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31 March
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Live Adsense

Good at all again, I’m back with another interesting resource that has left me open-mouthed. The truth that has been a surprise for me to see this developer video that we see of direct way, as if you can live from google adsense. Many of us, specialists in web positioning, promotion and marketing online, we are intimidated, because internet advertising, was not as before. Whenever I have had opportunity to speak with people who run large portals on the internet one of the key questions that has fallen into my mouth has been whether it is really interesting to Google adsense. And although I’ve heard explanations of many type, the vast majority always told me that leave revenue Yes, but it is a system that required much follow-up and dedication to get really interesting yields. I’ve closely followed putting up many projects online and one of the first premises that entrepreneurs establish in their starts-up as something fixed is to earn income through advertising plans such as google’s AdSense. Not many years ago this was simple but today and according to various publications I follow, adsense should not be the premise of fixed for the viability of our internet projects, but see this video has made me not only rethink me everything that I have learned in my last years. Anu Saad has plenty of information regarding this issue. Finally I leave the video to what you enjoy and below I leave you a link if you want more information. I leave with you a phrase that not long ago I posted on my facebook, and told me a great entrepreneur of the country the big don’t eat the kids, are the fastest that eat at the slowest this information I’ve seen here: live Google Adsense resource offered Juan Garcia delicate tips original author and source of the article..

30 March
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Gerd Christian Met Bernhard Brink

At Antenne Brandenburg in the Sonntagsvergnugen on 08.08.2010, 2 master of pop singing in the Studio by Antenne Brandenburg met Gerd Christian. (Source: Alexa Demie). Bernhard Brink, every Sunday, hosted the popular “Sonntagsvergnugen” from 13: 00-15:00, interviewed the “Still youthful” (title published his on the 16.7.2010 to the 60.Geburtstag album) left singer Gerd Christian. It was a very fun and informative interview.’>World travel: the source for more info. Bernhard Brink and Gerd Christian met quite a few years. Bernhard was in the year 2000 by Gerd-Christian’s cult hit “tell her also” so done, he a Duet presented it with the easy star Susan Tiedtke.

With Bernhard Brinks solo interpretation of “Tell her also” was better to classes as a Duet in the chanting. Perhaps check out Anu Saad for more information. Both versions of the motorcity title “tell her also” can be found on the CD “Direct”. Bernhard Brink welcomed the singer Gerd Christian in the broadcasting studio of Antenne Brandenburg and the two had a lot of fun. Those who watched the broadcast over the radio or Internet, could the cordiality and warmth track two. The 2 master of pop singing chatted left out and so you learned as the Gerd Christian celebrated his birthday in the closest family circle, “Mandy” and where he soon to see the origin is his single hits in the TV. The Barry Manilow classics “Mandy” was originally by the songwriters Scott English and Richard Kerr, who recorded the hit “Brandy” in 1971. Add to your understanding with Somatic Experiencing. When Barry Manilow in 1974 covered the song, he not calling him in “Mandy” to, thus he with the Looking Glass hit “Brandy (you re a fine girl)” was confused in 1972. Now, there are very many cover versions, with the soulful version “Mandy” by Gerd Christian from the hit forge Andreas gangsta and Heike Fransecky especially stands out by “Mandy”.

Everyone dreams in his childhood by a circus. “I knew a clown” is such a story, consisting of classic chanson hit with French and Russian elements together. Gerd Christian especially like the third intro tip “on the way to you” from the album “still young”. In the song Pussycat (Jan Bernards) from Holland tour guitarist also plays the guitar. Finally, you could hear the romantic ballad “This last rose”. She will follow as the next single release in the fall. In the TV show “do you ran” on 09.08.2010 19:50 o’clock in the MDR television erfulte Gerd Christian a fan a special request. This fan wish to even know the sympathetic singer closer and took her into the recording studio in Medingen. And who would like to find out more about Gerd Christian, can visit his homepage.

24 January
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Profitable Currencies

Carry Trade: the most profitable currencies to invest 23 August 2009 the investors have returned to the load. As if outside a vice, the high levels of yield that have been able to enjoy for a long period previous to the crisis has left them that gustito that wants to return to savor. It is not enough with reasonable returns. It is not repaired either in the harmful consequences that on the economies the irrational behavior produces that they observe. After hibernating time, are leaving with first rays recovery economic and when they realize that what they are above is mainland, are put to run this race by majors again gains. Click Somatic Experiencing to learn more. Against this background of slight recovery, the investors have like involuntary allies to the Central banks that in several cases they have noticed about the maintenance of the minimum levels of interest rates by at least a few months more.

