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17 August
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Private Health Care

The Spanish health system is one of the best in the world, from the authorities responsible for the same, they recommend always welcome us to the umbrella of the public health, but the truth is that not all users trust it and increasingly is more preferred to hire private medical insurance. The doubt arises when we think of a medical emergency in first person, and we need some care that perhaps in public health we cannot provide or at least as we’d like. We are so selfish that we prefer to use the health private only when we hurry, and instead take advantage of public health where it is most effective? Most of the population active that it is listed on the Spanish Social security system, and therefore has the right to a public medical service, declares firmly disagree with many policies of the public health. For more information see this site: Dr. Mark J Berger. The Spanish public health system suspended, according to users, on humane treatment and speed, although approves note in investment and new developments. For this reason, still the doubt that each user arises at some point in their lives, about deciding between public health or private health care is more current.But the truth is, there is no because to choose between one or the other, because you can have the advantages of both. We can use for how the general public health and for everything that arises we and then hire a health insurance for a particular query or a treatment. Therefore, depending on the needs of each user, you can customize a health insurance or other.

09 August
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Diets Are Health

For many people making diet can become something much more than a way to find a figure slim and attractive, since being overweight can really be a health problem, which can even put your life at risk, limiting its capacity for day-to-day activities and lead you to a State of depression and insecurity. There are many famous diets, such as the Dukan diet, but the most important thing when starting a diet plan is doing so based on indications of a practitioner of medicine and nutrition. There’s that clarify that not all diets are made to lose weight, since there may be cases in which a person need a special diet for retrieves some kilos and achieve its appropriate according to their body weight. City College of New York wanted to know more. No matter what type of diet may need to make a person, it is important that its power is based on a diet of proteins and vitamins that can provide a person the energy needed in order to have a healthy and normal daily activity. The feed based on a diet of protein, vitamins and healthy foods can help that a person might prevent future digestive, nutritional and health problems. There are many famous diets that are highly used by thousands of people around the world, but the truth is that it is must be special care with this type of diet, since in most of the times a misuse of a diet can generate a completely opposite to the desired effect, and also cause diseases or health problems. When you start a diet it is good to do some this scientifically supported and approved by medical institutes, and nutrition, as for example the Dukan diet, the Atkins diet or any diet of protein supported by

24 May
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Marcel Proust

3.The time of year. Our level of project specific. In years we just studies, we have children, projects, etc 4.The century time. It marks our existential level, as in a century we are born and we die. Dr. Mark Hyman may not feel the same. As I have said, the fabric of time, is a structure of fundamental support for our psyche. If you visualizais these four temporary strata, as if a defensive barrier were to psychic skin mode, imagine, that mental illness hits over that barrier. While neurosis erode the more superficial layers of existential levels and vital project, psychoses step open to the depths of our temporality. They may destroy the habits of the person (in many psycho patient lives at night and sleeping day), forzandole to a change of reality (delusions).

One way of trying to keep us afloat and survive both tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, is the use of drugs. But when we talk about drugs, not only I mean those that are sold in pharmacies, but that US auto prescribe. We are going to take a little stroll through the auto medication and their figures: 1. front of tiredness: caffeine, sugar or cigarettes 1500 weekly millions of drinks with caffeine (tea, coffee and cola drinks) 6 million kilos a week in sugar 2 million kilos of chocolate a week 1500 million cigarettes per week 2. Against anxiety and depression 120 million of alcoholic beverages a week 10 weekly provacateurs 3 million. If it gets very bad: the doctor. Pay attention to the following figures, because as indicated in nutrition and psychotherapy, the continuous pharmaceutical industry rubbing their hands.

540 tranquilizers million a year 465 million sleeping pills annual 824 billion of antidepressants per year 10 million visits per year to the World Health Organization psychologist says that mental health problems, are becoming the main problem of the 21st century: 1 in 4 people will suffer some problem of mental throughout his life nature and 1 of each 10, suffer throughout his life. As you can see, there is a great imbalance in our lives due to many years of inadequate nutrition, Permanent exposure to contaminants and environmental toxins. What is more serious, is that those numbers are growing every year and it seems impossible to mitigate them. As Marcel Proust said the true act of discovery does not consist in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. We need a new way of thinking about mental health, where included the role of nutrition and chemical environment, accepting that both play a decisive role in our way of living. I believe that it is essential to combine optimum nutrition, with a good psychotherapy in a variety of mental health problems. In numerous Sometimes, this combination works much better than the drugs alone; and Furthermore, without its side effects. Eduardo Cabau original Autor and source of the article.

23 July
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International Congress

Introduction taking into account the interest that some participants have expressed about what parapsychology covers, gives us, in conferences that we have issued on behalf of parapsychology in the Bilingual international Chilean society Collage of Miami, and at the request of exposing our views with regard to quackery, has planned one Conference thereon where the issue is addressed. General considerations, reach, opinions cannot be denied to quackery, its practice, utilization has increased in some countries where many people have been identified with what it represents, many use it with much faith, especially in those people that traditional medicine has not given satisfactory results, in some terminal illnesses. Here himself in Miami, there are many people who use it, practices, as santeros, since then some in pursuit of enriching themselves and others which are very few, as we have seen, do to help the terminally ill, being most Cubans, who have brought up this state of Florida, the rituals of this African movement much given on the island that have left. All this, adds the shameful experience that led to the prestigious medical school, Vice-President of the society Dr. biennium Onetto Bachler, popularizer of parapsychology in Chile in Santiago, Chile,(quien estudio y se prepararo ael respecto con el padre de la parapsicologia, Dr. Joseph Banks Rhine), on his return from the first International Congress of parapsychology and witchcraft. That it was conducted in Colombia, in 1975, to declare, that quackery is a very interesting topic from being considered by the medicine, since it presents positive perspectives especially for those people where traditional medicine can do nothing to save his life. Precisely, before such declaration, the school underwent to a summary Dr. Onetto, where practically were trying to eject it, which demonstrates, little scientific seriousness of those who remain Orthodox and cloistered in positivist science, that in this still leave time much to say, thus revealing his ignorance regarding what parapsychology involves.