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24 April
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the victim

– Type of aggression or abuse: physical, psychological or moral. The abuse caused to be recounted with all kinds of details, avoiding generic terms and reflect as closely as possible the words used, insults, threats, etc …, and the actions that have occurred. – Means used (use of weapons or objects intimidating, etc..) – Health status of the victim (illness, medical treatment, etc). – Acts similar past, but have not been reported. – Complaints made. If you remember when and to whom. – If you enjoy the protection afforded any protection order. – If the abuse has occurred in the presence of minors.

– If another household member or partner has been equally abused by the defendant. – Witnesses to corroborate the allegations (family, friends, neighbors, etc). – If possible, provide a photograph of the offender. – If we have said, the police asked about the injuries and, if so: a) If you have already attended a health center and medical report are available for assistance, ask us to attach to the complaint. b) In another case, the victim will be offered the possibility of being transferred to a hospital for medical treatment. c) If at that time, given their emotional state or any other reason, the victim does not want to be taken to a health center, will be reflected in writing, by diligence, apparent injuries that may be assessed and asked permission to photograph them and put them together to the complaint. Also ask if you have been assisted in social services (municipal social services, care centers for women, offices for the victim) and, if so, attach the crowded reports by social workers and psychologists of these services activity provide evidence, if they are provided by the victim or provided by social services, noting the express consent of the victim for the purpose.

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