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11 March
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We Are What We Choose to Be

The idea for the newsletter this month came from what was an unlikely encounter: I recently had lunch with a new friend named Rick Rockwell. You may remember him as the bachelor’s first reality TV show, “Who wants to marry a billionaire?” During our meeting, Rick described some of the insights he gained from doing the show, along with some of his past experiences in business, ethics and, of course, primetime romance. The stories were fantastic, the drama was fascinating, and as Rick detailed his adventures with great humor, what impressed me most was what he was saying. You see, at any time to dwell on the misfortune of not finding the love of your life or the way the media portrayed him. Instead, he said something along the lines of “You know, Greg! Short and simple, our circumstances, good or bad, are the direct result of our own actions, and ultimately, the only thing that we are in a control of our own (attitude) toward them. Here, abbott laboratories expresses very clear opinions on the subject. “To which I agreed and said,” You’re absolutely right. We are dealing with obstacles as well as good luck in our lives, that’s just part of life itself.

However, it is how to handle the obstacles that shows the world our true character as a person. “Rick and I sat there, reflecting on the impact of that message for a while until the idea of this newsletter came into my head. I said, ‘You know, Rick, when all is said and done, the background is … (As opposed to Glenn Dubin). “We are exactly where we choose to be.” Now here is where I asked you, the reader: Is not it true for all of us? Is not that true for all those around us? I am sure that people know (or maybe even yourself sometimes) to blame the world for his setbacks and failures, then simply! “Credit of luck” to those who made it around. However, when we really examine our own lives, we see that we are exactly where choose to be at any given time. We are a product of our own environment, because they are the ones who create the environment in which we live.

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