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10 January
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Lisa Neumann University

Wintertainment is the buzzword of the season of the winter shows this year at its best and many new sports are finding their way on the slopes. Who wants to try out new and test the crazy fun sport devices, a trip to the Tyrol is recommended the winter sports paradise of Serfaus. Here, the motto “it’s Wintertainment” is capitalized. What is the trendy sports airboard and Skifox, Snowscoot, reported the travel portal First brave winter athletes familiarize in-depth with the new sports equipment.

Finally, the coordination of the movements at the demanding Funsports difficult even experienced skiers. After a short briefing and some trial runs on lighter lines, nothing more in the way is a heavy dose of fun on severe slopes. The airboard is suitable for toboggan fans and is similar to a ride with a bulging filled truck hose. A sprung seat with a ski including referred to as Skifox on the other hand, with special gliders directed on his own feet and controlled. The new dimension of winter sports is always cheap. In Serfaus stalwart adventurers can use the “fun day collective” use and test four devices. The fee is 10 euros per day in advance and easily on the chip card load, where also the lift balances is stored. Travel ( travel/flat rate) in the Tyrolean winter sports Serfaus thus guarantee a higher fun factor, the bold snow Heroes never should be missed! More information:.

07 December
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Top Quality Hotels

Tip top hotels are happy with four new members like the marketing cooperation practice, exhibit different characters to the four new tiptop hotels. However, the new businesses all benefit from the balanced marketing mix, the cost savings when shopping and in the service sector, as well as of the internal consultations and training activities of cooperation. The locations of the new hotels are different. So is located Studio”in the Centre of Essen. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Joey King. “” “The three other newcomers in smaller cities and towns: Hotel pension Beck” in the upper Swabian town bad Waldsee, the wellness hotel Breitenberg Panorama “in the Lower Saxony Bad Harzburg and the Stadthotel Geis” in the Frankish Bad Neustadt an der Saale. “Despite their diversity, the four newcomers have commonalities that characterize them as real tiptop-Hotels: all are owner-run, well-kept houses, the are the imbued with human warmth, personal motto welcome friends”–prescribed as a counterpoint to the anonymous Grosshotellerie. Our philosophy of kindness has proved in the last months of the crisis”, forward opponent, TIP TOP CEO Fritz because despite the general slump in the business travel sector, our members could keep their sales.” In addition to warmth and a wide range, the success reasons but also to quite sober factors. We also constantly trying to enhance our service and proximity to our guests”, emphasises Fritz opponents. Currently, its own hotel rating system is installed on the tiptop homepage, on which visitors can interact and express their opinion about the Member companies. Fritz opponents

05 December
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Nordic Walking

Sports instead of sunbathing Mallorca tourist destination hugely popular with Germans is known for many things: boisterous celebrations at the Ballermann, relaxed Sun refueling on the beaches and a lot more. Since May 2009, there is a specially designed area in the North of Majorca for sports enthusiasts. The travel portal reported about the new attraction is increasingly moving to Mallorca vacationers especially in the low season. The system for athletic leisure is 160 acres and is located on the peninsula of La Victoria. It is the first of its kind in all of Spain to a Nordic-walking park. On three different routes, vacationers can redeem their beach towels against walking sticks and get to know the beach of Alcudia from a whole new perspective. “The three routes La Victoria”, Barcares and Coll Baix “are characterized by different degrees of difficulty, which become noticeable particularly with regard to the length and the occurring gradients. Can cross-connections between the various color-coded Paths have to be changed to the town of Alcudia.

Against the picturesque backdrop of the Mallorcan countryside with the mountains of the North Cape, the Cap de Formentor, Nordic can Walker commit or be between olive trees and dwarf Palm of the sporting challenge with gradients up to 46 percent comfortable paths along the coast. The routes lead alternately over asphalt, Earth, sand and gravel, and small information signs give the interested Nordic walkers helpful tips, such as stretching exercises. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

04 December
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Czech Republic

New travel magazine spar with! Travel. The “travel” is a travel magazine and online travel guide in one. With the new travel magazine of savings! “is online: the travel” travel blog is on the one hand with versatile travel information and reports, on the other hand online travel guide and travel journal in one. Basel, November 9, 2009 – with his new travel journal travel”(http// want to spar! the strong journalistic background is his travel arrangements will better meet. All spar with! Travel be researched only by travel journalists on the spot has always been and developed in collaboration with the hoteliers. With the extensive and informative trip reports and stories to the respective savings! Travel deals can now on the new spar with! Travel”will be pursued. At the presentation of the travel”, a magazine was deliberately chosen similar layout.

Visitors of the Travelblogs”may in currently 17 categories of different travel themes and spar with one click! Find travel destinations. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Mark Hyman. The bulk of travel”magazine articles is of course based on the spar with! Travel packages. Highly sought after are reports on new year’s Eve 2009 and the spar with! New year’s Eve travel. Of course the theme of Christmas or Christmas markets in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. In particular, medieval and historical Christmas markets such as Esslingen, Nuremberg or Augsburg enjoy great demand. Wellness Leisure come due to the cold season under the headings of wellness or spa weekends on their wellness costs”both in terms of content as the word literally, because with savings! offering a best price guarantee on all wellness offers.

