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25 April
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Wellness Hotels

Under the motto “feel sea – feel good now the new wellness catalogue of the island of Usedom on experience. Natural and climatic conditions, stunningly white beaches, incomparable architecture, tranquil villages and a wide range of wellness hotels. It offers all the island of Usedom on the Baltic Sea. In particular wellness capitalizes on Usedom. Gourmets will find everything wellness heart desires here. To experience a first taste of the wellness holiday on Usedom offers the new wellness catalog, which now also online titled feel sea feel good”is. Visitors can browse gleefully online and browse and find a suitable offer for the whole family. There now are the wellness catalogue on.

The implementation of the online catalogue was made with the help of the Quaitatsproduktes straitFlip the Webargentur strait GmbH of Vreden. straitFlip print media provides detail on the network and makes such information on the Web. The strait GmbH specializes user friendly communication and IT solutions. A comprehensive and constantly further developed content management system is constantly pushed by extensive product and service offerings. Professional marketing combines high technical sales performance with the success of the customer. Nationwide, the full service Web Agency serves a broad customer base from industry, trade, Commerce and tourism. Agencies also use the online communication potential of strait GmbH for their customers. Strait GmbH In the angle 2 48691 Vreden Tel.: 02564-968 28-0 fax: 02564-968 28-49 E-Mail: Web:

24 November
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Health And Travel

Do not take a lot of cash to keep the bulk of the checks or on the card. Provide a travel bag and lock it saves money. Eschew drug addicts and drugs. Finally, make sure that you have sufficient travel funds, and be thrifty, to a situation where you suddenly need to be a lot of money, do not get into a difficult situation. Health If you will have a maritime disease or the fear of flight, it can significantly hinder your journey. You may receive another problem – this 'jet lag', ie the body does not have time to adapt to the new time zone.

Appears fatigue, migraines, insomnia, reduced immunity, loss of appetite. If you are the person who can easily adapt to new conditions, follow a few rules: 1. Eschew alcohol, it will only increase fatigue and weaken the immune system. 2. To avoid dehydration, drink more water. This is especially necessary in aircraft at high altitude 3. Before the flight, do not forget to sleep and walk.

4. During the flight necessarily change position and move. 5. Correctly apply the changes in time zones, adjusting to them. For example, if you flew at night, go to bed and sleep for a couple of hours before morning, and then go to bed at the usual you hour, but the local time, and then the next day you will already be the norm. It is best to arrive in the afternoon or morning, as sunlight after a long flight will give a cheer. Transportation How to buy the cheapest? But usually the cheapest you can not rent or exchange, so if you suddenly delayed a transport, you will not have time for the next, and would have to spend much. The first thing to consider when and how long you taking tickets. A trip on the same route and at the same plane at different times of the year will be worth different amounts.

05 October
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Centre Hotel

Weddings and honeymoons in the Caribbean: Who is planning an unconventional wedding or honeymoon travels, needs not only an extravagant and quiet hotel. The environment must be exceptional and undisturbed to celebrate. The legendary Romantik Hotel half moon”on the Caribbean island of Jamaica offers both in ideal shape. It makes dreams come true in the truest sense. The marriage of under water or on one of the best golf courses in the world. Rather, would you say the knot on the beach, surrounded by turquoise blue water and a swarm of butterfly? No problem.

Want to renew your wedding vows in a lagoon with dolphins? The professional team of the Organization of the half moon Hotels makes it possible. The elegant and recently renovated, this luxurious resort is one of the leading hotels in the Caribbean and is recommended for highest demands. It has a noble atmosphere by its spaciousness and the colonial held bungalows and villas. For even more opinions, read materials from James S. Chanos . Luxury hotel gives you with its perfect service a truly Royal feeling. No wonder, because even the British Royals are here like to guest. After an opulent celebration twosome or with family and friends can leave here relaxed at the end of the most beautiful days of life: with massages, wellness and fine dining. The half moon hotel currently offers packages for weddings in intimate togetherness or the second promise of marriage from 3,400 plus taxes.

