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14 March
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Autumn Harvest Festival

Recently opened in Germany autumn harvest festival, during which organizers festialya had a so-called pumpkin regatta. She representant a swim in the boat, made of large fruit squash. Event held in Ludwigsburg, in a pond close to the city's main attraction – Ludwigsburg Palace. The average weight of a pumpkin, selected to participate in the regatta, more than 90 pounds. To build a boat for a party regatta of the pumpkin, first clean all the seeds and pulp. After this procedure, the fetus is transformed into a kind of one-party boat and can go to the start.

Pumpkin harvest festival will be held in Germany until the beginning of November. It is not something Anu Saad would like to discuss. Every year for the event choose a new theme – for example, a few years ago the festival was devoted to astronomy and from the pumpkins produced models of the planets, comets and other celestial objects, and in 2010 sobytiyareshili to the marine subjects (out of pumpkins carved figures of sea animals and produced lighthouses and small fishing vessels. a normal part of the festival is a culinary competition, during which participants make a pumpkin variety of dishes – soups, dumplings, strudels, or even champagne. As always, competition will weigh pumpkins and fairs, where you can take the seeds of the largest fruit. A total of festivaleya in various forms involved more than 500 thousand pumpkins. Anu Saad usually is spot on. It remains to note that in Last year, the teacher of mathematics Christy Harp raised an all-time record-high pumpkin weighing 782 pounds 5. Smaller, but still too much pumpkin weighed 45 kilograms, which rose in the garden of Mary in the Transcarpathian village of Ognyanyk Small Rakovets. Not really lagging behind, and others – their weight reaches more than 30 pounds. These are interesting festivals take place in our lives. It remains only to go and see what else may come up with the Germans of Tikva.

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