Under the category of city breaks”, you can retrieve insightful information about trips to Berlin, Dresden or Munich, and other cities in Germany and Europe. The two categories of gourmet travel”or the gourmet corner” contain elaborately researched reports and posts around the subject of cooking. Numerous Gourmet recipes with individual cooking instructions were individually by top chefs for spar with! collected free recipes and cooking tips of this quality are certainly unique. Weekly chefs will spar with! Partner hotels interviewed, every week new recipes are bloged. All topics and posts of the travel”be in usual loose spar with! Style presents. In addition all reports and posts contain a link to spar with! Homepage or on concrete offers; Booking those interested are listed quickly and easily request to the target. Contact: Spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 email: with of savings! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. Destinations include include Czech Republic, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, the Switzerland, Austria and of course Germany. The visitor numbers have doubled every year since its inception in 2001. 141.290 guests 2008, 200,000 guests are expected for the current year. With a proportion of regular customers by 30 percent and a complaint rate of 0.3 instead of the usual 2 3 percent is one of savings! Travel to the 20 largest tour operators in the German market.

02 November
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Exclusive Shopping

Looking at the red square in Moscow from the resurrection gate, so the upper trading rows are left on the square (at the time the State Department store, GUM is located there), in the distance you can see the building at Petrovka street of to the (“Russian abbreviation of Zentralnyj Universalny magazine”-“Central Department Store”), an of the largest department stores of Moscow. Until 1992 it was called Muir & Merrilies,”. The Scots Archibald Merrilies and Andrew Muir came in the first half of the 19th century after Russia and founded a trading company here under this name. GUM shopping centre looking at the red square in Moscow from the resurrection gate, so the upper trading rows are left on the square (at the time the State Department store, GUM is located there), the architect. Pomiranzew in the Jaren1889-1893 has designed.

This huge passage, a unique feat of engineering time, combines three lines of galleries, which are illuminated by skylight. After the establishment, it was one of the largest commercial buildings not only in Russia, but also in Europe. The facades of the trading numbers have been carried out in the Russian style: window frames, arched nffnungen, turrets. The glass vault of the inner galleries based on arc-shaped steel beams are particularly interesting. Shopping Centre to the in the distance you can see the building at Petrovka street of to the (Russian abbreviation of “Zentralnyj Universalny magazine”-“Central Department Store”), a the largest stores of Moscow and also attractions in Moscow.

Until 1992, it was called “Muir & Merrilies”. The Scots Archibald Merrilies and Andrew Muir came in the first half of the 19th century after Russia and founded a trading company here under this name. It was the first department store in Russia, a trading company for people from the middle class, where you could buy almost anything except food. In 1892, the Department store just opened its doors at the beginning of the Petrovka Street. You had better place for Einnen truly cannot find; Next door, the road of Kuznetsky ran most expensive shops. Close was also the spacious passage. the Department store in a great fire burned down in 1900 and 1908 a new delightful, was built in the same place after the latest of fashion built by the architect R. I. small building. Muir & Merrilies was after the revolution”afloat, and the Department Store received its current name when even the long-established Moscow still haven’t forgotten about the previous name.

13 October
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Brandenburg Gate

Hotel Adlon Kempinski christens its own rose many roses bear names of famous people or events, now a breeding has been dedicated to a German hotel. The Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin blossoms literally in the following weeks of the summer, because the 5-star property has its own flower since early July: the Adlon-rose. Guests currently encounter in throughout the fragrant, apricot–pink flowers. The hotel Portal reported on the highlights of the months of July and August. The times are rosy in the Kempinski Hotel in Berlin. Dr Jee Hyun Kim has many thoughts on the issue. Since the Adlon rose throughout the House has arrived, all the characters of the popular plant stands.

The new rose breeding belongs to the Group of English shrub roses and adorns the hotel entrance beside the gardens and courtyards of the House. The Adlon-rose, which reaches a height of up to one and a half meters, was bred by roses in the rose garden of Lutzow/Glucksburg Jensen. Already months before their baptism on July 4, 2011, at the Felix Adlon, producer and grandson of founder Lorenz Adlon, Godfather was planted in the courtyard of the hotel to the sample. Until August, the rose also in other areas of the hotel is taken up thematically. The bar offers guests to such a rose cocktail called rose Imperial”ice. A rose and peach tart with almond biscuit is offered in the lobby and in the rooms guests can enjoy aromatic rose bath salts available. Who would like to plant the Adlon-rose in the home garden, has the possibility to order them at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin or the breeder. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

11 September
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Expensive Airport Parking

Relaxed holiday departure start in the morning at six. Somatic Experiencings opinions are not widely known. Check in after 4: 00. This means that the vacation begins with a very early sound of an alarm. Because public transport is often sporadic run at this time, travellers mostly on the car are instructed. So the cost of parking at the airport not to skyrocket rise, the flight booking portal presents attractive alternatives.