The offers are valid until December 14, 2011. The fees for the marriage and the marriage license, the presence of two witnesses, groom jewelry and bridal bouquet, the wedding cake, a private wedding dinner and breakfast in bed, each with Champagne included are five nights accommodation in a superior room,. Mrs. Gerlinde Hofbauer is advise about other special offers. Contact: Gerlinde Hofbauer Haidenauplatz 1, 81667 Munich, Germany 5439397 T +49(0)89, F +49(0)89 5439765 hotel description: the exclusive complex is located on a mile-long Private Bay, close to the airport of destination in Montego Bay. Details can be found by clicking Bruce Shalett or emailing the administrator. 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 3 swimming pools, children’s pool, mini market, boutiques, 13 tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, water sport base with diving school (PADI), horse-riding Centre, Dolphin lagoon, shopping village, children’s Club, Spa elder belong to the hotel with gym and yoga Pavilion, conference rooms with the latest technology and many other sports and leisure facilities. The colourful bungalows and suites, as well as the sports facilities are among shady Palm trees. All 398 rooms are furnished in elegant colonial style and equipped with bathroom, hair-dryer, telephone, TV, minibar, safe, air conditioning, terrace or balcony. A shuttle bus takes guests to the hotel’s own 18-hole golf course in the shortest time.

04 October
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Wadden Sea

Wellness pur on the North Sea coast spend the big heat wave in Germany is over and the summer snows slowly but us to say goodbye. Some vacationers pleased, not everyone with the proverbial desert weather come your way, and accordingly makes the first plans for a holiday in the approaching fall months. Of course, still the classic European destinations such as Spain or Italy for a holiday invite. Many people love but also the cooler fall weather and long walks on the coast, such as, for example, of the local North. The North Sea coast attracts year-round with wide sandy beaches and extensive dunes that invite hiking and walking. Also a long walk through the Wadden Sea at low tide should not be missed here.

For sporty, active a North Sea holiday offers as many options, such as, for example, versatile Nordic walking or cycling. Of course, we must not forget the wide water sports program with wind surfing or sailing, if this in cool autumn weather is also rather reserved for the die-hard among the sportsmen. Various museums attract visitors throughout the year, even more about country and people of the North Sea coast to learn and offer an interesting and educational alternative to just heavily rainy days. As you can see, has a whole lot to offer the North Sea coast and is ideal for a short holiday. But wellness also capitalizes on the North Sea coast and many hotels offer diverse arrangements and offers.

26 September
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Cures In Poland With Spas

Spas are the most important deals in spa treatment in Poland, of which guests. Water can be great. People are largely made of water and as soon as the content in the body is too low, disease threatens. It is only understandable that the water and its healing power is used for millennia for the health. Water is used for treatments in Poland in many ways. The drinking cure is just one of the many possibilities.

The activities around the spas include the Exchange and also the part baths. Only individual parts of the body are bathed in the part baths. The Spa enjoys lying up to the chest in the water full baths in a spa treatment. Spas can affect all water temperatures. So there are hot, warm and cold treatments. According to the temperature, the duration of the bath is. A cold bath takes just a few minutes, just as a hot bath.

Warm baths, level or just below body temperature can take up to 30 minutes. Spas can soothe but also invigorating have a very helpful and during the treatment in Poland, the applications are a major focus of treatment after Pastor Kneipp. Arm casts are applications where one begins on the right side. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Geneticist. Starting point is the small finger. From there, the water beam is guided up the arm before it goes on the left arm. Even the posture is important. The patient stands and lets hang out down the arm to be treated while the therapist leads the water hose. It’s up on the outside and down on the inside. After treatment, the water is wiped only and not dried out. It is important that the patient then dresses, even if is still wet on the poor. Arm casts, used during the treatments, are invigorating. You can help when patients suffer heavily from heat. This may be the outside temperature and also hot flashes during menopause. Kneipp treatments can include even today the treading water. Slow walking through calf-deep, cold water is very healthy. So also help the fonts on the calves to treat for example varicose veins. Bruce Shalett insists that this is the case. The vessels pull together through the cold water. Treading water can also cause a great relief during the hot season. It is also great to combine with the offer of various health spas. Who suffers from cold feet, has also helped with this form of health spas. For this reason, more than just a variation around the water is offered within the framework of the treatments in Poland. The foot of change of is carried out alternately. The feet will be alternating cold and hot, about calf-deep water. After the last cold bath feet only on the toes are dried. Then the spa to get dressed immediately warm. The feet remain still cool, so the bath can be repeated, this time the treatment ends with the heated water. During the treatments, the temperature can be during the first treatment between cold and warm close to each other.