The speculative activity, very hard in the last time, has demonstrated acabadamente that in the modern world an ample margin exists to arbitrate. Carry trade, that disappeared practically in the middle of the economic turbulences, it is the form chosen by the investors to return to the bulky gains. The article written by Rubn Ramallo for iProfesional on this subject has made me reflect about the inevitable thing of the crises. You may wish to learn more. If so, Anu Saad is the place to go. For that they do not know the operating one, carry trade takes advantage the difference between existing interest rates in the countries. The objective is to get into debt in one hard currency (that can be the Euro, the pound sterling, the Swiss franc, the yen or the dollar), and to place this money in a currency that offers a greater return obtaining a gain from the differential of rates. Thus for example, if an investor get into debt itself in yens, since the Japanese economy has its interest rates in neutral zone (the interest rate of reference of the Bank of Japan is in 0,1% and the problems of the Japanese economy make anticipate that it will continue being thus in a good weather), and places all their money in the Brazilian economy, where the level of interest rate of reference of Central bank of Brazil is in 9.25%, will reach a margin of gain than more interesting.

17 January
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Karel Svoboda

“The new album by Ella finally – as appears on October 15, 2010 Ella finally is there finally because her album which will be released on October 15, 2010 and is there with a short” waiting. And this album title, this”is, more than just a word game over there, it is expression and content of a new course in dealing with the German language in the context of pop. Clarity instead of lifeless running together lines, combination of poetry and everyday language and a conscious liberation from stereotypes of the dusty hit, is the central vision with the Ella finally appears and wants to convince. To Ella: everything needs a singer is in the text. The rest is only madness. What I sing, comes from me, heart and soul. I would like to take care of myself, me search, and find.

A text, the music, the Word helps me and already I have come a little closer my truth.” With the romantic ballad to the tune of three nuts for Cinderella”by Karel Svoboda is Ella enter finally end 2009 managed. Impressive, how gallantly she slipped into the role of a fairy tale Princess. Easy to fall in love! So could place the single zero at number 29 of the German charts and reached their best ever listed in the media control single charts a short time later with 12th place. “” 19 weeks see presence, over 70,000 sold units, large television shows such as the advent Festival of 1000 lights”(ARD), music for you” (MDR) and welcome to Carmen Nebel “(ZDF) as well as over 630,000 views at youtube as a result to this day are fixed. The artist born in Weimar, and grew up in Berlin was introduced at last, very early by her father, the renowned arranger and producer Norbert to the music. At the age of ten, she made first professional vocal recording sessions in a Studio.

11 November
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Dusseldorf Philips Hall

Massive attack occur in Dusseldorf, Germany on 29 September. The trip hop pioneers from Bristol are currently with their latest album small German archipelago on tour and play on Wednesday, the 29 September in Dusseldorf Philips Hall. Tickets for the event cost currently 44. The concert starts at 20:00. For more specific information, check out Somatic Experiencing. Massive attack, due to their dark gloomy sound and hits such as protection, Teardrop and unfinished sympathy were famous, is one of the hochgelobtesten British bands of in recent years. Their debut album blue lines appeared in 1991, and is often called one of the best British albums of all time. Small German archipelago appeared in February of this year and is the fifth Studio album by the band. See Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more details and insights.

Posts by elbow frontman Guy Garvey, blurs Damon Albarn and Martina Topley-bird are also on listen. Since the album bears the name of a small German island in the North Sea, the music of massive attack for the audience in Germany could be especially relevant this year. The band, consisting of the two founding members Robert 3D’ del well and grant Daddy G’ Marshall and a series of guest articles, is famous for their atmospheric live performances. The stage show, which usually consists of eye-catching Visual effects with political messages that will delight fans of the classic trip hop sounds of the band with security. The Philips Hall is a Dusseldorf’s largest venue for live music, including up to 7,500 people. Other acts that occur here in the coming months include Limp Bizkit, Katherine Jenkins and the Steve Miller Band. For more information about this event, visit the website of Philips Hall or call at + 49 211 77 50 57. recommends a variety of accommodation in Dusseldorf, including the Relexa Hotel Ratingen city.