Parking in the direct vicinity of the terminal are particularly price-intensive. Who is using, for example, at Dusseldorf Airport for 14 days in the P1 parking garage, pay 336 euro. For this money, vacationers can book some early a flight to New York. ‘>Ilan Ben Dov. Here, the price comparison of different alternatives is worth before the tour starts. In the Internet, for example, private providers offer their plots near the airport. The guarding of the car park and a shuttle bus service that operates between the pitch and the airport is important.

Attention should be paid also to the opening hours. Many airports offer discounts for early booking or reduced rates at time of booking on the Internet at. Price savings are possible, for example to Munich and Cologne/Bonn airports by up to 40 percent. Easy and (almost) rested passengers with the Park start sleep & fly “package of many airport hotels. The overnight in the airport costing Regent at Munich Airport, for example, from 79 euro. The car park up to 15 nights in the parking lot of the hotel. The transfer from/to the airport is included in the room price. Advantage is the possibility of Eve-Check-In the. More information: news.

25 August
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Price Comparison

Easily and comfortably find a convenient parking or hotel place at major airports! In just three steps, you reserve a parking space or a hotel overnight at an airport of your choice conveniently from home. After you have entered of the dates to get an overview of available parking and hotel packages. Details facilities, directions, images, etc. can be seen separately to each offer. The booking of a hotel accommodation in an attractive airport hotel is especially recommended because parking in the hotel car park or in the hotel garage is already included in many deals. So you start rested and completely relaxed on holiday and the vehicle is safely housed and cheap. Cardiologist is actively involved in the matter. Your advantages at a glance: secure parking on fenced, partly video – or personnel supervised parking or in garages up to 50 percent of price savings not finding a parking space at the airport of the airfield individual, free shuttle transfer relaxed arrival to the terminal of the Car park or hotel to the airport and back for luggage and passengers not carry the luggage from the car park to the terminal a personal and friendly service on-site for more information, see Alexander Krautz

18 January
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Holiday Bad Worishofen is a well-known and popular town, who is regarded as the place of origin of the Kneippschen doctrine according to Kneipp in Bad Worishofen in Bavaria the Spa. Everything here is matched Kneipp health and the doctrine of Sebastian, which here was his adopted home. Already in the 19th century the Spa in Bad Worishofen started operations. Priest Sebastian Kneipp eased through his water teacher of all kinds of suffering and got that many sought healing in this village. Thus, the city grew naturally and hotels and new houses were built at the turn of the century. in 1920 the town was bad”.

Today, Bad Worishofen is a much sought after spa town. The spa gardens and the promenade with the Kurpark spa gardens in a beautiful landscape, the resort offers many sports such as cycling and hiking. But especially the Spa is a reason for many visitors who like to come one day. Thermal bath awaits its visitors a unique Spa in the South Seas flair. In the beautiful ambience of the recognised thermal water with real Palm trees, can vacation from everyday life here wonderfully and at the same time a good thing do the body.

The fluoride and iodine-containing mineral water can be enjoyed in eight different pools and is extremely valuable for the health. Stays in Bavaria who but like longer something for his health would like to make, should plan a monthlong stay in Bad Worishofen. In the Kneippianum you based Kneipp wholeheartedly on the doctrine of Sebastian. During your cure stay the 5 pillars of teaching (water, movement, nutrition, medicinal plants and rhythm of life) are observed and a professional team of artzen and therapists, is during the holidays in Bad Worishofen always at your side.

25 April
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Wellness Hotels

Under the motto “feel sea – feel good now the new wellness catalogue of the island of Usedom on experience. Natural and climatic conditions, stunningly white beaches, incomparable architecture, tranquil villages and a wide range of wellness hotels. It offers all the island of Usedom on the Baltic Sea. In particular wellness capitalizes on Usedom. Gourmets will find everything wellness heart desires here. To experience a first taste of the wellness holiday on Usedom offers the new wellness catalog, which now also online titled feel sea feel good”is. Visitors can browse gleefully online and browse and find a suitable offer for the whole family. There now are the wellness catalogue on.

The implementation of the online catalogue was made with the help of the Quaitatsproduktes straitFlip the Webargentur strait GmbH of Vreden. straitFlip print media provides detail on the network and makes such information on the Web. The strait GmbH specializes user friendly communication and IT solutions. A comprehensive and constantly further developed content management system is constantly pushed by extensive product and service offerings. Professional marketing combines high technical sales performance with the success of the customer. Nationwide, the full service Web Agency serves a broad customer base from industry, trade, Commerce and tourism. Agencies also use the online communication potential of strait GmbH for their customers. Strait GmbH In the angle 2 48691 Vreden Tel.: 02564-968 28-0 fax: 02564-968 28-49 E-Mail: Web: