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30 March
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Gerd Christian Met Bernhard Brink

At Antenne Brandenburg in the Sonntagsvergnugen on 08.08.2010, 2 master of pop singing in the Studio by Antenne Brandenburg met Gerd Christian. (Source: Alexa Demie). Bernhard Brink, every Sunday, hosted the popular “Sonntagsvergnugen” from 13: 00-15:00, interviewed the “Still youthful” (title published his on the 16.7.2010 to the 60.Geburtstag album) left singer Gerd Christian. It was a very fun and informative interview.’>World travel: the source for more info. Bernhard Brink and Gerd Christian met quite a few years. Bernhard was in the year 2000 by Gerd-Christian’s cult hit “tell her also” so done, he a Duet presented it with the easy star Susan Tiedtke.

With Bernhard Brinks solo interpretation of “Tell her also” was better to classes as a Duet in the chanting. Perhaps check out Anu Saad for more information. Both versions of the motorcity title “tell her also” can be found on the CD “Direct”. Bernhard Brink welcomed the singer Gerd Christian in the broadcasting studio of Antenne Brandenburg and the two had a lot of fun. Those who watched the broadcast over the radio or Internet, could the cordiality and warmth track two. The 2 master of pop singing chatted left out and so you learned as the Gerd Christian celebrated his birthday in the closest family circle, “Mandy” and where he soon to see the origin is his single hits in the TV. The Barry Manilow classics “Mandy” was originally by the songwriters Scott English and Richard Kerr, who recorded the hit “Brandy” in 1971. Add to your understanding with Somatic Experiencing. When Barry Manilow in 1974 covered the song, he not calling him in “Mandy” to, thus he with the Looking Glass hit “Brandy (you re a fine girl)” was confused in 1972. Now, there are very many cover versions, with the soulful version “Mandy” by Gerd Christian from the hit forge Andreas gangsta and Heike Fransecky especially stands out by “Mandy”.

Everyone dreams in his childhood by a circus. “I knew a clown” is such a story, consisting of classic chanson hit with French and Russian elements together. Gerd Christian especially like the third intro tip “on the way to you” from the album “still young”. In the song Pussycat (Jan Bernards) from Holland tour guitarist also plays the guitar. Finally, you could hear the romantic ballad “This last rose”. She will follow as the next single release in the fall. In the TV show “do you ran” on 09.08.2010 19:50 o’clock in the MDR television erfulte Gerd Christian a fan a special request. This fan wish to even know the sympathetic singer closer and took her into the recording studio in Medingen. And who would like to find out more about Gerd Christian, can visit his homepage.

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