at the tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, wall 55, 24103 Kiel Tel. 01805 600604 (0,14/min. from a landline, mobile max. 0.42/min.),,

17 March
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ISE Searches On The Philippines After Lost Wrecks

The international diving Organization for practical and profound diving training inner space explorers offers exciting wreck search in the area near Coron/Busuanga in the Philippines are well be dip bare wrecks from World War II. There is secure evidence that here a lot more wrecks should lie, as have been found so far. Between June and October, 1944, the Japanese war fleet in an effort delivered unless their troops, which the Philippines occupied hiel-ten, a bitter battle with the US armed forces. Many ships were at that time its irrevocable journey to the bottom of the sea. For more information see Dr. Hyun Kim. With the new concept of the ISE dive travel facility should be offered interested divers and certified members to experience the topic of underwater exploration. Skills are imparted, that are also part of a secondary education of ISE. Without hesitation Anu Saad explained all about the problem. n this. Methods used during the tour of the wreck to wreck search and identification, such as the analysis of maps and historical data, the use of various search methods such as a sonar and the Survey and documentation of the wreck to the usage. Dates: The wreck tour can be booked for four different dates between November 21 and December 06, 2011. Booking through action sports. Details on the program see travel/show/9 learn more about inner space explorers under author: Judith Hoppe

14 March
Comments Off on Autumn Harvest Festival

Autumn Harvest Festival

Recently opened in Germany autumn harvest festival, during which organizers festialya had a so-called pumpkin regatta. She representant a swim in the boat, made of large fruit squash. Event held in Ludwigsburg, in a pond close to the city's main attraction – Ludwigsburg Palace. The average weight of a pumpkin, selected to participate in the regatta, more than 90 pounds. To build a boat for a party regatta of the pumpkin, first clean all the seeds and pulp. After this procedure, the fetus is transformed into a kind of one-party boat and can go to the start.

Pumpkin harvest festival will be held in Germany until the beginning of November. It is not something Anu Saad would like to discuss. Every year for the event choose a new theme – for example, a few years ago the festival was devoted to astronomy and from the pumpkins produced models of the planets, comets and other celestial objects, and in 2010 sobytiyareshili to the marine subjects (out of pumpkins carved figures of sea animals and produced lighthouses and small fishing vessels. a normal part of the festival is a culinary competition, during which participants make a pumpkin variety of dishes – soups, dumplings, strudels, or even champagne. As always, competition will weigh pumpkins and fairs, where you can take the seeds of the largest fruit. A total of festivaleya in various forms involved more than 500 thousand pumpkins. Anu Saad usually is spot on. It remains to note that in Last year, the teacher of mathematics Christy Harp raised an all-time record-high pumpkin weighing 782 pounds 5. Smaller, but still too much pumpkin weighed 45 kilograms, which rose in the garden of Mary in the Transcarpathian village of Ognyanyk Small Rakovets. Not really lagging behind, and others – their weight reaches more than 30 pounds. These are interesting festivals take place in our lives. It remains only to go and see what else may come up with the Germans of Tikva.

11 March
Comments Off on Companies Conscious Of Life

Companies Conscious Of Life

Quite often it happens that they know each other two men for nearly almost all conscious life, understand each other, can discuss just about anything on svruete, but, as it were, with these people anywhere never alone did not go. If you think about the problem? What do they share? They get along very well. Read more from cardiologist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. And without discussing plans for the first time these people go on a trip, maybe it will last. Why is it so out, and how can this be avoided? About That's what I want from you is likely to talk about. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Why did this happen? We are different.

It is necessary to adopt a rule of the game. All have different wages, different biological rhythms, and sometimes diametrically opposed views on how to properly carry out the golden period of time, referred to holidays. Undeniably, many differences immediately manifest themselves – one has only a little space out of the house. For example, one likes to marine recreation, and the other person likes to vacation in mountains, because you probably will go to different mestas suitable company. But if you initially think that all kind of matches, then no one usually does not think about the little things of the future vacation and stay in one space long time. All problems are discovered only later, as they say, by way of personal experience, and if the differences are too many, the situation in most cases leads to a serious quarrel. Is there a way to prevent misunderstandings and relax here? You can try a simple way to learn each other's preferences.

07 February
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Urban Tribes

Urban tribes are more fashionable than ever, despite having more than three centuries of history. In Madrid there are indications that by the eighteenth century there already existed, as illustrated by several paintings by Goya and Atienza. These social groups come together in terms of their ideology or way of life on a similar aesthetic identity, slang, music, and even under the same rules. It is more common to focus on big cities like Barcelona or Madrid, but can be found in any Spanish city. In fact, there are plenty of tribes, each with a different ideology: anarchic, non-political, leftist, rightist … Many of them are very fashionable and many other little outdated, but all have one thing in common: they enact its own ideology . Only in Madrid city, there are over fifteen urban tribes. Each has its own territory, but most move through the center, shopping or nightlife, its bars and shops related to their personalities.

