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24 November
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Health And Travel

Do not take a lot of cash to keep the bulk of the checks or on the card. Provide a travel bag and lock it saves money. Eschew drug addicts and drugs. Finally, make sure that you have sufficient travel funds, and be thrifty, to a situation where you suddenly need to be a lot of money, do not get into a difficult situation. Health If you will have a maritime disease or the fear of flight, it can significantly hinder your journey. You may receive another problem – this 'jet lag', ie the body does not have time to adapt to the new time zone.

Appears fatigue, migraines, insomnia, reduced immunity, loss of appetite. If you are the person who can easily adapt to new conditions, follow a few rules: 1. Eschew alcohol, it will only increase fatigue and weaken the immune system. 2. To avoid dehydration, drink more water. This is especially necessary in aircraft at high altitude 3. Before the flight, do not forget to sleep and walk.

4. During the flight necessarily change position and move. 5. Correctly apply the changes in time zones, adjusting to them. For example, if you flew at night, go to bed and sleep for a couple of hours before morning, and then go to bed at the usual you hour, but the local time, and then the next day you will already be the norm. It is best to arrive in the afternoon or morning, as sunlight after a long flight will give a cheer. Transportation How to buy the cheapest? But usually the cheapest you can not rent or exchange, so if you suddenly delayed a transport, you will not have time for the next, and would have to spend much. The first thing to consider when and how long you taking tickets. A trip on the same route and at the same plane at different times of the year will be worth different amounts.

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