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19 November
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Transpersonal Psychology

Luckyly it has appeared transpersonal psychology for collaborating with our growth, to enter us in our interrelations with the surroundings and to give answers to many questions that traditional psychology still does not offer them to us., on the matter contributes to us, that we remember, that Transpersonal Psychology extends the horizon of understanding of brings back to consciousness human included traditionally by psychology: it incorporates the spiritual dimension. Aspect that unfortunately the traditional currents of psychology did not consider it, took shape a the mint and body. Certain, that as the current thing of thought of psychology I originate myself in years 60, between its founders are Stanislav Grof, Abraham Maslow and Gregory Bateson. Transpersonal Psychology consists of the psychological study of the transpersonales experiences and its correlates, understanding these experiences like those in which the identity sensation – self – extends further on (trans) of person, including aspects of the humanity, the life, the psychic character and the cosmos, that before were undergone like other people’s.

In addition, it is possible to be indicated, that the transpersonales experiences usually go accompanied of dramatic psychological changes, lasting and beneficial, since these experiences can provide a sensation of sense and objective to our life, they can help us to surpass existential crises and wake up in us a compassionate vision by the humanity and the planet. One says that, also it indicates evidences of existence of an ample fan of human possibilities that they suggest certain emotions, motivations, mental capacities and states of it brings back to consciousness can be cultivated and refinings until degrees much more elevated until now considered normal. On the other hand, central center of transpersonal psychology is the study of brings back to consciousness and the states altered of bring back to consciousness, that although it is a phenomenon difficult to express or to define with exactitude through the words, since it involves a experience that goes more there of the verbal categories and frequently of the daily experiences, this one talks about an operation way allows that it extends the individual limits of identity and/or the space and the time, therefore, the last nature of brings back to consciousness is intangible and inconceivable, it is an aspect of the Absolute one, is not personal nor mental, but transpersonal and rather transmental.

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