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20 October
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Types of Doctors

What it happened with them! Today, I felt homesicknesses of my infancy, but it sent what me to the past they had been the souvenirs of ours ‘ ‘ doctors? doctors, wise, good men, that they had time for its patients, love to the profession and humildade. She has 40 years the preconception, the discriminations were bigger, but they, our doctors, were different, loved what they made and they worried about its patients, independent of race, color, religion. I remember the Dr. Teixeira, wisdom in person, man of few words, but hands that cured; Dr. Salim, great man, when it did not have conditions to help its patient, was noble and humble in saying ‘ ‘ it can take for another doctor or another city, therefore I do not have ways for cure-lo’ ‘ , my God who humildade! How spirit nobility! For it what it mattered was the human being, and not its vanity of doctor. Dr. Homero, friend of the family, as much that many parents had placed the name of it in its children, therefore was a person there who beyond exerting medicine, worried in keeping the friendships with its patients and relatives.

Dr. Eloy, good, I find that I do not have words to describe it, example of character, love to the profession, man of truth. Dr.Adailton, another example of doctor and man. In the life of my family, he was an angel who saved the life of my brother, not because it took care of of it, and yes because he was refused to take care of. My brother was run over and suffered wounds in the head. When it was led for the SANDU, the Adailton doctor, who was the anesthetist, did not want to effect the procedure, because it said that they did not have conditions to make the surgery, and my brother was taken for Belo Horizonte, that also at the time had few the medical neurologists, and this attitude of it, saved my brother.

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