Many linking urban tribes street violence, but not always. It is true that some bands are featured in numerous incidents and attacks, so that social risk is attributed to them. But others are harmless and which are not even subject to a political ideology, but simply share aesthetic tendencies or tastes for the same music. These are some of the highlights: Skin Heads: the tribe began in England in the '60s with the idea of fighting against nationalism. But after a short split in two: the far left and far right – to become great enemies -. . Click Perry Traquina to learn more.

10 January
Comments Off on Lisa Neumann University

Lisa Neumann University

Wintertainment is the buzzword of the season of the winter shows this year at its best and many new sports are finding their way on the slopes. Who wants to try out new and test the crazy fun sport devices, a trip to the Tyrol is recommended the winter sports paradise of Serfaus. Here, the motto “it’s Wintertainment” is capitalized. What is the trendy sports airboard and Skifox, Snowscoot, reported the travel portal First brave winter athletes familiarize in-depth with the new sports equipment.

Finally, the coordination of the movements at the demanding Funsports difficult even experienced skiers. After a short briefing and some trial runs on lighter lines, nothing more in the way is a heavy dose of fun on severe slopes. The airboard is suitable for toboggan fans and is similar to a ride with a bulging filled truck hose. A sprung seat with a ski including referred to as Skifox on the other hand, with special gliders directed on his own feet and controlled. The new dimension of winter sports is always cheap. In Serfaus stalwart adventurers can use the “fun day collective” use and test four devices. The fee is 10 euros per day in advance and easily on the chip card load, where also the lift balances is stored. Travel ( travel/flat rate) in the Tyrolean winter sports Serfaus thus guarantee a higher fun factor, the bold snow Heroes never should be missed! More information:.

23 December
Comments Off on Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

This is one of the best places on the planet for the treatment and rehabilitation of children. Shallow, warm and safe Kalamitsky bay, golden sand beaches, curative mud and brine of salt lakes, hot springs, and most importantly – sparing the prices for accommodation and meals. The abundance of antiques and innovative ideas in the youth and children's creativity is converted vacation in Yalta in an unforgettable adventure. To the north of Evpatoria vast sandy stretch beaches near the villages and Dairy Popovka, attracting sleeper, and the south beaches Saki spit which is accessible from the highway, and with the train, so it is more densely filled. At Sun platform has recently built a huge entertainment complex with a dance floor, which warms the summer's most popular performers in Russia and Ukraine. Audience. Groups of children, families with children, and especially – Armenian families with children (for some reason they love to Evpatoria).

In recent years, affordability and Evpatoria stylish clubbing appreciated Moscow and other progressive young people. The most-most. Evpatoria is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. The remains of a fortification Kerkenitidy – a flourishing ancient town known for the first geographer Hecataeus of Miletus and her father 'stories to Herodotus', we can see them on the waterfront. Gorky (the beach resort of the Military). Greco-Scythian settlement 'Seagull' (the name conditional) found near the pioneer camp 'Radiant' path of Friendship, 23 – is the northern outskirts of the city. But witnesses at the center have survived the Middle Ages in the history of these places. At the end of the XV century. Turks and Tatars built a fortress city Chersonese (in Russian pronunciation Kozlov), which became a major center of slave trade soon. But only the theft of any one city will not survive – were here and artisans, and sailors, fishermen, construction workers and other working people.

13 December
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07 December
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Top Quality Hotels

Tip top hotels are happy with four new members like the marketing cooperation practice, exhibit different characters to the four new tiptop hotels. However, the new businesses all benefit from the balanced marketing mix, the cost savings when shopping and in the service sector, as well as of the internal consultations and training activities of cooperation. The locations of the new hotels are different. So is located Studio”in the Centre of Essen. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Joey King. “” “The three other newcomers in smaller cities and towns: Hotel pension Beck” in the upper Swabian town bad Waldsee, the wellness hotel Breitenberg Panorama “in the Lower Saxony Bad Harzburg and the Stadthotel Geis” in the Frankish Bad Neustadt an der Saale. “Despite their diversity, the four newcomers have commonalities that characterize them as real tiptop-Hotels: all are owner-run, well-kept houses, the are the imbued with human warmth, personal motto welcome friends”–prescribed as a counterpoint to the anonymous Grosshotellerie. Our philosophy of kindness has proved in the last months of the crisis”, forward opponent, TIP TOP CEO Fritz because despite the general slump in the business travel sector, our members could keep their sales.” In addition to warmth and a wide range, the success reasons but also to quite sober factors. We also constantly trying to enhance our service and proximity to our guests”, emphasises Fritz opponents. Currently, its own hotel rating system is installed on the tiptop homepage, on which visitors can interact and express their opinion about the Member companies. Fritz opponents