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29 March
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Ultimate Sales Effects

The mix of the individual and the Besteiligung of all crucial sales effects ensures the success of the individual mix of instruments ensures success of bad Konig – a mix of motivation, sales training, coaching and competition within the sales teams bring significant success. Through a clear support, feel very involved staff and can concentrate on the real work. A comparison of two campaigns, which took place within the same company, but differently were accompanied, provides concrete figures. Ultra Wellness Center helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Following current situations were compared: A company in the service industry with approximately 40 employees in rural areas with its sales force performs 2 campaigns over a period of 4 weeks. Anu Saads opinions are not widely known. The first campaign was supported only with a general sales training at the beginning, followed by weekly evaluations. = Sales training and weekly evaluation after scoring in the second campaign were following backups through the sales staff a sales trainer available: 2 hour workshop 2 weeks prior to the start of the campaign: products, destinations, slogan of the campaign was set and discussed the design of the usual media.

Mail to the start of the campaign each weekly results with an accompanying Coachingbrief, who supplied additional sales tips in every branch office held a coaching for deserving staff motivation workshop, weekly evaluation after scoring plus Coachingbrief and coaching in the everyday life of every branch office = 2 hours. The performance trends of each employee repeated itself, with the following striking difference: the result increased located all around the 5 – fold in the second individually supported campaign! This confirmed what had long been suspected: only co-ordinated and simultaneous transfer of practice-based training and coaching measures bring direct and sustainable success. Because here practiced what has been discussed before. Other possible side effects: further development of your reservations process Potential team building, profiling the strengths of the individual, permanent success strategies, using the team members according to strengths, etc. This leads to an improved performance even in times without campaigns. The American MetrixGlobal company examined the profit companies have after coaching measures already in the year 2001.

Also here, the subsequent earnings more than 5 times was the used investment. Sales success are the basis for the economic success of the company. In highly competitive times the companies and their employees have to deal more so. The below evaluation shows that such an investment is worthwhile. Small and medium-sized businesses make use of little direct support in everyday life. Because you need them not acute and in addition always the question of the transfer of practice in the area, many behave very restrained. The benefit is not transparent and as long it is not in an economic emergency, the need is not considered. Accordingly these potential supports of the relatively unknown state: Extra for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) there are various funding programs. So the companies can be supported with seminars and consulting services. That is what invest here possible, anyway and already the big years employees, sales and structuring of work processes. MarketingKommunikation advises small and medium-sized companies in particular in the area of sales. In collaboration with the Agency for work and as a consultant of the KFW Mittelstandsbank coaches MarketingKommunikation entrepreneur and businessman..

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