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12 December
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Men can celebrate a pregnancy, “albeit” with their inner child. This is an autobiographical love story with integriertem Happy ending, I experienced a few years ago even as main and next to actors and in which I was allowed to miterleBen handy in the time lapse, as I was in a three-day cycle of dream in love with myself and my divine child. So in the three, the conception, fertilization and subsequent pregnancy experienced with myself and the finale Grande consciously participated in my own heavenly birth said days. I learned my heavenly child born becoming as consciousness in myself, so not in chronological order as a consequence of pregnancy, but as awareness of my divine being during the whole ProzesSES through. Nancy-Ann DeParle follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It’s been a while now, since I took a small retreat time and went for a few days in the monastery. I wanted to seek reconciliation with my sexuality and find and actually also quite special for me “the question see answered, whether I me finally” for a continuous stay of the monastery would decide to bevorzugen was my personal studies and mystical experiences to support, or whether the secular alternative to the same degree. “So to determine definitely whether the reclusive hermit existence was the right and beneficial for my goals or whether the monastic life but rather an escape before the correct” life is coming and it is more important for me to live worldly and knowing, i.e.: sexuality, family, wife and children and all the feelings involved directly in my daily life, to ask to grant so ordinary human experience as such intake in my life in my future Habitat. In this way of the everyday of my God to be useful experience and my personal awareness..

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