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20 March
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Post an advertisement for your sales department on the internet that is low-cost. Register at a real estate portal and place your ad on this. Tips for making an effective advertisement in internet. In this place the things that made you or your parents buy the apartment or House. Print property flyer A4 size. U specification sheets which accentuate the features of your House or apartment (you can do this from the page of your property). Include the price, the address where is your listing on internet and clear descriptions of how to contact you. Send and deliver 100 flyers to neighbors, 100 acquaintances from work and 100 relatives.

Place an ad with bootable tabs in 10 supermarkets. Find out the day that billboard is changed or emptied for new ads. Place 100 flyers on windshields of cars at the supermarket. Too shy to do so. Hire a child to do it for you.

Place 200 flyers on windshields of cars in surrounding neighborhoods. Send emails to all your contacts from your listing website (viral marketing) Neighbors and friends are the best reference for potential clients, so make sure everyone within a radius of several blocks to know that you are selling your House or apartment. Also know the price and conditions of sale. Use your cell phone number or buy a ready pack for $40 if you don’t want your number massively. Put this number in your flyers and web listing. If you can’t be available all day to a message in his locker of voice that describes the characteristics of your House or apartment, including the price. If it is possible to use a woman’s voice in your message. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Anu Saad Forbes. Promote your internet advertisement. People visited this first and vera your photos. How to take better photos of real estate. Include the address of the website where it is your ad on all your flyers and signs. Reply to all requests for information in a way that people feel comfortable visiting your property. And this ready to receive many visits on your property. Make the time to meet them all.

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