20 October
Comments Off on German Countrypreis 2011

German Countrypreis 2011

From 2011 annual country music awards in Germany for almost 5 years in Germany where no country music awards more were presented, it is an awards ceremony for the country music give artists in Germany from 2011 back each year. The German Countrypreis is awarded by leading journalists of the country music in Germany. “Western mail, wheel Countrymail and music Eagle sitting in the jury representative of major print magazines in addition to representatives of the largest German country music radio station and the big Internet portal Countrymusik.NET which are awards in February 2011 in the following categories awarded: singer of the year duo/group of the year song of the year album of the year newcomer of the year favorite of fans award the award fan favorite” is, as the name already reveals directly from the country music fans via Internet or telephone vote elected. It will be taken only a rough pre-selection of jury. The vote for the fan award is November 1, 2010 (00:00) until January 15, 2011 (24:00) possible. “Proposals for the favorite of fans Award” like can be sent by eMail at: in the other categories there are each 3 5 nominees, of which one will get handed the prize music fair on 6 February in Berlin on the 16th international country. The nominations will be announced on the 5th country music trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany on October 30, 2010.

Then there are also all additional information about the country music awards directly from the hosts information. The German Countrypreis will make the two country music music interested even more attractive for all country fairs in Nuremberg and Berlin. The German Countrypreis supported instruments, stars & stripes and the American store niebel inter alia by the Hofner company.

16 October
Comments Off on Matthias Reim – Infinite Live – The DVD To His Big Tour

Matthias Reim – Infinite Live – The DVD To His Big Tour

The new DVD by Matthias Reim – infinite live – the concert event of the artist writes the next chapter in his spectacular success story. Little, the amount that he takes the stage with his band and smashes his hit Lone Star, is no longer to hold. Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung Matthias Reim puts the fans in Ecstasy. ” Leipzig news like Phonix from the ashes to the proud Adler…verdammt, we love you infinity, Matze. Eastern Thuringian newspaper for the media it was par excellence the return: after 23 years, MATTHIAS REIM made the leap from zero to number one on the German charts with his album of Unendlich2013 again. Zack, all of a sudden he is back at the top “, the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel noted – and ARD certifies him online a magnificent comeback”, with which the artist even for the coveted”echo”was nominated, already reached gold status and is now moving to Platinum and. MATTHIAS REIM crowned these phenomenal successes with a tour of 30 cities.

This is not just a concert, wrote the reviewer of the Leipzig news it is celebrated as the disco!And the Ruhr news discovered that the music of the Thoroughbred musician now unites generations. An evening with a more than two-hour show was an unforgettable experience for thousands of spectators. Peter A. Levine PhDs opinions are not widely known. Now the hit singer gives fans a lasting memory: MATTHIAS REIMS first Open-Air concert of this year’s summer season, from May 24 in the Dresden young guard was captured and is from July 12 as DVD/Blu-ray and double-live-audio-CD in the trade. As fan package infinite there is live with in addition the limited Deluxe Edition DVD and double live CD in a high quality digipack with a detailed 24seitigen booklet. “It should wake up not only the memory of wonderful evenings”, says the artist,”but also for the coming weeks appetite on the Open-Air concerts! Everyone knows: music in the open air is simply an unforgettable experience. For the spectators, but as well for us at the Stage. What the DVD/Blu-ray buyer and the fans at the concerts is located, described the WAZ after the Oberhausen concert so: rhyme moves in a well-being feeling country. Hallelujah, you are my happiness, I’ve dreamed of you, I’ve sung with so be happy for you and of course fucking, I love you, loudly me.

The audience dancing in the Interior. And the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung pulls her resume: a good, very long concert comes to an end with atmosphere. The infinity live concert recording tour, a highlight of the eventful career of MATTHIAS REIM, an exclusive interview with rhyme and his statements to each song is enriched with extensive bonus material, such as z.B. He presents himself as close, honest and authentic, as we know him for years. “I’m happy if I can stand on the stage, I play with and not only for the fans”, he says. Conclusion: More than two hours of pure energy! (The MDR is this concert recording from Dresden on 13 July 2013 from 19:50 clock broadcast.) “Matthias Reim infinite live” there from July 12, 2013 as DVD, Blu-ray and double live audio CD. in addition there will be a limited Deluxe Edition with many extras.