11 September
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Deggendorf Niederbayern

Mews in Eichberg close to Deggendorf Niederbayern animals that were rescued by animal rights activists from hopeless living conditions or before death, spend since 2006 in Eichberg near Deggendorf a quiet retirement. Each of the horses and mules, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens or other residents of the Bavarian branch of gut Aiderbichl Salzburg has a very special life and history of suffering can learn visitors on a guided tour. The main building and a dozen rescued horses form the core of the material. Hippopotamus is the home of the cow”the newly built Mews, for her life like swim goes by Gemeindestier Jackie and his beloved Amelie Gallowaystier seriously, its Conny and many others. Meanwhile, over 200 animals live at gut Aiderbichl in Bavaria.

A special feature is the 2008 furnished and connected the good cat Villa and a large aviary for pigeons. In the House, visitors will be hosted and can see Aiderbichler animal films. Information:. Our tip for the month: Small but powerful,. Sulphur and moor: bad mushroom trail in the largest thermal spa region of Germany, the Bavarian Golf and Spa country, stands at the same time the smallest resort of the country. The sulphur springs bath mushroom trail was founded already in 1283, over 700 years ago. Today, a traditional four-court star with in-house source of sulfur, ancient bog meadows and a lavish SPA/Wellness – therapy area awaits guests.

20 May
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Safari-tour Of Eastern Austria

Exciting nature experiences in the heart of Europe not only in Africa let go on Safari. More recently, tourists can experience such an adventure in Austria. St. Martins Therme & lodge in Burgenland is ideally suited for this purpose. Geneticist recognizes the significance of this. The travel portal reports what can look like a Safari without lions, rhinos and elephants. St.

Martins Therme & Lodge, a hotel in Austria, lies on the edge of the National Park Neusiedlersee Seewinkel. In the natural park located in the Austro-Hungarian border, exotic animals such as water buffalo, wild horses and white ass await visitors interested in nature. There is also to discover lots of rare bird species. So this Idyll, for the lay person is interesting and he gets to see things that he otherwise probably past walked, St. Martins Therme & lodge offers appropriate excursions. These are carried out by a professional team of biologists, geologists and nature educator.

Who, for example, a night excursion with the biologist Elke Schmelzer himself who will be long remembered in the exciting experience. The House is named lodge”due to its proximity to nature and the prevailing atmosphere. In addition to the experiences in the nature, invite here great wellness facilities such as saunas, steam baths and a spa to relax. The water of the Spa comes from a depth of 860 metres and has healing effects. Exciting nature and relaxing spa treatments in a harmonious way are connected with each other. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann

18 December
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Dead Sea Health Benefits

The Dead Sea is below sea level to 400 meters. This is the lowest point on the map. But not only that this sea is unique. The Dead Sea is one of the largest reservoirs in the waters of which are not found neither fish nor even algae. Of course, the salt concentration is too high and to survive in these waters are only a few types of bacteria. Hence the name of the sea – the Dead.

Most of the Dead Sea is renowned for its life-giving waters, beneficial influence of water on the human body. In general, this is why on the shores of the Dead Sea are so many health centers and hospitals. Treatment in Israel at the Dead Sea rather popular in the modern world. It’s believed that Dr. Mark Hyman sees a great future in this idea. Water in Dead Sea is very tight and stick to it easily, the risk of drowning is virtually nonexistent. Dead Sea salt, as well as its mud used in medicine and cosmetology, cosmetic and medical products based on sea salt popular around the world. On the shores of the Dead Sea is well sunbathing.

