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18 November
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The Problem

When we ask ourselves: who am I?.We should not accept any answer because all of them are false, they come the words, memory, knowledge, conditioning, society, yesterday, books, Scriptures, they come from others and what another says has absolutely no value. If we continue asking ourselves ever more deeply, a time in which we will obtain no response came. When not get no response and only an empty, questions will seem us absurd, we realize that questions and answers come from memory, thinking is that asks and answers. At the moment we do not get no answer is when we are approaching the answer, because the mind has become quiet, there is only attention, observation. In the space between two thoughts is where is the answer to who am I?.That thought is appeared to whom? The mind is like a screen, like a mirror that reflects images, symbols, thoughts, desires, fears, feelings, etc. And the problem is that we identify with those flashes that come and go aimlessly and in most occasions without sense.

Today believe in one thing and in another tomorrow, now want one thing and then another, today we like this and tomorrow things. The instability around us everywhere, that we are today nothing resembles what we were yesterday psychologically speaking – who today believe in nothing resembles what we thought yesterday. And that instability is not produced by anything external to us, we are unstable because the mind itself is unstable. If we are attentive to the movement of thinking can see that appeared to us to ourselves, there is no difference between the thinker and the thought, between that thought and thought. Which produces happiness, suffering, depressions, desires, fears etc. The experiencer and who wants to repeat those experiences or not is the same, the experimenter is experienced, the observer noted, the thinker thinking. Therefore the answer to the question of who that thought it did you? It is to me.

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