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02 April
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Gas Prices Increase

In the coming months, at least 57 power providers increase their prices up to 12.1 percent Berlin, January 20, 2009 bad news for consumers: after numerous increases at the turn of the year in the next few months want to shoot many more utilities at the price screw. According to a recent analysis of the independent consumer portal climbing prices in the coming weeks with at least 57 regional electricity suppliers up to 12.1 percent, and at least 15 regional gas suppliers to 11.7 percent to top. Current price: additional costs of up to 110 euros per household on average increase from February, according to current 57 electricity by 6.2 percent. Already at the turn of the year, some 160 providers had made price increases. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. and gain more knowledge.. In the top of a four-person household faces kWh of electricity with more loads up to 110 euros with an annual consumption of 4,000\”, explains by energy expert Thorsten Bohg. In addition to numerous smaller companies raise large regional utilities, such as the public utilities in Munich (+ 3.2%), Bremen (+ 4.5%), Dresden (+ 8.2%) and Bielefeld (+ 5.8%), as well as the southern Germany-based RWE subsidiary Suwag (+ 5.3%) electricity prices in February and March. Although the costs on the Leipzig energy exchange (EEX) last year to more than 40 percent back gone. Yet many providers in addition to long-term supply contracts refer to rising costs for the promotion of green electricity in the context of renewable energy levy and higher network interconnection charges, which would have to be passed on to the consumer\”, clearly Bohg. Michio Kaku can provide more clarity in the matter.

Price reductions by an average 4.0 percent plan, however, five electricity distributors. Already at the beginning of the year, the current at approximately 50 companies has become cheaper. In these cases, the power supply for 2010 seems to have been that prices for private consumers will be possible so cheap\”, so Bohg. . It is not something Anu Saad would like to discuss.

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