Here you do not obgorite, as on other beaches as well as the special atmosphere will protect you. Nice to come here for rest and treatment for both summer and winter. Moreover, year-round. Summer temperatures up to 40, winter 25 degrees. For those interested in culture, history and antiquities, on the shores of the Dead Sea is also interesting because, according to the Bible, on the shores of the Dead Sea, King David and remained even Jesus himself. You can also see the remains of the ancient Jewish settlements, as well as the caves of the first Christian monks. To get to the Dead Sea can be a direct bus from Jerusalem and Arad. The Dead Sea is located in the desert, but there are tropical oasis. One of the most popular and most famous parks in Israel, located on the shores of the Dead Sea as rasplolozhen in one of these oases, which arose due to the streams Arugot and David. In Ein Gedi, the name of this national park, a fairly rich flora and fauna. It is home to leopards, even, so be careful on vacation in Israel visiting this part of life in the desert. By bus or taxi from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi. What else can you visit while on treatment or on holiday in Israel? Of course, Masada. Masada (Masada other names or Mesada) is an ancient fortress, and certainly one of the most important historical sites in Israel. In the fortress Masada defenders of a free Israel once held the defense, holding back the onslaught of the Roman legions. The siege was long and exhausting, going on for over three years. When the fortress over food and weapons, Israel soldiers and the inhabitants of the fortress preferred death to freedom than slavery … When the legionaries stormed the fortress, they found only corpses. Now, the heroic death of the defenders of the citadel of Israeli officers brought oath of allegiance to the fatherland. Get to the fortress can be by car or bus. The driver should drop you on the freeway at the turn of Masada, then about 2 km walk along a winding mountain road, but it is quite possible to catch and a ride.

15 December
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Health Benefits Of Sochi

In the central part of the Black Sea city of Sochi is located. Filed under: Gina Ross. In the vicinity of Sochi huge set of natural beauty. Indeed the nature of the Caucasus is unique and varied: a turbulent mountain rivers and fabulous waterfalls, mysterious caves and shady canyons. Sochi is the largest and most popular resort town. The city is divided into four regions: a very populous – the Central District in the west – Lazarev area, warm – Hostinsky area, alpine – Adler. Each of the districts has its own climatic features. Summer in the city of Sochi is warm and humid, temperatures can reach 40 degrees, but thanks to sea breezes, hot and dry days is very short.

Sochi is surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges that protect against cold winds and keep the accumulated heat, the fourth side is the Black Sea. The mountains that protect the city from cold air currents, contribute to the fact that winter in Sochi relatively warm, but slushy and rainy. In January and February due to cold air masses can drop temperatures to -10 degrees, but lasts a short time. In Sochi, is dominated by soft south-easterly winds. In the evening there is a change in the coastal sea breeze, and shortly before noon, followed by coastal breezes on the sea. The city of Sochi, on the similarity of climatic zones, low clouds, no fog, and the number of sunny days, ranked first in the world.

Sochi is very rich in vegetation, it is filled with beautiful palm trees, various trees, shrubs and flowers. One of the most significant feature of Sochi is healing water, which has a huge range of beneficial properties and mineral content of chemical elements. The parks and gardens all year round roses bloom and the yucca. In the Black Sea water contains elements that are well affecting the metabolism of the human body, cleanse the pores, normalizes blood pressure, strengthen the nails. Sochi resorts have experience treating various diseases. There are many mountain springs of mineral water and drinking balneology direction, rich in iron, bromine, silicon, iodine, boron, fluoride. Climatic conditions of Sochi have a great impact on the effectiveness of treatment, many times it is raised. Sanatorium treatment is combined with recreation. To further the nature and remained in its original form, the territory of Sochi is under state protection.

19 August
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Riedenburg Water

Refreshing of course water sports in Bavaria in Regensburg (tvo). Finally finally outside his and all take much vacation. Children and parents experience a filled and eventful holiday in the Bavarian Forest. More info: John Craig Venter. Include fun, activity in the fresh air, and a healthy diet. Young people find their holiday fun on archery shooting trail, in the high rope park or on the climbing wall.

Smaller children kickers in football camp or enjoy the Bergsause on the summer toboggan run. Mountain biking on trails in addition, Bullkartfahren or inline skating, leisurely soak up the Sun on the lake or actively with canoeing, water skiing, water sports. Anyone who spends his vacation in the Bavarian Forest, brings family, recreation and fun easy under a hat. Our tip for the month: Schloss Eggersberg at Riedenburg: in the years 1604-built Schloss Eggersberg at Riedenburg the Hofmark Museum with an abundance of high-quality exhibits, including the longest bronze Celtic belt of the world located in the. September is a To see special exhibition with twelve original woodcuts by Franz Marc. “” Will be on Saturday, August 15th, the castle to the operatic stage in the afternoon will be Mozart’s magic flute “performed for children, on the evening of Purcell’s baroque opera Dido and Aeneas”.